Einstein’s Ether


Einstein Modified the Concept of an Ether to fit his dysfunctional psyence theories 

Einstein was wrong about everything

Einstein exposed as a disinfo shill for Khazarian Mind Control and Enslavement of Humanity 

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“The present confusion in this area (ether/space/field) is largely chargeable to Einstein. Before his day the accepted world picture included an ether located in and coextensive with space. It is commonly contended that Einstein’s system eliminated the ether and accounts for gravitation as a product of the geometry of space, but in reality what he did was to eliminate the name ‘ether’ and the concept ‘space’. The entity to which he applies the name ‘space’ is the same one that was previously called the ‘ether’. His ‘space’ has all of the properties that were formerly assigned to the ether concept: properties that are altogether different from those of the previous concept of space, and likewise totally unlike the properties which we are able to recognize in space where we are in a position to observe it.

… The difficulty of distinguishing between the concepts of ‘space’, ‘field’ and ‘ether’ is a result of the fact that, as currently employed, all three terms refer to the same thing: the hypothetical universal medium. The significant properties that are attributed to these entities, the properties that are actually needed for the performance of their assumed physical functions, are the same in all cases; the only differences between them are in connotations of the language employed that are carried over from the sources from which that language was derived, but have no meaning in the terms of reference of current theory. The word ‘field’, for instance, calls up a considerably different conceptual image than the word ‘space’, yet if we examine the way in which each word is used in present-day physical theory,we are compelled to agree with Eddington that any distinction between the two is purely artificial.

… The ether of the general theory of relativity is a medium which is itself devoid of all mechanical and kinematical qualities, but helps to determine mechanical (and electromagnetic) events.”89 Elsewhere we find this significant admission: “We shall say: our space has the physical property of transmitting waves, and so omit the use of a word (ether) we have decided to avoid.”90  

… Einstein admits that it is only the name “ether” that he has discarded and that the functions of the ether have been transferred to space, thus making space a medium. The fact that he specifically uses the word “medium” is particularly significant. …space has become the connecting medium between the objects. “There is then no ’empty’ space,” Einstein asserts, “that is, there is no space without a field.”91Thus a totally new concept of space has been introduced”. (Beyond Newton, Part Four)

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Einstein changed the name of this concept of an ether to a “field” or “space” which implies that he believed in some kind of an ether, because of his erroneous conclusion, that heavenly bodies “warp” the space around them with inward pulling gravity.  If space is an absolute vacuum according to academia, then how can it be warped? There has to be some sort of medium which can be warped to satisfy the lunacy of this academic idea, according to their own model. Therefore the concept of an ether (field) or something with similar properties, is automatically implied as a necessity in explaining the warp-abilty of  einstein’s imaginary version of space in academic circles. 

“In the words of albert einstein: We may therefore regard matter as being constituted by the region of space in which the field is extremely intense… There is no place in this new kind of physics both for field and matter, for the field is the only reality”. (The Philosophical Impact of Contemporary Physics, pg. 319

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So, here we see einstein, claiming that the “field” or, “space” formerly know as the “ether” and treated as such in his definition, is all that there is. Space is like a crucible holding matter, where varying intensities in space create the “illusion” of physical matter. Space according to einstein, is therefore the source of everything according to this badly imagined idea. 

Space is the inversion of matter, not it’s substrate, source of it’s reality or it’s crucible. The “Still Magnetic Light” is the source of all motions in the Universe. Space and matter are the result of these electrical vortex motions as they issue forth and return to their neutral centers. So, old  al, confused the source of matter and energy with it’s academically defined, “vacuous” counterpart.

The concept of an ether was used as a conceptual crutch by Tesla, Schauberger, KeelyKrafftMoray and many other luminaries to visualize wave motions in space, so that they could design their various versions of over-unity machines. However, this conceptual crutch is no longer necessary now that an advanced understanding of Scalar Mechanics has been formulated by DB Larson which explains the attributes of what was formally known as an ether in terms of scalar motions and requires no indivisible ether particles for its “reciprocating system”. 

The so-called ether, served it’s theoretical purpose quite well, even though it need not exist to explain the movements of light in space. The result was the invention of many kinds of over-unity (free energy) technologies, thanks to it’s imagined presence. This conceptual crutch was a necessary mechanism for visualizing the wave motions of light in space, requiring a medium which would propagate these waves, until a deeper understanding of the dynamics of the nature of the light involved were to be comprehended by mankind. 

Vortex wave motions of electrically simulated light, create space around them in their negative “unwound condition”. Space does not hold matter like a crucible, it is the inversion of matter. Space is the product of light and does not require a medium for it’s transmission being that it is light itself, that is,  the “dark light” of expansion, the negative, unwinding, opposite of matter itself (the “white light” of contraction). 

 twin opposing vortices

    Twin opposing Vortices

The vortex is central to wave mechanics and when the academicians threw out the ether concept they discarded the investigation into vortices, which are the source of all wave motions in our Universe.  By eliminating the vortices from the academic theory, it ensured our handlers, that those who dedicate themselves to the system of mind control in place would never question the extreme motive force of the vortex and apply it to solving our energy needs and freeing us from the polluting fuels sold at extreme cost by energy barons, then wasted by explosion, heat and pollution, extracting a fraction of its value in the form of usable motive energy.

Electric Vortex wave motions creating the two illusions of matter and space are all there is in this 3d Cosmic Light Cinema we call the Universe. These wave motions perceived as being in Space or traveling through Space are better perceived with a new concept of the archaic 17th to 19the century versions of an “ether” theory.

The problem the early theorists heaped upon the theory of an ether was that it must be like extremely small balls, just like theoretical electrons of the periodical table, only billions of times smaller. Matter is infinitely divisible. This is where the theorists went wrong. Fractal math shows us the course of infinity in both domains the Macro and the Micro.

Russell told us that all light crystals give their light to each other. Therefore every light crystal from the furthest reaches of the infinite Universe is represented in the Electric  motions within every other light crystal in the Universe.

So as we look out at the stars the further away they are, the smaller they become in the light crystal we live in called the Sun. The Electric motions of the most infinitely distant stars become the most infinitely small spiraling divisions of so-called matter within our light Crystal Solar System. The wave field boundary of our Solar System light Crystal is approximately 2 light years From our Sun’s center.

  This entire massive expanse is the Sun. All wave motions within the wave-field are reflected to the furthest stars and all of their motions are internally reflected within our Solar Light Crystal.

This giving of light to all other lights sets up the condition of an ether, which is the “Light pressure” of all Electric motions from the entire infinite Universe as seen in each atomic wav -field. All Atoms are Holographic and contain the motions of every other atom in the infinite Universe. This is Electric simulated “Light Pressure”, which produces the effects of a so-called ether, yet there are no indivisible ball bearing ether particles as the 19th century and earlier theorists believed. The Electric motions simulating light are the cause of everything in the Universe including the “non material” version of ether which I have defined in this account.