Electricity as Sold to Us

The same may be said of the electricity (electrical charge-voltage) “traveling” in the wires  (electrical current) to our homes. “But when the electric company says that they’re selling electricity, what’s going on? Simple: they’re using the unscientific definition of the word “electricity.” They really don’t sell any electricity. Instead they sell a pumping service.  They’re just pumping  “electricity” back and forth inside the wires (via a so-called rotating magnetic field). That’s what “alternating current” means. The electricity just sits in the wires and wiggles (waves) 60 times per second. The electric company sells a pumping service, and you can use their service to run motors and heaters and light bulbs. They sell energy, but they don’t sell you any electrons. The electrons don’t even really flow (travel) at all, they just vibrate (standing waves) “.  

Energy barons are not producing electrons out of thin air in turbines and sending them out onto the grid. Every time the rotary magnets of the electric turbine pass a stationary coil (armature) they send vortex waves out over the grid by pumping this electric vortex wave energy into the “highly conductive”, metallic matrix of the wiring system. This electric vortex wave energy produces  vortices with radial electrical extensions emanating from and surrounding the wires (so-called magnetism) as the current spirals back and forth 60 time per second.