Mental Images vs. Sensory Information

Disclose TV Link: The Holographic Universe

An important video demonstrating the great deception to our thinking imposed upon us by our senses. Our senses are easily deceived by the appearances of Nature and have given mankind a false understanding of the true Universe in which we exist. Academic theories are based on these sensory impressions, which are reduced into formulas and equations represented by numbers. This has given mankind an extremely fallacious “understanding” of physics, chemistry and astronomy. All ideas built upon the quicksand of these academic theories are sinking.

Tesla mentally imaged  his inventions into creation. He often worked without blueprints, giving his workers the dimensions, alloys, designs and tolerances directly from his mind’s eye, to the ten thousandth of an inch.  He conceived of over 700 known patented inventions and the many others we will never know about, because of governmental/corporate suppression. He is responsible for the foundations of our entire energy producing systems, which he considered antiquated in 1892, with his discovery of the wireless distribution of energy and communication. Tesla did not want to use the AC system of electrical distribution, because it is extremely dangerous and can kill anyone unskilled in handling it’s deadly form of electricity. 

The energy barons and their bankers scrapped Tesla’s wireless energy project, because they could not collect money from this form of  energy. There were no meters in existence at that time to meter it with, so it would have to be distributed for “free”. This of course is a totally unacceptable system for those who live off of the sweat, misery, poverty and suffering of their fellow man. The wasteful, polluting, and extremely expensive, current energy grid is much more to our controller’s liking and insures them that there will be a lot of tired, sick, violent and miserable people slaving their lives away in endless toil, so that they can milk them financially through their medical, penal and drugging vectors of economic exploitation, as well. This also insures them that few people will have enough personal energy left over after meeting their daily demands of basic survival in the engineered rat race to investigate the complex maze of social indoctrination and socially engineered mind control they find themselves imprisoned within. Which means their crimes go mostly unknown by the “lion’s share” of  sheeple who they control and consume, with great pleasure and shameless joy.

Electric Clouds

Mental imaging, is called “day dreaming” by our teachers at school. This is a sin during their mind control sessions, called classes.  No wonder kids naturally hate school. The way most of it is taught, cramming information and testing memory to create a parrot, is horribly boring and filled with blatant and unbelievable lies (academic misconceptions) which are force fed so rapidly, that the students have no time to analyze their validity using critical thought. This sets up a condition of severe doubt as the students grope with faulty ideas to try and comprehend the real world they live in. The smartest ones learn very quickly that they will not find the true answers to their questions in the schools of socially engineered, homogeneous, corporate conformity. In comparison to the profound knowledge available through the contemplation of mental images relating to the natural designs of our Universe, school seems like a prison sentence.

YouTube link: Mental Images are far superior to academic calculations

 Mental imaging, using one’s “Conscious Light of Intelligence“, is the most powerful tool of creation a human has. This is the only means of discovering one’s own “Self Knowledge“.  The techniques required to gain a mastery over this process should be taught in schools as a priority if we want to make our nation strong and it’s people powerful, full of knowledge virtue and truth, prosperous, secure, free and creative (the real American Dream). These beautiful qualities are pretty much the exact opposite of our present rigged system of alcohol and tobacco addiction, social and economic inequality, mind control, sickness, disease, moral degeneracy, poverty and the death of the American Dream.

Our Atmosphere’s Solar-Electric Phenomena

YouTube link: Blue Jets and Sprites etc. 

“The senses can only record thought vibrations which are (observations) opinions, ideas and assumptions that someone else has qualified according to their own belief system and thought into Motion (academic/religious teaching). By using sense perception, we are doing our own thinking with someone else’s opinions (theories-indoctrination).  In order to realize and use the ‘Power of the Mind’, we must transform the material desire into the language of the Mind. The Power of the Mind, can function only within the Motion of mental pictures. Therefore, the language of the Mind is Imagination-imagining mental pictures in Motion”.  (Gene Davis)

In-winding and Un-winding Water Vortices Created effortlessly by Trout

For humans mental imaging used to be as natural as a trout swimming in a stream. Academicism, corporatism, religion, the “deliberate dumbing down” education system and the mind control media are what kill our ability to think naturally and demands we operate within the deeply etched grooves of their heavily funded spin. Add vaccinations, alcohol, aspartame, fluoride treated water, doctor’s drugs, and toxic, synthetic “recreational drugs” into the mix and what do you get?  That’s right folks, “Bovine Planet”. When students begin to think correctly with their Minds and not with their senses like the programmed, compartmentalized robots and parrots of academia, we will see a new era of creativity unlike any in recorded history.