Particle Accelerator Lunacy

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Massive amounts of Taxpayer Money wasted on worthless experiments

“The problem with the ‘confirmed’ particle proposal of Mathematical Physics is that after decades of toying with accelerators, the mathematicians are still missing the most important element that would allow them to make the sweeping claim Rennie takes for granted. They are missing the initial scene of the movie – Exhibit A – the object that underlies their theory. It is this missing crucial frame of their film that compels them to make retroactive assumptions: that they are staring at tracks and that the trace was carved by a particle. An assumption is not a fact. An assumption is a statement of the facts: the prosecutors’ interpretation of the evidence or of a phenomenon. They could just as well have said that a spirit produced the tracks and we would have never noticed the difference. The only way that Anderson and Rennie can introduce evidence in science is by bringing the actual particle. Otherwise, all they have is a statement of the facts: an assumption. And if they cannot even illustrate their particle, for example, to explain how its architecture is related to itsbehavior, then they have bypassed the Exhibits phase altogether. When the mechanics claim that a positron is a particle and that this is a fact, they are doing nothing less than bullying the jury into swallowing their religion.” (WGDNE, Bill Gaede, Page 61)

The main thing particle accelerators prove, is  that the speed of light can not be exceeded by so-called “electrons or protons”, which are moved by a system of electro-magnets accelerating them via the limiting speed of electro-magnetism. This system of artificial acceleration can function only at the limiting  speed of light (electro-magnetism) which is pushing them. So, Particle accelerators will never push an electron or proton faster than the speed of light, because the means of pushing them using magnets is limited to the speed of light. It’s effective force becomes zero at the speed of light, while it’s mass remains the same, instead of the insane academic  idea that the particle’s mass magically becomes infinite, therefore creating a new universe, which would have to immediately displace our own Universe. Where it would go (?) is a huge question that would need to be answered according to this ridiculous fraud. 

Atomic Vortex Trails in Cloud Chambers

The 200 odd “particles” created in these socio-economically parasitic accelerators are not “fundamental”, exist for millionths of a second and benefit humanity absolutely nothing. The massive financial waste created by these forms of  useless effort, create a financial vacuum for all of the social ills and problems which could have been attended too, if these taxpayer dollars were used for something worthwhile, like improving the quality of life for everyone on this planet, starting with it’s poorest. The extremely failed quest for thermo-nuclear fusion may be the academic excuse for wasting all of this effort, but it is just another well managed fraud brought to you by the heavily corporate funded science of academia.

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One of the biggest problems with academic physics is the wasted obsession with the “probability locations or tendencies” of so-called subatomic “particles” in their theoretical scheme of things. Who gives a flying shit? Why are these fools wasting their time and ours, on theories and research which do absolutely nothing for making our world any better? The research required to produce free energy technologies, need look no further than the material world of Atoms, we live in. The immaterial virtual particles, virtual photons, mass less particles, anti-particles, so-called symmetries, reflections, rotations and abstract mathematical spaces do not exist in the real Universe we live in and are only theories founded on observations of the extremely unnatural conditions created in these megalithic academic accelerators. Contemporary physics has failed miserably and created a world of poverty and financial bondage to energy barons, bankers and war mongers for the masses who are paying for the very research they hope will free us from our currently doomed direction of wholesale global destruction and slavery to our societal engineers.

The extreme energies created by the vortices comprising: hurricanes, tornadoes, Atoms, Stars and Galaxies are far more important to mankind’s scientific research than virtual particles, virtual realities  and the reaction probabilities of S-matrix theory and quantum quackery. Harnessing the great motive force of these vortices is the solution to mankind’s ubiquitous problems. These vortices are real physical processes which give form and energy to our Universe and we need only understand them from the level of physical matter in which we live to mimic them and create eternal abundance.

The theoretical world of so-called subatomic physics is not required in order to reproduce these massive motive forces within machines which mankind has already built and perfected in the past. The mechanics of these vortices are clearly seen in the physical matter in which they operate, whether air or water and need only be understood using the bio-mimicry of non-academic physics. Implosion turbines were designed and built by Vicktor Schauberger in Austria and Germany during the 1930’s  and 40’s, which reproduce these vortices, so that the extremely powerful implosive forces generated by them could be used to produce non-polluting energy and transportation, requiring no fuel whatsoever. 

The present course of physics is a form of academic mental masturbation which only excites strange people like the egghead mathematicians clinging to quantum mechanics, string theory and other horrid academic garbage such as, “einstein’s relativities”. This entire direction of academic inquiry into these “reduced probabilities, symmetries, networks and tendencies” has no end point to it, that is, no solution which will bring humanity any profit what so ever. The fact that these academicians are trying to marry quantum theory with relativity theory as a means of explaining the zoo of events found in their bubble chambers, shows just how lost they are in their labyrinth of their dysfunctional and very imaginary models, which do not come even close to representing the real Universe we live in. 

einstein rejected quantum mechanics altogether! “quantum relativism” therefore is highly contradictory and represents one of the highest examples of absolute wasted human thinking (if we can call it thinking), pontificated by academic sources. string theory ranks coeval  in it’s lunacy and is also absolutely non-existence here in the real Universe, just another huge waste of mental effort.  The “hardon bootstrap theory” of Geoffrey Chew extends these forms of mutual insanity into even more nebulous conditions of non-provability and degeneracy, it therefore requires even more “faith” in the intellectual superiority of it’s inventor. How convenient for his academic ego!

The reason academics are so provably wrong in so many situations is that, no matter which field of study they have “reduced” themselves into (fields of specialization), they all make the same mistake repeatedly and without the least bit of shame for insisting that their models represent the real world, when they diverge radically into, probabilities, tendencies, abstract possibilities, virtual realities, mythematics etc. which are all features of “averages” and empirical reductionism, and not the real Universe.


Quarks and Lucky Charms for Fruitcakes

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The absurd and ridiculous garbage peddled by leonard susskind about random mutations and darwinian evolution are thoroughly debunked here proving leonard is a liar and academic shill for a horrific dumbed down and incredibly stupid world of academic mind control. This info extends beyond this episode of “Global Free Energy”. 

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This academic fraud speaks in his self righteous arrogance, with his self proclaimed superior intellect, about the absurdities  he teaches to clueless, “big money wasting”, students at standford university, Ca. called: string theory, dark matter, dark energy and un-intelligent design caused by random mutations. This arrogant man sits at the pinnacle of academic bullshit in theoretical physics, sipping his wine and schmerking at we of lesser design !

Academicians start with something called their theory and within a few sentences of explanation they start treating it as if it were a fact and not a theory. They then go onto build models based on fantasy rather than reality and the more they grow the more strange and bizarre they become. This is essentially what has happened in most of the so-called sciences, whether social or physical. That’s why scientists are always dumbfounded, surprised and confused as the new evidence rolls in demolishing their previous claims and poorly thought out beliefs which were founded on intellectual quicksand. 

The theoretical foundations of academic science are provably wrong, nothing of lasting value may be built upon them. The entire academic construct is working against nature and has produced this nightmare world of gluttonous, polluting and wasteful energy production. And, a pseudo-intellectual caste system owned and operated by the most arrogant group of academic assholes to ever walk the face of this planet.  The results are: toxic filth and it’s many resulting cancers and diseases, energy dependence on archaic explosion based technologies, massive economic inequality, economic caste systems and politicians owned by energy barons and war mongers. Our politicians devote themselves to the continuation of their master’s dominance and control over humanity as a whole, so that they themselves may also enjoy the fraud of their power and control over other humans and all of the degeneracy it reaps for their egos, economic status and their illegitimate sex lives. 

A Supernova or a Galactic explosion will push matter outward at speeds faster than light and we have Pulsars and Quasars to observably prove this assertion. So, einstein was wrong again and the Starship Enterprise will not attain the mass of the infinite Universe when it  accelerates to warp speed, but Scotty could of told you that, like the intelligent Scotsman he is. He is just not going to reveal the mechanism by which the acceleration is produced, because all the Universe needs is for earthlings to take their miserable, low life, warring mentality into outer space to plague and murder the innocent civilians of other planets or star systems, based on some kind of inside lie, like bush is currently doing, in his two illegal wars, in Iraq and Afghanistan. Or, for the same reasons all wars were fought this past century, provably insider operations (false flags or intentionally provoked) to justify the military industrial complex’s unquenchable hunger for war, death, destruction and the sky high profits it rakes in for it’s bankers, investors and the industries who cater to this “legalized form” of mass murder.