Magnetism Is Cathode Planes of Stillness which control Electricity

Magnetism is not an attractive “force”

Galactic Vortex-Aerial View 

Magnetism is the cathode plane of stillness which centers and divides the radial arms of star fields which emanate from the Galactic Core at the Equator of the Galaxy. The Equator is one of the 9 cathode planes of still magnetic light which form the Invisible Magnetic Cube that gives the spiraling ring like structure to our Galaxy. This divides the Galaxy into Northern and Southern Hemispheres of Electric Potential. This plane is called the Galactic Ecliptic and it is what our Solar System will be crossing on 12-21-2012. It is known as the Hunab K’u to the Maya

“It must be remembered that electricity is the attractive force and magnetism is the repellant force (effect). The attractive force attracts only the attractive force which is itself. Electricity does not attract the repellant force, neither does electricity repel the repellant force. On the other hand, magnetism which is the repellant force, does nothing but perform its function of repelling. It does not attract itself. A repellant force cannot be an attractive force, nor can the attractive force be a repellant force. 

academic Magnetic theory debunked

…The energy of magnetism is the elastic energy of expansion, a straining energy ever pushing toward the inertial line of equalized pressure which lies between any two masses, while the energy of electricity is ever pulling toward the pulsing heart, the gravitational nucleus of every mass. 

Gravity Bars (magnets) are Polarized Opposites in Infinite Regress

…Magnetism is the brake upon the wheels of electricity resisting its generation of higher potential and registering that resistance as heat. Electricity is the accelerator which speeds magnetic radiation, the expansion of which is registered in cold. Electricity and magnetism are actually opposing forces  (in appearance) which leap away from each other in exactly the opposite directions. Forces which depart one from the other do not attract each other. Opposing forces oppose each other. 

…Magnetism opposes electricity in its desire to transform this Universe into one solid, motionless, non-elastic ball of positive electricity. Electricity opposes magnetism in its desire to transform the Universe into one of equalized pressures where opposites disappear into dimensionless non-opposition”. (The Universal One, pg. 78-81

“It is commonly supposed that the North pole of a magnet is the positive pole, which attracts and the South pole of a magnet is its negative pole, which repels. The apparent ability of the positive pole of a magnet to attract the negative and the negative to attract the positive, has been one of the evidences which has built up the theory that opposite charges attract and like charges repel.

Gravity Bars (magnets) do not “attract” each other they void each other where they meet forming a new single Bar whose Poles are extended to the opposite extremes of their mutual meeting


…The evidence that like charges repel is as convincing as that the Moon keeps pace with moving Man, or that the Earth is flat. It is evidence one can really see, like other illusions of motion. The truth is that North is the apex of a cone (vortex) into which a super-normal electric stream is flowing, due to electric excitation. The reason that the South pole of the bar of Iron appears to attract the North pole of the compass needle is that the electric stream is flowing through both the Iron and the needle in the same direction, from South to North. 

…The so-called ‘magnetized’ bar of Iron is one in which a strong electric inductive current has so greatly contracted the generative and expanded the radiative cones of energy of the atoms of Iron that their polar magnetic bases and their ecliptic expansions have been vastly reduced and the speed of the generative and radiative flows correspondingly increased. Atoms of Iron not so treated, leap toward these faster moving streams. 

The Source of Square and Inverse Ratios in the Universe (page 810) and all “Curving”, otherwise called gravitational lensing by academia!

Rotationally distributed Scalar Motions are distributed over all Spatial Directions

The term ‘magnetized’ was given to Iron so treated because Iron exposed to the magnetic field of a generative coil always causes this effect. The magnetic field of a generative coil is the radioactive emanation, or discharge, of an overcharged coil. It is the degeneration of a generating charge when it leaves the generative coil. In other words, it is the leakage or overflow from an over filled receptacle. Not so however, when it impacts against the Iron. The Iron bar becomes electrified, not magnetized. 

The bar of Iron and the so-called magnetic poles of a revolving rotating mass, such as this planet, are two different effects. Every mass such as a planet is supposed to be a ‘magnet’.  It is, but not like the ‘magnetized’ (electrified) bar of Iron, or the compass needle. It is a double magnet. Its two charging poles meet head on at the gravitative center of the planet and the oppositely flowing electric streams meet there…

In any mass when these two streams meet they oppose and spread against each other’s force in the direction of the ecliptic plane area of the mass. It is commonly supposed that the ‘magnetic’ pole of this planet is analogous to a bar ‘magnet’ , being one continuous bar extending from the negative Antarctic South to the positive Arctic North. 

The Optical “Electro-Magnetic” Lenses of “Gravity Bars” (Bar Magnets)

as opposed to academic theories hyping  gravitational lensing  as “bending” Light,

 according to einstein’s theoretical “curved space”  fantasy, page 76

…The North attractive positive pole of the planet appears to attract the North attractive positive pole of the compass and the South repellant negative pole of the planet appears to attract the North attractive positive pole of the compass. The explanation lies in the fact that the one North direction of attraction in the bar of Iron and compass is continuous, while the two North directions of attraction in the planet are opposed. They meet at the center of the Earth at the apices of two opposing cones. The magnetic bases of the cones are respectively in the Arctic and Antarctic regions. As mass generates the magnetic bases disappear through the poles and reappear at the equator.

…It has been previously explained that North of any mass is its gravitative center. The direction North is along the electric axes of the contracting cones of generation, from their bases to their apices.  North is always in the direction of genero-activity, high pressure and high potential. In any mass, North is the gravitative-radiative center where the ability to attract and repel is at its maximum. 

On the contrary South is always in the direction of radio-activity, low pressure and low potential. South is an extension of the equatorial plane which divides any mass. It is that part of a mass where radiative emanations are at their maximum. It is the plane of disappearance of the contours of the expanding cones of radiation.

It must continually be borne in mind that electricity contracts and attracts from within and that magnetism expands and repels also from within. (The Universal One, Pgs. 172-4)