Electricity vs. Magnetism


Gravity Bars (magnets) do not “attract” each other they void each other where they meet forming a new single Bar whose Poles are extended to the opposite extremes of their mutual meeting

There are no negatively ‘charged’ particles in the Universe. Negative electricity discharges, while positive electricity charges…Positive electricity produces the condition of gravity by compression (pulling inward)…Negative electricity produces the condition of radiation (gravity in it’s “levity form”) by expanding (pushing outward)…It is impossible for one of the polarized conditions to be present without the other, for each opposite borns it’s mate and interchanges with it until each one becomes the other.” (A New Concept of the Universe, page 58) (Preponderance of charge is once again the cause).

YouTube link: the so-called effect of “magnetic attraction” is actually “voidance” at 1:50

“Modern science claims that negative ‘charge’ repels negative ‘charge’ and attracts positive charge, whereas, actually, negative charge repels both negative and positive charge. Magnetism is the repellant, or separative ‘force’ (effect) of this Universe of disintegrating matter. …Electricity is the attractive force of the Universe of integrating matter. 

…Positive electricity is an endothermic, contractive force which is actively absorbing a comparatively large quantity of generative light units of heat which raises its potential and is expelling a smaller number of them, devitalized into magnetic radio-active emanations, thus slightly lowering its potential. Negative electricity is an exothermic, expansive force which is relatively absorbing a small quantity of generative light units of heat which instantly raises its potential and is expelling a greater number of them, devitalized into magnetic radio-active emanations, thus lowering its potential. 

…Now must it be clearly understood that magnetism, expelled by electricity from within a charging system, did not enter the system as magnetism or as negative electricity. It entered as positive electricity and became devitalized into negative electricity by nucleal absorption of its positive charge. It was then expelled from the higher inner pressure to the lower outer pressure of the system,” in the form of magnetism.  

…The fact that electricity expels magnetism does not mean that it repels it. Expulsion is not repulsion. Expulsion is the result of electric attraction which causes electrically charged particles to draw closer together. This effect of closer assemblage, is a centripetal effect of contraction which squeezes magnetism away from the spaces between the integrating particles of electric preponderance. The magnetic flow resulting from this squeezing process is merely the reaction of the action of squeezing. The action of electricity might be likened unto the compression of a spring from within. The reaction of magnetism might be likened unto an elastic resistance to that compression by an exactly opposite pressure of expansion from within. 

(Schauberger’s Implosion Turbines squeezed the bio-magnetic levity (electric expansion) out of imploded Air or Water, by compressing the cubic wave-fields of the Atoms at they passed through the center of the turbine’s vortex.  Schauberger copied nature instead of fighting it and the reward of his technology is a superior form of energy production which creates bio-magnetic levity (electric expansion), a vastly more powerful form of energy, with none of the objectionable bi-products of heat, noise or pollution we experience using academic technologies)

…The very attempt to divide the One substance (still magnetic light), gives the appearance of, but does not make two substances. It only develops two equal states of motion, which Man calls ‘forces’. It but creates two illusions. Just so with positive electricity and negative electricity. They are not two forces. They are but aspects of One force attempting to separate, each by its own opposite method, thus becoming two forces. They never succeed in doing so. Each is charged with the other, permeated more or less, in accord with its periodicity. (The Universal One, Pgs. 75-81)

�We are taught that opposites attract (Coulomb Law), but if this was so, then opposite poles of magnets (Stars, Planets and Moons)  would be at their center not their ends. When the positive pole of a magnet (gravity bar) is brought into contact with the negative pole of another magnet, the effect that we think of as attraction is one of ‘voidance’. It is a cessation of opposition or power to manifest anything. Polarity utterly ceases at this point and each opposite extends to each opposite end (of the combined magnets), each getting away from and through the other, spirally, as far as they can. To say that opposites attract each other therefore is the equivalent to saying that North attracts South, inward attracts outward, wetness attracts dryness or that darkness attracts incandescence�. ( The Secret of Light, pg. 155