Academicism and Social Engineering


Academicians start with a flawed idea like academically defined “universal gravitational predominance” according to newton’s mistaken idea relating to a sole “inward pulling gravity” and when observations come back which refute this deficient, mechanistic model, the theorist scamper in the “dark” to fix the broken idea and  instead of aborting it properly, they offer up more silly ideas like: dark matter,dark energyblack holesmachos, wimps and mondbig bangs, event horizons, singularities, gravitational collapse, neutron stars,einstein’s – “four dimensional“, curved  space and time delusion (time and space are reciprocals of each other, not different dimensions) and his “limit to the speed of light”, fallacy. 

They can not explain what electricity is, so they can’t even understand it’s role in the implosion/unplosion “gravity mechanics” of perpetual motion, which manifest the eternal and infinite Star-fields and all the forms of matter, light and energy found in our Universe. 

OK, so scientists are still struggling to even explain gravity, but isn’t this just academic? Doesn’t today’s science still function fine?Absolutely not! As just mentioned, we have no explanation for the power source for gravity, we have 2 completely different theories of gravity in our science right now (Newton’s and Einstein’s), and our theories have impossible physical implications that violate our laws of physics and our common sense.

But further, astronomers have been saying for years that they can’t even begin to explain the motion of our galaxy with today’s gravitational theories. We would need ten times more matter in our galaxy to explain observations, according to today’s theories. This has led to the belief that 90% of the mass of our galaxy is mysteriously unobservable. This “missing matter” has been termed “Dark Matter”, and is the subject of all manner of wild speculation today. There are even those who believe the answer may be in some mysterious “Dark Energy” that permeates the galaxy. This is no small failure of our current science! (Mark McCutcheon)

This is how academic science gets more and more bizarre and less understandable to it’s devotees and the general public as well. This works quite well for the illuminati and their agenda, it is insurance that their secrets will not be discovered by the fluoridated, mercury laden, vaccinated, pharmaceutically drugged, alcohol and tobacco addicted, television worshipping, entertainment grubbing and  mentally vacuous masses, of their “creation” (social indoctrination),  who might dare and try to comprehend this strange physics of mathematical formalisms, which defies natural observations and experiences in the “real” Universe of  “electric light simulated”, motions.

The so-called  “attractive” force of electricity (electric sex mating) is one hundred billion, thousand trillion, thousand trillion, time stronger than academically defined “attractive force” of gravity according to Hendrick Lorentz. This should make it obvious because of the immense magnitude of the differences, even to an academician with their flawed idea of a unidirectional “gravitational attraction”. The “academically defined, inward pulling  gravity” is not the “sole” unifying “force” of predominance in the Universe and using electricity is the easiest and most powerful means to overcome or modify the academically defined “inward pulling” (actually inward thrusting) oppressive effect of so-called gravity on Earth and produce levity (its outward pushing mate) for mankind’s liberation! (there is no pulling action in the Universe, the electric motions of we call gravity are thrusting from within from points of magnetic stillness and from without to planes of magnetic stillness).