Academic Atom Smashers

atom smasher

 Atom Smashers

Atom “smashers” blasted a whole zoo of supposedly “fundamental” particles out of the atom. Yet none of these could fundamentally be particles. Supposedly, an electron and a positron are both made of some combination of fundamental particles. Yet an electron and positron can be combined to produce two gamma rays (the so-called “annihilation” reaction). Conversely, two gamma rays can be combined to produce an electron and positron (“pair production”). But by definition, a truly fundamental particle cannot change into something else. Obviously, there is a suggestion of something fundamental here, but it is neither radiation nor particles. It is also clear that spending $15 billion on a Super Conducting Super Collider has been a complete waste of the taxpayer’s money.” (An Atom or a Nucleus)


Quarks and Lucky Charms for Fruitcakes

The statement above represents the tip of the iceberg for the bizarre weirdo beliefs of so-called particle physicists. With over 200  types of particles (spiraling vapor trails) manufactured in their accelerators, the combinations of imaginary virtual particles and anti-particles with other so-called particles, tendencies, probabilities, resonance’s, network reactions, etc.. becomes a staggering display of academic imagination, “gone wild and horribly wrong”. In fact this fortress styled labyrinth of crazed  and insane gut churning ideas is the “strength” of their theories. 


Atomic Vortex Trails in Cloud Chamber

It is extremely  difficult for the majority of humans to enter into this maze and intellectually entertain the many levels of theories piled high as the heavens, one insupportable idea on top of the other.  Most folks have the common intuition after proceeding a few steps into this academic maze work of false ideas, that it is actually a house of horrors and “run like the wind” in the opposite direction. They would however, be confronting a true Goliath, by trying to debate these freakish ideas with the deceptively crafty, well trained minds of the academicians who subscribe to it’s myriad of convoluted connections.

 “The hypotheses advanced by Bohr and those who have modified and enlarged upon his work have had the effect (to the extent that these theories are accepted) of splitting the universe into separate parts, each with its own set of laws…So far as we know, there is only one universe, a single all-embracing universe, and it is reasonable to believe that the laws applicable to any one part of this universe are applicable to all.” (DB Larson).  

The fatally flawed ideas advanced by Bohr  became the foundational ideas for the students he taught in Copenhagen. “Men whose names are now famous in the history of quantum mechanics–DiracPauliHeisenberg,  Gamow,  and Oppenheimer,  to name a few–all came to study under Bohr“. These folks were behind and supported the “ugly thang” called, the copenhagen interpretation of quantum mechanics. This weird academic idea has spawned all sorts of new philosophical flakiness, whose putrid, ideas are mirrored constantly via the mass media and entertainment, indoctrination vectors of our societal engineers.