Our Creator is in the Heart of the Creation


Humans can only physically observe these events as they unfold in our physical Universe at the speed of light (unity) which the Great Creator Spirit observes according to the infinite velocity of absolute stillness in the still magnetic light of eternity. This is the definition of the “Omniscience” (All Knowledge) of the Great, Creator Spirit. It is also the definition of non-locality used by academicians, but without the bizarre conclusions attributed to the concept by modern day “copenhagen” groupies of quantum mechanics, like: action at a distance and attraction between heavenly bodies.

This “still magnetic light” is the “throne of the Creator Spirit” (so-called Heaven, Tao, Dharmakaya,  Brahman, etc.). This is the home of the great, animating, “sexless” spirit, which has falsely been sexed (idolized/materialized) and called “gods/goddesses/saviors” by the priests of the major religions (judaism, islam, hinduism, buddhism and christianity), which control the minds of the “lions’ share” of people on this backward planet presently.  

Sexed conditions are temporal and purely a condition of the physical Universe and anyone who worships male or female worships the “sexed conditions” of the physical creation, not it’s Creator Spirit, which is the very definition of idolatry. So, all  father, mother or human savior based religions on this planet are in fact, Idolatry by definition! Spirit is sexless. The worship of any part or creature of the physical creation is idolatry. Our current world is therefore dominated by idolaters and their phony idols. Is it any wonder then why tv viewers have shows on their idiot box like american idol? I hope that’s the right name, because I have never seen it. I am just parroting some non-sense my dentist told me about his nephew winning and becoming an idol, while I was a squirming captive in his dental chair of torture.

The infinite points and planes of still magnetic light are “Omnipresence” (feeling)  and the “power” (gravity controlled electrically simulated  Light) which is extended from absolute stillness is  “Omnipotence” (desire). “Omniscience” (all knowledge) is witnessed in the infinite variety of designs and forms seen in the physical Universe, which are mentally imaged by the great Creator Spirit into created forms. These three attributes have been used to falsely define and glorify the “character” of the mono-theistic male god and some pantheistic, “pagan” tribal gods and saviors of current and past religious folly, whose most noteworthy attributes are the desire for animal and human sacrifice, war, hatred, vengeance, fear, hell and damnation. 

The reward for adherents of these “faiths”, for murdering the enemies of these fictitious monotheistic and pagan gods, is eternal bliss in paradise. These diseased  attributes of the man made gods are solely the creation of mankind, resulting from our fall from balanced thinking and living . War, murder, idolatry, alcoholism, adultery, mammon worship, environmental destruction and the unnecessary and unconscionable slaughtering of innocent, defenseless and horribly abused corporate farmed animals for food are the central causes for the present misery that engulfs us.

 “The Great Sexless Animating Spirit” (The True Creator Spirit) is witnessed by mankind in Light and Love. The true definition of  Love is,  “to give”,  so that “giving may give again”,  perpetually,  throughout all eternity. This is the nature of light, for light manifests the love of the Great Creator Spirit in the form of a three dimensional, electrically curved and divided Universe, of eternally changing motions. The true nature of light is to give itself to all other lights, so that these lights may give to all lights again perpetually, for light is the gift of love from the heart of our Great Creator Spirit.  This is the “Secret of Light” and perpetual motion (free energy) and the cause of the infinite and eternal star-fields of the Creator’s creation. Love is the beginning of all motions and the perpetuation of them through all time, which is in fact eternal.

Of course this information contradicts the belief systems of the “godless” academic scientists who have conveniently removed  the “Great Creator Spirit” from their so-called  “sciences”  (psyences) and equations using the miserably failed philosophies of atheism and agnosticism and the limited sensory based probing of empirical reductionism as justifications for their academic freakiness, materialistic idolatry and environmental iniquity. 

The scientific religious goobers however, are of a different ilk and they try to use the dissenting physics revealed here to prove the existence of their particular god and therefore the validity of their dogmatic religion. They serve false gods and they are false prophets, because their religions are symbolic and astronomical myths, whose true and very profound and significant meanings are totally lost to them. These myths  have been artificially deemed by the “priest-craft” as “literal historical facts”  for the purpose of controlling their fellow man, not for enlightening him and qualifies them for the gutter of human experience also, or maybe “dungeon” would be a more appropriate metaphor in this case.