Bio-Magnetism and Levity

Galaxy Jets

Electric Vortex Jets – Birkeland Currents

This simple conceptual inversion relating to the workings of gravity has far reaching consequences for the production of “unlimited free energy” and for constructing aircraft which work in opposition to gravity’s oppressive inward condition, by exploiting  the outward pushing “levity”,  utilizing “bio-magnetic repulsion”. This is exactly what Viktor Schauberger did with the invention of his Repulsine Implosion Turbine“. 

This free energy technology was confiscated in Peenemunde Germany in 1945, by General George Patton, when the Nazi underground space program was seized by our military efforts. The russians also stole a lot of this advanced machinery and physics from the germans as well as some of their scientists. The nsa/cia/dod/aec etc? complex have hidden and developed the many advanced aircraft and spacecraft designs found there for the people who control this planet presently. The excuse for not releasing it is always national security. Yet our world is more insecure than ever thanks to the wicked games played by the nsa and other homeland security entities, which are being paid to protect us. This is where much of the trillions of dollars of money entrusted to the Pentagon has disappeared into the very real “black hole” of  their secret “black projects”, which have nothing to do with making the usa more secure. This money has gone into the construction of underground cities which are being built to house the illuminati and their slaves, when the global climatic changes make life on the surface impossible. Richard Saunders has exposed the technologies and plans.


Schauberger’s Technology exploited by Hitler

Several trillion more have disappeared into israel since its illegal beginning in 1948, in the form of contributions by taxpayers of the USA, who are oblivious to this disgusting tragedy, which has ruined the world of the Palestinians who have called this place their home for past millennia! That’s ok though in amerika, this is the same racket used against the Native Americans when our ancestors stole this continent from them. Or, the beloved jewish heroes, the israelites of biblical infamy (“yhwh’s holey chosen people”) when they slaughtered all of the Canaanites, the old, the women, the children and the animals as well and stole their land thousands of years ago according to their yhwh dictated decree and called it there own. Now they say they have the “right to return” because the israelites slew the population and stole their land and yhwh promised it to them forever, for doing so. Most modern jews are in reality “khazars” or “ashkenazi” (caucasians) who are descended from central Russia or eastern Europe and not descendents of the israelites (semites) who created this tragic myth, which has inspired so much self righteous murder, theft and destruction amongst the devout followers of the false god yhwh. Therefore, their claims as inheritors of  Palestine are false and they need to return to where they came from, so that we goyim may have some peace in our world.