Free Energy is the only Solution

Tesla Tower

A Neg-entropic Dipole

Proof of  Wireless Electricity, but not remotely related to Tesla’s Over-Unity Success

For our energy demands we need to go 180 degrees in the opposite direction, using implosion, because the entire Universe operates perpetually through the rhythmic balanced interchange of imploding and radiating vortices, which is a cyclical process. The one way explosion based systems being used currently are the direct result of the service mankind has rendered to the devil (I mean this figuratively, of course) in his service to the drinking of mind, body and soul destroying alcohol. Had Mr. watt undertaken a more noble enterprise, like the purification of water using implosion for example, we could have  bypassed the entire ass backward system of  fighting nature with the resistance squared by the increase in velocity, to produce energy, which would have meant no “toxic industrial revolution” with it’s consequent world destroying capacity.

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Nature gives to all freely and abundantly without a struggle via her perpetual spiraling motions. There is far more energy to be had for free (over-unity) here on Earth, than can be produced by burning, heating and exploding every last bit of  limited and  “scarce”, combustible resources that the energy barons want to sell us at the highest price they can squeeze from us. It is safe to say that there is literally trillions of times more hydrogen based energy in the sea water alone, than all of the oil and gas to be found inside this planet.  With hydrogen recombination technology the hydrogen could be used to create energy without having to “burn” hydrogen and use up our limited atmospheric oxygen in the process. And, there is an infinite and eternal amount of energy to be had from imploding the air or water on Earth, using implosion turbines, designed by Schauberger, because they require no fuel.  Or, we could  use perpetual motion machines, which require no fuels, to create unlimited energy, like permanent magnet motors, also called ro-mag generators, or perpetually cycling, electrostatic machines like the Swiss ML converter.

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The vortex is the solution, because the resistance is less the faster the implosion turbine spins, which is the way nature works and which is exactly the opposite of our present internal combustion system of exploitation and environmental ruin which fights against nature and loses every time, because her resistance is squared in force, times the velocity of the explosive, pushing force, which is fighting against her and producing this toxic world of chemical filth and noxious pollution.

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 Viktor Schauberger discovered  flowing magnetism, which he called bio-magnetism.  Schauberger mentally imaged the bio-magnetic processes found in nature, to design an implosion motor which worked with nature, not against it. He used electricity for resistance, instead of “magnetism”, in the form of an air or water vortex. This is the opposite of our present system, which uses magnetism for resistance in a rotating field, to create an “electrical” current. The academic idea of moving so-called electrons trough wires using this method of generation is just more nonsense for those who understand the wave nature of so-called electricity.

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The high energy electrical field formed by the  silent, supersonic vortex  in his implosion turbines, is created by ionization and atomic transformation. The atomic wave-fields of the air and water molecules that pass through these implosion turbines undergo extreme compression and expansion, which produces it’s own self repeating rhythmic interchange between implosion and explosion simultaneously.  This “organic vacuum” creates a natural pulse of vortex inbreathing and vortex out breathing within the turbine that mimics the way our Universe operates in a myriad of forms. It creates the electrical resistance in a vortex which produces flowing magnetism. This is bio-magnetic energy (levity), which spirals upward in the opposite direction of the physical axis of the imploding vortex.  

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A forest demonstrates the force of bio-magnetism (levity) in it’s growth.  As the immense quantity of vegetation reaches towards the Sun in defiance of gravity, there is absolutely no sound made or heat generated in this process, in fact cool is produced. The enormous amount of energy is exerted by all of the plant species, in this monumental effort and is doing so without generating, heat, noise or pollution. Therefore, if we want to live with nature we must copy her and create technologies which act in the same manner and create none of the objectionable and deadly by-products produced by the deadly  backwards system of academic energy production sold to us in all of it’s exploding, polluting, and horrifically noisy forms, by corporations reaping huge profits from it’s consequent destruction.

Electric Universe

This flowing bio-magnetism has an opposing and levitating effect on gravity and is in reality, gravity’s outward magnetic  push. Schauberger’s  supersonic implosion turbines defied gravity’s inward electrical pull.  It appears that this property may have been an accidental discovery or, that the immense level of  bio-magnetic levity was not properly accounted for by Schauberger, before testing the turbine.  According to one account, an early prototype tore itself free from  Schauberger’s  floor and crashed into the ceiling with tremendous force destroying the prototype. 

YouTube link: Schauberger’s Implosion Technology exploited by Germany

“Despite its compact size, this machine generated such a powerful levitational force that when it was first switched on (without Viktor Schauberger’s permission and in his absence!), it sheared the six, 1/4″ diameter high tensile steel anchor bolts and shot upwards to smash against the roof of the hangar. According to Viktor Schauberger’s calculations, based on the data from previous tests, a 20cm (7 inches approx.) diameter device (implosion turbine), with a rotational velocity of 20,000 rpm would have generated levitational forces of such a magnitude that it could lift a weight of 228 tonnes”. (Living Energies, Pg. 287)

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Viktor Schauberger demonstrated how our entire academic idea of energy production relies on centrifugal/explosion based technologies that destroy Earth, Air and Water and create toxic pollution. This kind of technology is met with resistance to it’s speed and energy production, squared by the increase in velocity. The result is the severe destruction of our environment and the  impoverishment and disease of humanity as a whole, as we push against Nature with all of the “scarce” resources, which have been stolen from her.  This technology is sold to us using the scam of “peak oil“,  the so-called, second “law” of thermodynamics and ding bat corporate science. Because of this,  we pay top dollar for “fueling” a technology which was archaic, before it’s inception. 

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Schauberger’s centripetal/implosion motors  work the opposite way, according to natural principles (bio-mimicry).  They invigorate, purify and renew through the  “Cycloid-Space-Curve-Motion Cycle” of atomic transformation, the Earth,  Air and Water that pass silently,  through the supersonic vortex  created inside the implosion turbine. This kind of technology is met with little resistance to the velocity.  In fact, the resistance to speed and energy production becomes less, the faster the machine operates until it reaches a point of no resistance where it’s energy output is at it’s maximum.  

  Alternating Current electricity, was invented by Nikola Tesla in 1880.  We use this form of energy in our homes and factories. It  is made by using magnets as the “resistance” in a rotating field, at great cost to our health, environment and personal wealth. Tesla realized the immense danger of AC electricity and by 1892 he had discovered a means of broadcasting safe, usable energy to any point on our planet, practically without cost. (AS2-13AS2-15AS2-16AS2-17AAS2-31

This was not electricity as commonly misstated by researchers who lacked a complete understanding of the processes involved. It has been explained by the well studied, Tesla researcher, Gerry Vassilatos, as a type of  radiant energy. This was produced by a high voltage DC current jumping with a  rapid staccato pulse from a primary coil via a spark gap to a secondary coil of equal weight and design, creating  pulsed wave vortices of usable energy, which he planned broadcast to all parts of the globe “for free” from the tower he constructed in New York for that purpose.  

This produced an neg-entropic dipole“a progressive reordering of a substantial and usable portion of the zero point vacuum energywhich permeates our universe”. Further, this reordering of vacuum energy continuously spreads in all directions from the initiation point, creating a field, with a scalar distribution, faster than light. Since he was not broadcasting man made electrons, there was no resistance to matter. Tesla could broadcast energy right through the Earth and Air, with no loss of power. Just look at Wardenclyffe Tower, it has a perfectly oblate spheroid top, designed for maximum equatorial broadcasting, this is a direct testimony to it’s natural scalar design, which Telsa perfected.

 Free Energy is what we need now! More than ever

Free Energy Sabotaged

 True to their nature, J.P. Morgan, the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds etc… would not allow the World Wireless Energy Broadcasting Station, to transmit free energy to the planet, because they couldn’t put a meter on it. Crude Oil was just coming into fashion and the profits they calculated for themselves were astronomical, selling this form of environmental destruction and cancer causing filth. So, they had the transmission tower and his lab destroyed, rendering him a pauper in the end as well as the rest of humanity as we all wallow in the excrements of this tragic form of polluting technology. They have pushed  the lie of “scarcity” (peak oil scam), ever since and mankind has become sickened and impoverished to the extreme due to this unquenchable greed as these sub-humans destroying our lives and environment trying to satiate their hunger for power, wealth and control over humanity.

We could have bypassed the entire age of toxic pollution we have inherited, if it weren’t for these sinister forces. Even Henry Ford andRudolph Diesel had plans to use Hemp oil fuel in their engines, not petroleum.  The illuminati made very sure we used oil from deep within the Earth, because they were heavily invested in this technology which requires huge capital outlays and consequently receives little competition from the plebeians they exploit. If people knew that they could grow their own fuel and medicines, they would not be “scarce” and would not make the illuminati rich beyond the commoner’s  wildest dream

We could have “all” been using electric cars, boats, motorcycles etc., without batteries, and  piloting silent,  flying , electric craft without fuel, had Tesla not been sabotaged.  Presently we can run all of our existing craft with energy obtained from WaterHydrogen, anyCarbon based wasteHydrino powerAqua-FuelMagnegas, or using Wave Energy, during the time needed to switch technological bases, from the filthy, toxic,  polluting, “alcohol inspired”, explosion based technologies to the natural purification and environmental renewal of implosion based systems.