Electricity and Magnetism


academic Magnetic theory debunked

“The rotation of a spiral is the most common pattern in nature where we see grouping order being manipulated toward increased symmetry order”. Academic “inward pulling” gravity is not the ordering principle as “sir” newton believed. Electricity and the cathode planes of stillness, still magnetic light, which science terms “Magnetism” are the foundations, which create this Universe via contracting and expanding vortices of  the two gravity controlled lights of incandescent spheres and dark space surrounding them. The Magnetic controlled spiraling electric vortex waves, push from within expanding (anode waves) and push from without, compressing (cathode waves). 

Magnetism is the controller of electricity, which works in opposition to it.  Electricity is the  “expanding-contracting” (gravity/radiation) bi-directional push/push, thrusting force  which produces all of the various forms of matter, “imaginary forces” and energies existing in our physical Universe. Magnetism is still, cold and of zero curvature. It controls the motions of  Electricity and is not a separate force. Electricity is the only force in the Universe. The spiral inward movements of electricity (contracting gravity) produce incandescent  light (Suns, Atoms, Galaxies), while the spiral outward repelling electric motions  (radiating gravity) produces dark light, other-wise known as “Space”. 

Magnetism works in opposition to limit the range of effects of the electricity which gives form to the twin opposed electric lights which we call matter. Academically defined “positive electricity” (contraction) is the state of motion in which electricity dominates magnetism. Academically defined “negative electricity” (expansion) is that state in which magnetism dominates electricity.

There are not two kinds of electricity however.  We are forced by the false language of archaic entrenched academic defnitions to use terms positive and negative to describe electric motions, when in and out would have worked a lot better. There is no negative electricity anymore than there are negative magnetism, negative light or negative gravity! These are just terms academia has projected upon their dysfunctional theories, which are based on observations of sensory cataloged illusions.


Ed Leedskalnin

 This has been demonstrated physically by the great discovery of Ed Leedskalnin of Coral Castle fame. Ed viewed all of the interactions in physics from the level of the “effects” of electricity which we call magnetism. He did not concern himself with the electrical effects of the magnetic causes. He proved that the academic nuclear theory of the atom model was wrong and that the idea of  electrons balls in orbital shells was false as well. He also proved with his Rock Sun Dial, that the academic models of the Earth and other planets circling the Sun in clock face orbits was wrong to the extreme. Ed said that the academic idea that they are sending electrons through wires as you electric service is also false. Helical streams of electricity flow in spiraling rings around the wires.

He knew not to trust academicians and like Walter Russell had the good fortune of leaving the system of academic indoctrination and mind control before the fourth grade. These two luminaries in the world of Nature’s Physics have proven  just how damaging this mind control system has been to humanity and the horrific consequences of this disgusting system of mind control has brought our entire planet to it’s knees as slaves to the ugliest of souls in power now the nergy barons, war mongers and central bankers.

Leedskalnin remained focused on the work done by the magnetic component, and produced a work of great wonder called the Coral Castle, a structure he built by himself exploiting the effects of so-called magnetism (electricity). Coral blocks weighing up to 9 tons were moved single handedly by this man who barely weighed 100 pounds using a magnetic based technology, which he designed specifically for this purpose. It appears he was able to tap into the flowing bio-magnetism (expanding electricity) otherwise known as “levity” with his invention and channel it into the desired work of lifting and moving heavy, “once living”, coral blocks without human strain. 

Coral_Castle_1 Coral_Castle_3

coral castle

Ed Leedskalnin Built all of this by himself and he weighed only 100 pounds

The creatures who built this fossilized coral exploited the spiraling vortices of Phi as they grew and created a substrate of vortical filaments by which the expanding electricity could easily interact with what we call fossilized Coral blocks. We must remember these fossilized blocks were was once living creatures with vortex shells and that is the reason Ed chose them to work with. This is one of the secrets that is being revealed in the search to replicate his technology and use it to free us from the energy barons and their wicked world of endless destruction, misery and grief. The other is how Ed was able to generate electric  levity with his mysterious magnetic motor contraption. The link detailing Sacred Geometry at Coral Castle below reveals the secret of the numbers which Ed left as a code. The code has been cracked, we only need to build the machines now!

YouTube link: The Secret of the Universe, the code left by Edward Leedskalnin

“Electricity is the inhalation, or inbreathing generative action, while magnetism is the exhalation, or out-breathing radiative “reaction’. Electricity is the plus half of the One universal force which has apparently divided itself into two (apparent) forces and magnetism is the minus half. Electricity and magnetism exist as separate appearances only when opposed. In non-opposition they disappear. They become one. 

…Electricity cannot separate from magnetism and its attempts to do so give only the appearance of separation into parts. Magnetism does not desire companionship or union with electricity, nor does it desire its own continuation as a ‘separate’ force. It desires to extinguish electricity as a separate force by separating its particles. Its own extinction would be the consequence of the gratification of this desire. 

…Electricity is the force of gravitation and moves spirally toward the center of its mass. It moves as though it were starting at the base of a cone and traveling around its surface in an ever contracting spiral orbit, to its apex.  Magnetism is the ‘force’ of radiation and moves spirally toward the extremity of its mass. It moves as though it were starting at the apex of a cone and traveling around its surface in an ever expanding orbit, to its base. 

…The force of electricity is the generative, centripetal force of contraction into the appearance of form. It is the opposite of the reactive ‘force’ of magnetism, which is the ‘force’ of radiative, centrifugal expansion into the disappearance of form”. 

…Electricity is the power force of the Universe. Electricity accumulates power into high potential from the Universal constant at the sacrifice of one of its time dimensions. Electricity is the force of resistance to the established speed of the Universal constant of energy. Magnetism is the speed force, the time force of the Universe. Magnetism dissipates the high potential power dimension and transforms into the time dimension of low potential. Magnetism is the ‘force’  which works toward a return to the established motion of the Universal constant of energy. 

…The electro-positive force is that in which electricity dominates magnetism and accumulates power by transforming speed into power. The electro-negative force is that in which magnetism has conquered electric opposition and by doing so has released power, by means of expansion, into lower potential of greater speed.

…Magnetic flow is radiation. Radiation is the emanation expelled from electro-generative, contractive action. It is  the outgoing breath, the exhalation of the living corpuscle, or system, or mass. 

…The atoms of all of the hard and closely integrated elements have ejected magnetism with greater speed and in smaller streams than the atoms of the less closely integrated elements. Resistance to integration is the cause of this increased speed and the contracted atomic volume is the cause of the smaller magnetic streams.

…Electricity and magnetism are not two separate ‘forces’, nor are they two separate substances. They are merely two different dimensions of motion. They belong solely to motion and not to substance. 

…Man’s fixed concept of  magnetism as an attractive force is also fundamentally wrong. The basic error is fast tied to every meaning of the words,  magnet, or magnetic, or magnetism. These words are universally used in the sense of attraction. Every schoolboy has been the proud owner of that little horseshoe shaped toy which picked up little bits of Iron for his amusement. This remarkable phenomenon quite naturally built up the concept of magnetism as an attractive force. Magnetism supposedly performs these miracles. The evidence of one’s senses are again deceived by illusion. The exact opposite is the fact. The electro-positive charge is merely increased and the attraction of positive electricity to positive electricity (increased potential) of a similar dimension is demonstrated. 

YouTube link: The absurdity of academic magnetic theory 

YouTube link: The secret of the Universe

…The misconceptions of  modern science concerning the fundamental principles of attraction and repulsion are many and all are based upon the wrong belief that electricity is the repellant and magnetism is the attractive force. ” (The Universal One, Pg. 68-76)

“All mass consists of energy accumulated by the attraction of gravitation into the appearance of form. All form is held together more or less closely by the relative force of gravitation which accompanies mass of various dimensions and relations. The law for big mass is the same as that for little masses. The gravitation which maps out the orbit of the light unit within the atom is exactly the same as that which maps out the orbit of a solar system. 

… Science considers the attraction of gravitation of the Solar system as an entirely different effect from the effect of motion within an atomic system. Atomic motion is presumed to be non-subject to the laws of gravitation. Science names one ‘gravitation’ and the other the ‘electrical effect’. Both effects are the same. 

…If the movements of planets and satellites are effects of gravitation and the same effects in smaller masses are ‘electrical effects’, why do smaller masses exactly follow the laws of larger masses? 

…All effects of gravitation are electric effects and all effects of radiation are magnetic effects. All effects are electro-magnetic. ( The Universal One, Pgs. 146-7) 

“Conventional theorists look to magnetism to solve the problem of solar energy distribution. If they were to open their eyes to the electrical cause of magnetism, the solution would suddenly become visible”.

” The current within a bar (magnet) of Iron flowing from South to North is an electric flow and the current is an induced current. The discharge current that flows outside the bar (magnet) of Iron is a magnetic flow which is conducted by the more expanded surrounding medium to a lower potential, or is deflected and regenerated by the resistance of the surrounding connecting medium. When so deflected, it is again attracted to the South pole of the bar of Iron, where it re-enters as an electric flow. Science describes this effect as magnetic induction. 

Magnetic induction is impossible. Induction is an evidence of regeneration through sufficient resistance to degenerative conduction. Induction is an effect of generation or regeneration. …Conduction is an effect of degeneration. …increasing induction which means increasing positive charge must be accompanied by an increasing power to attract. It must also be accompanied by an increasing negative discharge and an increasing power to repel. …When a bar of Iron is ‘magnetized’ it is in reality electrified. The magnetic bases of the Iron atoms have contracted. (The Universal One, Pgs. 174-6)

Electrical motions are pushed spirally by magnetic radiation outward from points of cold dark stillness (“the void”, Tao, or “still magnetic light”) to planes of cold dark stillness (cubic wave-field boundaries of non-curvature and magnetic stillness) where they are reflected and pushed (electric implosion) back to their source, to be thrust outward  and inward again perpetually, until the time when the Atom, Star or Galaxy has “grown old” and gyroscopically oblate’s it’s wave-field on its cyclical octave journey from birth to death to birth again. 

This process is a continuous pulsing motion with no gaps or breaks and therefore has to be a single electric force acting in two directions, both inward and outward where each condition becomes the other perpetually and simultaneously. The twin opposing electrical vortices which are the source of these “incandescent lights”  and their physical manifestation as well as the “dark  light” of  outer space, bore deep into their centers of their spheres gyroscopically as they grow old and produce expanding rings and explosions which appear as  Super Nova Types I and II, White Dwarfs and Quasars, respectively. We witness these effects of age and temperature limits being exceeded by Stars and Galaxies via the many nebula dispersed through the heavens.