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 Walter Russell’s work in Sacred Geometry, reveals: The True Nature of the Electric Universe: Space, LightGravityMagnetism & ElectricityEnergyVortex MechanicsFree Energy and our divine inner connection to our Creator!

YouTube link: “The Exploration of Consciousness”  Russellian Science Series: Playlist  

      I teamed up with Matt Presti to create a video series explaining the fundamentals of the Creator centered and bounded Cosmology of an Electric Universe, as was taught by Walter and Lao Russell. The series is a process unfolding and has only just begun. There will be dozens of videos when completed.

Bear in Mind that I have many quotes within the Chapters of my ebook Free Thinking and Free Energy, published 2-2-02, which are taken from Walter Russell’s “The Universal One”, Russell’s first book on Cosmology. He revised many of the ideas relating to Gravity, Magnetism and Electricity in his later books, because he was forced to use the fallacious language and debunked theories of academia during the 1920’s when he wrote it. He found through decades of study that he had to purge these false academic ideas completely for his work to be understood.

Our video Series is the most up to date version of his work. It is a distillation of the Russell’s shared work, being based largely upon: “Atomic Suicide?”,  “A New Concept of the Universe” and “The Secret of Light”.

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YouTube link: The American Dream Fraud, by George Carlin

“Ya gotta be asleep to believe it”!

YouTube link: Russell’s Cubic Wave field

YouTube link: Viktor Schauberger Vortex Video 

YouTube link: A Tour of Russell’s Vortex Physics revealed on this site

YouTube link: The Semi-Complete Playlist of videos supporting this webpage  

YouTube link: The End for academic: scientists, engineers and theoreticians is at hand!

Twin Opposing EM vortices Seen in Supernova Explosion

Free Films to Free your mind from our Corporate Social Engineers

The bizarre myths (theories) of modern academic “psyence” are pretended knowledge 

sagan, koo koo, einstein, hawking and susskind

The leading psyentists of quackademic physics in the Age of Fakery

The corporate owned stooges who have been falsely elevated to the status of geniuses. LMFAO!


YouTube link: “Electrons” are Magnetic controlled Electric Vortices, new Proof

 The end of the stupid electron ball and orbital shells of the quackademic nuke atom theory

YouTube link: DB Larson Breaks down the mythematical frauds of einstein and his ilk

The psychotic “inventive science” of academic eggheads vs. the “inductive science” of historical genius

YouTube link: The quantum “nukular” theory of the atom debunked for it’s absurdity 

“The particle model of ‘quantum’ has no scientific basis whatsoever… The  claim of particles physicist, that they ‘accelerate particles’ is fundamentally flawed”. (Now remember the “double slit experiment” they use to justify their particle/wave duality fraud. The same game of particle sophistry is used in an another falsified academic experiment and this is the very foundation of their so-called knowledge. Modern academic, “mythematical psyence”,  is nothing more than intellectual quicksand. Nothing good may be constructed upon it’s foundations, only the gluttonous and toxic explosion based contraptions authorized by illuminati control freaks.)

YouTube link: “Our Friend the Atom” by Walt Disney

The very cartoon most of us were brainwashed with in our youths, claiming the Atom is made of orbiting electrons with neutrons and protons in it’s nucleus. This entire presentation has been thoroughly debunked by DB Larson in the following link. Disney was a Mason and worked with the rulers of this world to deceive humanity with this abominable theory of a nuclear atom, which profits the energy barons, war mongers and central bankers, to the extreme.

The Case Against the Nuclear “Theory” of the Atom 

Duey B. Larson absolutely obliterates the ridiculous academic theory of a “nukular” atom. His book outlines in great detail the historical development of the academic groping and the resulting mental abomination called the “nuclear atom”. The very foundations of quantum quackery and the hair brained idiocy of the multitudinous string/membrane/brane theories (ten to the 500th versions) are proven to be academic frauds, for they are constructed upon these slippery and devious foundations.

YouTube link: Toxic, explosion based, Corporate/slave tech. vs. Nature’s Implosion

 This is the evidence describing the Vortex nature of our curved and divided, Electric Universe of appearances, from the so-called “sub-atomic” to the super-galactic, as opposed to the four dimensional, curved space and time of einstein’s imagination, which has been sold to us through every imaginable vector of communication. This site details the cause of our Universe of appearances due to the optical nature of gravity controlled light, which pushes electricity and its resultant magnetism, through the mirrors and lenses of space, into vortices of compression or expansion respectively, thereby creating all of the various conditions of matter and energy witnessed by mankind through our limited senses and technical instruments. 

The Faces of some dissenting academic Psyentists teaching an incomplete and dysfunctional Electric Universe Model (EUM)

Blunder Dolts dot info

Please bear in mind that these EUM theorists made the unfortunate choice of using failed academic theories and language as part of their foundational criticism of the false psyence taught by academia. They are only teaching the electric universe side of the story, the Magnetic Universe of absolute cold, stillness and zero curvature as taught in Russellian Science is unknown to them, therefore they have made the same tragic mistake academicians made when they removed the Creator from its Creation. They have some excellent observations and ideas to showcase in their efforts to bring a better science to humanity.

However, many of the dysfunctional myths and theories of academia are still present as knowledge viruses in their work and must be exorcized before true progress can be made. If they were to incorporate Russell’s Cosmology into their understanding they would see the Universe as it truly is, a work of Sacred Geometrical Art using cube and sphere as the sole working tools and electricty as the sole force and being perpetually created by our Creator, every moment of everyday throughout eternity!

I contacted them a decade ago and several times since to no avail. Recently, I contacted them  via the Thunderbolts Channel on youtube and they blocked me and other Russellian Light Group members and erased our many comments from their channel for suggesting they study Russellian Science. This is a Catastrophic Failure and blatant censorship of the very Science which would explain the many flaws found in their presentations.

YouTube link: Electric Universe Poppycock of the EUM Theory

Bill Gaede tears through the incomplete and academically dysfunctional theory offered by the EUMers. Bill is correct in his debunking, however, he is an atheist and materialist, so he has plenty of problems with his own views, eventhough he has done a pretty decent job of revealing the fallacies inherent in the modern EUM and the foundational quack psyence theories offered by academia.

Bill has a light rope theory based on invisible ropes connecting all atoms of the Universe together. He considers vortices not to be “objects”, like hurricanes, tornadoes, typhoons etc. even though these “vortex objects” destroy other objects, can be photographed, drawn and video captured. FAIL! His invisible ropes however he considers “objects” and therefore worthy of study in what he calls “We Science”.

His arrogance and hypocrisy hung him with his own rope theory, but at least he has helped destroy the foundations of academic psyence: relativities, quantum quackery and string theory idiocy. Russellian Science would have saved him from his own self made hanging and supported his rope hypothesis, but he hates the Creator so much, he could never study Russell’s Creator centered and bounded Cosmology to see that Russell’s work could have supported his half thought out ideas.

YouTube link: Plasma Cosmology Fundamentals

YouTube link: Vedic Cosmology is opposed to academic science

YouTube link:  A revealing critique of the false academic Cosmology

 YouTube link: Debunking the mythematics of the einstein-hawking 4 d space-time lie

YouTube link: Large Scale Structure of the Universe is Visual Proof of Electric Universe

 If you think newtonian or einsteinian gravity produces these filamentary structures you’re dead wrong!

The Original “Vortex Basics” Page for this site – Images for contemplating this material

For those new to this information it would be helpful to scroll through the following link rapidly a few times to get an idea where this information is going.

After you become acquainted with the direction then you can read the links from the images and watch the videos which are supporting the images. Once you have mastered the fundamentals you can then proceed to the research area in the 63 Chapters below. 

Watching the Complete Play list above is also an easy way to become acquainted with all of this dissenting information which releases one’s mind from the grips of the socially engineered programs which are directing most people’s lives. Freedom awaits everyone who will put in the small effort to inform themselves about an alternative world we can all begin building based upon a system which works with Nature instead of against it. The needs of every individual can easily be met through joyous mutual cooperation and an end to the destructive competition and fighting which has brought our world to the brink of extinction.

The history of suppression of knowledge and inventions by the global elite and the mechanisms and machinations by which they operate in plain view, without being noticed by the populous at large, will be thoroughly addressed in the many links found upon this page as well as links to the many recent findings which validate this Cosmology of Light.


Walter Russell’s Free Energy Technology

Dr. Walter Russell wrote “The Universal One” in 1926 which is the original Electric Universe Cosmology (E.U.C.), that modern E.U.M. theorists are confirming daily! His version is complete and teaches both cause and effect. The modern EUM version is a groping in the dark version which focuses on effects only and therefore extremely inferior!

Walter Russell describing the ubiquitous electric vortices of our Electric Universe  Walter Russell: Cosmologist, Visionary, Horseman, Sculptor, Painter, Musician, Architect, illustrator, Figure Skating Champion, Natural Scientist, Author and Renaissance Man. One of the greatest men ever to walk the face of this Earth! “For, I say, there are two opposed ways in the journey of man from his jungle to his mountain top. One leads backward to the blackness of his primal jungle. The other way leads to Me.” – “The Message from the Divine Iliad”, Walter Russell

Online, free books by Walter and Lao Russell:

The Message of the Divine Iliad (Volume 1)

The Message of the Divine Iliad (Volume 2)

The Secret of Light

The Universal One

A New Concept Of The Universe 

Genero Radiative Concept

The Man Who Tapped the Secrets of the Universe 

The Home Study Course

God will work with you, but not for you! (starts on page 2!)

Space and the Hydrogen Age

Google Video: The Russell Years at Swannanoa

A peek into the immense depth and abundance of the Russell’s in their Palace and their staggering accomplishments. Two of the greatest people who ever lived, erased from the corporate controlled and produced History, Philosophy and Science text books, by those who write his-story, for corporate profits and hegemony! 

YouTube link: The Secret of Light, Walter Russell 

YouTube link: Lao Russell Interview PM Magazine

YouTube link: The Inspiring Lives of Walter and Lao Russell 

YouTube link: Walter and Lao Russell their Life and Legacy Together

 YouTube link: Frank Chester proves Russell’s Cosmology with our Heart’s Geometry

From the Heart of an Atom to the Heart of a Galaxy or a Sun, to the Heart of every living being, all is the same, “as above, so below”. Twin opposing magnetic-electric vortices give form to all of Creation, created in the Divine Image of the Creator, the very signature of intelligent design, spiraling Phi 1.618 found throughout Nature.

I have woven together many disparate theories found in the links from this web page, which interface with one another in their central tenets relating to vortices. The various theorists are describing similar perceptions of the mechanics of our Universe according to different terms at times and from different levels of observation at others. The point of my work here is to show via the latest discoveries, the similarity of all these alternative and dissenting theories which are diametrically opposed to the physics as taught by corporate academia.  

What these ideas represent are researchers accessing  “Universal Mind” within their own consciousness and bringing back “mental images”. Then they must somehow translate these images into a verbal language for communicating the ideas with other humans. The problem is that often these researchers and theorists have a limited range of understanding of the many fields of study which must be undertaken in order to gain a holistic and balanced perception of the Universe. The consequence of this short sighted research, is that many of the academic “knowledge viruses” implanted in their minds by corporate controlled schools, are never properly studied and debunked. 

Therefore, their dissenting ideas often retain many of these academic viruses and a huge host of non-existent theoretical and mythical entities, like: black holesbig bangsneutron starsgravitational collapsegravitational lensingevent horizonsdark matterdark energysingularities, 4d space/time, wimps and machos, mond, einstein’s relativitiesnuclear atoms,  elemental particlesquantums-planck’s constant,  the so-calledsecond “law” of thermodynamics, electron orbital shellsparticle/wave dualitysolar nuclear furnacesa limit to the speed of lightphotons, increase of mass with velocity, nuclear fusionlength contractiontime dilation, 10 to the 500th versions of string theoryfield equationsquantum quackery and ridiculous worm holes which we can use to travel to distant parts of the Universe instantly in fairytale, academic, arm chair/science fiction myths. These are just a few of the twisted ideas people pay big money  to get their heads stuffed full of, while being indoctrinated in corporate controlled academia. 

The same may be said of people clinging to the religious garbage they were brainwashed with during their childhood indoctrinations. These ideas are also negatively effecting their view and understanding of the Universe. Often, people try to prove their religions are “divine” by referring to the odd ball theories  made by religio/academic shills, like the “big bang=let there be light” fraud hawked by yhwh peddlers, for example.

 Shamanic Scientists like the Maya, Inca, Egyptians, etc. and the yogic scientists of the ancient Vedas, have clearly understood the Universe much better than the lame set of theories parroted about by scientific eggheads, in corporate controlled schools. The Maya are showcased in this book, because of their deep understanding of our Solar System’s relationship to the rest of our galaxy and the Serpentine path of it’s travel. They also understood the “fractal nature of time” and were able to map out the future events which are quickly approaching. Due to our immanent contact with the galactic ecliptic, we would be wise to heed their warnings.

From closely observing the smaller time cycles, during their studies over a millennia ago, they saw the repetitions of events in the minor cycles, repeated in larger cycles (Fractal Time). They understood the physics of our Galaxy much better than the current set of fatally flawed, academic theories (guesses). The Maya ventured deep into the mystical realm of mind expanding drugs like Toad Gland Excretions (DMT like), which they smoked and magic mushrooms, which they consumed,  so that they could  leave their bodies and travel deep into the night sky to get a deeper understanding of the motions of our Solar System’s in relationship to the rest of the Galaxy. These brave seers were far more committed to the task of exploring cosmology, than the current academic fruitcakes and arm chair quacks who have devoted their lives to the mediocre absurdity of  academic ideas like: the nuclear theory of the Atom, a limit to the speed of light, the so-called second “law” of thermodynamics, the increase of mass with velocity and the extremely fallacious and bizarre, quantum & string theories.

The Maya discovered that the electro-magnetic pulse or, “heart beat” of our Galaxy is once every 5,125 years. The Maya mapped out our Solar System’s Serpentine travel around the galaxy and it’s passage through the Galactic ecliptic approximately every 25,625  years.  There are 5 Solar Periods during the grand cycle of 25,625 years. Each new period begins with a Galactic pulse which synchronizes our Solar System with the Galactic Core. We are in the final period which was called the 5th Sun by the Maya. We will be moving into the position of the 1st Sun again to repeat the cycle with the next Galactic Pulse of 12-21-2012. This meeting with the ecliptic is called the Hunab K’u by the Maya. This is where Earth makes it’s most direct periodic contact with the great cosmic being,  the Creator of our Galaxy, the Hunab K’u.  Because, the galactic ecliptic is one of the three foundational planes (3d) of “still magnetic light” which are extended from the galactic core, thereby creating the infrastructure geometry for the electro-magnetic plasma sphere, centering the Sun’s cubic wave-field.

The plane of the ecliptic is the highest centrifugal magnetic motion in the Galaxy. Magnetism is centrifuging the spiral arms of our galaxy at tremendous speeds outward from the core as rivers of dark light (space)  implode inward through both galactic poles. The ecliptic is the plane where the magnetic field of our Galaxy reverses and our Solar System will experience this field reversal effect directly as we cross the galactic divide. The Maya warned us that this age (not world) would be destroyed by water (tidal waves?). This prediction could mean a changing of the poles  as we pass into the northern hemisphere of our Galaxy, which could generate some very large tidal waves in deed! It is also foretold by the Hopi, that the Sun will increase it’s intensity as we move into this inertial plane and all of the globes in our solar system will heat up. The lower elevations of this planet will become unbearably hot during this time, according to the Hopi.

YouTube link: The predicted Solar Storms begin, as we approach the Hunab K’u

We will receive an electro-magnetic heart pulse from this cosmic being, the Hunab K’u, as we cross the ecliptic, which will synchronize our Solar System with the Galactic core and re-energize our Sun system from it’s electrical source via the expanding magnetism of our Galaxy’s ecliptic plane. We will intersect the ecliptic of our Galaxy on 12-21-2012 to meet the great and glorious Hunab K’u, the Creator of all of the Star Fields (gods and goddesses) in our Milky Way Galaxy. Our world will be changed forever…

Nikola Tesla sitting next to one of his famous Electric Coils

“Electric power is everywhere present in unlimited quantities and can drive the world’s machinery without the need of coal, oil, gas, or any other of the common fuels.” Nikola Tesla

YouTube link: Tesla the Man

YouTube link: Tesla Sabotaged

YouTube link: Excellent Tribute to Tesla

YouTube link: Tesla’s, Free Energy Technology

YouTube link: The Tesla Conspiracy: Coast to Coast Radio 

A fairly decent historical account of Tesla’s life. Note the suppression of truth by hollywood!

Wireless Electricity Technology finally arrives, over 100 years after Tesla invented it

The energy barons got 100 years of oil sucking and coal burning slavery out of the planetary population through mind control!

YouTube link: The Truth about Corporate suppressed Science

YouTube link:  Corporate/academic explosion energy vs. Nature’s Implosion Energy

YouTube link: The Energy Crisis Fraud created by the Energy Barons 

A Baptist Minister gives direct testimony of the degenerate sub-human filth controlling our planet with the energy fraud, having worked directly at their side. This is proof of every charge I have brought against the energy barons and those who serve them. They are destroying America for the plans of their globalist, illuminazi handlers of the United Nations, World Bank and International Monetary Fund

YouTube link: American Holocaust – 7.5 Millions Americans murdered by Energy Barons

The story of how the oil lands were cleared and the land stolen by the robber barons for oil profits

YouTube link: Energy barons destroy Hopi and Navajo lands and ruin countless lives

The theories presented within this book have born technologies by heroes like Vicktor Schauberger and Nikola Tesla, which will free us from the present pyramidal systems of control administered by the global elite, central bankers (the illegitimate and Un-Constitutional “federal reserve” racketeering system), energy barons, and war mongers. When the people of this planet finally understand this dissenting science, they will demand the immediate release and production of all suppressed free energy machines for the benefit of mankind and our Planet as a whole. I offer this detailed website as a free gift of love to all of humanity. 

Viktor Schauberger: 30 June 1885 Holzschlag (Austria) – 25 September 1958 Linz, (Austria)

“I must furnish those, who would protect or save life, with an energy source, which produces energy so cheaply that nuclear fission will not only be uneconomical, but ridiculous, This is the task I have set myself in what little life I have left.” – Viktor Schauberger in a letter to Aloys Kokaly in 1953 — Implosion Magazine No. 29, p.22

YouTube link: Schauberger’s Free Energy Technologies

YouTube link: Nature was my Teacher, Viktor Schauberger 

YouTube link: The Extraordinary Nature Of Water, by Callum Coats

YouTube link: Glenn Steckling confirming all of my many assertions about Free Energy

YouTube link: Terrance Mc’Kenna – Ufo’s are the anomaly to bring down “The Machine”

They “inject uncertainty into the male dominated, paternalistic, rational, Solar Myth and expose science for the shell game it is” ! 

YouTube link: The Free Energy Breeder Reactor Coverup

YouTube link: The Corporate/Quackademic War against Free Energy, More Proof!

The entrenched sources of power and controllers of political authority (energy barons, war mongers and central bankers) do not want to let go of current system of theft from Nature. It would mean the end of their caste system and divine right to rule over the horrific mess they have created with their backwards explosion based technologies. Scientific eggheads are witnessed here directly sabotaging humanity and denying cold fusion, so they can remain in their positions of false and deceptive authority.

Proof at 8:00 that these unconscionable, academic scientists sold humanity out for $$$

YouTube link: Geo-engineers support the Highly Toxic Chemtrail Depopulation Program

The evil chemtrail/death trail program created by the nefarious doctor edward teller (Dr. Strangelove) is being supported by the corporate owned lemmings of academia. These psyentists have no shame what so ever and do not even mind that they are being sprayed with toxic killing doses of micro metals like aluminum, Barium and Strontium. Their jobs and false status come first so humanity will perish long before they admit they are corporate slaves and deadly wrong with their decision to carry the torch of destruction for their unseen masters.

 The summation of academic, psyentific sensory based groping by Walter Russell, ie. empirical reductionism and mythematical equations for said reduced reality.

“And, so it is Man peers into microscopes, and telescopes. He builds great laboratories for research into the effects of things which move. He gathers much information about their movements and develops great skills in controlling the movements of moving things. He then reasons and assembles, but reasoning is not knowing – and assembling is not creating. But what does Man know? Informing the senses of effects of motions does not awaken knowledge in Mind. On the contrary all effects of motion are optical illusions, which have deceived the senses and cause Man to form conclusions, which are not true to Nature…The truth of all fundamentals of Nature are just the reverse of the conclusions of (academic) psyence, just as the reflections in a mirror are the reverse of their cause.” (Atomic Suicide, pgs. 98-99 and 102, Walter and Lao Russell)

Free Energy and Free Thinking

The Complete Internet Book, by Robert Arnett Otey 

Created February 2, 2003  Updated Perpetually

“Why is geometry often described as “cold” and “dry”? One reason lies in it’s inability to describe the shape of a cloud, a mountain, a coastline, or a tree. Clouds are not spheres, mountains are not cones, coastlines are not circles, and bark is not smooth, nor, does lightening travel in a straight line.

More generally, I claim that many patterns of Nature are so irregular and fragmented, that, compared with Euclid- a term used in this work to denote all of standard geometry- Nature exhibits not simply a higher degree, but an altogether different level of complexity. The number of distinct scales of length of natural patterns is for all practical purposes infinite.

The existence of these patterns, challenges us to study those forms that Euclid leaves aside as being “formless”, to investigate the morphology of the “amorphous”. Mathematicians have disdained this challenge, however, and have increasingly chosen to flee from Nature, by devising theories unrelated to anything we can see or feel.”

Dr. Benoit B. Mandelbrot, “The Fractal Geometry of Nature“, page 1

“But now that humanity is fast approaching the tail-end of the twentieth century, it is time to take stock of what has been left after so many decades of unchecked cult to technological and scientific progress. Every field of science of late has become a bottomless hole which may swallow anything at any time.

Biology, like so much of modern scientific thought, has become elusive and incoherent. Basic conceptual errors, the heterogeneity of biologists with generation gaps in the practice of Biology, the application of recent technological devices at different depth, etc. may be the cause for this situation. If only one can pause for a while and think retrospectively, the formidable scientific empire erected through centuries is crumbling down. 

All that is required right now is to think with an open unbiased mind; think logically and reasonably. After all, man is endowed with this attribute and should discern to justify his very distinction as a human being. This is high time to do so if at all we want the survival and real progress of biological sciences. Therefore, here is a call to humanity to pause, think and proceed to the next century. Let us not be the last living creatures that ever existed on this planet because of our senseless craze for industrial and scientific advancement as conceived today. “

Dr. Pallathadka Keshava Bhat, “Book 1998” chapter 4, paragraph 2

“Ruthless negation of other paradigms as superstition permitted the modern science and technology to project itself as the sole representative of Science as true knowledge. This is why in every school program the contents are copied from the mainstream paradigm.”