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On December 20, 1989, the Creator instructed our friend to take a message to scientists, Climatologists, Meteorologists, Geophysicists and other people in fields related to the Earth’s structure. We sent this message worldwide as part of our CARING for this home. The letter explains how our dirty, polluted atmosphere and the worldwide oil slicks on the oceans’ surfaces are allowing the Moon to slip-away. If the new WAR causes MORE oil to cover our oceans and MORE destruction to our atmosphere, then storms will greatly increase.


As the Moon’s catalytic weather ‘ACTION’ becomes lessened, drastic weather CHANGES will take place. Today scientists totally discount this action because of present theories, theories that are now leading to our destruction. The mental bondage of FALSE theories is now keeping us in a darkened state that SCIENCE THINKS is illumination


It is important to go back in history and identify a most crucial point where man’s knowledge took a wrong turn. A Popular Science magazine article dated October 1925, states, “The Einstein theory of relativity soon may fall, and we may have to look for another explanation regarding the mysterious movements of the Universe.  Professor Einstein HIMSELF has just admitted it.” Did Einstein have any further thoughts about OTHER mysterious universal actions?


History shows he was constantly trying to find better theories. For example, in the book titled The Life and Times  (of Einstein) by Ronald W. Clark, Page 407 states the following. “On January 10, 1929 about four years after stating his theory of Relativity should fall, he submitted a paper to the Prussian Academy of Sciences. He stated, “For years it has been my greatest ambition to resolve the duality of natural laws into unity. This duality lies in the fact that physicists have hitherto been compelled to postulate two sets of laws—those which control gravitation and those which control the phenomena of electricity and of magnetism… Many physicists have suspected that two sets of laws must be based upon one general law, but neither experiment nor theory has, until now, succeeded in formulating this law.  I believe now that I have found a proper form. I have thought out a special construction, which is differentiated from that of my relativity theory, and from other theories of four-dimensional space, through certain conditions. These conditions bring under the same mathematical equations, the laws that govern the electromagnetic field and those that govern the field of gravitation. The relativity theory reduced to one formula all laws which govern space, time, and gravitation, and thus it corresponded to the demand for SIMPLIFICATION OF OUR PHYSICAL CONCEPTS.

The purpose of my work is to further this simplification and particularly to reduce to one formula the explanation of the field of gravity and of the field of electromagnetism. For this reason, I call it a contribution to “a unified field theory”…  Now, but only now, we know that the force which moves electrons in their ellipses about the nuclei of atoms is the same force which moves our Earth in its annual course about the Sun and is the same force which brings to us the rays of light and heat which make life possible upon this planet.”


So what happened with this paper? It seems the science community ignored Einstein’s paper because by him only using the WORD force, it negated some mathematical explanation. The word needed should have been able to describe a total variety of like and compatible energies. This word given to us is Magnetism. We were told gravity is compressed magnetism that operates with a pulse and not a wave; therefore with the proper instrumentation we can find a mathematical explanation as to its influencing activity. For example, we were told that magnetism over the surface of the Earth has a total variety of pulse rates that produce various pressures and an energy form that can be captured and utilized.  So would Einstein have been taken more seriously had he said ‘magnetism’ and not the mysterious word ‘force’?


At one time we asked similar questions to what Einstein asked. I asked, “How does light travel from the Sun and arrive here as heat when it goes through cold space?” Our answer was, “There are magnetisms in the Universe that they know nothing about. Magnetism is a constant and if they could just get that in their heads, they could figure everything else out.” The mistake is in thinking that the energy of the Sun is very hot, so it must travel here hot. In fact, it travels here as magnetic free energy and manifests as heat only when it transmutes with energy in our earth system. We were told the Sun is not nearly as hot as scientists say it is. Before we go further, let’s take this thinking a little deeper. If the energy from the Sun does not travel as heat but as a magnetic free energy, then the actualdistance the planets are from the Sun does not control the heat volume that will arrive at any given planet. 


We shared all this teaching over fifteen years ago, and did scientists pay any attention? NO, because scientists and physicists had already constructed new theories based on Einstein’s first teaching and so as a result error upon error cemented together to make a wall of continuing ignorance. These errors are now so woven into our teaching system that when storms happen, as stated in the letter of December 20, 1989, these destructive events will be called an ACT OF GOD. There are many Earth movements and upheavals, which are necessary for the Earth’s continuance, but the STORMS TO COME are caused by events explained in the following letter.  The Creator has been constantly warning us to clean up our act before it is too late.

December 20, 1989

          (Letter sent throughout the world.)


RE: Greenhouse Effect


To Whom It May Concern:


It seems that scientists, climatologists, meteorologists, geophysicists and other people in related fields around the world are constructing ‘‘thoughts’’ as to the physical workings of the atmosphere. Yet these thoughts, no matter how they are put together seem to be missing the mark. The question is what is the mark? Atmospheric scientists tend to look at the energy that creates our atmosphere as though it is made up of isolated particles that are simply interrelated. Did you ever stop to think they are separate yes and interrelated yes but within the same generating force?


Let’s consider magnetism, for instance. The magnetism of the earth’s atmosphere really has nothing to do with what is called atmospheric conditions but is directly related to that flow outside the earth’s atmosphere but within our reach. What I’m speaking of are conductive particles that have to do with equal existing conditions within the interior atmosphere of the earth as well as the exterior that surrounds it. Gravitational pull as it is known has nothing to do with the ionic atmosphere. This letter is constructed to help explain how our very survival is dependent on identifying gravity, no longer as an isolated source but for what it truly is—compressed magnetism.


The present scientific theories are so far off track that there is ‘presently occurring’ a solar catastrophic event that is totally ignored and when discovered, will be called an ‘act of God’ when in fact human made destructive actions now called advancement are the real culprit. Within the confines of present theories, this event cannot even be addressed; therefore an explanation is in order. Our atmosphere is ‘up in the air’ not because of some happy accident or quirk of nature. Our atmosphere is in its place as part of the needed magnetic circuitry that takes place through particle transmutation which results in the continuous particle interchange needed to maintain this earth’s particle balance system with compressed magnetism (which we call ‘gravity’) being the catalyst for allenergy. Gravity, gentlemen/ladies, that invisible force that is thought of asonly holding us in place.  But what is that force?


For example, it is common knowledge that the moon causes the tides; however, the moon’s true activities are avoided or discounted when mathematical equations try to simulate the physical workings of the atmosphere. Why aren’t they simulated correctly? The reasons I emphatically suggest is that unchanging theories produce just that—inaccurate change. The moon is not just a tide mover but the catalyst forall the earth’s weather conditions. It is therefore of paramount importance to know the why and the how the moon is held ‘where it is’.


In a March 23rd, 1911 edition of Nature magazine, a scientist, Charles F. Brush stated that if we were to replace the hold that the earth has to the moon it would require a steel cable 500 miles in diameter yet have no weight of its own. Think of this ‘hold’ as being accomplished by magnetic forces which ‘hold to’ not just the earth’s ‘mass’ but hold equally as well to the ocean and atmosphere. The idea of just the earth being a ‘giant magnet’ is so out of line that it defeats itself. What is the purpose of our being a giant magnet in relationship to the other planets? Are we assuming, gentlemen/ladies that we are an isolated magnetic nothingness floating around? Shouldn’t we begin to see that we are a part of the whole, a major contributor that has a responsibility beyond partial theories?


The oil slicks that are presently on the ocean’s surfaces and the thinning ionosphere are part of a deteriorating ‘holding’ base, that base which isimperative for survival. Our cable is not C. Brush’s steel cable—our cable that connects us (in this specific case to the moon) is a cable of magnetism.

Offered for your evaluation is the following and, hopefully science has not grown so self-assured and sophisticated as to close its mind.


Close calculation of the moons’ distance from earth should now reveal that the moon has moved, just a pinch perhaps, further away from earth. Don’t underestimate the pinch. As the surfaces of the oceans are covered more with slick, the magnetic hold polarity gets weaker. Think of the slick as an insulation that acts as a barrier. Then as the distance between the moon and earth increases (due to the slipping base) the moon’s catalytic weather ‘action’ becomes lessened until finally drastic weather changes take place. Without the moon mixing the deep cold waters, the deteriorating weather conditions will happen until finally this imbalance will result in acontinuous destructive upheaval of the elements.


The present teaching is that the sun’s energy is stored within the core of the sun. This leads to a teaching that states there are only so many years left before extinction. Extinction is a result of ignoring what was available for continuance but humans somewhere desired to destroy rather than maintain because, as we know, theories must under all circumstances never be reversed.


Again, for consideration, our solar system is designed in such a manner that the magnetic holding action between the moon and the earth is needed to complete a very important magnetic circuit. Our earth is fed free energy in the form of a magnetic light source from Jupiter at a 14-degreeangular path.  (See formula, which states C – 2 + 14Z = 710Y + 409.) This energy is then used by earth, as needed, and simultaneously ‘imparts’ energy to our sun, (yes to our sun), where it then ‘does its part’ in helping to sustain the sun’s energy which is again returned to earth.


Magnetism is an untapped resource. Electricity alone, fossil fuel, space stations, underwater laboratories, etc., etc., is no longer going to sustain earth. Search as you will, laugh, as you will, tears will flow unless we develop more interest in the survival of humankind and less interest in magnificent theories that are now no longer useful without expanding.


Minds were not given to stagnate and people have always suffered because they would not change. Change is evolution. The unlocking of our minds must continue to include and expand the following understanding. The sun is a constant. The light from it is therefore a constant. We need to think of a magnetic system, within our solar system, that is part of the Universe, in the same was—as a constant.


There is a vast ‘neutral’ magnetic field which has been tapped’ by many visionaries. Their operating energy producing devices have been discredited, destroyed or rejected, one way or another. I personally recorded how the scientific community ‘helped’ to destroy the Rory Johnson fusion motor. For year’s information was sent on the Johnson motor, all over the world, to every science group that could be found and ‘to date’ not one person has asked for more information on this subject.


Today, over fifteen years after this letter was sent, storms are now more intense worldwide. Is this action tied to the moon slipping away? NO. Today, scientists talk about how the Moon is moving away, but they call it a NATURAL event, and do not equate its moving away to an increase in the intensity of Earth’s storms. At some point, surely this old letter will be reread with a more open mind to give Earth’s inhabitants the opportunity to make the changes themselves before nature’s laws become the total influencing factor. Science thinks that because they make up the theories and laws that they can make these laws work as they see fit. What they don’t know is that Nature’s laws bind us. Let’s take one example. There are scientists that hold to the view that the oil is in the Earth for our use, so we can pump it out to our hearts content. But one of Nature’s laws, which we were given, states that the oil IS NOW being caused to form in the Earth to lubricate the plates.  The oil is being removed at such an alarming rate that replenishment cannot happen, thus the Earth is turning into a rusty wheel and the real shaking hasn’t even started yet.


The laws that will be obeyed are the laws of Nature. Another example is the ionosphere, which is the Earth’s energy distribution zone. We were told that the worldwide use of electricity is the primary cause of the ozone depletion. When our ozone is gone, life on the Earth is finished; however, science holds to the view (one of their laws) that electrons are hiding in some grand field somewhere and there is an unending supply. They also say that the problem of the thinning ionosphere is a chemical action, thus allowing them to blame chlorofluorocarbons. What they don’t know is that all electrons are formed from the basic structure of the ionosphere. This structure has an estimated 150 million TONS of radioactive material which was dumped there by exploding more than 100 atomic bombs. The electrons, which are now being formed are incorporating this radioactive material causing diseases worldwide. They can prove this by investigating the core structure of the electron.


Another law: Science says the radioactivity that they are producing dissipates somewhere in the earth’s system. What we were told is that all energy is in a constant state of change, forming and reforming. Radioactive particles are being rearranged within not just the earth’s system, but within the inhabitants that live on the Earth. Thus we have worldwide diseases for which they are trying to find a cause. They even go as far as to say that uranium is to blame and God created uranium. Uranium left in the ground does not produce any effects that are harmful.  But no, scientists instead of using clean magnetic free energy have made radioactive power plants all over the world and now have the problem of what to do with the radioactive waste. 


These are just a few of the presently held inaccurate science laws, which are harming the Planet Earth and our universal system.


There are many theories in our world that have become mental boundaries but if these boundaries would be opened and expanded they would then us serve in a way that is conducive to achieving knowledge and in turn advancement in the scientific community that would benefit all people. For example, the force theories are too restrictive and need to be seriously reviewed. Theories are only as valid as is their application. Holding to theories that are no longer constructive is merely asking for more ozone holes and other disasters.


Let’s take a look at the strong force, which science calls the most powerful force because it binds particles together. It is so identified because scientists have not yet learned how the particles unlock themselves. When a new understanding of particle transmutation becomes a reality, science will then call this a weak force, which is inaccurate. Sciencetists have made the error of equating the force it takes to break apart structures with the weakness or strength of that particular structure and force but when nature works with nature there is no struggle. If scientists would learn to offer particles the proper magnetic field they would see nature at work. Magnetism and the proper use of it is the property that unlocks the molecular lock. The reason a particle does not come apart is because it has no magnetic field to go into! Scientists today use an electromagnetic field and that is the hold. By flowing particles through a magnetic field, they would find that the particles come apart.


In calling gravity the feeblest force because it only holds planets in their orbits scientists have misjudged gravity. In an article as far back as 1911 in “Nature”, March 23rd, C. Brush said that to replace the attract hold of the earth to the moon would require, as an example, a steel cable 500 miles in diameter, yet have no weight of its own. Weak Force??


The force we identify as an electromagnetic force is very limiting because the name ties electricity to magnetism and locks it into your mind. Evidence has been presented over and over that magnetic flowing current can be put to good use and it does not manifest any electrical properties. A mental separation therefore needs to be made between electron flow and magnetic flow.


We see therefore that staying with the traditional position makes it difficult to advance. We cannot simply try to modify these present force theories. Modification is not the answer. Mental restructuring is the key to open the door.


For consideration, let us identify a new force theory that allows for the needed expansion to carry people into the upcoming free energy golden age of civilization. Let us group in a positive way all the forces of the universe into three basic ones: light particles, magnetism and molecular structures called electrons. From this premise we can allow the activity of each to work as they are — not as we have insisted they are.


Scientists have sought after a fifth force, but just having the need to create a fifth force tells us we have not been viewing structures accurately. Forces don’t hide themselves. The issue herein is not that gravity can be counteracted but that gravity can be seen as it really is, compressed magnetism. From this qualification we can then gain the perspective needed to go forward.


What scientists want to call a fifth force is a rearrangement of theirmolecular structure system within the earth’s framework. Our info shows the simplicity that has been overlooked, avoided and discounted because of a limited idea of how the universe is constructed. People do not know all but if we so choose we may stand on the thresh hold of a new era that will save this planet. Scientists are seeking to break things into forces but it is all one force working together in each structure, the same force — not a differing one. The ONE force starts as neutral and then takes on the polarity or form necessary to accomplish a purpose. The purpose or polarity is provided to the neutral energy by the Total Mind and Total Energy of the Universe. “Let there be light”, and the neutral energy transforms into light, the thought sets the polarity and so it is with humans. The entire Universe has a magnetic nature of transformation. Take away magnetism and the universal system has no glue. By viewing magnetism as scientists do they have eliminated the working of this force outside of our planet. It is not that there is no gravity (magnetism) outside of our atmosphere, it is that it works on a differing principle. Indeed magnetism is everywhere to some degree, and there are flowing magnetic rivers throughout space that have specific polarities that can be used for travel.


Because scientists have decided there is only life on planet Earth, they also have decided that everything everywhere works according to their theories and dictates, but the Ozone holes leave them with a question and that question is — where did we go wrong? It will suffice to say that spray cans and chemicals are just a scapegoat, and they know it.


We have created technological monsters on this planet and we continue to feed them while they kill us. Electricity is destroying the ozone shield and without that protection physical life as we know it will end.


When we come to an understanding that our world and its survival is based on restructuring our thoughts then we will be ready to investigate the field of magnetic energy and magnetic flow and how it relates to our earth and space travel, our earth and the ozone holes, our earth and the whole of the planetary system. Nature seeks to offer us a positive energy that will do for our planet what we are now seeking to do through the acknowledgment of our carelessness. It will be of great benefit if we will begin to understand that we can no longer move against nature but must now utilize what is now being offered for the benefit of the world. We have long overlooked, through greed, the use of magnetic free energy, and the time is now at hand because our planet is soon to find itself extinct if we do not.


The Creator Force will reveal to us how the universe functions, we just need to honestly listen.


When the formula C – 2 + 14z = 710Y + 409 was handed to me on a scrap of paper many years ago, it was the answer to someone’s question. The thought now is just WHO asked this question and why wasn’t the answer given?  We were told that time within this Earth system is for our benefit but outside the Earth’s realm, time does not exist.


About 100 years ago, Einstein asked a question to which the answer is the formula we were given. While reading the book, The Life and Times of Einstein by Ronald W. Clark, I found a statement quoting Einstein, “I want to know how God created this world. I am not interested in this or that phenomenon, in the spectrum of this or that element. I want to know HIS thoughts, the rest are details.” 


I also had that attitude BEFORE the project started. I already had Part #19 (page 88, in the book, Magnetic Energy to Heal the Planet) machined for a Celestial Particle Transmuter. We were given data that, to me, was incomplete; so I asked, “Is this aluminum armature plate, here in my hand, the actual part needed for this motor?”  Like Einstein, my question was direct, as I needed answers to assemble the unit. Guess what! I learned that the Creator is totally into details. All the years of teaching times were all about details.


The following answer directed at my aluminum armature plate is written word for word, (received on Feb. 5, 1985- God speaking). “The radical change in the elements produces a captivity of power that is generated from a newly produced source. The capacity of magnetism is in sequence and the exchange of neutrons is inexhaustible. To further prove this, the ions are distributed at random spacing by a molecular change from within the generating source and so when EINSTEIN SAID THAT THE RELATIVE RELATIONSHIP OF ONE PARTICLE TO ANOTHER DIDN’T MATTER, he was in ERROR. Time has proven this to be so. The problem with redistribution has never been the problem. The problem has always been the manner in which the redistribution takes place. When a molecular structure breaks down there is a transfer of energy to the greatest part, which is the attracting force; therefore, we see that all parts are not equal in producing a generating force. The conductive material is therefore of the greatest importance. It is the material that needs to be observed. The ratio of revolutions to the speed of the generating force needs to compensate. When you gear down, less capacitors are needed. North to north creates this effect. Polarity is affected and the desired effect is achieved.  We need to always review this as we think on capacitation and its effect on not only the individual parts, but also the whole. All things are relative to the existing conditions.” (Note: this statement is about the Celestial Particle Transmuter.)


I studied this over and over, but was it saying that my aluminum plate COULD BE USED? I did not ask again, but soon after this event, the TiAlCo-B metal was called the proper conductive material for the SAME SIZE armature plate.


Einstein had many deep thoughts that were in keeping with information we were given. Let us review a letter he wrote to Marcel Grossmann in April 1901 and add clarifying comments to show how it relates to the formula we were given. His letter states, “I have got a few wonderful ideas in my head which have to be worked out in due course. I am now almost sure that my theory of the power of attraction of atoms can be extended to gases and that the characteristic constants, for nearly all elements could be specified without undue difficulty.

(Note: The Universe functions with the action of attract/attract.)

(Note: we were told that magnetism is a constant.)

Then the question of the inner relationship of molecular forces will also take a decisive step forward. Perhaps the researches of others directed to different goals will ultimately prove the theory. In that case I shall then use all I have so far achieved in the field of molecular attraction in my doctor’s thesis.

(Note: we were told all energy is magnetic molecular structures.)  It is a magnificent feeling to recognize the unity of a complex of phenomena, which appear to be things quite apart from the direct visible truth,” (page 52 in The Life and Times of Einstein). (Note: we were told there is only one force in the Universe. Take away magnetism and the universal system has no glue. Magnetism is the property which holds all particles together and magnetism is the property that unlocks the molecular lock.)


Also, in this same book, it tells about Felix Ehrenhaft, a friend of Einstein, who held the Chair of Experimental Physics at the University of Vienna. Ehrenhaft stated, “It is purely a magnetic force that permeates throughout the Universe.” Scientists backed away from Ehrenhaft as he held to the view that the word magnetic force should be taken LITERALLY.


I guess timing is everything. If God had someone hand Einstein theformula around April 1901, would he have had a totally different view of the universe? It seems once the THEORY OF RELATIVITY pushed him into the light as the new messiah, the theory was set in stone. Even Einstein could not have changed it at that time.


Present theories, which are basically the same as they were 100 years ago, do not allow the formula to be considered; yet it is the answer to Einstein’s question on how God created this world. My shortcoming is that I tried to focus only on parts, thinking that distracting my energy on ‘universal thoughts’ might send the project on a different path.


One thought came to mind many times. It was this. ‘As magnetic light came to Earth from Jupiter and formed into 710 units of combustible factors, these factors were identified as a combination of EARTH, air, sound, speed and light. Did this mean the Creator had to have some DIRT – that is earth or matter to start to form the 710 units of combustible factors? I WANTED this answer, but only in my mind, and not as a spoken question at a teaching time. A shocking event happened as I wondered about where the stuff was located which became ‘Y’, the combustible factor.  Was the word EARTH an identifiable LOCATION, a place where air, sound, speed and light all formed into 710 units of combustible factors?  I’m still not positive if this EVENT is a teaching everyone is READY TO RECEIVE, but am now telling it because it needs to be heard.


At one time, when the project was about half-completed, our friend was visiting our house—NO TEACHING (we thought). I was telling about a trip I took for Korlow Corporation with an 85 year old business associate from SCORE division of the Small Business Administration, who never would admit to being wrong about anything. I then told how the Sun was going down in the West and I got onto the highway heading in that direction, toward the food plant where I had an appointment to make a presentation on a line of equipment. The old gentlemen said, “Jeddy, (Jerry) how do you know which way to go?” I said, “The Company is due west and the Sun goes down in the West,” He got very upset, saying, “Get off and ask, the Sun, the Sun, I don’t care about the Sun.” Yes, to settle him down, I drove off the interstate to a gas station and asked an attendant for directions. I felt really stupid asking which way was West when you could clearly see the Sun setting. While telling a story about my trip, our friend seemed to be getting a message, because she walked to the center of our living room. 


I then said to our friend, “I guess he never knew the Earth rotates once around every 24 hours and that the Sun goes down in the West each night. Are you ready for a shock? Our friend said, “That’s the bondage teaching right there, and God is showing me this.”  She then tried to rotate both hands above her head as fast as possible. We smiled, thinking she invented a new dance. She was very stern saying; “The Earth rotates faster than I can show you, and the energy of our Solar System creates the ILLUSION that the Earth only rotates once every 24 hours. You need to remember you were told that time is put on this plane for our benefit, but out there time does not exist.” The Earth’s rotation gives us time, 24 hours being a day.


We wanted to pat her on the head and say thank you, but no, she felt our disbelief. She had us drive to a science display where a fairly fast rotating fan blade was influenced by a strobe light in the room, making the blade appear to be rotating very, very slowly. In fact, one could turn the strobe light knob and make the blade appear to almost stop. Yet, the blade never changed speed. She then said, “God wanted you to see this and think about how our Earth is caused to LOOK LIKE it is rotating once in 24 hours when in fact it is spinning at a very fast rate. I asked her to show me again the speed and she rotated her hands again, approximately 3-5 rotations per second. I said are we saying that the Earth rotates 5 times 60 or 300 times a minute? She replied, “Faster.”


Then I said, “How could a solid Earth get the energy to rotate very fast.” We were then guided to read the book, The Awesome Life Force by Joseph H. Cater. He stated that there are giant underground caverns, but NO solid Earth.” He further stated, “Apparently, the entire Earth pulsates in response to the cyclical pattern of the Sun, much like the nature of the fundamental particles.” He then went on to say how in 1962 the Alaska earthquake caused the ENTIRE EARTH to ring like a bell for several hours. This action, he said, should have been positive proof to scientists that the dogma of a solid Earth is the product of shallow and irrational thinking.


We were told the Earth rotates very fast, INSIDE A MAGNETIC FIELD. What is this magnetic field?  The formula could very well be this field because the formula was called a  “molecular structure just outside the Earth’s rim  (Ionosphere) which reads C – 2 + 14= 710Y +409.” The Earth’s rim was called our Ionosphere. So, if the 710 units of combustible factors FORM somewhere, they utilize ONLY the Earth’s spinning ACTION as it produces AIR, SOUND, SPEED and LIGHT. The Creator DOES NOT need any pre-made MATTER, such as ‘earth dirt’ (elements) to create the 409 elements.


We were told, “You are not the only ones living on Earth.” What did this statement mean? If the Earth is spinning very fast, then just under the Earth’s 800 mile thick outer crust, the inside surface of this crust could manifest as compressed magnetism (or gravity) caused by centrifugal force would allow the people in the inner Earth to function and thrive inside the Earth. This centrifugal force could be why the oceans do not go down into the inner part of the Earth. Their lighting system could be exactly like the magnetic light box included in the book Magnetic Energy to Heal the Planet.


As long as RADICAL thoughts are being put forth, here is one that influenced my mind. On the Internet, there is a view from space of Planet Earth. Each major city looks like a cluster of lights. Yes, our Earth looks like a lit-up Christmas tree.  Now, suppose someone FAR from our solar system was viewing our Earth through a telescope and saw this same ‘earth-view.’ Would they say that they had discovered a WHOLE NEW UNIVERSE with clusters of stars (as we keep reading in the newspaper and science magazines)? We were told, “What they think they see is totally influenced by the theory of Optics.” There are many factors that must be taken into account before science can make Correct SIGHTING JUDGEMENTS. The theory of Optics is nowhere near an exact science.


I now wish to address the subject of  ‘Black Holes.’ For example, we were told the pulsed energy leaves the Sun and is attracted to the Earth four times faster than recorded light waves. So I asked, “if the lit-up side of the Earth is WHITE-BRIGHT, why does the Earth, from space, look like a blue ball?  Does the compressed magnetism of the Earth system ATTRACT the Sun’s energy with SO MUCH FORCE that the reflected light stops going out into space? What makes light STOP being light?” The answer given was, “All light and magnetism travel side by side. When the light isn’t needed any more it stops.” Then I asked, “Did it disappear?” The answer was “No, it returned to a magnetic form of energy.”  We were told “There are magnetisms in the Universe that have only been minutely touched.”


In the news today, we hear all this stuff about black holes where light cannot escape. If the light emitting into space from Earth weren’t NEEDED ANY MORE, would someone outside our galaxy say, “The location called Earth is a BLACK HOLE?” Earth was called the vacuum of this planetary system and vacuums are powerful attract locations. This mindset on their part would be reinforced by the so-called Van Allen belts, which would seem to be energy fields, which are trying to escape from the Earth’s black hole. Is it not possible that these two energy fields serve as magnetic poles or stabilizers to keep the Earth rotating at the required velocity? What if these fields actually supply a steady flow of magnetic free energy with each of them having POTENTIALLY DIFFERENT energy charges?  Science always wanted to know why these fields maintain their exact position away from Earth. A fast spinning Earth would give the Van Allen belts their present location because of centrifugal force.


To sum up some of the major teachings, which the formula might be telling us, we find that:

a) There is no molten iron core 2,000 miles below the surface of the Earth. All of the energy ACTION now happening (volcanoes, earthquakes, etc.) is because of the magnetic light energy beam, which travels to Earth from Jupiter at a 14-degree angular path.


b) The Earth is NOW growing and has been growing larger for a time frame that we cannot even imagine. Yes, at one time I asked how old is the Earth, expecting the answer in years. The message was “Are you looking for a number?”  I thought, “Great, here we go.  Everyone wants a number.”  The message was NOT exactly what was expected. We were to PICK OUR number like maybe take a ONE and then put a million zeroes behind it. I think we were being told that the Universe ALWAYS WAS, so forget asking the age of the Earth. The message then was, “Within your present mental framework, certain knowledge is beyond your understanding.”


c) The formula also tells us that the Earth is a major circuit between the energy sent from Jupiter to Earth then from Earth to the Sun. Many times we were told that to check the speed at which the Earth and Sun respond to each other, Science should review atomic/nuclear bomb explosions. EVERY TIME a bomb exploded, the Sun responded within a count of ONE SECOND with Sun flares that have been recorded.  Another example is that Sky Lab’s decreasing orbit was blamed on the scientists who determined the orbit. They said it was not high enough and this caused it to come crashing down.  Science could check the dates/times to prove that every time a nuclear bomb was set off (and there were hundreds) the energy from the Sun flared up and pushed the Sky Lab into a lower orbit. This eventually caused it to crash to Earth when it should have stayed in orbit for many, many years.


The Sun’s heat is located basically on its EXTERIOR and it is a magnetic heat not nearly as hot as stated in the present Science teaching. The Sun was identified during our teaching as being BASICALLY HOLLOW proving that the Sun is not the source of the force. Since there is not a core, the Sun needs to get its energy from the center of the Universe then onto Jupiter. This is why in the formula, Jupiter is called the center of our Solar System–not the SUN. One mental block to understanding this is that the planets do not go around Jupiter; they travel around the Sun. The Creator arranged the magnetic circuit to where the planets go around the Sun. To speculate further on why can be done another time. The Sun was created to last forever with only one negative event that could cause it to be destroyed. That was humankind’s FREE CHOICE or the ability to destroy the Sun by destroying the Earth’s magnetic circuit, and this event is happening RIGHT NOW because of the destruction of the Ionosphere caused by the worldwide overuse of electricity.


The formula tells where the energy comes from and answers Einstein’s basic question about how God made the world. I asked if the Sun cools, what happens to the Universe? Will it also start to run down causing entropy?  The answer was stated before, but is a point that needs restating. We were told, “The Universe does not operate on our idea of one, two, three order. The Universe does its thing in a pattern as needed while repeating in a random sequence.” This action allows a continuous transmutation process to maintain the Universe as pre-ordained. So, if our Solar System is changed back to pure magnetic free energy, this energy gets recycled to another location. We were told, “Nothing is ever wasted. There are no particle ashes. Everything returns to a particle balance.”


I think the Master Builder, Creator of the Universe LIKES to have someone pass along teachings which were sent to us Earthlings, so don’t discount crop circles.  They have messages. For example, there are 409 separate rings in one of the crop circles that just occurred weeks ago. The formula has 409 elements. Wouldn’t it be a real event if the entire formula was printed exactly as we were given it over fifteen years ago? Yes! My hope is that soon magnetic energy will take its rightful place to meet our energy needs and we will usher in our golden age of civilization.


Re:  Information about the formula which reads C – 2 +14Z  = 710Y + 409


This formula and its history came to mind as I was reading the book titledThe Life and Times of Einstein by Ronald W. Clark. It seems a Sir William Bragg, the Director of the Royal Institution asked the Congress in 1927, “Is everything that has already happened a PARTICLE and everything in the future a wave?” It seems his son spoke up and said, “The advancing sieve of time coagulates waves into particles at the moment NOW.”


These are very deep thoughts from way back in 1927, but can we see the formula in them?  To find an answer, we focus on a statement printed in the book titled, Antigravity, the Dream Made Reality by John R.R. Searl. He stated on page 38, “The earth would have been EXPANDING from the Center since it first formed. This was the best explanation for “continental drift; but a reason for the expanding earth could not be found. Geographers would welcome the idea, for the land masses have been shown to fit neatly together on a sphere of about half the size of the earth…”


Searl then goes on to say, “The creation fields or glowing magnetic cores at the center of cosmic bodies must somehow originate.”  We were told the formula was very important but at the time our focus was on getting the data to complete the Celestial Particle Transmuter.


At this time, let us retrace the events that were happening as we got the formula. In the early months of 1985, God told our partner exactly this, “There is a molecular structure that reads, C – 2 +14Z  = 710Y + 409. We thought that this formula was only to explain the speed of light and we had no interest to get more deeply involved in seeking more understanding.


Then, much later on September 24, 1986, I was told the formula was important so I removed the small piece of paper (on which I had written the formula and stuck in my wallet for safekeeping). I read it and asked, “What does the Y part mean?” God told her, “Y is the combustible factor of the elements. These elements are a combination of earth, air, sound, speed and light. In order for an energy to operate it has to exist within these elements.” 


I think my next question was “What is energy?”  The answer was, “Energy is the power by which anything acts effectively and changes.” Is this saying the SAME THING as the presently held science statement which is, “Energy is the ability to do work?”


Let us ponder some thoughts. When the combination of the 710 units of combustible factors do their transmuting into 409 elements, can we say this action is WORK?  The Creator does not WORK at keeping the Universe in operation, likened to some big WHEEL WATCHER in the Heavens. No, saying “Energy is the power by which anything acts effectively and changes is the Creator’s message as to what energy is. That is why we were told, “The Creator is Spirit, Total Mind and Total Energy,” and has no need to work.


Back to the formula. At that time we were writing a letter to Professor Rowland on November 27, 1987. The subject matter was the ozone hole and WHY storms were more intense worldwide. We were guided to say the following (in part). “There is an inseparable connection between what we now call gravity and the weather here on Earth. By reviewing the action of the barometer, this connection is explained thusly. When a barometer shows activity, we say the weather is changing, but is the weather thecause of the barometer’s movement?  No, it is not.


There is a molecular structure, just outside the earth’s rim that reads: C – 2 +14Z  = 710Y + 409. Y is the combustible factor of the elements. These elements are a combination of earth, air, sound, speed and light. In order for an energy to operate it has to exist within these elements. It is important to note that light is not the major factor here. The weather has nothing to do with what is called ‘atmospheric conditions,’ but is caused by a particle (see formula) that is outside the earth’s atmosphere but within reach. Since this particle has to do with equal existing conditions within the earth’s atmosphere, it needs a work arm or force to carry out its commands. This force now is identified as gravity and that evaluation is the mental boundary. Gravity is not a giant magnet in the earth pulling everything downward; gravity is compressed magnetism. This compressed magnetism within the earth continually changes its compression ever so slightly because of the particle balance system just outside the earth’s rim. It is vital that this balance system be kept in tact…” We were told that the shaking has not even started yet. Storms will increase in intensity with a continuous upheaval of the elements as the Earth tries to bring itself back into balance. 


Now back to focusing on the formula as it relates to “waves coagulating into particles,” as stated by William Bragg’s son. If the Creator caused the Earth to GROW likened to a seed growing a tree, then why wouldn’t this same plan be used to GROW every single star in the heavens? 


This is not a brand new thought. About 1914, a Dr. De Broglie had an idea, which he said was GUIDED by Einstein. He said, “I had a sudden inspiration. Einstein’s wave particle dualism was an absolutely general phenomenon extended to all physical nature and that being the case, the motion of all particles, photons, electrons, protons or any other, must be associated with the propagation of a wave.”  Very interesting. We might ask, was the Creator trying to give someone the formula way back in 1914?


Today, maybe science thinks these are silly questions but not too long ago they were asking these very questions.  For example, at the Solvay Congress held in 1930 in Vienna, the central question became, “Was it or was it not theoretically possible to ascertain the position of a particle and also its momentum at one specific moment?” The book titled, Magnetic Energy to Heal the Planet has enough data given by the Creator to probably figure out this answer.


This seems paradoxical, because just after writing this I wanted to say my job is done, it is too much mind twisting to take these thoughts further. But as Einstein said, “The important thing is not to stop questioning, because curiosity has its own reason for existence. One cannot help but be in awe when (one) contemplates the mysteries of eternity.”


I will attempt to answer the Solvay Congress’ question if they would allow me to pick the particle, which is to be checked for its momentum. I will start with the teaching that magnetism is the property which is holding the particle in question together.  Thus, its momentum would need to be recorded as a magnetic PULSE RATE because everything is made of magnetic structural polarities.


In that an electron is the by-product of a troubled magnetic field, I would push an almost invisible copper wire through a microscopic volume of north/south magnets and attempt to watch the electron form.  All electricity is the by-product of a troubled magnetic field. If we restrict the amount of PUSH through this north/south field and control the copper volume, which is cutting the lines of force, then we have but one more action to control.  We need to cause an ON/OFF action to the magnets, which would then totally control the NUMBER of flux lines that will be troubled. Theoretically, if WATCHING the electron FORM does not affect its ‘forming action’ then yes, we can ascertain the position of a particle called an electron being formed.


Throughout all the years of teaching, NOT ONCE did the Creator say that electrons can be found SPINNING around atoms. All electrons are formed, then transmute back into neutral magnetism, and then reform again. I was thinking this was just fine but ‘SCHOOL teaching’ had me adding how many electrons traveled around this and that.  Is this teaching now part of the ‘wall of continued ignorance’ as present theories were called.  Why is this ‘electron spin’ teaching so damaging?  I finally found one reason. Indirectly this teaching reinforces the big-bang theory. Here is the connection.


Scientists, during the year 1925 held to the view that “The electron in the BOHR atom was jumping from one orbit to another without obvious CAUSE. They wondered, was there perhaps no real cause for such movements.” If there were no identifiable cause, then were events SOLELY BY CHANCE?


This thought process reinforced the idea of the Universe running down because when testing electrons they found an energy LOSS from one end of the electron flow to the next. As long as electrons were not viewed as being FORMED then the action of magnetism being a constant had no chance to be reviewed. We were told electrons do not just disappear but always return to a particle balance. This particle balance has to do with a particular magnetic polarity. If something causes a change to the given magnetic polarity of a particle then the observed action of one electron jumping over to another place becomes the balancing activity. The movement of every single electron has a particular reason. It never moves without a purpose. That is the activity that is in keeping with the statement that magnetism is a constant, thus when a molecular structure breaks down and is USED to its maximum potential it FORMS a new molecular structure.


I asked, at one time, “Surely something FEEDS the Earth system IF the teaching about everything running down (entropy) is false.” I think the answer given which FITS this comment was as follows. It reads (in part) “The generating force of the ionic atmosphere is not produced by the calculative measurement of neutrons but by the co-existence of energy within the structure of the Universe…”  What are we talking about here? The Creator told us that “Energy is the power by which anything acts effectively and changes. The Creator is the Energy and is constantly making changes that act effectively to keep the Universe functioning. One of these changes then must be that God is creating the conditions by which there is a co-existence of energy within the structure of the Universe. Now we get a better view of what it means to say that energy is not work. So with all that activity, God is not working, God is manifesting as Substance which is Spirit—Total Mind and Total Energy.


Subject: Unified Field Theory


Would a running Celestial Particle Transmuter serve as proof for a Unified Field Theory?


A call from the past. I thought my writing on this scientific stuff ended with after years of not hearing from this person, he called to again seek my help to construct an anti-gravity device. I was rundown with trying to tell him gravity is simply compressed magnetism but he never for a moment could believe it.  Yes, he was smart enough to teach advanced science in a University, but constructing some anti-gravity hardware consumed his total life.  It was difficult to simply say, ‘I’m not interested,’ while wondering if all scientists felt like he did.


Yes, during one of the teaching times, I did ask for some method to show visible PROOF that gravity is compressed magnetism. The answer given is on page 95 in the book, Magnetic Energy to Heal the Planet, where it tells about how a ball bearing is pulled off a permanent magnet by a piece of iron.  The ball continues to adhere to the iron even many inches away from the magnet. In fact I took this very ball test to the International convention for Free Energy and showed this test to MANY people.  Not one person said it proved a single thing about how gravity is compressed magnetism. I talked myself blue trying to say the ball stays on the iron because the PUSH of the compressed magnetism cannot happen because the iron is blocking this energy’s movement downward. Because of this, the steel ball has NO weight.  Forget it.  It seemed I was trying to swim upstream getting nowhere. However, something kept me going because surely science wanted an overview of a grand Unified Field Theory.  In my mind was the thought that if scientists only knew that there is no such thing as gravity (only that this force is compressed magnetism) surely it explains EVERYTHING.


Well the science community spent a lot of effort identifying so called weak forces, strong forces, electromagnetic forces, electrostatic forces, and so on including the force of gravity.  Thus it seems that NOBODY has the right to explain all these forces as compressed magnetism.  It is too SIMPLE.


For example, Albert Einstein stated, “It would of course be a great step forward if we succeeded in combining the gravitational field and the electromagnetic field into a single structure. Only then could the era in theoretical physics inaugurated by Faraday and Clerk Maxwell be brought to a satisfactory close.”


This subject has some humor to it.  When we got the recorded message that gravity is simply compressed magnetism, my actual thought was, “let’s not change the subject, I’d rather keep our focus on the magnet motor parts.”   And here we were being given knowledge that EINSTEIN searched for all his life. There is something here to laugh or cry about, but who knows which.


It seems as I write on this subject that the best way to get interesting ‘READING’ is to ask myself questions and then write answers which do not conflict with data given over the many years of ‘teaching times.’  So the first question might be to ask, “Exactly WHAT would Einstein have had to see to bring the era in theoretical physics to a close?  What if he had a piece of TiAlCo-B metal and simply extracted usable energy directly from it?  Would he say that the gravity hitting this metal was compressed magnetism?  Probably not, because the teaching is that all magnetism is a by-product of electricity, when in fact all electricity is a by-product of a troubled MANGETIC FIELD. They got their wires crossed by putting the cart before the horse.


This business of trying to tie electricity to gravity has had interesting consequences. For example, some years ago a Professor Francis E. Nipher of the St. Louis Academy of Science proved by laboratory experiments that Gravitation can be nullified and even converted into repulsion by electric currents properly applied.  In fact, about November 8, 1917, Professor Nipher had positive evidence that gravitational attraction cannot only be suspended or nullified by the electrical current but it actually can be transformed into a ‘gravitational repulsion.’  This experiment was repeated time and again, always with the same result.


We need to focus on HOW his experiment might have actually been proving that gravity is compressed magnetism.  Why? We can be found to have CLOSED MINDS by saying he never actually accomplished this test. It seems he had two lead spheres hanging close to each other, and then charged each ball for 15 or 20 minutes with an alternating current of 20 amperes. The results were that the downward weight of the lead spheres was reduced to zero and then the lead spheres moved AWAY from each other.


All the flowing electricity is the product of a troubled magnetic field. So the lead spheres took on a magnetic charge that responded to the compressed magnetism that was giving the lead spheres their original weight.  We now go back to the BIG picture about this Earth’s energy field. Every thing that has weight has it because the compressed magnetism moves things DOWNWARD.  So, when a (for example) mill hammer is raised to a needed given distance, it falls downward with a force that can smash heated steel bars.  How did this hammer STORE the energy?


At one of the teaching times, I asked, “How does gravity actually work?” This question was put forth even after we were given the compressed magnetism data. I have the recorded answer given on October 2, 1986. It reads, “UP is to high as LOW is to down, ATTRACT is to PUSH as PULL is to REPEL. As something falls to the Earth, it is being PUSHED by molecular structures in the atmosphere and attracted by the Earth SIMULTANEOUSLY.”


For weeks I tried to forget this answer about  “up is to high, etc.” because it was just too much of a mind twister. Then on November 2, 1986, I focused on these molecular structures in the atmosphere by asking, “What actually happens when a molecular structure breaks down or what event causes a molecular structure to break down?”  The Creator inspired her to write the following. “When it is used to its maximum potential, the molecular structure breaks down and forms a new molecular structure.  All energy is a molecular structure. As something falls to the Earth, it does not break down molecular structures; it merely disperses them. Magnetic structural polarities exist in all things and in all differing measure. The molecular structures in the path of the falling object get transmuted from their NORMAL attract together state and JOIN again throughout the falling object to form two distinct and different forces, a push and a pull with one force not able to manifest without the other. Thus, the increasing downward intensity is dependent on the volume of these COLLECTED molecular structures during the downward movement of the object.”


It seems we were told a falling object acquires a certain magnetic charge that can be measured with the CORRECT magnetic metering system.  So, if we take the gravitation experiments of Professor Nipher, we can envision having a TEST falling object CARRY with it a capacitor type charge (connected to a long grounding wire).  When discharged, the object’s released energy could negate the acquired magnetic charge and simply allow the object to land on Earth without a crushing downward force.  I wondered, why did this subject about compressed magnetism get FOCUSED toward HOW molecular structures break down? What’s the connection?


It seems that the scientific community wants answers that address the generation or destruction of an atom or electron or whatever other items to which they gave names. Getting this basic knowledge they THINK that the origin of gravitation will finally be understood.  So where does the compressed magnetism (gravity) actually start and how did it get there? All of everything is a form of magnetism but within the Earth’s system, the magnetism is MORE compressed than in outer space.  This compressed magnetism is the catalyst for ALL energy and it co-exists, and is sustained by the energy of the Universe.  So the compressed magnetism is not derived from the aether, it IS the very energy of the Universe. 


As we were told that the compressed magnetism manifests as PULSES not WAVES, does this knowledge offer some HOPE of experimental verification to finally prove that gravity is in fact compressed magnetism? This answer hopefully is yes and one day testing will show (as we were told) that this compressed magnetism is NOT the same for all parts of the Earth’s surface. This compressed magnetism, being a force throughout the Universe manifests as a pulse in order to travel at the needed speed that is an ALMOST infinite velocity. 


It would seem then that ONLY when this compressed magnetism is actively being TRANSMUTED into other forms of energy would it offer a SPEED FACTOR, which can be recorded.  This could be why we were told that “a blending of magnetic circuitry is the method to capture this energy for recording purposes.”


Printed in Nature, dated March 23, 1911, Professor Charles F. Brush states in part, “My own view of gravitation differs from other teachings.  I believe that kinetic energy of the aether is the fundamental cause of gravitation and that a gravitating body plays a secondary ROLE only in DISTURBING the normally uniform distribution of the aether’s energy,…”


This statement comes closest to the teachings we were given. We were told, “There is only ONE FORCE- take away magnetism and the Universal system has no glue.”  Today, most physicists hold to the view that it is a GRAVITATIONAL pull that keeps the ionic atmosphere in place.  This concept was called a state of confinement that spells DOOM for Earth. WHY? Would changing this force’s NAME to ‘compressed magnetism’ open some door of understanding?  The answer must be YES, but how is that possible?  I’ll print the answer given, but this answer demands a lot of deep thought.


Recorded around 1985, it reads in part, “The magnetic field of the collective bodies within the Universe has nothing to do with the principle of magnetic energy. It does have to do with a source of energy thought about but untapped by humankind.  Untapped because theories have already been formed as mental boundaries restricting man’s inventive possibilities.  Humankind is on a threshold of being able to review all of the impossibilities that they themselves have made impossible previously. There is available an unlimited, untapped resource of energy, yet man things that the beginning and end of it are encompassed only within the Earth.  He is about to learn how wrong he is.”


One moment: Let us assume time as we see it, as we measure it, does not apply to the Universe. Events truly occur in only one moment of now.  How is it that we can exist with the perception of events occurring one after another yet still be in the same moment without the existence of time? What is changing is the vibrational state of things, we are all passing through the perception of change which occurs through a vibrational shift. The earth is a multidimensional energy system that facilitates an infinitely complex array of vibrational shifting for all interactions within it’s system. All events, that have occurred are occurring right now, it is our perception that keeps moving forward. In the moment of now, which is all there is, any event can be viewed by perceiving that event’s vibrations. So if everything already exists, then how do we have the ability to choose? Aren’t all of our choices already made? All possible events already exist for people to perceive. The earth is constantly receiving instantaneously all the energy necessary, all the combinations of vibrations necessary, at every moment to make our perceptual experience fully functioning. We are free to choose any possible path and the energy will instantly be provided for us to experience, or literally create anything we want. How does the earth facilitate this storage of events within it’s system? The earth vibrates extremely fast allowing a whole new set of events to be stored with each new vibration. All eternity happens in one moment in the sense that an infinite number of events can happen simultaneously. The events do not spread out horizontally across a time line, but they happen simultaneously, with our perception moving through them. It may help to view time vertically, instead of horizontally, as if all events are happening in one moment as we view some of them. The earth spins at a nearly infinite velocity to accommodate the magnetic system of vibration for storing an infinite number of events simultaneously. The earth does not look like a blur because of the syncronization we have with the earth vibrationally. Our entire existence and our perception of our existence all relates to our vibrational state. An analogy would be the many ways cars can be viewed while driving on a freeway. Standing still, the cars drive by as we view them, driving in the same direction we observe the cars around us at similar speeds, driving in the opposite direction we see even less detail of the cars as they speed by. If you could keep your perception still, you would observe life’s events pass by like standing on the side of the road. You can move your perception quickly through time to see many events happen quickly. Or you can do what you normally do and perceive events as you move along with them. Each perception change is a change in vibration.

Now let’s take the analogy a little further. All existence, all events, all matter exists at certain vibrations. Stand in one spot and view the physical objects around you. You are viewing a set of vibrations. You are vibrating with the environment around you. If you change your vibration, you will view the other vibrations in the environment you change your vibration to. For example, you could view all the different physical objects and events that have existed in the environment your are in (or in any environment) simply by changing your vibration. You could view who lived in the house before you, what existed there before your house, 10,000 years, 10,000,000 years ago, simple by changing your vibrations.

Our planetary system vibrates in synchronization. The sun vibrates in synchronization with the earth. An analogy would be a fan with letters on it’s blades that is spinning too fast to read the letters. When a strobe light is placed in front of the fan and it is synchronized to the spinning blades the letters become readable. So it is with the earth and the sun. The sun pulses in synchronization with the earth so that the earth appears to be spinning slowly. The “physical matter” of the earth is also pulsing, blinking on and off at a nearly infinite velocity. As long as you remain within the vibrational range of our solar system you will perceive this system as you normally do, just like you can read the words on the fan blades. Change your vibration and you will find yourself reading different words on a whole different fan, and that is the secret of space travel.

Subject:  Questions that surface as to the very FABRIC OF THE UNIVERSE because of the claims put forth about the Unit called, ‘Pyramid Molecular Vibratory Exchanger Unit, from the book titled, Magnetic Energy to Heal the Planet.


Q1. On page 55 of this book, it tells how a hamster becomes a FOCAL POINT for magnetic vibrations (which takes place at the molecular level) when the animal is between two rotating magnets. The human eye cannot SEE the hamster when it is within these magnetic fields. In that the Planet Earth was called the VACUUM of this planetary system, is this Earth the actual FOCAL POINT for the conductive activity within THIS solar system’s TOTAL generating force?


A1. A close study of the Formula, C – 2 + 14= 710Y + 409 helps to explain the importance of the Earth’s generating force, as it serves as the Vacuum for our solar system.


Q2. If the Earth rotates one revolution every 24 hours, how can it be a VACUUM with a powerful magnetic generating force?


A2. NOTE: The exact answer given was “That’s the bondage teaching right there.”


Q3. I guess we do call it only a theory that the Earth rotates once in 24 hours.  Are we to understand that a theory should start with MORE scientific and philosophical assumptions than the facts alone warrant?


A3. Yes.  Some visionaries hold to the view that scientists must form a judgement of truths that are IMPERCEPTABLE to our terrestrial organisms and faculties.


Q4. Are we being pushed in our minds to see the Earth rotating FASTER than our OBSERVED FACTS seem to indicate?


A4. Yes, VERY FAST.  The energy of our solar system creates the ILLUSION of a 24-hour time per single rotation of Earth.


Q5.  We know that the satellite devices just outside the Earth’s rim rotate at a matching speed to the Earth, then the ILLUSION of a 24-hour time per single rotation of Earth MUST reach PAST our Earth realm.  Would we be able to understand this activity from a DISTANT VIEW of Earth?


A5. Yes.  We need to focus on the BIG PICTURE.  Our solar system is within a PROTECTIVE massive HALO of magnetism that is all part of the ATTRACT-ATTRACT activity of the Universe.  The formula tells how ‘pulsed light particles enter our solar system to then go DIRECTLY to Jupiter.  It is only to Jupiter that our solar system has this PARTICULAR energy FEED connection to the Center of the Universe. It is Jupiter’s ELEMENT formulation of attract structures that allow this RECEIVING and DISTRIBUTING of magnetic energy.  Our solar system maintains its particular shape and vibrational speed by being somewhat COMPRESSED between, let us say, raging RIVERS of high-speed magnetic energy streams.  Thus, our solar system can be compared to a trapped POCKET of still water.


Q6. What effect is created by this HALO around our solar system?


A6. High-speed space particles are refracted and deflected by this magnetic halo, thus keeping our system ‘to a point’ safe from harm.


Q7. If the Earth has a solid molten iron core (as science teaches) how could it possibly rotate VERY FAST?


A7. There has been more than enough proof that the Earth is made in such a manner as to be able to rotate VERY FAST.


Q8. Has anyone put forth evidence of this proof?


A8.  Yes. Dr. Cater’s book, The Awesome Life Force tells how during the Alaska Earthquake in 1962. The TOTAL EARTH rang like a bell for several hours AFTER the quake.  This should have been positive proof that the Earth is basically HOLLOW. In fact, Dr. Cater went on to say that the Earth DOES NOT have a Humongous iron core.  He further stated, “The dogma of a solid Earth is a product of irrational and shallow thinking.”

Q9. We were told the Earth is the VACUUM of our planetary system.  Is this vacuum then INSIDE the Earth?  How thick of a shell does the Earth have?


A9. The book titled Etidarhpa states the shell of the Earth is only 800 miles thick.


Q10. Then where is all the LAVA stored if not in the center of the Earth?


A10. The LAVA is constantly being FORMED. As the 710 units of combustible factors enter the Earth and Transmute into elements, these elements utilize what science identifies as a process of COLD FUSION forming at ‘given locations.  There is no single LAVA storage location.


Q11. If the Earth rotates VERY FAST, why don’t things FLY-OUT or away from Earth, instead of being attracted to Earth?


A11. There are magnetic fields around the moving Earth that tend to COMPRESS the outer portion of the Ionosphere. Our Earth IS NOT a closed system of energy.  There is a particle just OUTSIDE the Earth’s rim which serves to provide equal existing conditions INSIDE the Earth structure. Thus the Earth’s tremendous rotational speed creates a magnetic CENTRIFUGAL FORCE that pushes certain magnetically CHARGED particles that could be called, CHARGE-CAPACITORS (commonly called the Van Allen Radiation Belt.).


Q12. Could it be that this magnetic Centrifugal Force is responsible for preventing the Earth’s ‘surface water’ from FILLING UP the hollow Earth AND providing a form of GRAVITY at what might be called the ceiling of the interior of the Earth so that humankind could walk around?


A12. You were told, ‘Stop thinking about Earthlings living only on the OUTER surface of Earth.


Q13. As the Earth rotates VERY FAST, is it rotating INSIDE the two zones of magnetic energy (called Van Allen Belt) which are, IN RELATION to Earth, not rotating at the SAME SPEED as the Earth?


A13. True.  One might say, “The ratio of revolutions to the speed of the generating force CONTINUOUSLY COMPENSATES to attain a SMOOTH rotating Earth.


Q14. If the Van Allen Belt of energy (located as TWO POLES) aids in maintaining the Earth’s rotational speed, then does the magnetic beam from Jupiter FEED directly to these two energy locations and NOT directly to the Earth?


A14. As construction of the Spacecraft is completed, then traveling to these stated locations will help to explain the many MAGNETISMS OF SPACE. Just as every permanent magnet has a draw factor to the atmosphere, so too, the CHARGED POLES of energy have their own draw factor, TO THE UNIVERSAL STRUCTURE. The Earth IS NOT a closed system of energy.


Q15. Now we are again addressing the FOCAL POINT for the two poles shaped as very large magnets.  Does the magnetic energy from these, let us say, CHARGED CAPACITORS, take part in causing the Earth to respond as if it is rotating one time around in 24 hours?


A15. You are expecting a simple answer to a far more complex set of Universal interactions.  The solution lies NOT in the expectancy but in the direct relationship to what is POSSIBLE TO UNDERSTAND within the scope of present knowledge.  The present understanding about Earth is focused on TIME.  Time was put on this Earth plane ONLY for the benefit of Earthlings.  However, outside of this Earth realm TIME DOES NOT EXIST.


Q16. This answer is likened to a short-circuit of the mind, almost OUT OF REACH to our understanding.  Let us try and grasp the BIG PICTURE.  We were told Magnetic energy is UNLIMITED.  Thus it has no SPEED LIMITS, it is interacting everywhere ALL AT THE SAME time.  Was Professor Ehrenhaft correct when he stated, “It is a purely magnetic force which permeates throughout the known Universe” and did he use the term MAGNETIC FORCE literally?


A16. Yes.  Once you can THINK without the concept of SPEED, everything will be understood. 


Q17. Discarding this concept of SPEED is different because of seeing actual MOVEMENT in the Heavens.  We simply wonder HOW LONG did it take to go from here to there.  Is this activity SHOWING US the speed of magnetism?


A17. No, it is not.  ALL observed activity is the OUTWARD ACTIONS of the magnetism, which is why magnetism does not get concerned with returning back to the center of the Universe. Thus, magnetism’s OUTWARD activity is ONLY the VISIBLE part of the Universal transmutation process. This statement helps to explain why ‘Magnetism is a CONSTANT.’


Q18. Just as part of some intellectual conversation, the formula C – 2 + 14Z = 710Y + 409 states, “light particles emitting from the Center of the Universe TRAVEL.”  Is this not a SPEED CONCEPT?


A18. It is purely a Magnetic Force that permeates the UNIVERSES.  As the light particles are caused to MOVE, their action is simply an INTERCHANGE of magnetic energy that causes a ‘NEW energy flow’ resulting in the MOVEMENT of these light particles.  ALL light is a form of magnetism.


Q19. Would this teaching about light’s CREATION be more understandable as we construct the light box on Page 40 in the book, Magnetic Energy to Heal the Planet?


A19. Yes.  Sadly, the scientific community is seeking answers that DO NOT include magnetism.


Q20. The spacecraft teaching tells about adjusting the space craft’s plate polarities to ATTRACT TO magnetic highways in space.  What if someone wanted to travel to Earth from a location around the Center of the Universe?  If they located the Craft inside the ‘pulsed light particles emitting from the center of the Universe, which goes to Jupiter, would they arrive at Jupiter by being carried at ‘speeds that cannot be described within our present framework which locks in time and space?’


A20. Yes, that is exactly how other BEINGS utilize these space highways.


Q21. Are we to THINK ABOUT how some physical substance like a spacecraft could be manufactured somewhere near the Center of the Universe and be carried along with a stream of energy all the way to Jupiter ALMOST INSTANTLY?


A21. Yes, this is how other beings visit Earth. There are no fuel stations in the sky.


Q22. The total light year teaching has its foundation on the UNION of SPACE and TIME.  If the vast travel distance from the center of the Universe to Jupiter can happen independent of TIME then how can TIME be described as the FOURTH DIMENSION?


A22. The present teaching is that everything HAS happened and IS happening at a certain instant in TIME. We were told, on this Earth plane time is for our benefit; however, OUT THERE everything is happening NOW and TIME does not exist.


Q23. Are we being given the thought that in order to THINK ABOUT space travel, our present MIND SET supplies us with stay at home WALL and GATES but to actually travel to the stars, this bondage MUST be lifted?


A23. Yes and not only that, our very survival depends on this change of thought.  The reality for us is that we have refused to allow any thinking outside our rigid structure of thought to take hold and help us when we are so desperately in need.  As the present science teaching GAGS the lift principle for space travel, then planet Earth remains in a time warp of backwardness while the rest of the planetary system is delayed with THEIR progress.  There is an interactionary dependence and certainly they are not seeking to remain where they are.


Q24. It seems WE are somehow getting to take the blame for JUST LIVING on this Planet.  Many scientists hold to the view that this OBJECTIVE PHYSICAL WORLD unfolds itself according to immutable laws INDEPENDENT OF US.  Are we watching this process like an audience watches a video?


A24. NO, the laws of Nature ARE NOT governed by CHANCE.  Everything science calls progress is destructive with the worldwide use of electricity being the greatest destructive action of all. Science MUST have the freedom of mind to investigate the CORE STRUCTURE of the electron. With the proper equipment, it is POSSIBLE to discover where every single electron is caused to be formed. It is only a matter of time when the Ionosphere will be thinned to the point where our oxygen will leak OUT into space, then the Earth will be unable to sustain life AS WE KNOW IT. The TIME to allow the use of free magnetic energy is NOW at hand, because VERY SOON we reach a point of NO RETURN.


Q25. There NOW seems to be two sets of laws. One set seems to follow laws made by physicists and scientists.  Their relativity theory has been reduced to ONE FORMULA which SUPPOSEDLY governs space, time and gravitation.  THEIR other set of teaching laws seem to be directed at solving the RIDDLE OF THE UNIVERSE.  Is there, let us say, a list of LAWS, which might be called FOUNDATION STONES that might help explain not just the Universes, but to supply the knowledge needed to save this planet?


A25. Yes, here is a list of comments, all inter-related.  Einstein once desired to share a NON-mathematical explanation to help solve this so-called ‘Riddle of the Universe.’  He wanted something ‘so simple that a child could understand them.’ (Einstein’s words).


 The comments given to us MANY TIMES over a 15-year period are as follows:

1)     Truth is ongoing. Man in his present mind cannot grasp the TOTAL truth of the Universe.

2)     Magnetism is a constant.

3)     Magnetism is the glue holding the Universe together.

4)     There are magnetisms in the Universe that have only been minutely touched.

5)     Magnetic energy is unlimited.

6)     It is ALL a matter of transmutability.

7)     When magnetism flows the best description would be to state magnetism travels with an interaction going in BOTH directions SIMULTANEOUSLY.

8)     Magnetism does not need (have) a no-return system.

9)     The WORD magnetism is very limiting because the word needed should be descriptive of a total variety of like energies not heretofore identified.

10)Once you can THINK without the concept of SPEED…you can be there.

11)Professor Ehrenhaft was correct when he stated, “it is a purely magnetic force which permeates throughout the known Universe.”  He used the term, Magnetic force, LITERALLY.

12)Gravity is compressed magnetism, which manifests as a PULSE not as a WAVE. This compressed magnetism manifests as TWO distinct and separate forces, a push and a pull, with one force NOT ABLE to manifest without the other. 

13)The foundation stone to this message is that the Creator is Spirit, Total Mind and Total Energy.  OUR MIND is inside the Creator NOT outside. IF someone determines IN THEIR MIND. To grasp what has just been stated about the Universe, then the TOTAL MIND is MORE THAN WILLING to share expanded truth.

“Humankind tends to look at atmospheric energy and isolated particles as being inter-related when in fact they are separate but within the same generating force.  The magnetism of the Earth’s atmosphere has nothing to do with what is called atmospheric conditions but is directly related to that flow outside the atmosphere but within reach.  Take for instance the propellant, gas.  It has nothing to do with fumes, yet it has such.  So it is with the atmosphere just outside the Earth’s rim.  There are conductive particles that have to do with equal existing conditions within the interior atmosphere of the Earth.  Gravitational pull has nothing to do with the ionic atmosphere.  As long as people will not explore this concept we are doomed to stay within the confinements we have set for ourselves. Growth is not a state of confinement but destruction is.


Subject:  Questions and answers directed at the statement that, “structural polarities exist in all THINGS and in all differing measures.”  Stated on page 106 of the book, Magnetic Energy to Heal Our Planet.


Q1. In an attempt to explore just what this statement is telling us, can we somehow direct its meaning to what is called a PARTICLE?


A1. A particle can be called a THING; thus all particles have structural polarities existing in all differing measures.


Q2. Science within a short time span merged the particle with the WAVE concept.  For example, the electron had changed from being either a particle or a wave to being one under certain circumstances and the other under different circumstances.  Next, science held the view that it appeared that it was both at the same time.  Is it necessary to run up against common sense as we deal in the world of subatomic particles?


A2. What is necessary is an open mind.  When the statement was made that structural polarities (the use of the WORD particle is too restrictive) exist in all differing measures, one of these ‘points for measuring’ is OCTAVES.  For example, in 1941 the American Academy of Science gave a Dr. Russell an award for his NEW process to identify elements.  He had a chart based on the WAVE concept of nature, somewhat like the magnetic responses mentioned in the book Magnetic Energy to Heal Our Planet. His wave concept divided the elements into nine separate OCTAVES.  At the one end of his scale were the heavier elements, and at the other end were the lighter ones.  When the octaves were caused to resonate (without heat) at a given frequency, the element under test responded with a SYMPATHETIC vibration.  At that point, an identifying frequency number then categorized the element.  The vast number of different elements being identified forced him to discard the atomic structure system.  As stated in the book The Awesome Life Force by Dr. Cater, “a total of 18 hypothetical elements are between hydrogen and the end of the chart on the LIGHT side.”


Q3. Were these different OCTAVES caused to happen by the magnetic PULSE RATES of Dr. Russell’s elements under test?


A3. The formula C – 2 + 14Z = 710Y + 409 (Page 4) tells how 409 elements exist and can be identified with THE PROPER system.  An intertwining of magnetic circuitry could be arranged to CAUSE sympathetic vibration at OCTAVE levels which then respond to EACH of these 409 elements.


Q4. It seemed the original thought was about the electron being a particle or a wave.  Did we change the subject?


A4. An electron could be thought of as a FORCE or a physical substance OR simply ENERGY.  ALL MASS is composed of various magnetic molecular structures that have a given state of RESONANCE as discovered by Dr. Russell back in 1941.  It is this resonance, or what might be called a vibrational frequency (magnetic pulse rates) that causes the assembled structure to BECOME assembled as a mass that is then identified as an element.


Q5. Is it just too limiting to address the subatomic world with words such as PARTICLE or WAVE?


A5. Yes.  NOTHING EXISTS OUTSIDE OF ENERGY.  For every molecular structure that is known, there are equal ones being made, offshoots if you will.  For every KNOWN structure COMBINATION there is an UNKNOWN structure combination, an unending variety, not unlike the vast array of color combinations available with the color spectrum.  There are NO particle ASHES, all structures ARE PART OF the transmutation process, proving that nature wastes NOTHING.


Q6. Are we being told that Faraday might have been correct as he held to the view that FORCE or energy had CONTINUOUS MOTION in space and time?


A6.  His teaching should have been given more thought as he identified force in this manner.  Science should have expanded their view of all particles, electrons included, by seeing Faraday’s view as the HALLMARK of a physical substance.


Q7. And just what would this EXPANDED VIEW have accomplished?


A7. This teaching would have led to the discovery that troubling magnetic fields causes ALL electrons to form. Thus, after these electrons are USED they do not redistribute BACK TO the Ionosphere, the Earth’s energy zone. The worldwide use of electricity is the PRIMARY reason for the depletion of our protective layer (ozone).


Q8. Newtonian mechanics seemed to describe ACTION AT A DISTANCE. It seems relativity, in many ways, discarded this theory.  Here we are being told how rotating a generator located right here, on the ground, causes an instant forming of magnetic molecular structures at the Ionosphere.  Is this not action at a distance?  Why is this so difficult to grasp?


A8. A distant view of Earth shows a tiny blue sphere. From THAT vantage point it is SIMPLE to envision how energy located at his blue exterior can instantly transmute into a new energy form by expending ANOTHER energy form, the one used to rotate the generator. Think about the atmosphere being an instantaneous ‘contact point,’ a circuit between the rim of the Earth and the Earth itself.


Q9. Are we being given the thought that this MECHANISM of rotating a generator CALLS electrons into being and these particular particles ARE NOT hiding in a grand field somewhere?


A9. Yes.  ALL electrons are formed.  Perpetual motion is not predicated on a constant flow of energy but is predicated on the consistency of the transmutation process of magnetic molecular structures within the Earth’’ pressure flow. The magnetic energy devices in the book Magnetic Energy to Heal Our Planet focus on magnetic devices that redistribute BACK to the Earth’s rim.


Q10.  So after we USE our electricity, it either vanishes or DOES something.  What is this SOMETHING that is bad enough to cause a loss of our Ionosphere?


A10.  Molecular structures break down for a reason, NOT BY CHANCE. Operating electrical generators is a CONTINUOUS PROCESS OF COMBUSTION.  This continuous combustion has been tremendously increased by the estimated 200 million tons of VOLATILE gases that are now saturating our atmosphere. As the newly formed electrons TRAVEL to the generator, they INTERACT with these gases in such a way that the gases JOIN the electron flow. This activity is the reason why we were told, “Electricity was FAR CLEANER before the age of nuclear blasting.”  This present DARKENED STATE OF KNOWLEDGE, now called enlightenment MUST be replaced with a true picture of how the Earth is caused to operate.


Q11. Something is wrong.  Atmospheric scientists seem to think the present ban of chloro-fluorocarbons is now having a positive effect on cleaning up our atmosphere. Are they missing something?


A11. Yes. “Atmospheric scientists tend to look at the energy that creates our atmosphere as though it is made up of isolated particles that are simply interrelated. Did someone ever stop to think that they are simply INTER-RELATED? Did someone ever stop to think they are separate, yes, and INTER-RELATED, yes, but within the SAME generating force? The magnetism of the Earth’s atmosphere really has nothing to do with what is called ATMOSPHERIC CONDITIONS but is directly related to that flow OUTSIDE the Earth’s atmosphere but within our reach.  What I’m (Creator) speaking of are conductive particles that have to do with equal existing conditions within the interior atmosphere of the Earth as well as the EXTERIOR that surrounds it. Gravitational PULL, as it is KNOWN, has nothing to do with the ionic atmosphere.  KNOW THAT the ionic atmosphere’s generating force is not produced by someone’s calculative measurements of neutrons but by the co-existence of energy within the Universe’s structure. Thus, start to KNOW your survival is dependent on identifying gravity, NO LONGER as an isolated source, but for what it TRULY IS, compressed magnetism.”


Q12. Why did this subject matter switch to the word GRAVITY again?


A12. This is because the Compressed Magnetism (not gravity) is the CATALYST for ALL ENERGY.


Q13. But if compressed magnetism is the CATALYST and it comes from outside our Earth system then the Earth is not self-contained, only getting energy from the Sun, as they teach.  What particular MIND-SET caused scientists to discount this CATALYTIC energy?


A13. The error is in the following statement, a bondage teaching that states, “The law of entropy as it describes material order and disorder, like the law of gravity is a REALITY of nature.”  When science sees gravity AS IT IS, ‘compressed magnetism’ then they will see that what is now called DISORDER is actually nature, doing its thing, in a pattern as needed while repeating in a random sequence.  The Earth IS NOT running down by some Law of Entropy.  It is being destroyed by what is called PROGRESS.


Q14. But scientists PROVE entropy by FORCING particles under test to be ANNIHILATED, that is, NOTHING LEFT.  If they did not disappear, then what happened to them?


A14. NOTHING is ever annihilated.  All molecular structures ALWAYS return to a particle balance.


Q15. How could electrons ALSO return to a particle balance when scientists now hold to the view that “the electron is to be regarded as a PERFECTLY RIGID SPHERE under all circumstances, an ENTITY UNTO ITSELF.” Was this teaching simply to avoid finding something SMALLER than the electron?


A15. Yes, it is a comfort zone. But it wasn’t just to avoid the search for something smaller. They did NOT want to address another sticky subject which would be, ‘what holds the electron together?’  Every single electron has an IDENTIFIABLE core structure that could prove its place of origin. This location is the place or location where magnetic molecular structures were CAUSED TO form into electrons. MAGNETISM holds everything together.


Q16. If nothing is ever annihilated then what about the NUCLEUS of an atom. How could it take part in returning to a PARTICLE BALANCE unless extreme heat is used?  Did ANYONE ever prove that a NUCLEUS could be changed?


A16. YES. The present teaching about the ATOM has had its uses.  Atoms may be atoms but when science makes a statement about a NUCLEUS and then states what it can and cannot do, this stops progressive thought.  Take for example the HIDDEN work of Dr. Kevran. He published a book in Paris circa 1962 titled, Transmutations Biologiques. He conducted tests with hens laying eggs in order to disprove this NUCLEUS theory. The hens laid perfectly normal eggs made of normal CALCIUM although they never were fed any calcium; however, they were fed POTASSIUM. They stayed perfectly healthy and laid perfectly normal eggs made of CALCIUM.


Q17. Yes, but can one test, such as the one Dr. Kevran conducted, prove a nucleus can be changed from Potassium to Calcium?


A17.Yes, his work inspired other scientists to repeat his process of changing elements.  His work was replicated with identical results by:

1)     Professor Hisatoki Kimaki, chief of the laboratory of Applied Microbiology at a leading Japanese university,

2)     They were also replicated by Professor Pierre Baranger, Head of the Laboratory of Chemical Biology of the Ecole Polytechnique in Paris,

3)     They were also replicated by J.E. Zundel, then head of a paper company with a chemical analysis laboratory,

4)     They were also replicated by a chemical engineer of the Polytechicum School of Zurich, Switzerland. 


None of these experimenters understood nature’s transmutation process, they only proved beyond question that this process is factual and UNIVERSALLY OCCURS.


Q18. The changing of Potassium to Calcium is stunning; however, can this happen with OTHER elements?


A18. Yes. These same visionary professors transmuted Magnesium into Calcium, Sodium into Potassium, Sodium into Magnesium, Nitrogen into silicon, etc.  As Dr. Cater stated in his book The Awesome Life Force, “The transmutation of elements is an integral part of all life processes.  It occurs in both organic and inorganic materials and involves INTELLIGENCE.


Q19. Several years ago, a SCHOOL had me memorizing how many electrons made up an atom of such and such.  Was this teaching a waste of time?


A19. That depends on IF the teaching was left OPEN-ENDED.  Particles may be particles, electrons may be electrons, atoms may be atoms, however, these are just WORDS that disallow expansion.  Why? Because with these names also comes the restrictions as to what these words ARE ALLOWED TO MEAN, thus any further opening of the mind is automatically closed.


Q20. But we DO NEED words.  Why is calling something ‘a magnetic molecular structure’ a better identifying statement?


A20. This ‘molecular structure’ identification has the needed OPEN-ENDED allowance for expansion. For example, as we state that energy is a composition of molecules linked together like mini-magnets, we can make a mental image. This mental image can then expand to the knowledge that ALL magnetic molecular structures are constantly forming and reforming with NO TWO structures being perfectly identical.


Q21. If there are no two identical structures then how is it possible to state that there are ELEMENTARY PARTICLES?


A21. The formula C – 2 + 14Z = 710Y + 409 tells how 710 units of combustible factors form 409 elements. Even so, these elements are NOT identical to the point where they could be called the SAME or ‘elementary particles.’


Q22. The big question scientists might ask is if the formula can be used to in fact take the 710 units of combustible factors and REPLICATE nature’s method of ELEMENT FORMING to make some given element.  Is this possible?


A22. Yes. As elements are formed, then reformed with the proper PERCENTAGE BLENDING together while changing this RESONANCE, then a particular element can be formed.


Q23. Just a minute.  What is this percentage blending stuff?  A METEOROLOGIST, Mr. Dalton was taken seriously when he stated, “Nature is even ratios” and that he was bringing to chemistry, “a new system of chemical philosophy.”


A23. Yes, he was credited as making that statement. But it should be noted that it took several generations to BEAT NATURE INTO LINE, not unlike the twisting of data that brought Relativity to science.


Q24. That seems unreal.  How could data be adjusted?


A24. Every time a scientist conducted experiments, his/her test results HAD TO show even ratios if they wanted their work accepted. This activity started a new program of ALTERING percentage ratios to where ANY new ‘element discovery’ had to show EVEN RATIOS or be discounted.


Q25. Was this BONDAGE of learning always this way?


A25. No, over 150 years ago scientists held to the view that if a given experiment contradicted an existing theory, then that visible contradiction was a great VICTORY. WHY? Because it pointed out the limitations or failings of the theory which always led to an advanced understanding of science.  Michael Faraday stated, in part, (when his design directed towards a homo-polar generator was rejected) that “Theories afford peaceful lodging to the intellect for a time, but they also CIRCUMSCRIBE it, and by and by, when the mind has grown too large for its lodging, it often finds difficulty in breaking down the walls of what has become its PRISON instead of its home.”


SUBJECT:  Cure for Aids and Cancer


How to utilize the same cure process (which restores the body’s immune system) for aids and cancer NOT just for correcting space travel illness. The normal questions and answers are directed toward this subject.


The onboard gravity field mentioned on page 126 of the book titled,Magnetic Energy to Heal the Planet tells how our bodies MUST HAVE the feeding of compressed magnetism (gravity) to maintain healthy cells.


Q1. President Clinton’s state of the Union address on January 27, 2000, told about the catastrophic disaster called AIDS now decimating the African people.  Yes, I am happy that the radiation treatments I received for cancer now show my blood is just perfect. Thank you, God! Why am I being pushed in my mind to DO MORE than just say ‘thanks’?


A1. YOU can ask about how you might help these suffering African people by sharing knowledge given to you.


Q2. I certainly do not mind asking, but to give false hope is worse than doing nothing.  Is it going to be my job to convince someone about the TREATMENT plan given to us OVER 15 years ago?


A2. You do your job; I’ll do mine.  Tell MY people what you were given and I’ll get the ball rolling on the ACTION side.


Q3. This sounds like a workable plan.  The temptation is to make a long story short, but to explain, ‘How an Aids epidemic takes hold’ demands that all of the facts be addressed.  Is it necessary to start this disclosure by saying the answer lies in checking the magnetic qualities of the BLOOD?


A3. Yes, every person has a particular magnetic PULSE-RATE to their blood.  As this pulse number is recorded, then flowing NEUTRAL magnetic current can be pulsed TO MATCH this SAME pulse-rate while RE-CHARGING the person’s blood as it flows through a magnetically pulsed energy stream.  This process then restores the body’s immune system (its DRAW FACTOR to the atmosphere).


Q4. To MOST people, this sounds TOO FAR OUT.  Can we FIRST know MORE about how our bodies actually work so that they can FIGHT OFF these AIDS viruses?


A4. Yes.


Q5. I know this subject matter is leading up to a long TEACHING TIME. First, has anyone had REAL SUCCESS at fighting off cancer and aids?


A5. Yes.  Some visionary doctors have had great success at using a form of magnetism called ULTRAVIOLET to destroy KILLER VIRUSES.  These doctors had an INNER KNOWING that AIDS is a VIRUS: These doctors tell how these killer viruses are WITHIN the cell and any chemical (TOXIC) agents (called pills) that enter the cell to kill the virus will often kill the cell as well.


Q6. We just addressed a nasty subject. Is it possible for a magnetic RE-CHARGING of the blood to KILL good blood cells?


A6. It is impossible for a properly applied magnetic pulse to hurt good blood cells. The healing process that the doctors used is explained IN THEIR WORDS as follows: “A fine piece of crystal can be shattered by exposing it to just the right frequency.  This RIGHT frequency can be used to destroy ONLY the killer viruses.  You can be standing in the SAME ROOM and the energy from that frequency does not harm a person in the least.  The use of frequency irradiation of the BLOOD in the ULTRAVIOLET range is the greatest hope for curing aids and cancer.  We have made over 40 THOUSAND TREATMENTS using this ultraviolet blood irradiation ALL with uniformly GOOD results.”  Note:  Ultraviolet is simply magnetic energy vibrated at a pulse-rate to then manifest as the visible light called ultraviolet.


Q7. This curing EVENT seems to have stopped.  Is it because a safe NON-TOXIC treatment like this is called UNORTHODOX and tends to take the POWER away from the World Health Organization and the American Medical Association?


A7. This is NOT your concern.  Tell about what you were given. AGAIN – you do your job and I’ll do mine.


Q8. Back to the body’s immune system of energy. How do we start to address this subject?


A8. To address this subject, we must first assess gravity in a different light. Gravity THROUGH ERROR has come to be known as a giant magnet in the Earth that pulls everything to it. To correctly understand how magnetic energy can restore the body immune system, we need to know gravity is in fact COMPRESSED MAGNETISM, the catalyst for ALL of the body’s energy. 


There is within each human being a certain magnetic energy that creates a      DRAW FACTOR to our atmosphere.  In this way, the compressed magnetism (gravity) constantly replenishes our OWN magnetic system, thus keeping us in a balance with the atmosphere.  This replenishing is to the BLOOD, like an energy form similar to flowing magnetic current.  As ANY contamination flows with the blood, it has a destructive reaction to the body magnetic FEEDING from the atmosphere.  This interference of the body’s DRAW FACTOR soon becomes HOSTILE and in turn a molecular change takes place causing the body to start a destructive process.  This process FIRST manifests itself in the body’s inability to retain a necessary OXYGEN level in the blood.


Q9. To my limited knowledge, I’m not aware of the medical profession checking either the magnetic qualities of the blood OR the blood oxygen level.  Is there a process by which this NEW medical process can be accomplished?


A9. Yes.  This process however, cannot be made inside our present compressed magnetic field (gravity).


Q10. So we have an instant problem, testing then needs to be accomplished out in space?


A10. A workroom CAN BE CONSTRUCTED that TOTALLY removes ALL the compressed magnetism (gravity).  The testing of blood, as to its magnetic qualities has not taken place because the magnetic differences IN THE BLOOD are extremely minute.  These differences for the most part are completely DISTORTED by the compressed magnetism of Earth. This influencing energy must be temporarily SHUT-OFF when the actual metering detection system is in use.


Q11. I think this disclosure has now arrived at the point where I am supposed to explain how to construct a medical WORKROOM for testing the magnetic quality of the blood. Is it true that once a person’s blood QUALITY is known then the proper reinforcement of the TOTAL BLOOD VOLUME will build a NEW magnetic draw factor? Will this then create a new STRONGER magnetic pulse rate to the body and healthy cells are then free to grow?


A11. Yes.  Indirectly that SAME effect happened as doctors used ULTRAVIOLET frequency irradiation. However, their system of CHARGING the blood can be exactly controlled after the blood’s MAGNETIC pulse-rate is first established.




On page 121 of the book Magnetic Energy to Heal the Planet, it shows a space vehicle that has a rotating top plate.  To construct a weightless room, we do not need to capitalize on the gyroscopic lift principle because no lifting of this plate is needed. The rotating plate is made 19 feet in diameter with an exterior drive system to turn this plate at a minimum speed of 182 to a maximum speed of 225 RPM. 


When this plate is rotated above a cabin shaped room, the room will become WEIGHTLESS inside.  Several other design features are needed to cause this weightless condition to happen.


These are:

a)     The pulse WIRING of the plate should be identical as disclosed starting on page 125.

b)    There is no need for a bottom plate of this identical shape. The only requirement is to have a 3/8” thick FLAT TiAlCo-B plate rotating with the same 70 contacts as disclosed. See the patented metal on page 83 of the book, Magnetic Energy to Heal the Planet.  These contacts will then complete the magnetic flow for the top plate.

c)     These plates are to be rotated by extending driveshaft out of the top section and down under the bottom flat plate.  These shafts then extend OUT from a circular room which has a powerful vacuum applied.  Thus, the cabin area INSIDE these upper plates serve as a WORKROOM as these plates rotate around it. The bottom TiAlCo-B plate rotates UNDER the floor of the cabin.

d)    A 6” thick fiberglass insulation is COMPACTED with graphite powder and completely surrounds the TOTAL workroom, above and below. This material supplies a protection against outside UNWANTED magnetic field interference.

e)     There will be no AIR in this workroom, which means that ALL life support hardware is circuited into this cabin.

f)      The entryway could simply be a trapdoor located on the floor of this workroom.

g)     Windows for lighting purposes would be ideal.  For example: If the space distance between the rotating top  and bottom plates were about 12 inches, then 7 windows would allow lighting to enter from the outside of the vacuum room to then go into the workroom.

h)     The reason the interior of this room will be WEIGHTLESS is because the top rotating plate CAPTURES all of the compressed magnetism (called gravity).  This captured energy can be discharged to GROUND to keep this top plate from becoming OVER CHARGED.

i)       Testing of the magnet polarities that contact this top plate can be ADJUSTED so as to avoid a STRONG lifting problem.  If someone feels this particular ROOM design needs a set of assembly drawings for clarity, we can supply such drawings.

j)       This center room can be held firm to the outer room by seven non-metal supports located between the windows.

k)     These plates can be rotated with Direct Current motors that are located outside the vacuum room.  As these plates rotate, certain magnetic CHARGES might cause the plates to create magnetic rotations on their own and unwanted speed increase could happen. Thus, the DC motors can be switched to being DC generators which will then respond as control factors preventing unwanted speed increases.

l)       Special thrust bearings might be used to stop and unwanted LIFTING of the top plate.  Keep in mind that this top plate was designed to lift over 3,000 pounds.

m)  NO metal is to be used inside the workroom or for its construction.



We were given the following answer as to HOW to make this device.


First, the instrument would need a flow of NEUTRAL magnetic current from the Celestial Particle Transmuter (page 107).  Next, to isolate certain magnetic pulse rates from the blood, the blood is first given a charge of this NEUTRAL magnetic flow, which then amplifies the original pulse rate of the blood. Next, an intertwining of magnetic circuitry creates this SAME pulse rate.  When these pulse numbers are known, the person’s blood is RE-CHARGED with this correctly PULSED magnetic flow from the Celestial Particle Transmuter.


In order to formulate various magnetic pulse rates, one design could be the following.  Neutral magnetic current is FIRST caused to be attracted to a given polarity. Then rotating plates having various sizes of holes interrupts this flow’s passageway.  These plates are controlled as to their SPEED which then produces blended magnetic pulses.  When searching to identify the bloods’ magnetic pulse rate, do not get confused by thinking about what has come to be identified as a BLIP.  The better thought is to think in terms of an energy ‘STOP and GO’ action happening at VERY FAST speeds.


The same circular room for testing can be ADJUSTED to serve as a perfect location to administer the magnetic TREATMENT of the patient’s blood. This adjustment calls for exact control of the room’s oxygen level while setting the outer plate polarity at the needed speeds and polarities.  Keep in mind, just as these rotating plates alleviate what is called gravity, the proper plate polarity can produce a WIDE variety of various STRENGTHS of what has come to be called GRAVITY (compressed magnetism).  If this treatment LOCATION is properly set-up, a person needed a NEW magnetic charge to their blood; it can be recharged in just MINUTES.  The body then needs TIME to start producing healthy cells.  Of primary importance is to supply vitamins or a proper diet to help in this RESTRUCTURING process. One such item NEEDED is iron.


Q12. Why are all these health problems happening in the first place?


A12. Will the people who CAN HELP take this knowledge further?  Minds were not given to stagnate and mankind has always suffered because he would not change.  CHANGE is evolution and change WILL happen.  The question is, will the change be to our great joy or to our extinction?  The healing community needs to advance their method of helping people by entering the MAGNETIC ERA.  Everything is a flowing of ENERGY in ENERGY–HUMAN BODIES included.


NOTE: For additional information on this method of curing cancer and aids patients, study the work accomplished by Dr. Wilhelm Reich and the MULTIPLE WAVE OSCILLATOR constructed by Dr. Lakhovsky.



1)     If the interior of this room is fitted with different cycle generators of various voltages that are driven from outside the vacuum room, then the following testing can be accomplished.  First, the room is filled with radioactive particles.  Next, a high cycle generator is rotated and its flow OUTPUT is circuited to capacitor banks.  Soon this radioactive material will be registered at the capacitors proving that a generator USES the atmosphere to assemble magnetic molecular structures which then form into electrons. Next, the room can be cleaned and different gases, heavy or light, are caused to fill the room. Will custom made different electrons be formed?


Science looks for the ‘smoking guns’ around nuclear power plants, that elusive something which might point to why people living near these plants are getting cancer.  This testing certainly should focus on this so-called SMOKING GUN.


2) Some people want to know if a form of blended magnetic current can be made, one that might cause present electrical devices to function. If a Celestial Particle Transmuter is located in the center of workroom and this unit’s center shaft is extended downward into the ground, the following test could be made.  To explain, as stated in the book, the CPT is only a CONDUIT between energy that exists on the Earth’s rim and the Earth itself.  Thus a VAST amount of magnetic particles travel through this GROUNDING SHAFT.  If this shaft has a standard DC generator’s armature rotating around it, then the generator can be driven BACKWARDS of the rotation of the CPT.  It just might be that the generator might produce a new form of energy called MAGNETIC/ELECTRO energy instead of ELECTRO/MAGNETIC.  This generator might then keep rotating once the magnetic current is drawn out of the unit.


Magnetism (defined as an infinite variety of magnetic molecular structures) is a constant in the sense that it is everywhere all the time even while it is constantly changing. All systems are open systems with free energy flowing in and out of the system. We are defining system as basically anything that exists including all living and what we call non-living things both seen and unseen. Everything is connected by energy that can be measured with the proper technology. Galaxies, solar systems, planets, and everything on those planets is interconnected by measurable energy. We will soon be able to monitor this energy and see that everything is connected and made of energy. Magnetic technology will bridge science and religion showing that we are all one, everything is one.

We are energy and we live in energy and energy is constantly flowing through us and around us in unbelievably complex patterns. This Universal energy is in motion and it is constantly changing. This free energy flows in certain patterns at certain speeds and frequencies. When people learn what these patterns and frequencies are, they are able to experience greater amounts of this energy. For example, some people are quite adept at meditating and feeling significant increases in their energy when they meditate. These people are tapping into a natural Universal flow of energy. Magnetic technology also taps into natural energy which is why it does not produce negative consequences. People can act in harmony or disharmony with the Universal flow and experience the consequences accordingly. Most of our current technology is incompatible with the Universal flow as evidenced by its harmful effects on people and the environment.

Even though most of our current technology is incompatible with the Universal flow of free energy, it is still dependent on this natural energy to function. All systems require natural Universal energy to function, but some systems, like our conventional technology (electrical generators, nuclear reactors, etc.), do not properly recycle this Universal energy back into the Universal system to continue a natural flow. When harmful technology creates energy fields that are not recycled smoothly, the Universal energy flow builds until it forces a recycling process to occur. Storms that involve vortexes are performing a necessary process of recycling energy on our planet.

A vortex is a magnetic energy channel that can neutralize harmful energy fields and propel the energy back into the ionosphere. The invisible vortex creates the visible effects, not visa versa. When the intensity of the storm increases, more energy is being recycled. Tornadoes and hurricanes recycle tremendous amounts of energy. One reason tornadoes and hurricanes have been increasing in intensity is because current technology is creating unnatural electrical fields of energy that must be recycled. If nature did not recycle these harmful electrical fields, the consequences would be much worse than the effects of the storms. The ionosphere would be depleted by our technology must faster and we would be exposed to the harshness of space.

Like the units we have presented on this web site, electrical generators have a draw-factor to the ionosphere. New free energymagnetic units generate magnetic current through an unforced process and then recycle this energy back into the earth’s system. Electricity does not properly recycle energy back into the system, it creates an energy form incompatible with the natural flow. Electricity is generated through a forced process and the neutrons that are drawn down from the ionosphere to make the electricity are altered. The neutrons become unharmonized energy units that cannot be recycled smoothly. We call these energy units “electrons”. The electrons coagulate into harmful energy fields that surround electrical systems. The ionosphere does not get fully replenished by these altered electrons, and this process is what really causes the ozone holes. The storms will continue to replenish the ionosphere to some degree, but the process cannot continue this way without seriously jeopardizing our safety.

Electrical fields are incompatible with the entire earth system, causing numerous problems. We must and we will stop using electricity in the near future. There will be a shift in the earth’s magnetic field that will prevent the generation of electricity. The earth’s new polarity will not allow present generators to gather magnetic molecular structures from the ionosphere to form them into electrons.

The ionosphere is not merely an “ozone layer” or “invisible gases” but it is a rim of pulsing neutrons that is the DISTRIBUTION ZONE for the energy that supplies this planet. Forming these neutrons into electricity is now happening at a rate whereby the FEED SOURCE that provides our planet with energy cannot sustain this protective rim, thus depletion is happening. It is imperative to generate energy from a natural attract-attract principle. People will soon be able to observe the core structure of the electron, then the need to stop generating electricity will be well understood because the effects of electricity will be clearly observable.

There is a molecular structure just outside the earth’s rim that is the CONTROL FACTOR that governs the complete particle interchange process of our solar system. This energy field surrounds the earth on the outer region of the ionosphere and is composed of a molecular structure that can be defined as:

C – 2 + 14= 710Y + 409.

The variables in this formula (C, z, & Y) represent energies that are constantly changing to keep both sides of the equation in perfect balance. This formula represents a system in motion. In a sense, the molecular structure (represented by this formula) keeps perfect harmony between heaven and earth. The left side is the energy from the Universe coming into our Solar System and the right side is the manifestation of that energy on earth.

This molecular structure governs the conditions within the entire earth system, including the conditions of our atmosphere. As this molecular structure is affected by destructive technology, our entire environment reaps the consequences.

We will try to explain the formula further. Y is the combustible factorof the elements. All elements have a specific energy combination that can be broken down. All elements are combustible with the right energy field or polarity. The magnetic lock that holds all molecules together can be opened with the proper energy field, and this process does not require heat as we are used to thinking. Of course all elements can be burned with high enough heat, but that is not the kind of combustion we are talking about. The combustible factor breaks down elements into more neutral forms that can then be reconstructed into other elements.

The elements are a combination of earth, air, sound, speed and light. These elements are variations of magnetic energy and are concentrated in our atmosphere. Every energy system (including natural things and manufactured objects) must exist within these elements to operate. If an energy system attempts to exist or operate outside of natural elements, it will not maintain normal functioning. For example, if humans leave our atmosphere and do not have the appropriate energy field on their spacecraft, their bodies will not function properly regardless of the amount of exercise they engage in.

The letter C commonly denotes the speed of light in scientific equations. The element light mentioned as one of the factors of Y is not the light identified as “C” at the start of this molecular structure equation. This is important to note. This formula explains how pulsed light particles emitting from the center of the Universe travel to our solar system at variable ‘speeds’ outside of time and space. This formula is primarily concerned with how the high speed pulsed light energy, represented as C, is transmuted into magnetic energy which then creates a speed change that is considerably slower. This formed magnetic energy is captured by our Solar System and is then transmuted into an energy that supplies and sustains our Sun. This formula is primarily for our Solar System. Contrary to popular opinion, Jupiter, not the Sun, should be seen as the center of our Solar System when trying to understand the energy dynamics of the system. To understand the full impact of the formula, it is necessary to look at the solar system with Jupiter as the center.

C is the magnetic light, in this instance, without considering time and space.

– 2 is the number of planets Earth is away from the center of our Solar System, identified as Z (Jupiter being Z).

+14z is Jupiter at 14°, the 14 being the magnetic light arc as it travels from the center, Jupiter, to the Earth at a 14° angular.

When the left side of the equation is calculated it equals 710 units of combustible factors; these factors are identified as Y. All of the combinations result in the production of 409 elements that structure the Universe.

Again, an infinite number of combinations of the 710 units of combustible factors produce an infinite number of combinations of the 409 elements (which are a combination of earth, air, sound, speed, and light). The left side of the equation always equals the right side: infinity = infinity. This formula is in keeping with the fact that, “All energy was and is created ongoing from the SOURCE of all.” The presently held LAW of entropy is completely false. All magnetic molecular structures are in a constant state of change forming and re-forming with the action always resulting in 100% efficiency. All universal systems proceed to take their prescribed course of action with pre-ordained precision from the Creator Force, utilizing a process of time during the forming and reforming of structures until ‘given evolution’ results. Yes, scientists have observed randomness in the cosmos, however, because events do not follow our idea of order, that does not mean the randomness is RANDOM. The Universe functions perfectly in a PATTERN AS NEEDED while repeating in a random sequence.

As the scientific community makes advances in the field of magnetic pulse detection, people will be able to monitor exactly how many units of combustible factors arrive here from Jupiter at any given moment, thereby maintaining the Earth’s energy needs. This energy is then used by the Earth, as needed, and the Earth simultaneously imparts energy to our Sun where it helps to sustain the Sun’s energy that is again returned to Earth. The Earth is the vacuum of our planetary system, the final point where energy is released to recycle back into the Universal system. The pollution produced on Earth affects not only our planet, but other planetary systems as well. Contaminated magnetic energy travels from our planet instantaneously to other systems forcing other beings to cope with our pollution. We are truly connected to a much larger community than we like to think.

We must stop seeing our Earth as an independent, isolated and non-contributing part of this Universe. We must begin to understand that we can no longer move against nature but we must now utilize what is being offered for the benefit of the world. We have long overlooked, through greed, the use of FREE magnetic energy, and the time to expand our minds is now at hand because our planet is soon to find itself extinct if we do not.