Essential Books in PDF

Walter and Lao Russell

Atomic Suicide

A New Concept of the Universe

Genero Radiative Concept

The Secret of Light

A New Concept of the Universe

The Universal_One


The_Message of the Divine  Iliad-Vol. 1

The_Message_of_the Divine Iliad-Vol. 2

The Man who Tapped the Secret of the Universe

Part_1 Home Study Course

Part_2 HSC

Part_3 HSC

Part_4 HSC

Part_5 HSC

Part_6 HSC

Part_7 HSC

Part_8 HSC

Part_9 HSC

Part_10 HSC

Part_11 HSC

Part_12 HSC

God will work with You but not for You

Toby Grotz on Walter Russell


Robert Otey


Dr. Pallathadka Keshava Bhat

 Helical Helix


Frank Chester

The New Sacred Geometry of Frank Chester – by Seth Miller

Science to Sage – Frank Chester article – by Seth Miller


Viktor Schauberger – by Callum Coats

Living Energies


Alvin Boyd Kuhn

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The Tree of Knowledge

The Lost Meaning of Death

The Great Myth of The Sun-gods

The Esoteric Structure Of The Alphabet

Let There Be Light

Christ’s Three Days in Hell

Gerald Massey – Lectures


Pari Spolter

Problems with the Gravitational Constant


TH Moray

The Sea of Energy


Einstein debunked

Saint Einstein


Related Science and debunking of academic psyence

Chemtrails Program Created by Edward Teller

The Myth of the Photon

Gravity is a Push by Walter C Wright

Ed Leedskalnin – Magnetic Current Illustrated

Spintronics:The Secret World of Magnets – by Howard Johnson

Science of the Atom by Ernest Norman

George_Van_Tassel – The_Council_of_Seven_Lights

The Geometric Basis for the Periodicity of the Elements

The Million Degree Plasma Lie

Electro Fractal Universe Web Version


Treatises_on_Electricity_Galvanism & Magnetism

The History of the Memory of Water

Stellar Formation Theory Fails