Big Bangs and Black Holes


Scientific proof of Quasar-Black Hole theory: is Cartoon Proof!

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The mythematics of the black hole scam revealed by Stephen Crothers

The “authorities” have telescopic equipment (an extension of their senses) which can see a so-called Quasar they claim is at a distance of 13.7  billion light years  from Earth. This so-called Quasar is said by astronomers to be the most distant object in the visible universe , solely because of it’s observed “red-shifted” light and they call the bubble created by the extension of the radius in all directions, our entire Universe, with Earth as it’s center and reference point. Scientists believe that quasars get their “fuel” from super-massive black holes that eject enormous amounts of energy as they consume surrounding matter. (This is thinking with the senses and based on appearances!)  Which is pure academic lunacy, because quasars are ejected baby galaxies birthed by their mother galaxies and the energy they exhibit is the result of the violent explosions which birthed them, not from some bizarre and exotic form of energy production “within them”, like the non-existent “theoretical”  black holes of academic fantasy, or the nuclear furnaces said to be in Stars. 


The corny Black Hole of academic fame

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Observe the following  “scholastic understanding” postulated by these odd folks to explain their faulty, sensory based observations and the poorly imagined theories they cough up to support them:

“The distant galaxy, dubbed J1148+5251, contains a bright quasar powered by a black hole at least a billion times more massive than the Sun. The galaxy is seen as it was only 870 million years after the Big Bang. The Universe now is 13.7 billion years old. J1148+5251 would have been among the first luminous objects in the Universe. The original atoms formed in the Universe within the first three minutes of the big bang were only hydrogen and helium. Carbon and oxygen — the atoms making up carbon monoxide — had to be made in the thermonuclear furnaces at the cores of the earliest stars”. (Associated Universities, Inc.)

How many weak, non-provable and seriously flawed theories and ideas do we witness in this paragraph of arrogant,  academic garble above? I count at least ten. This is typical academic ooze which claims to know everything in a haughty, self righteous manner, yet proves nothing.

The Big Bang theory created by the Catholic Priest georges lematrie with his dogmatic religious agenda,  has been Proven False since it’s “Immaculate Inception”!

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YouTube link: The black hole scam, see the truth in Plasma Cosmology

These “scholars” have told us that they are looking at a “quasar” (powered by a black hole a billion times more massive than our Sun),  “when the Universe was only one-sixteenth its current age, just emerging from the primeval ‘dark ages’ before light could ‘travel freely’  through the cosmos”.  Can you see how deranged “scientific” thinking can get? I guess they “think” there was a time when light did not “travel” in their heavily flawed cosmology. If that was the case, then it would not be what eggheads call light, now would it? It would be “Still Magnetic Light” which is not even a part of their cosmology, understood by them in the least, or even fits correctly into this academically flawed scenario. 

How do these nut baskets know that there were only hydrogen and helium in the first three minutes after their beloved, theoretical big wank? Did Ramtha travel backwards through space and time with a spectrograph from the 20th century to measure it? It sure looks that way. It is just another fairy dust scenario. Actually, once again it is due to their weird academic ideas based on equations. One must wonder how “scientists” got these freaky, minutely detailed conclusions about the proportions of hydrogen and helium in our Universe and the absence of all of the other elements, simply from gawking at  numerical equations? 

Oh yeah, that’s right, this is all just a bunch of stupid mathematical theories, that make academicians feel like they are intellectual giants and this is based not on observation at all, because it never happened and even if it did there would have been no one around to witness it, being that there were only two elements present, three minutes after yhwh said “let there be light”, according to their bizarre idea of a big wank.  Since there was nothing before the big wank, where did yhwh come from? You see how stupid religion can make the average numbskull? 

The big wank theory was in fact created by a catholic priest named Monsignor Georges Henri Joseph Edouard Lemaïtre. He was also a professor of academia. Do you see how blatant the mind control apparatus is?

Surely no one with a correctly functioning mind could accept such an arrogant pronouncement as the big bang and its evolution as postulated, using egghead math by a catholic priest with a well documented historical agenda. Academic parrots are so used to these kind of baseless and grandiose statements, that they don’t even flinch from writing such absurd, ego stroking,  lies. This is exactly the way the church has functioned throughout history and relies on the invisibility of its god, in the same way the big wank is invisible to us. 


The White hole/Black hole reworking of academic cosmology using einstein’s field equations which are provably mythematical bullshit and do not represent the real Universe. 

Note that the computer screen on the right represents Walter Russell’s Cosmology of  Twin Opposing Electric Vortices, no credit is being given to him for his model! nassim harramein is  trying to create a mathematical formula based on reworked einsteinian “field equations”, in the left hand screen to describe Russell’s model of twin opposing electric vortices on the right hand side and claim it as his own. 

Walter and Lao Russell say from their graves: “forgive him father, for he knows not what he does”!


Quacakedemic theoretical “fields” do not exist, end of Story!

“The mathematicians have no rational answers to any of the foregoing questions. These are not trivial semantic issues, but fatal conceptual objections. As an exhibit, the mathematical field is invalid. What can be neither continuous nor discrete has no chance of being categorized as an object. In addition, the arguments reinforce that field and space cannot be synonyms under any circumstance,  mainstream position. I now take this one step further and argue that field is unscientific. The anachronistic term field does not even belong in Physics. It belongs exclusively to the transcendental world of religion. Anybody who uses the word field to explain a theory should be treated as an idiot and kicked out of science! Nothing less will do.” (Did you hear that nassim?)

Academia is in the process of reworking it’s black holio theory and now we have the black hole/white hole theoretical model being sold to the new age crowd as new dissenting science. This is all based on einstein’s field equations which are academic refuse not worth wasting one’s time on, because there are no fields in science. These mythematicians have no idea what their theoretical field is anyway, by their own definitions. The fact that anyone would try and resurrect the doomed black holio theory reveals instantly who will profit from the continuance of this absurd academic lie and who is supporting it.


The Dysfunctional Egghead, cartoon fantasy, Black Hole Galaxy

The academicians saw these images and had to add the accretion disk to the black holio theory. The artist’s conception below is the attempt to bring the dysfunctional theory into line with the observable data. 

What was once a black hole which no light could escape from in academic theory, has morphed in into the very image of twin opposing Electric vortices whose imploding currents were detailed by Walter Russell in 1927 in “The Universal One”.  Imploding electric vortices meets head on at the apices of the two opposed cones, thereby creating the inertial plane of gyroscopic magnetic stillness and centrifugance, witnessed directly in astronomical observations.

How can a “black hole” have mass if it is a hole? Yet, it is a billion times more massive than our Sun (the size of a galaxy). Forget about telling me how the academic parrots “explain” it.  An extremely dense, “collapsed” star at it’s center would not make a hole, it would be a spherical mass, not an empty area, which is what a hole is by definition. Black holes are said to be at the center of all galaxies, where in fact we see a massive white bulge. So, the scientific types are oblivious to the observations which lay directly in front of them. They believe more in their deficient mathematical equations than they do, in the direct glaring and blatant observation of the physical Universe around us, therefore a white bulge is not a black hole no matter what the eggheads tell us with their superior mathematical insights.


Photographic proof of a Real Galaxy in the Real Universe 

A huge Spherical White Center.  Exactly the opposite of the egghead, black holio myth

It never seems to occur to these academic dummies that their horribly pathetic, mathematical theories relating to gravity are the cause of their idiocy, regarding the fictitious: big bang, black holes, red shifts, neutron stars, event horizons and gravitational collapse, dark matter, dark energy, wimps, machos, gravitational lensing, etc.  They see a massive white bulge at the center of every galaxy, or a brilliant Quasar with their telescopes and call it the opposite, a black hole. There is no hole in the center of our Galaxy, from which light can not escape as they have told us, in fact, this is where the light in every galaxy is most concentrated, brilliant, expansive and spherical, end of story! 

Nor, would there be a “sci-fi” worm hole to a parallel universe, because there are none, despite what you have seen on fantasy shows, like “Sliders” or “Stargate SG-1″. Think about it! Why would there need to be an infinite number of Universes if the Universe is already infinite?

“The Theory of General Relativity has already been falsified by several observations. One of these is that stars at the outer edge of a galaxy orbit about as fast as those near the center. This phenomenon cannot be described or modeled with relativity’s field equations. Rather than discard GR as required by the scientific

method, the mathematicians postulated yet another ad hoc (and conveniently unverifiable) variable they call dark matter mass — a concept —  that makes the equations come out right. This miraculous substance is self-servingly transparent (because it does not mask stars in the background) and very heavy for no reason

other than to prevent anyone from falsifying relativity in the short run. It is also for this reason that dark matter is not white or red.

This would have been too easy to detect, and research funds would have dried up

quickly. By making dark matter conveniently ‘dark’ and mysterious, the ‘researchers’ are able to justify funding for years to come. Now all that the astronomers have to do to win a Nobel is discover what the mainstream has decreed is a necessity. In a nutshell, the mathematicians believe that the luminous stuff (stars, galaxies, gases) we see with our telescopes only constitutes 4% of all the matter in the Universe. The rest consists of invisible dark matter (23%) and mysterious darkenergy (73%). And then, of course, we should not forget that the whole of space within which all this matter sits is also made of particles. The only things which are not made of particles are black holes. They are 100% ‘mass.’ The mathematicians are looking for those too. I mean, they have

already found those too. Contrast this with photons, which have 0 mass and 0 size, which miraculously we can see as well. That’s the state of the relativistic  universe in a nutshell for you”. (You Stupid Relativists)

Big Bang

The Big Bang was at the Pinnacle of Egghead Science 

Would anyone accuse the Great Creator Spirit animating our Universe of being infinitely redundant? Once again I repeat for the brave hero/martyr, Bruno, as he spoke 400 years ago: “so that this faculty of the intellect is not vain or arbitrary, that ever will or can add space to space, quantity to quantity, unity to unity, member to member”. Their theory about quasars has fallen into the oblivion of big banger cosmology like most of their other dark, sordid and depraved “scientific” ideas. 

“The big bang theory (theology), is based on a misinterpretation of red-shift. The red shift of a distant galaxy is measured in the light coming from that galaxy. Lines in the spectrum of that galaxy show a shift toward the red compared with the same lines from our Sun.  Halton Arp discovered that high and low red-shift objects are sometimes connected by a bridge or jet of matter. So red-shift cannot be a measure of distance. Most of the red-shift is intrinsic to the object. But there is more:  Arp found that the intrinsic red-shift of a quasar or galaxy took discrete values, which decreased with distance from a central active galaxy. In Arp’s new view of the cosmos, active galaxies “give birth” to high red-shift quasars and companion galaxies. Red-shift becomes a measure of the relative ages of nearby quasars and galaxies, not their distance. As a quasar or galaxy ages, the red-shift decreases in discrete steps, or quanta”. (Holoscience)

Harp’s observations were made using actual telescopes and the actual light that he was capturing. A new series of telescopes (Virtual Newton Telescope, the William Herschel Telescope, the Hubble Space Telescope) rely on a multitude of reflected and refracted images to create a visual image, which is a “virtual composite” created by a “computer brain”.

A new generation of cameras (The ROSAT Wide Field Camera and WFPC2 Planetary Camera Simulator) is coming on line which have computer generated virtual reality programs and are now bringing us preloaded images and backgrounds which confirm the false theories which Astronomy is founded upon. We can be assured that the “quacks” who operate them will be discovering all sorts of bizarre, unbelievable, sensational, hair raising surprises which confirm the brilliance of our dedicated scientists and validate the valiant work they are doing for humanity. (NASA’s Hanky-Panky – be extra sure to completely ignore the religious rambling of this whistleblower, the points made about the new  virtual reality images are very significant however!)