Light Misunderstood by so-called Scientists


 We are told by the corporate universities and the corporate media, that our Universe is an 13.7 billion year old ball of expanding galaxies, dust and gases, due to the “big bang” of our universe from a single point, smaller than an atom,  “located” somewhere in nothingness. They base this absurd theory on the false interpretation of the weak  circumstantial evidence of academia called the “red-shift” of light from distant stars, said to be moving away from us, in an expanding universe

YouTube link: academic red shifts and most distant objects, Quasars debunked 

The history behind the academic myths of: expanding universe, red shift and big bang

They do not even know what light is and they expect us to believe their freaky idea about light being red-shifted as a consequence of the celestial body emitting it, moving away from us at tremendous velocity. They believe light is red-shifted due to the so-called Doppler effect which we witness in sound, like when a train approaches and then passes us and the sound changes in both frequency and in volume, due to our location as stationary observers in relationship to the passing train. Sound is caused by the compression and expansion of air molecules. If we are to buy this creepy academic theory, then we must believe there are ether particles which can be expanded and compressed by light, in the same manner as the air molecules are by sound. 

Well, these academicians are absolutely positive that there is no “ether” thanks to the Michelson-Morley experiment, so they have pulled the rug out from under their own tragically failed misunderstanding, without even knowing it. Of course they have never bothered to accurately assess the absurdity of this glaring example of their incompetence. So, you will never hear them admitting that there must be a ubiquitous and elastic, quivering “ether” filling all space to fulfill the role of a medium and produce this theoretical doppler effect of light (at 6:30 in the video). Academicians want us to believe that light moves exactly the same way as sound, through the compression and expansion of molecules of the gases in our atmosphere. As anyone can clearly see this is not the case. The true nature of light is not understood by them at all.

This “academic inward pulling gravity” based model then required the addition of other academic tricks which they dreamed up to suit their equations and christened them “dark energy“, black holes, gravitational collapse, event horizons and “dark matter“. Just other baseless academic theories to try and explain a seriously flawed model which makes no sense.  Once again these “educated” (brain washed)  “scientists” (parrots)  judge by appearances rather than “sound” reason and logic. 

YouTube link:  the absurdity of the edge of the Universe at 8:50


This is like the old flat Earth lie taught by the church, about how you would sail to the edge and fall off.  So, if you go to the edge of the big wanker (bang), mathematically conceived  universe, you will fall off into nothingness. The emptiness of their brains should be immediately apparent to everyone reading this page. Thanks to the corporate mind control of social engineering I can guarantee it will not!