Escher’s “Gravity” 1952

Escher and Gravity

The dilemma presented by the fact that newton’s  unidirectional, “inward pulling” law of gravity does not give the correct (observed) results in most cases involving galactic rotation can only be resolved by realizing that newton’s “inward pulling” law of gravity is simply not applicable in these situations, or any other for that matter. newton’s equations may “hold” for local environments, but due to the enormous speeds associated with something as large as a galaxy or as small as an Atom, the math must be modified in order to obtain correct values, for the realms of the very large and very small, fast moving objects.  

“Over the last decades , astronomers have done a very simple experiment in which they measure the distribution of mass in a galaxy in two different ways by observing the orbital speeds of the stars; second, they make a more direct measurement of the mass by counting all the stars, gas and dust they can see in the galaxy (an impossible task).  Each should tell them both the total mass in the galaxy and how it is distributed… They don’t. There is always more mass needed to explain the observed motions of the stars, gas and dust (according to their dysfunctional model of gravity)… Newton’s laws fail to correctly predict the motions of stars in the gravitational field of their galaxy. 

The Gravity Cycle is the Universal Heartbeat of Creation

c The Gravity Cycle seen in a Gravity Bar (a so-called Magnet Bar)

All forms of matter we know about give off light, either directly as in starlight or reflected from planets or interstellar rocks, gas and dust. So if there is matter we don’t see, it must be in some novel form that neither emits nor reflects light (or, is absolutely non-existent and is the result of a flawed theory). And, because the (mathematical) discrepancy is so large, the majority of the ‘matter’ in galaxies ‘must’ be in this new form. Today most astronomers believe that this is the right answer to the puzzle (and they are totally wrong). There is ‘missing matter’, which is actually there but we don’t see. This mysterious matter is referred to as the ‘dark matter‘. The dark matter hypothesis (a guess based on a massive misconception) is preferred mostly because the only other possibility-that we are wrong about Newton’s laws, and by extension general relativity- is too scary to contemplate (academic cowards!)”. (The Trouble with Physics pgs. 12-13)

YouTube link:  “fudge factors” for fudge packers at 5:20 

YouTube link: The dark matter and dark energy academic Frauds detailed 

So-called “dark energy” is directly related to this fraud as a hasty and desperate fix, so there is no need to even bother explaining its absurdity, it goes without saying, so to speak. The bizarre idea of “gravitational collapse” is closely associated with these false theories about dark energy and dark matter, because the gravity mechanics of galaxies and star formation are not remotely understood by academicians any more, than the rest of the garbage they peddle in schools and the media. They are still trapped in the “epicycle styled myths” of ptolemy’s time.

Gravity Bars (magnets) are Polarized Opposites in Infinite Regress

Two Gravity Bars voiding each other

The dark matter-dark energy merry-go-round for the academic clods of physics

“It is believed, “that stars are made by the collapse of huge, hot masses of gas under their own weight. Of course a gas, as it contracts, heats up, and a heated gas wants to expand, and collapse would quickly be brought to a halt. However, it could be that the density is by then so high, that individual regions of the cloud are able to collapse separately, until they themselves fragment and so on, down to the point where the gas is so dense and opaque that further contraction initiates nuclear fusion, and stars are born. This concept, as we have indicated already, is facing severe difficulties. The collapse of a large cloud has recently been simulated on computers and the hierarchy of  fragmentation essential to the picture does not take place: a cloud will collapse moderately and no more. There is a vexatious problem, never quite overcome, of the spin-up of a collapsing cloud. Even a small rotation is so magnified by collapse from  nebular to stellar dimensions that the final object could not hold itself together”. (The Cosmic Serpent, Pgs. 35-36

Gravity Bars  also known as Magnetic Bars

Gravity Bars appear to our senses to attract and repel each other

The idea of stars being formed from “collapsing hot gas” is just another pathetic academic idea and there is no evidence that this is how stars are formed, nor does their theory make any sense at all. It is a guess and a bad one at that. Even their computers models tell them this.  Now, 25 years after this was confessed in the paragraph above, we still have professors parroting this same nonsense to their servile students. It defies reason and asks us to entertain the silly idea that gas just starts spinning (by what mechanism?) and voila we have a gravitational collapse of clouds “under their own weight” and this ignites a “nuclear furnace”. Since the idea of stars being nuclear furnaces is provably a fraud, there is little reason to even proceed any further with this doomed scientific fantasy. These clouds float weightlessly in space, so how can they possibly collapse under their own weight? They do not weigh at all, they float. Also, this strange theory requires space to be a “crucible” which contains matter. It is not.  Space is the inversion of matter. All matter produces wave-fields in its unwound condition, which is what we call space. Space is not independent from matter, it is it’s necessary counterpart. Space is infinite cathode planes and points of the Creator’s Still Magnetic Light

YouTube link: Astrophysics Quacks: Clouds collapse to create Suns, Planets and Moons LMFAO!

This is another typical example of academic groping and illustrates quite well how the information these scientist call their knowledge is not even close to reality. The cause is always sought in the superficial sensory based appearances of these events. Instead of contemplating these ideas with reason and intellect, using the “conscious light of intelligence” from within.  Ad hoc guesses are shoveled into the “trough of ignorance” (academic theories) and scientist claim they have a working model which their peers may ruminate upon gleefully, with endless academic speculation and mathematical noodling, so that the theorist may make the grand claim of “peer review”, which in reality is nothing more than a bunch of brainwashed people agreeing about their brain washed ideas. 

The Optical “Electro-Magnetic” Lenses of “Gravity Bars”

Optical Pressure zones of Gravity Bars

Stars are incandescent, magnetic-controlled electrically illuminated gaseous spheres and the twin opposing electrical vortices which give them their form are their cause. They implode all of the potential energy within their wave-fields, because that is how vortices operate. They convert the low potential of the nebulous motions of cold dark space in their wave-fields into the highly concentrated kinetic energy of immensely rapid motion,  heat and incandescence which is then radiated  outward to the magnetic boundary of the wave field to be electrically recorded by the inert gases, voided in the still magnetic light, then repeated to be  imploded again, perpetually. There is no such thing as gravitational collapse, anymore than there is a nuclear furnace warming our delicate mammalian skin with its toasty radioactive rays.

The flawed assumption of gravity being an inward pulling force can work in observations related to local environments, but likewise, it must be modified in the greater picture of the Universe as a whole. Since the concept of gravity must be modified, it is proven therefore to be untenable in it’s current conceptual academic condition.   

“The origin of the inward gravitational motion and the motion of the outward expansion of space and time are one and the same. Together they interact forming both the large structure of the universe, and the microcosmic structure of matter. The origin of gravity, the expansion of the universe and the cohesion of solids are all produced by the same theoretical motion that constitutes radiation and matter itself. The existence of this extremely simple, but powerful mechanism, is the necessary consequence of the nature of the proportions of space and time in the equation of motion.

The reasons, therefore, why gravity cannot be detected except in its effects, and why it cannot be screened-off, or modified in any way, is simple and straightforward: it is because the same motion that constitutes mass and inertia is also producing the action of gravity; the three-dimensional inward scalar motion of matter opposes the three-dimensional outward scalar progression of space and causes each mass aggregate to independently move inward towards all space locations and thus towards all other mass aggregates in sufficient proximity. But the three-dimensional displacement is also distributed three-dimensionally in extension space and thus attenuated by the inverse square law so that at a certain distance, which Larson calls the “gravitational limit”, the three-dimensional outward Progression of space is greater than the inward motion of mass, and thus commences to disperse the locations of space, maintaining the separation of heavenly bodies”. (Scalar Mechanics) 

Academic Gravitational Lensing, Warping Space? Or, is it the Magnetic “Optical” Lensing of Electric Star Light along the Curved Electrical Pressure Gradients (lenses) of a Galaxy’s Plasma Wave-field?

The Death of “Academic” Gravitational Lensing

The Myth known as Gravitational Lensing

“The Moon is not sustained in its position because of its motion, but because of its potential which demands its own equilibrium pressure. The Earth and the Moon push each other away by their  expansion pressure with greater violence than they pull each other with their contraction pressure. This was proved empirically by WC Wright for over 40 years with hundreds of models.

…The Earth would not fall into the Sun if motion ceased, any more than a balloon would drop to the Earth, or a cork sink in water. The Hydrogen expelled from the Sun cannot drop back to the Sun. The expansion pressure of the Sun’s radioactivity will not permit it. The expulsion of the planets by the Sun and the impossibility of their return is based on the same principle. The difference is only one of relative potential. 

…The motion of the planets and their satellites are not continuations of an original impetus (the big bang lie), nor are they continued because of the non-resistance of the ether. They are revolving in their orbits and rotating upon their axes, because they are floating in the flowing streams and whirling vortices of their own particular waves of energy accumulation (interference nodes). They cannot do otherwise than follow the direction of the pressures from behind and the suction from in front. They are ever seeking a place of rest and never finding it, so long as they are burdened with their form of concept. 

…The Sun of the system is pushing them all slowly away to cool and drawing unto itself new light units for its regeneration which will enable it to replace the ejected planets and to continue its own potency”. (The Universal One, Pg. 144

Galaxies are not held together by an “inward pulling” gravity according to it’s academic definition.  They are formed and driven,  by the dynamic, electrical effects of the galaxy’s master electric vortices of “electrically simulated light” which push solar systems into gyroscopic spirals around its center and this is the true nature of  gravity. The condensing North and South electro-magnetic vortex cones create bi-polarity in a cubic wave-field and the equatorial plane of expansion of the East-West “rotational pole”, creates spherical systems, which we call Atoms, Stars and Galaxies. They are all based upon “self similar”, electrical  vortices. 

Electric Polarity and Gravity


Gravity is absolute stillness. An electrical “push” or thrusting force is all there is in the Universe and Gravity controls the division of polarity. Walter C. Wright has been proving this from his Fairfield home museum to the world since 1968. Wright has correctly deduced that so-called gravity exhibits a pushing effect similar to the magnetic repulsion from the many models he constructed to observe it’s workings. Gravity is still while electricity pushes from without inward to points and shafts of stillness and pushes from within outwards to planes of stillness. It  is the pulsing heart beat of the curved and divided magnetic-electric Universe of electrically simulated motions of light.  Or, to be more precise it is a gravity controlled Optical Universe of omnipresent Light.

YouTube link: Bi-directional Gravity, leaked by an insider at 9:25

“Just as the phenomenon of attraction is caused by the flow of a centripetal stream whirling spirally, with ever increasing swiftness, toward the vortex in the apex of the cone of its spiral, so is the phenomenon of repulsion caused by the flow of a centrifugal stream whirling, with ever increasing swiftness, toward the base of the cone of its spiral. … Affinity, in the chemical sense and attraction in the electrical sense, are analogous. Both are the effects of gravitation”. (The Universal One, Pg. 138)

YouTube link: Action at a Distance, the false and idiotic theories of einstein and newton

Neither newton,  nor einstein ever produced a single model demonstrating their theories about a unidirectional force of gravity. Wright produced dozens of models for the many types of the gravitational events witnessed in our Universe. They all conclusively demonstrated the outward pushing electrical aspect of gravity, predominating in Space and the consequent mutual repulsion of heavenly bodies. So, who are you going trust, the armchair theorists or the man who has got the physical proof to demonstrate his assertions?

Planet, Solar, Comet and Lunar “orbit’s” are spiral and elliptical trajectories, because they are angular conic sections. Their paths are either centripetal or centrifugal spirals according to their direction towards the apex or the base of the Vortex Cone which describes them, respectively. The gravitational effect of the moons of the planets is to push against their primaries and move them from their orbits so that they spiral in their ellipses, rather than traveling in the nice smooth, curved ellipses. The type we have all seen in the planetary maps of our (clock face) solar system, which are manufactured by corporate sponsored academicians. This eccentric , “multi-motion” of a so-called “orbiting” planet, solar system, or satellite,  is something which is impossible to imitate using a piece of Hemp rope and a rock swung at it’s end, for an armchair analogy.  And, this simple analogy does not even include the effects of the various planetary satellites as they push on their primaries. 

The gravitational field of the Sun, is a huge electric standing wave pattern, extending outward for approximately two to three light years in distance to it’s wave-field boundary. The entire wave-field is the “Sun”.  The trajectories of the planets are determined by the intersecting wave fronts of the Sun’s bipolar electric lights on the inertial plane of the Solar ecliptic, which produce electric Vortex nodes for the planets to follow behind the Sun on it’s spiraling helical journey above and below the ecliptic plane of our Galaxy. The Solar Vortex entrains the spiral movements of the planets with the energy of it’s rotating and pulsing  electric standing wave vortex patterns.  Planetary trajectories reveal the outer workings of these standing wave patterns and demonstrate the essential dynamics which are creating the observed effects. 

A one-way pulling force of gravity could never produce these standing wave vortex patterns we see. They require motions acting from different opposing directions  to produce the intersecting wave front interference patterns, which create the helical nodes seen in dynamic systems such as our Solar System,  falsely called “planetary orbits” by academicians. newton’s idea of “gravitational attraction” acts in only one direction, inward. This sole imagined inward force can not create, the orbital relationships known as Bode’s Law, which demonstrates that, each planetary orbit is twice as far from the Sun as the one nearer to it. Once again, this is the result of  electric harmonic standing wave patterns and not a single direction, inward pulling force invented by newton and added to Kepler’s equations.  

To produce this highly conspicuous relationship the force therefore can not be unidirectional.  A push/push force is required to produce these nodes. It must push from center and push from wave field boundaries, (from different opposed directions) to create the interference patterns (orbital nodes) observed in the Sun’s so-called gravitational field. Electricity is the only force in the Universe and it  always pushes from without and from within!

Therefore, newton’s invention of a one way “attractive pulling force” called gravity, to explain his observations, is absolutely without foundation and can be considered an honest scientific misconception. That is, he was not an unwitting part of a corporate agenda to suppress knowledge in his research in order to increase profits for his masters and his intent was at least honest. This is in stark contrast to the modern academic technique of academicians burying all dissenting information with consensual validation, which exposes and opposes it’s myriad of misconceptions. This has the desired academic effect of  fortifying it’s credibility to the impressionable minds which adhere to it’s debilitating dictates and who are expending great financial cost to acquire this fraudulent misinformation in the form of a dysfunctional academic degree. 

This works quite well for corporations and their agendas, but the planet and all of its inhabitants suffer greatly due to the false profits earned by the many world destroying, backward technologies and false limiting ideas and laws produced by the corporate sponsored, false prophets of academia. Corporations and their academic technologies, steal from nature as she fights back with her resistance, squared against any increase in velocity they create, using the explosive pushing forces so admired and cherished by so-called physicists as the “most powerful forces of nature”.

When it is understood that the wave-field of the Sun (s0-called gravitational field) receives and reflects the light from every other wave-field in the Universe, it becomes immediately obvious that the dynamic interplay of the infinite wave fronts as they collide with each other in our Solar System from every imaginable angle, produces an infinite number of effects, most of which are far beyond the limited sensory range of the mammalian organisms we inhabit or the inventions academicians have built to detect them.

The infinity of the physical Universe is reflected in every atomic wave-field. Therefore, each wave-field contains the motions of all other wave-fields and is a Universe unto itself, a “holographic Universe”, so to speak. In the cubic wave-field of the typical Carbon Atom for example, the colliding wave fronts and their consequent nodes produce other smaller vortices which spin off from their mutual curvatures into “particle like” entities (vortices) in their functioning within the wave-field. The distant wave-fields of the infinite universe are reflected from all directions and their extreme distance is represented in the infinitesimally small vortices, whose motions produce the effects that can be likened unto the “dynamic ether” of previous theories, which were the foundations for the thinking of geniuses like Tesla and Schauberger.

We can mentally image, the wave forms which produce the appearance of the infinite divisibility of so-called matter. The farther we get away from the Carbon wave-field we are examining in this thought experiment, the smaller the galaxies and stars appear in the internally reflected cosmos of its wave-field. These internally reflected vortices produce the “material particle like”  effects of the so-called ether through their dynamic electrical spiraling motions and the mutual repulsion and attraction of their individual wave motions. 

As we extend our thoughts further outward into the infinity of the Universe, the galactic vortices become smaller and smaller, repeating themselves into the infinitesimally small, within the internally reflected cosmos of each wave-field. This explains the age old intuition gifted thinkers have demonstrated, regarding the theoretical idea about the infinite divisibility of so-called matter. This is clearly witnessed in the fractal equations, that symbolically produce the visual images of  spiraling vortices into the infinite domains of eternity, that correspond to this epiphany. Therefore it is absolutely pointless to search deeper and deeper into the realm of the so-called subatomic, because it is and endless and futile effort which has no reward, because it has no end. The same is true for the infinitely distant realms of our Universe.

YouTube link: The Holographic Model of the Brain

“The rings representing planetary orbits (in Cymatic Sound Research) around the Sun are spaced equal distances apart, whereas the planetary orbits have a difference between each orbit established by the factor of two. The reason the rings of (Lycopodeum) powder on the (Chladni Plates) disc are equally spaced is that the vibration is supplied by waves of equal length. The field of energy constituting the Solar System is defined by waves of all lengths, like white sound.  

It must be remembered when viewing Cymatic demonstrations that the motions being produced are reduced to a false two dimensional representation, which does not reveal the true nature of these wave motions of spherical sound in 3 dimensional space, or the motions of which they partake. These motions are profound and have a similar relationship to Sacred Geometry (which is also 2 dimensional) in their ability to communicate a deeper implicit order we are not normally accustomed to observing within the limited range of our perceptions. 

However, the motion of travel in time are not included in these reduced representations of wave motions and geometries. If they were, we would see spheres instead of circles and lenses instead of Vesica Piscii and Vortices instead of rings. We would also see Vortex trajectories of all heavenly bodies due to the forward spiraling motions in 3 d Space, which produce cones, instead of the circles or ellipses we witness on chlandi plates.

When a full-frequency spectrum of sound is used to generate standing waves around a focal point on a Chlandi Plate, the longer waves are superimposed through the shorter waves amplifying them in some places and canceling them out in others. The harmonic beats where all waves coincide to amplify and cancel in the same places form rings (vortical planetary trajectories) separated by octave intervals, just as we see in the Solar System. (And the “spiraling octave journey of matter” according to the beautiful and harmonious Cosmology of Light, developed by Walter Russell).

an atom is the essential unit of material, and if an atom is a standing-wave structure, then all material must be standing-wave structures. Therefore, if the solar system is a standing-wave structure, then the entire gravitational field of the Sun (and Galaxy) must be solid material. The only difference between the material of the Sun’s gravitational field and the Earth we stand on is density. The wavelengths of gravity are so long that we can walk through them as if the standing waves were insubstantial, like we walk through air”. (Beyond Velikovsky, Chp. 3)

In contrast,  the nuclear theory of the atom is based on the faulty interpretations of Rutherford’s scattering experiments and failed at the time of it’s conception. The fact that it still is being taught in academia, for almost one hundred years now, as if it is something that has been proven through experiments, is laughable. Both of my chemistry professors told me 30 years ago this model was absolutely wrong, yet it is still here like the JFK and RFK assassination  myths of a lone gunman. 

From the so-called sub-atomic to the super-galactic we have a system of fatally flawed foundational theories which the academicians pride themselves with as their “scientific understanding“. The entire core of the physical sciences will need to be torn down and trashed, before any serious progress will be made by the true scientists of the future. By progress I mean creating something which serves mankind like free energy, instead of mankind serving and slaving for  it’s societal engineers, who control the means of production for it’s limited, wasteful, expensive, polluting and ultimately doomed forms of academic energy production.

Physics and many of the other so-called “disciplines” are filled with an abundance of these knowledge viruses, foundational flaws and phony science. These have crept into the thinking of humanity through well planned government/corporate/media/ based agendas using incremental disinformation and “deliberate dumbing down” methods. These “urban/media myths” (viruses) have worked extremely well for them, because you can go anywhere people watch the idiot box and hear them parroting back to you the same tripe, like the big bang and black hole myths, they just watched on their favorite corporation funded, “education” channel, lacking completely any form of  “critical thinking,” as they watch and accepting the lies as if they were written in stone by yhwh “him-self” or,  yhwh’s nutty old spokesman, al einstein.  

Yet, even al “the savant” said black holes, “were too outrageous to believe“. These pbs programs are funded by the very corporations who are exploiting the present system of economic racketeering to it fullest, so we can be sure that the ideas they present will be Earth changing right? Actually, they have no reason to desire a change in the current system of exploitation which benefits them with astronomical profits and keeps the masses numbed, exhausted, depressed, sick and drugged to the core of their very shallow and mediocre existence.

YouTube link: The big bang fraud, see the truth in Plasma Cosmology

YouTube link: The black hole scam, see the truth in Plasma Cosmology

Most people are totally unaware that an imperialistic and violent, corporate controlled government, funds these lies and the research backing them, so that the masses will believe we live in a violent and destructive universe. Therefore, by the extension of these false ideas, mankind must live in a violent and destructive social world, have violent and destructive gods to “worship and obey”, with violent and destructive police and military types to enforce the ugly mess, violent and destructive hollywood action heroes/fighters/wrestlers/motorcycle trash  to covet and emulate and violent, abusive parents to teach you how to play this sickening game of materialistic pagan idolatry and mammon worship, otherwise known as the current “american dream game”. Who ever dies with the most toys wins!