Fractal Geometry


“The Mandelbrot Set”

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Fractals and the Self Similar Universe

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Everything in the Universe is spiraling and the math of this spiraling process is not included in the mathematical meddling of the common academic physicist’s, linear, one sided, big bang view of initial impulse. This theoretical big bang universe is a very insane and absolutely  impossible model based on mathematical formalisms and is totally non-existent

Cymatics: Sound and Sacred Geometry

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Fractal Universe

Fractal Universe, by Colin Hill

DNA – Sacred Geometry and Self Similarity

A spiral cycling form of Math has been invented by Benoit B. Mandelbrot, called Fractal Geometry. This infinite spiraling, self repeating math (iterations) produces models that look like the “real physical Universe and reveals the direction of mathematical thinking needed by mankind to experience a “fractal awakening” and access the never ending supply of abundant free energy, from our eternal and infinitely abundant Universe.

Magnetic Vortices and Sacred Geometry


 “Before Mandelbrot” there was Escher 1939


Fibonacci  Spiral Vortex