Financial Control


The Illegal and Un-Constitutional Federal Reserve

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The other most patriotic thing people can do is to seek the truth and become informed, rather than having propaganda spoon fed by talking heads and remaining ignorant. In other words, turn off the boob tube and explore the internet where information is not controlled, framed, juxtaposed, edited, censored, revealed then marginalized and qualified by the agents of big brother like the zionist/hollywood media which has smothered our world with it’s nauseating agenda since it’s inception.

The decentralization of financial power is also an essential Patriotic endeavor.  Elite, aristocraticeuropean bloodlines , have controlled our politicsbanksschoolschurches and minds, through secret societies with secret agendasthe biblelies and endless deceptionsince the founding of our country.

They have this control presently because of their wealth, but more importantly, because the media is completely owned by them. Themedia reports on a make believe world constructed by puppet masters and expects a gullible and clueless population to believe it.  Unfortunately, the mind control programs people receive from their churches, schools and parents, while being “indoctrinated” in their youths, prepares them well for this kind of hollywood styled, mental manipulation. 

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 Corporations  and bankers own our government, so we get no real say or protection from them by our so-called elected leaders. Unscrupulous corporations pay the cowards in congress to do the opposite of what we hire them to do. Their values are not the decent values which most Americans were raised with. So, they clear cut forest, destroy our air and water, fill our foods with toxins, glamorize alcoholism and tobacco addiction and sexual degeneracy in their media, steal from tax payers, making our existence an expensive, sick and toxic form of sub-life. We all live like slaves, except the wealthy class. Our medical-drugging and vaccinating system is a fraud to the core.  The same can be said for politics, religion, psychology, academia, the media etc… They are filled with corporate driven profit lies to the brim.

Corporate sponsored and elected leaders stand by and let the dimwitted dubya shrub and his cohorts wage illegal wars based on blatant lies and murder our citizens in false flag operations like 911. These pathetic fools are traitors as well and should be dealt with accordingly. The lies have been proven repeatedly, yet nothing changes, because everyday we are at war is a blessing for the central bankers, military industrial complex, energy theft barons and their share holders. They are raking historical profits at the expense of hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqis who must be murdered by these lies to justify their riches and the 200 odd million US taxpayers they bilk to pay this massive “war on terror” bill with the bankers, amortized interest added of course, charged on money printed out of thin air. These lies will continue as long as there is a gluttonous war machine that needs to be fed by our false monetary system, for the money grubbers who have devoted their lives to parasitic greed by investing in it’s production, propaganda and destructive capacity, so that they may be rich beyond your wildest imagination. 

YouTube link: The false flag racket of the cia and mossad

The military industrial complex should have been dismantled at the end of the so-called cold war along with the Nuclear weapon stock piles (that is, if they really exist?). Imagine what those trillions of wasted dollars could have done for our infrastructure and economy of our bankrupt country. I think most people expected or hoped for this. Unfortunately, this ugly, indiscriminating beast of murder called the “military/banking/corporate/media industrial complex” has an economic life of it’s own. It is a junky with an addiction to easy money, stolen from the illiterate, tax paying classes who are scared into coughing up more dough for one false flag operation after another, blamed on the  corporate-government manufactured, and zionist-media framed, islamic terrorism, which is non-existent. Fear is their greatest weapon of control and these lowlifes inbred el-ite use it without shame.

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YouTube link: zionists, WWI and WWII and the “gift” of Palestine for their manipulations

Our nation is charged  interest on these massive war expenditures by the federal reserve banks which are protected by the very people of this nation they are bilking as they enjoy operating within the safety of our borders. This amortized interest adds up to be trillions of dollars for all of the wars fought since the “fed” was illegally established in 1913, by an act of treason, committed by the president of the USA at that time, woodrow wilson. His legacy was to destroy this nation once and for all so that the central bankers could enslave our population and dumb us down into compliance with their parasitic plans (war and taxes, vaccinations, medical drugging, fluoridation, social engineering via academic and media lies). They sit at the apices of the pyramids controlling  the current system of political racketeering and theft, other wise know as, the world monetary system. They print money out of thin air and then charge us all interest on this false paper, which then devalues the paper money further, creating an endless cycle of debt which they milk perpetually for doing nothing but destroying our lives. For the truth, see both versions of Zeitgeist on You tube and join their movement.

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Our government could have printed our own money interest free and even loaned it to our citizens interest free so as to build strength and wealth in our population making us all more secure as a nation. The wealthy bankers prefer our present corrupt system because they print the money out of thin air, loan it to our government of crooks and then the traitors in politics charge the taxpayers for the phony money and it’s interest. Meanwhile, the government rakes in profits from it’s investments and those profits are never used to pay it’s bills, they are diverted to a second set of books which the tax payers never see. The tax payers pay the bills and “our” (we the people-it’s our government and our investments) profitable investments get siphoned off into the secret bank accounts of the politicians administering this insider racket.

 For example, in World War II the federal reserve had 50 billion dollars in assets, the US government borrowed 250 billion from them at that time to fight it’s coveted war. So, where did the fed come up with the extra 200 billion dollars? They printed it up as if they owned it. With interest amortization “we” ended up owing them 1 trillion dollars after the war was over, so they netted 950 billion dollars profit from this war alone. War is the best business in the world for these bloodsuckers, they do absolutely nothing productive for society, they feed on fear, lies and darkness as they print money out of thin air. The only other place profits this large are made is in Oil and Pharmaceuticals and the government/cia Cocaine and Heroin smuggling operations which are owned by these very same people or their shills.

The global, aristocratic, banking, and corporate elite are the biggest, parasitic threat to the average American and the rest of the world. The elite love their modern feudal serfdom and don’t want it changed. They feel a need to be in a caste far above the masses. They still believe in the “divine right to rule” and they consider themselves divine in their own twisted minds. 

Currently it is claimed. that their is 27.5 trillion dollars of US money held in a public Trust by Leo Wanta, which could dissolve all of our so-called debts and free us from these shysters, thereby creating an enormous amount of abundance for the legal citizens of our country. “We the people” would have 19 trillion dollars to divide between 298,401,400 legal citizens. Think about the possibilities!

Their formula for controlling humanity is Problem-Reaction-Solution. That is, they create a problem like the 911 attack, and blame it on so-called islamic fundamentalists,  who are in fact just cia patsies, that were recruited in Hamburg, Germany especially for this false flag operation. The fictitious “ring leader” Atta was a CIA sponsored, Cocaine dealer who ate Pork, snorted cocaine, drank whiskey and had a whore (Dom) for a sex partner and girlfriend. Little bush wants us to believe Atta and his “gang” were  devout fundamentalist who sacrificed themselves to go to paradise, where 72 virgins eagerly awaited each of them. Atta and his alleged gang violated all of the main laws of Islam and we are supposed to believe allah was going to reward him and his merry pranksters for their valiant and righteous work with mansions and virgin babes in Paradise. Come on, how putrid can this bush government created storyline get?  

YouTube link: Mohamed Atta and the Venice Flying Circus

Uneducated  and illiterate americans believe these baseless lies and react like stupid, scared chickens. Then the government offers solutions like homeland security and the patriot act, which are both unconstitutional acts, created by ashcroft and company for controlling our entire population, so that no one can stop the wars that will be waged by the usa and britain for israel and the jewish/christian zionists who control us presently. Then the scared chickens can thank big brother for saving them from the evil plans of the evil doers, all the while, never having a clue to the real reasons why they are “patriotically” sending their families and friends off to die in abominable wars, based on the weakest of contrived lies all for the sake of the russian, khazars jews and the ashkenazi jews of eastern europe, so that they can steal Palestine from the Arabs for their new mythical version of a yhwh sanctified homeland, which they have the audacity to call israel. 

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Israel was created several millennia ago by the hebrews, not the khazars. Being that the khazars are not hebrews they have no “right to return“, since they were never there to begin with, several thousand years ago when yhwh gave the israelites the land of Canaan (Palestine) according to their myth. All so-called russian jews (khazars)  and ashkenazi jews should be sent immediately back to russia and eastern europe, so that the Palestinians may have a chance at life again. 

YouTube link: Bobby Fischer tells it like it is! A true jewish hero and genius

These so-called jews are in fact caucasian people and are not semites. So, every time they use the term anti-semitic in their defense, they are lying through their filthy teeth. Sephardi jews are semites and so are Arabs. These white people from central russia and eastern europe are actually anti-semitic, in there never ending persecution of their Arab countrymen and a special hatred for the Sephardi jews who are the real descendants of the hebrews.

YouTube link: khazarian jews murdering Sephardi Jews to erase the real semites

Their presence in Palestine is a problem for everyone on this planet, because they will use any means possible (false flag terrorism-world wide) to continue the theft of an entire country and the subjugation of all of it’s indigenous population, so that they may have the “abomination of desolation” otherwise known as, modern israel, which will rule the world. The is the way the mossad (the cia of israel) wages war to it’s enemies (mankind). Their motto is “war by way of deception”, how clever. Stage attacks and blame them on your enemy, then get your slaves who you control economically, to go out and murder these patsies in the name of some false patriotic, nationalist cause. Of course the whole thing is a fraud and a simple false flag operation can lead to everyone in the world fighting each other in another world war. It is a very effective strategy of lies and deceit, spawned in the depths of hell, where these evil scum thrive.

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We now know of the two Nuclear Reactors rumsfeld sold to North Korea. Our leaders are setting us up for more P-R-S. Look for more massive problems with North Korea, thanks to “aspartame” rumsfeld’s lies, and greedrumsfeld is also make a “killing” on the bird flu, thanks to his many shares in Gilead, the producer of tamiflu, and bush spent two billion dollars on this worthless vaccine. Just another coincidence, right?  Where is all of this worthless toxic vaccine? Is it stock piled for an emergency? What is it’s shelf life? What happened to the bird flu crisis which was going to murder most of the population, just like the aids crisis that never happened? It’s just fear folks and the sale and management of endless lies to suck your wallet dry and keep you running on the hamster wheel inside your very small cage.

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The hideously ugly, scowling,  war monger,  cheney, also helped to cover-up Pakistan’s nuclear proliferation, so US  war making firms could sell them fighter jets. Cheney while Secretary of Defense failed to report the loss of W-69 nuclear warheads from a B-52 in 1991which ended up in Iran, this is a direct violation of international law. So, who is the real problem, these traitors who have sold their souls for a sack of gold, or the fearful, weaker countries who seek to level the playing field against the bullies who surround them?