Gravity and Tidal Actions

“Both relativity and quantum mechanics postulate that intuition and common-sense (self-knowledge) cannot comprehend Natural Laws, but there exists a higher level of understanding through mathematical formalisms. Let Aethro-Kinematics illustrate here with an example why this modern approach has nothing to do with understanding (or knowledge): An experimental physicist and a mathematician camp on the beach for a few years. The physicist sets up a graph where the X axis represents the time and the Y axis represents the height of the water-line on the shore. He plots his experimental data on the graph every hour of the day and for every day of the years. Connecting the points on his graph, he creates a ‘experimental curve’ which then represents the variation of the water-level over time. The mathematician looks over the shoulder of the physicist and a couple of years later declares that there is an interesting repetition in the data. The curve goes up and down twice a day which could be expressed by a simple mathematical formula. 

YouTube link: The Myth of Rising Sea Levels = global warming mind control agenda

However, the curve does not exactly repeat itself daily. There is a slight difference between the maxima and minima, whose difference seems to increase and decrease not exactly monthly but rather in every 28 days period. No problem! A small adjustment on the formula can take care of that. However, the longer-term-curve could still not be reproduced exactly by the new formula because of some ‘discrepancies’ which show up in every six month period. Nonetheless, it is merely a question of a little mathematical ingenuity to invent the necessary factor or function or some other sophisticated formalism which most closely approximates the experimental curve, so minute discrepancies disappear into the limitations of the existing measuring devices.

Our scientists are satisfied. Knowing nothing about Earth, Moon, Sun, Rotation, Gravitation and Nature, somehow this modern mathematical physics is miraculously capable of predicting the height of the water-line on the shore for every minute of the day, for every day of every month and every month of every year for a very, very long time…. — Do they now comprehend the Nature of the Ocean Tides ? . . . (This is “academic thinking” using the senses!)  This is the method used by modern physics, where mathematicians become the high priests of the Religion of “Predictivity” – the ‘science’ of foretelling everything and understanding nothing . (Steve Rado,1994)  (This is illuminated thinking using the Mind)  

YouTube link: the false high priests of the “religion of predictivity”, so-called scientists


The gravitational action as explained on this page is the very essence of simplicity. There is no action at a distance, no medium (ether), no propagation of a force, no distortion of space; simply an inherent motion of the atoms of matter in the direction opposite (Implosion) to the ever-present outward progression  of space-time. These atoms “appear” to exert mutual forces of attraction only because they are in constant motion toward each other… We could even get a visual demonstration of a process somewhat analogous to gravitation by taking a motion picture of an explosion and then running it backward. (Beyond Newton, Part 2, VI) 

I would modify Mr. Larson’s assertions in the preceding paragraph, by stating that; so-called “gravity” is pushing from within (magnetism, radiation, expansion, outward levity)  and pulling from without (electricity, implosion, contraction, inward gravity) to produce the illusions attributed to it by observation. Gravity is points and shafts of stillness, it does not attract or repulse. The spiraling sexed rings either mate (attraction) of they will not (repulsion). Also, the idea of running a motion picture of an explosion in reverse is misleading. An explosion is a chaotic event as we all know. However, so-called Atoms are highly organized units of motion and therefore they are not “chaotic in this sense” and must conform to an ordered environment. Twin electrical vortices of gyroscopic, gravity controlled light are that basic form of an ordered environment which produce the appearance of atoms in our physical Universe.  

Therefore, an analogy where twin opposing vortices are mentally imaged, working in a rhythmically balanced interchange of motions to produce spherical systems of gravity controlled light, is better understood using imploding systems such as tornadoes, whirlpools etc. and mentally unwinding these systems of motion in the opposite direction of their observed winding  appearance, then rewinding these mental images spirally to their centers by implosion to be unwound and rewound again, perpetually. One must keep in mind that these electrical potentials are unbalanced to the extreme, so much so, that one of the conditions (space) is millions of time greater than the other (the nucleus) and they exchange this imbalance at the fulcrum point from which they issue (the still magnetic light), each becoming the other, so that they may become each other again, perpetually. This process is quite a bit different than a common chaotic explosion being reversed back to it’s beginning, by rewinding a “motion picture” of it. In order to understand how these vortices can produce all of the various conditions in our Universe relating to matter and energy, it is essential to master the conceptual framework of Scalar Mechanics

This understanding will harmonize all of the observations attributed to the ideas of a “dynamic ether” as postulated by the many visionaries and inventors since the time of Descartes, who used this conceptual crutch in their work (einstein included).  “Attractive force”, “action at a distance” and a “medium for light waves” can now be seen for the illusions  they represent, due to our sensory based assessment of these “apparent” phenomena.

The Michelson-Morley experiment did not “prove” there was no ether, it merely showed that if there was an ether it was a “dynamic ether” and not the “static ether” they were testing for, according to their very limited ideas concerning it. This arrogant proclamation took mankind’s eye off the ball (the many types of foundational vortices observed in nature, from the atomic to the galactic), so to speak and academics turned to arm chair kinematical theories and mathematical formalisms for answers, which do not even include the idea of vortices in any part of the construction of their dysfunctional and poorly conceived system of  cosmology.

The academics instantly dismissed all vortex theories, because they were immediately related to the vortices in the “theoretical ether” of Rene Descartes, cosmological model, which had dominated physics for several hundred years. They falsely believed that it had been disproved by this deficient experiment. This was an extremely unfortunate blunder, because we witness the powerful vortices at all levels of creation from the invisibly small to the largest groups of galaxies, we see the same patterns of vortices in creation, the multitudinous, spiraling mathematical curvatures of Phi. 

The enormous motive force of these powerful vortices which require “no fuel” (because they are imploding and radiating in a dynamic interchange of potential and kinetic energies respectively)  is immediately observable as the technological salvation of humanity. Therefore it is in the great interest to the energy barons, bankers, drug pushers and war mongers who control the present system of academic misinformation to make sure that science does not talk about or investigate vortices or implosion so that “fuel requiring”, explosion based, internal combustion energy production will remain the toxic, cancer causing, degenerate and Earth destroying,  “king of the energy hill”, much to their economic benefit. 

The theoretical need for any type of ether for motions to wave in is no longer necessary, due to an understanding of how the motions of electrically simulated light waves create space in Scalar Mechanics. The explanation for these illusions created by light’s many motions is found in the Implosion Mechanics of Scalar Theory. The preceding link to Scalar Mechanics is Wiki’s explanation of Larson’s work on the subject. It is an excellent and unbiased, third party assessment of it’s workings and the most easily understood explanation I have seen of the principles involved, to date. I mirrored this page, because it was gone when I tried to visit it again during my research. Good thing I had it archived! Save this page to your hard drive now if you get it! No telling when it may disappear. 

For example: “The three coordinates of extension space, x, y and z, are only capable of representing one dimension of scalar motion as motion. This is because all three coordinates are required to define a motion in extension space for any one dimension of scalar motion, since all vectors with a common origin must be summed into a resultant vector. This, and the fact that the datum of coordinate space, or its point of reference, is zero, not unity as it is with the postulated scalar motion, makes it impossible to represent more than one dimension of scalar motion in coordinate space. One consequence of this fact is that two-dimensional and three-dimensional motions are not recognized as motions, and are erroneously attributed to “force fields” such as so-called electrostatic, magnetic and even gravitational “fields.” Larson points out that force is a property of motion and cannot exist independently of it. This means that any force must be produced by motion by definition, a fact that modern physics has disregarded because of the difficulty in identifying the underlying motion of observable forces.

…The effected entity will possess a property called mass, which is an inward three-dimensional scalar motion opposing the outward three-dimensional Progression, and such a motion will always resist any outward movement imposed upon it whether scalar or vectorial, a property called inertia”. (Scalar Mechanics)

 Gravity’s perceived  push outward creates the natural progression, the expansion of space and time as they move in units together (s/t) and expand outward. Gravity’s perceived pull inward, is due to the imploding electrical scalar nature of Atomic vortices, Solar vortices and ultimately, the massive Galactic vortices. The inward electric implosion of Atoms, Stars and Galaxies is the “antagonist” required to balance their expansion  and produce the physical systems of matter which give our Universe form. 

This dynamic relationship accounts for the “physical law” which states: every action has an opposite and equal reaction. Twin opposing vortices of electric light satisfy this law in their very definition. The imploding nature of atoms works in opposition to the outward progression of our expanding Universe to create Atoms and all of the material manifestations witnessed in the physical Universe. These atoms are all moving inwards towards each other as they imploded towards their mutual centers of still magnetic light, at the same time they are being carried outwards by  expansion.

YouTube link: The expansion of The Earth and the end of academic tectonic theory

This produces the illusion that masses are “attracted” to each other by some imaginary force called “gravitational attraction”, when they are actually just moving inwards towards the compressed condition of the same ubiquitous “still magnetic light” which centers them.  All atoms in the Universe are therefore moving inwards, rotating  towards each other into higher potential, as they expand outwards away from each other into lower potential, since the “still magnetic light” which centers them is the same location which they are seeking in their inward motions. This creates the illusion of a “single attracting force”,  we are accustomed to calling gravity, which was invented for his model and named as such by sir isaac newton. 

The idea that heavenly bodies have a “mass” which can be calculated in kilograms is absurd. All heavenly bodies are absolutely weightless. They are floating in Space. Where would you place a scale to weigh these objects if you could? So we must not lose sight of this fact when assessing the many fanciful claims attributed to so-called masses by academicians.

“In any mass the greater its speed of revolution, the greater its power to attract and to repel. In any mass the greater its speed of rotation, the less its power to attract or repel. As all mass is constantly changing both of these dimensions, all mass is varying its ability to attract and repel. Revolution is the opposite of rotation. One exactly balances the other in accordance with the law that there can be no increase or decrease in any effect of motion without a balancing decrease or increase in its opposite effect. 

…Revolution is an effect of motion employed by electricity to increase surface tension pressure in order that it may accomplish its desire of converting the Universe into solids. Electricity conquers magnetism in its sequentially preponderant power of generation and regeneration. Rotation is an effect of motion employed by magnetism to counteract the desire of electricity by dissociating that which electricity has associated.

All mass is electric, but preponderantly male or female, one or the other cumulatively in endless repeative sequence. All mass simultaneously revolves and rotates though one effect is always preponderant while the other one is preparing for its right of preponderance. All opposite effects of motion are simultaneous in the expression of their sex opposition, but preponderant in sequence in each sex expression. Each oscillation  of the opposing electric force is simultaneous, but one is greater than the other. 

…Neither the effect of attraction nor the effect of repulsion is due to substance, but to centripetal and centrifugal forces of motion. The effect of attraction belongs to positive electric charge, and this, in its turn, to electric domination. The effect of repulsion belongs to negative electric discharge, and this, in its turn to magnetic domination. (The Universal One, Pg 135-7)

 D. B. Larson assumes in his “Reciprocal System of Theory“, as science has since newton’s time, that gravity is solely pulling and his explanation is that this pull must be counterbalanced by the natural expansion of space and time at unit speed. The concept of a bi-directional “push/pull force of gravity”  accomplishes the same thing and many modern dissenting observations have shown this to be the case. 

W.C. Wright has been demonstrating the fact that gravity is a push/pull force since 1968 with the many models his has built to prove this dissenting assertion and he has produced many videos of these models, demonstrating this evidence. 

The modification I am making  on this page, to the “nature of gravity”, as defined in the voluminous dissenting works of Larson, is the type of adjustment which damages nothing of Larson’s essential and sound theoretical framework, rather it adds a deeper understanding as a result of a higher order of information being amended to it. 

Dewey B. Larson and Walter Russell are saying essentially the same thing in their cosmological systems, that the Universe is composed of nothing but motion. However,  Russell is more specific in  defining the nature of the motions involved, being conditions of in-wound positive electrical  light (matter) and un-wound negative electrical light (space). Russell explains the reasons for the pushing effects of gravity due to expanding magnetism, whereas Larson  accounts for the repulsion due to expansion (all expansion is magnetic and repels). All expansion is magnetic and all contraction is electric. 

These two independent systems confirm each other  in everyway and are by far the most advanced conceptual systems currently available, by which we can study the vortices, that give form to our Universe. They are both mutually and aggressively, diametrically opposed to the academic groping (commonly called a science education) which is parroted to students in schools. And, they both postulate quite clearly the existence of so-called “free energy” for the benefit of mankind, which is the highest aim of any real physics. This is in stark contrast to the horrible rage academicians exhibit when confronted with anything that defies their beloved second ‘law” of thermodynamics and produces more energy than it’s seriously flawed, theoretical limitations will allow.

The tides on Earth have nothing to do with the gravity of the Moon somehow magically “pulling” water from the Oceans unto itself as is taught (indoctrinated) in schools. The thing academicians so conveniently forget to mention to most of their students is, that there is a high tide at the same time on the opposite side of the planet that is not facing the Moon. This way students will never ask how gravity can be pushing the water away from the Moon on the far side of the Earth at the same time. 

If the Moon’s gravity attracted the Oceans, they would all be piled up on the side of Earth which faces the Moon and would produce an extremely unbalanced rotation for our Earth. This sadly for the hucksters of this ubiquitous perceptional error, (scientific misconception) is not the case. Tape #22,  produced by W.C. Wright in 1987, demonstrates all of the various 14 tidal actions and proves that the bi-directional pushing and pulling nature of gravity, causes all of the observable changes in the tides and therefore it  is now far beyond any debate. The facts that the eggheads still parrot this nonsense in schools, proves just how lost these poor academicians really are. 

“As the Moon receded, she could not continue to keep up with the Earth’s turning  and slipped behind, separating the month from the day while each period lengthened, also probably rotating slowly upon her on axis independently- thereby setting up huge Earth tides on the lunar surface to match the great but lesser Moon tides on the Earth.

It is of course these tides that have caused the Moon to recede to her present remoteness, a result of the push of gravity that is hard for humans to understand while they remain so materially intoxicated with gravity’s pull. For What you may have noticed as an apparent lag in the tides behind the Moon as it moves across the sky is seen from our space-eye view as the rotation of the Earth carrying the tides beyond the Moon so that the tide crests stay just ahead (east) of the line joining the centers of Earth and Moon. This naturally tends to urge the Moon perpetually onward (to the east) and, by thus increasing centrifugal force, to drive it onward-thereby creating a component of push induced by the tides of gravity.” (Music of the Spheres, Pgs. 48-49)

The Moon is not falling like a cannon ball towards Earth and maintaining it’s orbit thanks to “initial impulse” as Newton believed, no matter what your academic physics teacher told you, because it does not have weight like a cannon ball does on Earth. It has no weight at all.  It is floating in space, like an astronaut on a “space walk” floats in space.  The Moon is not falling towards Earth like Newton believed in his models relating to the flight trajectory of cannon balls when exploded out of their barrels. The Moon is actually spiraling away from Earth, because: “all planets in any solar system and all moons of all planets, and all suns, planets and moons of every nebula in the heavens are all spiraling away from their primaries”. And, they are throwing off rings as they expand and spiral away, so that Galaxies create Suns, Suns create Planets, and Planets create Moons.

 The planets are all expanding as well as they are pushed out further away from the Sun, each time the Sun gives birth to a new planet. This is because the closer a planet is to the Sun, the more compressed the electric  environment is within the wave-field of  the Sun. The Sun is the center of the electric  compression and the gradient falls off by the square of the distance as one proceeds outward away from the Sun. The Earth was much smaller 60 million years ago, before it’s current state and was expanded as the result of the Earth being pushed outward into a more distant orbit with far less pressure and hence the expansion of our globe and the tearing apart of the crust which created the false academic theory of plate tectonic movements so lovingly cherished by the eggheads of geology.

The idea that the “big bang” created the energy to put the Moon in it’s orbit, is absurd. The Earth birthed our Moon,  just like all planets birth their Moons (with the exception of some captured satellites). The ring was condensed into a solid over a great period of time and it’s orbit is due to the impulse received from Earth and it’s continuing expansion in our solar system, not the big bang of dead end academic thinking. Now it’s wave-field teeters within our wave-field and follows our planet in a helical trajectory as it constantly seeks balance within the Earth’s (Mother Vortex) wave-field.

“The Moon and Earth center their respective wave-fields surrounded by space. All wave-fields are bounded by planes of zero curvature and a zero pressure condition, which insulate each field in the Universe from every other field (for this reason stars can never approach each other closer than about three to four so-called light years, in physical distance). The very shapes of the wave-fields of Earth and Moon are forever changing to adjust their balance as the Moon revolves around the Earth. As a result, the mutual equators of both fields must lengthen, disc-like on a plane which intersects the center of gravity of each body. Naturally the tides rise toward and away from the Moon (simultaneously)”. (The Secret of Light, pgs. 153-4)  

The so-called gravity (electric potential) is pushing from within then pulling back from outside, in a rhythmical balanced interchange, which is the “true nature of it’s control” of all material bodies from the smallest to the largest.