De-Centralization of Energy Production


Three Mile Island Nuclear Melt down

Imagine every home with an Implosion MotorRotary, Permanent Magnetic Motor Motionless Electromagnetic Generator, or a Parallel Path Magnetic Motor, for example. Each home would produce all of it’s own energy needs and the rest could be sold back to the grid for redistribution to the industrial and business sectors. These inventions are confirming and advancing our understanding of Scalar Theory, which is putting mankind back on the right theoretical path in science, the recognition of  the “eternal cycles of never ending, eternal abundance”.

The implosion and  magnetic motors run 24 hours a dayso you are making money while you sleep. The whole time Corporate America is paying you for it. Lutec of Australia, has patented a ro-mag motor and is currently beginning to mass produce them for homes. Perendevof South Africa is also ready for production of it’s version of a ro-mag motor, which will be made in Germany.

YouTube link: Over-unity, Permanent Magnetic Motor by Lutec

YouTube link: Perendev Permanent Magnetic, Free Energy Motor

Even the oil worshipping pResident of the “land of the living dead”, once known proudly as the USA, has to admit:

“Roof makers will one day be able to make a solar roof that protects you from the elements and at the same time, powers your house,” bush said. “The vision is this – that technology will become so efficient that you’ll become a little power generator in your home, and if you don’t use the energy you generate you’ll be able to feed it back into the electricity grid.” (george dubya’s statement, Feb.-20-2006)

Even though the dummy is hyping the weak solar technologies, which are exponentially less productive than implosion turbines or permanent magnetic motors as a solution,  he confirms my assertion that we can have a system like the one I have proposed above. Houses could supply industry, only with really powerful over-unity technologies which would actually create wealth for the home owners, as opposed to a trickle of solar current left over from the daily needs of the common power consumer in the extremely weak system he is promoting. It would take decades to recover the high capital outlays for each homeowner to install the very weak, large, cumbersome and extremely expensive solar panel systems. 

“When the electric company says that they’re selling electricity, what’s going on? Simple: they’re using the unscientific definition of the word “electricity.” They really don’t sell any electricity. Instead they sell a pumping service. Instead they’re just pumping electricity back and forth inside the wires. That’s what “alternating current” means. The electricity just sits in the wires and wiggles 60 times per second. The electric company sells a pumping service, and you can use their service to run motors and heaters and light bulbs. They sell energy, but they don’t sell you any electrons. The electrons don’t even really flow at all, they just vibrate”. Bill Beaty

YouTube link: Magnetic Motors debunk the electron theory of electricity (5:03)

The “over-unity” system I have proposed using would be a just means of redistributing the wealth of this country, whose time is long overdue! For reasons of National Security all homes would by law be required to have a free energy machine and sell their excess energy to industry. Interest free government loans would be provided for all Americans to purchase these machines for this Patriotic project. Industry would not be allowed to produce it’s own power and by law would have to buy  their electricity from households, specifically for the purpose of creating wealth, strength and prosperity for every home and family in our country. Just building all of these machine would be a massive source of new work for Americans. Then, tearing down all of the worthless corporate energy structure that stands presently would be another massive source of work. Think about all of the salvaged metals and other expensive materials which could be reclaimed from the current wasteful system of energy production. These “scarce resources” would no longer be considered “scarce” once their abundance was reclaimed from the grid. Therefore, less mining, less needed water for processing, less environmental destruction, less energy for recycling, etc… It’s a win-win situation for the Planet!

Then if bush, cheney, rumsfeld, rice, meyers, and ashcroft,or any other group of new world order stooges, blow up a power plant and blame it on arab, islamic fundamentalist, patsy/terrorists, like the wtc demolitions and pentagon false flag operations, there will be millions of other homes to maintain the flow of energy to the corporations and industries who need them. We can expect more false flags operations blamed on the arabs, because this gang of mass murderers are backed into a corner and only and handful of mindless sycophants actually believe these swine anymore, so they must commit themselves to more dramatic attacks in order to scare the population into supporting their illegal and baseless war on terrorism. A police state would serve them well and would be possible the second a “false flag”, nuclear device is detonated inside our borders, or a “false flag initiated” race war with the 12 million illegal immigrants, could work as well.

YouTube link: A non-khazarian view of the Arabs

The decentralization of energy  production is one of the most “Patriotic” endeavors Americans can pursue. This is the opposite meaning of patriotic in relation to dubya’s 911 fraud, which he now calls “patriots day”. What is patriotic about the murder of 2600 innocent victimsby traitorous neo-con government forces under a false flag operation? Millions of us see clearly that  bush and cheney were involved in themanufacture of this fraud used to justify pnac’s,  war on terror and are doing their best to cover up their involvement and inactivity that fateful day to further the plan’s of poppy bush’snew world order as dictated by his globalist handlers. The neo-cons are all duplicitous traitors and should be hung for treason. It’s the Rule of Law!

 Decentralization of energy production would give our country a measure of real security, unlike the phony war on terror and it’s homeland security’s, color coded alert system. And, it would put an end to the big money “oilers” like the bush crime family and theirdevious childrenturning our nation into hell, as they make skyrocketing profits, from their wars, “peak oil scam” exploiting this corporate/banking engineered and heavily milked,  media framed and managed fraud, the shrub admin. so lovingly  calls a democracy. Our country is in fact a Republic, which is the exact opposite of this shitty democracy fraud they are pushing on us, as they wave their flags and try to placate us with the same old, worn out and seriously sick platitudes.