Energy Barons and Astronomical Profits



The Endless Misery of Oil Barons and their illegal Wars

YouTube link: Ross Kemp In Search of “Energy Baron Created”, Pirates of Nigeria

This expose reveals just a very small amount of the environmental destruction created by energy barons in one Country. Imagine the scale when viewing the entire Earth. Note the results of this environmental destruction. A criminal class of pirates has appeared, there is massive poverty, rampant disease, an absolute environmental catastrophe, over population and it has created a living hell on Earth for the Nigerians. All of this insanity and suffering, just so a small group of men may have whatever they want and remain above the law, because they own the law, and everything else for that matter!

 Funding for the Tokamak Reactors should cease immediately. The scientist that proposed this insane idea are provably frauds and they should be banned from positions in science permanently as punishment for wasting 18 billion taxpayers dollars on this huge lie, for their personal experimental toys. Taxpayers can save the 30 billion dollars already promised by a grossly illiterate and dysfunctional congress, for this massive waste and use this 30 thousand million dollars towards something that will actually benefit humanity, like rebuilding the infrastructure of our seriously dilapidated country. And, the prosecution of all of the shysters who have profited exponentially from the current frauds being imposed on us.

YouTube link: The religionism of physics and the worthless toys of academia at 5:30

Once again academic fools have lied (edward teller being one of it’s most insane egoists, shameless liars and profiteers, let us never forget that this twisted freak wanted to excavate a massive harbor in N.W. Alaska using nuclear weapons, which qualifies him as one very sick, twisted and ugly freak) repeatedly and wasted a fortune using an incontrovertibly failed theory, trying to build something based on a “reality” which never existed.  This fraud was solely created so academics could bilk more money out of a comatose and intellectually illiterate congress to purchase megalithic, multi-billion dollar play toys for their so-called scientists to “goof around” with  while edward teller would be lording over these freaking academic weirdoes.

Birkeland Currents

Birkeland Currents and inter-Galactic Magnetic Fields

The crimes against humanity, perpetuated by the hungarian born jew, edward teller are many. As a child, he was slow to speak, and his grandfather warned that he might be retarded. He is single handedly responsible for the thermo-nuclear arms race. If not for teller, treaties could have been created with the russians and others, which would have prevented this waste of trillions of dollars of tax payer money and all of the terror it has brought to humans. The wasted money could have been used for something useful, like improving our strength as a nation and creating wealth for it’s citizens. This arrogant vengeful asshole is responsible for: the nuclear arms race, the nuclear fusion fraud of the theoretical tokamak reactors, the “Clean Bomb myth” of the 1950’s, projects “gabriel” and “plowshare” in the 1960’s, “palisades of fire” in the 1970’s and the star wars weapon shield lunacy approved by the blithering airhead president, ronald reagan (ronny ray-gun) in the 1980’s and most recently the chem-trails weather control disaster which is poisoning the planet, all for the theoretical purpose of curbing global warming by one percent, so that the present system of energy production may remain in place, creating untold wealth for the energy barons and war mongers, for as long as is humanly possible. This one disgusting, lowlife, subhuman has created so much misery and suffering on our planet, that he ranks even higher than  bush, cheney, rice, ashcroft  and all traitors currently destroying our country and world in his dedication to absolute barbaric evil. Nuclear weapons are illegal! So teller is guilty of pushing annihilation on an illiterate humanity and the consequences of his actions have brought ruin unto the very soul of the human species. 

YouTube link:  ed teller’s horrific chemtrail program


edward teller’s chemtrail program.pdf

His actions have been judged illegal by the World Court and nuclear arms have received the same fate as well. This worldly destruction is the direct consequence of teller and other “godless scientists” not knowing our Creator, the “Great Animating Spirit”,  falsely called “god” by religions and politicians.  He uses the fraud of agnosticism as his excuse for serving the forces of hell, which have plagued mankind, through the false science he forced upon humanity with his many lies and never ending obsession with absolute power and control. The research conducted by Priscilla J. McMillan in her book “The Ruin of J. Robert Oppenheimer“, reveals the true nature of teller’s many crimes against all sentient beings.

After the tragedy of the Three Mile Island fission reactor meltdown, teller in a fit of his typical insanity, denied the obvious which every other human on the planet instantly conceded and declared that nuclear reactors were not “dangerous”.  “The nuclear physicist edward teller, ‘father of the hydrogen bomb‘ and long-time government science advisor, himself lobbied in favor of nuclear power, and the 71-year-old scientist eventually suffered a heart attack on May 8, 1979 which he later blamed on Fonda: “You might say that I was the only one whose health was affected by that reactor near Harrisburg. No, that would be wrong. It was not the reactor. It was Jane Fonda. Reactors are not dangerous”. 

We can thank teller for israel’s thermo-nuclear weapons and nuclear reactors as well. Another horrible global tragedy. One more morally devoid country gets nuclear weapons and produces another insane vector for retaliation or preemptive thermo-nuclear strike. “Between 1964 and 1967, teller visited israel six times, lecturing at tel aviv university, and advising the (tribal) chiefs of israel’s scientific-security circle as well as prime ministers and cabinet members. At each of his talks with members of the israeli security establishment’s highest levels he would make them swear that they would never be tempted into signing the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty

In 1967 when the israeli program was nearing completion, teller informed Neeman that he was going to tell the CIA that israel had built nuclear weapons and explain that it was justified by the background of the Six-Day War. After Neeman cleared it with Prime Minister levi eshkol, teller briefed the head of the CIA’s Office of Science and Technology, Carl Duckett. It took a year for teller to convince the CIA that israel had contained nuclear capability; the information then went through CIA Director Richard Helms and then to the US president. teller also persuaded them to end the American attempts to inspect the negev nuclear research center in dimona”. This  treasonous work teller performed for israel has never even been acknowledged, or even commented upon by our government. So, who is running our country and sharing our nuclear research? It appears israel is!

edward teller’s trillion dollar military buildup and the murder of protestor, John Lennon

Youtube link: The Khazarian Conspiracy to Rule this Planet

george w. bush had the “nukular mindlessness” to award him the “presidential medal of freedom. “Thereafter, george w. bush, taking office, ordered the deployment of the new system (nuclear weapons) and, a week before teller’s death in 2003, awarded him the President’s Medal of Freedom, this nation’s highest civilian award. Along the way, teller’s brainchild helped to sabotage an agreement at Reykjavik to eliminate strategic nuclear weapons, caused the scrapping of the ABM treaty, and resulted in expenditures of over $100 billion. And there is still no indication that it works”. 100 billion dollars for this disaster and 38 billion for the tokamak, add a trillion for the thermo-nuclear arms race and we are talking about high crimes directed at destroying the economy, security and welfare of the citizens of the U.S.A. One must immediately ask, for who?

Now obama just gave geroge bush sr. the presidential medal of freedom! This speaks instantly of the incessant corruption in high places. bush is a war criminal, a traitor to the USA, an insider trader and a tool of the illuminati. This man should be hung for treason and crimes against humanity. He is partners with the bin ladens and a drug smuggler as well. As head of the CIA he made free energy technologies illegal and hid the truth about our flying saucer program stolen from the Germans in WWII. The bush crime family syndicate is a festering boil in America. The bushes need to be imprisoned and brought to trial for their ubiquitous crimes and horrors against humanity. obama will not be serving the Constitution and making it so. He sold his soul to be the bushes boy!

Guess what, the story even goes deeper down the rabbit hole than I had thought. It turns out the the traitor teller, was working with the globalist leaders all the way back to the time of the end of WWII, He was in fact in charge of the covert black project to exploit german anti-gravity technology seized at Peenemunde. He ran an entire secret space program for the hidden leaders of our world. At the same time the nasa  ran a dog and pony show with the gluttonous, polluting, horribly noisy and dangerous rocket based explosion technology to fool the public. Teller was suppressing the free energy implosion technology his entire career, which would have liberated mankind from the evil forces which have now taken complete control of our lives, thanks to the bush/cheney treason plan at work in the current destruction of the USA for their masters in europe and israel, who control the central banks, means of the false energy production, it’s delivery to the markets of our planet and the means of endless war, which bring their corporations untold wealth.

YouTube link: Operation Paperclip and Nazi contamination of US Secret Agencies

YouTube link: edward teller’s treason and secret control of the flying saucer program

another video falsely censored by youtube

These types of academic liars and frauds receive huge salaries, pensions, lecture tours, consultation work etc., for their massively wasteful and worthless academic attempts. Does this seem fair to you? Aren’t they being paid to produce something of worth for the world? Does achieving this scholastic rank only elevate one to a life of academic playtime with multi-billion dollar toys, while the real world disintegrates around these ivory towers and accelerators as a result of academia’s limiting laws and absurd pronouncements? The answer is resoundingly, Yes! Academics and their craven dedication to the corporations and politicians which fund them, are a huge part of our current problems.

The absolute naivety of these arrogant and violent academic types is clearly seen in the fact that the work they do is almost always compromised and then the “phony” enemy has the results of the extremely expensive work they have carried out for next to nothing, saving them enormous capital outlays and years of hard work catching up. So, any kind of arms race is doomed to fail and is an absolute waste of money. The main reason for this “contest” is to terrorize the citizens of the world and to bring them into a state of perpetual fear and submission to their authorities.  In the case of the atomic bomb Klaus Fuchs, a german born jew and traitor to the U.S.A., was a close friend of edward tellers since 1928, gave the information to the russians, so that they could copy our atomic bomb and warned them that the U.S. had begun working on a hydrogen bomb. 

In the case of the hydrogen bomb, which is about a thousand times more powerful than Oppenheimer’s atomic bomb, an absent minded, nit wit academic and “black hole” physicist, named john wheeler, lost six pages of crucial documents, on a train ride from princeton to washington on the 6th of January, 1953 and those documents were never recovered. “No document could have been of greater help to a would be ‘enemy': it revealed the basic concepts of staging compression and radiation implosion; the existence of a spark plug; and the length of time it had taken the U.S. to progress from the discovery of radiation implosion to its first test of the concept”. (The Ruin of J. Robert Oppenheimer,Pg 157)

The russians soon had this information and quickly produced a thermo-nuclear hydrogen bomb as well. edwards teller’s efforts at destroying Robert Oppenheimer,  the father of the atomic bomb, because Oppenheimer was opposed to the insanity of a thermo-nuclear arms race, resulted in his investigation’s, publicly released evidence being sufficient for the british to build a hydrogen bomb of their own as well, thereby creating a horrific world of possible nuclear annihilation, from several different potential vectors.

Now the chinese and the koreans want to get in on the action too. Any sane person could have told these crackpots that this was an imbecilic idea from the beginning. Who funds these fatally flawed projects? Starts with an i and ends with an i! And, who pays for this arrogance? You know who!  The illuminati like for so-called scientists to waste their time in dark futile attempts. The longer they remain clueless, the longer the present war mongering and energy racketeering can continue, making them richer everyday, with historical profits realized thanks to the w/cheney administration (skull and bones) with their love of war, death, destruction and their loving devotion to their masters who control the military/banking/media/pharmaceutical/academic and energy sectors. They are running this racket planet wide.

YouTube link: illuminati control of physics and free energy confessed by insider at 5:33

another video falsely censored by youtube

These are the very shills who illegally put them in power through two fraudulent and heavily  rigged elections and whose profits have soared exponentially thanks to their treason, theft, murder and fraud. If you want to know who is behind any false flag lie, just follow the money trail to those who profit and you will see the real players behind the “dog and pony show” they sell on your boob tube, to a socially engineered society of mind controlled slaves, otherwise known as sheeple.

The Tokamak fusion reactor fraud is another blatant example of the way the energy racket is controlled and operated in our world. The Department Of Defense is more concerned with funding fatally flawed, dead end projects like the Tokamak which insures that the horribly greedy and ugly people in power maintain that power at all cost, even if it means destroying our planet  in the process. National Security (protecting the current economic caste system) is always the excuse. 18 billion dollars disappeared down the taxpayer hell hole for this doomed Tokamak project. Please write your congressperson and demand an end to this parasitic and extravagant academic waste, before they waste another 30 billion dollars on this outrageous academic fraud.

Of course bush/cheney/rice and their energy baron buddies, would all have to step aside (go to jail for their mountain of lies, treason and crimes against humanity) and let humanity have real freedom, security, equal opportunities, abundant recreation and prosperity. However, these luxuries are not part of their economic game plan for astronomical profits and 100% control of their consumer’s, as they enact their plans to destroy the last impediment in their way of global domination, the american middle class. The sheeple will begin changing back into people very quickly once the energy theft racket has been fully revealed and understood by them. Therefore, this it totally unacceptable for these gloating enron types as they wallow in their current and temporary positions of opulent stolen power, astronomical profits and self aggrandizement. 

These sub-human power mongers need to be shucked from their shells of ill gained authority by “we the people”, so that we humans may have a chance to live decent lives, free of their degenerate wickedness and absolute control. This will be the beginning of the end of: crime, poverty, disease, war, caste systems, illiteracy, hunger, drought and hatred for our fellow man, because of the artificially engineered, corporate lies called, lack and scarcity. 

How can there be scarcity or lack, in a Universe of eternal abundance? The Oceans are filled with an abundance of , free hydrogen, minerals, metals and water (which can be desalinated) that mankind needs to grow and prosper and free energy technology will extract, distill and reap this endless abundance and free humanity from the pyramids of control which have crushed the happiness out of the very marrow of humanity and replaced it with the present misery which pervades our world. 

I myself, have discovered the method for the cold distillation of water, which I have every reason to believe could be applied to salt water for desalinization as well. Do you think any of the big water distillers are interested? Not one of them will respond to my offer. The method I use involves, magnets, implosion, UV resonance and ionization only. There is negligible energy required to run this process and requires only cooling the water a few degrees below average tap water temperatures in it’s final step before decanting, instead of raising the temperature to the flash point of steam which modern distillation plants use. This method would save billions of dollars world wide with the extremely reduced amount of energy required. Salt water could be converted to fresh water at a fraction of the current cost used in academically designed steam distillation plants. I possess the technique. If there is any investor who is interested in becoming extremely wealthy, write me!

Our current understanding in physics will have to be radically altered in order for us to usher in a new era of abundance and freedom. The current multitude of misunderstandings relating to gravity, light, electricity and magnetism will have to be revised and amended with the powerful insights of the great geniuses like: Nikola Tesla, Viktor Schauberger, D.B. Larson and Walter Russell. These men represent the core of profound understanding which will liberate mankind from the false academic theories of the past, that have reaped so much wealth and personal power for our societal engineers. 

I will now proceed to juxtapose the many brilliant ideas of these gifted men in a way that you may read in their own words, about the wonderful future which awaits us, once the current racket is dethroned. Gravity, light, magnetism and electricity have been much better understood by these luminaries for between the past 70-100 years. Yet they are mysteries to our so-called scientist. The fact that their illuminated understanding is not ever mentioned in academia, explains instantly, who profits and who is in control of the information which is being carefully edited and meted out so as to secure a false system of scarcity, whose end result is planetary destruction and slavery for its population, in exchange for massive corporate profits and societal control.