The North Pole’s Vortex seen in the Earth’s Plasmasphere

We live in a Universe of appearances. We see two train tracks converging on the horizon of a functioning rail system, yet we know this is an impossibility, because “we know” trains use them to travel far past the horizon to take passengers to distant places. If we did not know the purpose of these tracks and only based our understanding upon the appearance of the light reflected from the tracks, which is an optical illusion created by our “senses”, we would believe they actually do intersect on the horizon. The thing that makes our “Knowing” whole and obliterates the mirage illusion, is the fact that we do not base our “understanding” on the optical illusion of their meeting, rather the “knowledge” of their purpose and the fact that people use trains to travel to distant places and arrive there daily.  We can “mentally image” the tracks remaining parallel for the entire construction far beyond the “sensory illusion” of their meeting on the horizon caused by the mirage of their reflected light, because we “Know” their purpose with our “Minds”.

Present science, if you can call it that, has become lost in a myriad of illusions based on the appearances of light, because mankind has trusted his “senses” to describe a Universe made of enfolded and unfolded light, which can only be understood by our Minds.  Light is invisible.  What we call “light” is the reflected and reproduced  appearance of light and a mechanical electro-magnetic simulation of the idea of  light from the “Great Creator Spirit’s” infinite and eternal home (so-called heaven) in the “still magnetic light”. 

Earth’s Planetary Vortices Animated and plagiarized by the “resonance project”

Note that the computer screen on the right in the link above copied by the “resonance project”, represents Walter Russell’s Cosmology of Twin Opposing Electro-magnetic Vortices, no credit is being given to him for his model! They are trying to create a mathematical formula in the left hand screen to describe his model and claim it as their own. Walter and Lao Russell say from their graves: “forgive them father, for they know not what they do”!

The light which we think we see is but motion. We do not see light. We feel the wave vibrations set up by the motion that simulates light, but the motion of electric waves that simulate light is not that which it simulates”. (Light

“One of the most difficult problems with respect to radiation has been to explain how it can be propagated through space without some kind of a medium. This problem has never been solved other than by what has been described as a “semantic trick”; that is, assuming, entirely ad hoc, that space has the properties of a medium. In the theoretical universe of the Reciprocal System, this problem does not arise, as the photon remains in the same absolute location in which it originates. With respect to the natural system of reference it does not move at all, and the movement that is observed in the context of a stationary reference system relative to the stationary system, not a movement of the photon itself….

 Planetary Vortices

Another serious problem has been to provide an explanation for the fact that the photon behaves in some respects as a particle, whereas in other respects it behaves as a wave. Here, again, there is no problem at all in the theoretical universe. The theoretical photon acts as a particle in emission or absorption because it is a particle (that is, a discrete unit, wave packet). It “travels” (reproduces itself) as a wave because the combination of its own inherent oscillating motion and the forward progression of space-time has the form of a (spiraling sine) wave”. (Step by Step, Section C, Pt. 7&8)

 The Earth’s Auroras -Twin Opposing  EM Vortices

 I would like to point out to my readers at this stage that a “sine wave” as described above is a two dimensional representation of the movement of waves of the stationary, oscillating photon. These waves which reproduce themselves , wave-field to wave-field, outward from their source of generation, at the so-called speed of light (while the photons stays at home) are actually spiral opposed waves which reproduce themselves from wave-field to wave-field, not just undulating up and down type of two dimensional waves which symbolize them in academic theory. When viewed on oscilloscopes or represented in Euclidian graphs their true nature becomes more obscured due to this simple form of linear reductionism. A lot of misconceptions begin with this misunderstanding regarding wave motions that are reduced from three dimensions of the real Universe to the two dimensions of idealized euclidian geometry, which academics then uses to model their fallacious theoretical Universe.

Earth’s Polar Vortices Seen in Auroras

The temporal waves that spiral through space by reproducing themselves, “live and die” to be reborn again eternally, but the idea which causes them “to be”, exists forever in the “stillness” at the heart of all manifestations of the physical Universe, called “Still Magnetic Light”, by the very illuminated cosmologist, Walter Russell. When a person understands the true nature of light, the many reflected appearances will give up their true causes. When one understands the many optical illusions created by electrically simulated light as it curves from one pressured condition to another, one will understand the true nature of our Universe and the true causes and properties of the appearances, of these bi-polar, electro-magnetic, father-mother lights of creation, which create a tri-polar Universe of rotating spherical systems from the smallest to the largest.

“The most damaging of these (academic) generalizations based on far-reaching extrapolations of conclusions derived from very limited data is the pronouncement that there can be no speeds greater than that of light. For some strange reason (the zionist media and academic deification of einstein and other zionist academicians, note the extremely high percentage of nobel prize winners for physicists of  this privileged tribal group) the scientific establishment has decreed that this product of a totally unsubstantiated assumption must be treated as holy writ, and accepted without question. “Thou shall not think of speeds greater than that of light,” is the dictum. The conservation laws may be questioned, causality may be thrown overboard, the rules of logic may be defied, and so on, but one must not suggest that the speed of light can be exceeded in any straightforward way”. (Chapter 20, The Universe of Motion)