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Larry Silverstein 

W.T.C.  Demolition Ordered by owner, larry silverstein

If Arab terrorists really “hate our freedoms” as president shrub tells us and wanted to destroy us on 911, they could have crashed the four jets they are accused of hijacking into four Nuclear reactors in the North Eastkilling tens of millions of Americans and destroying the habitat for countless eons. That is, if they really did it


YouTube link: The Truth about so-called terrorists

How did they wire the world trade centers with explosives for the demolitionimplosions we saw on 911? larry silverstein, the new owner immediately before the bombing of the WTC complex, admitted on pbs that he and his people decided to “pull” WTC building 7, which means they intentionally demolished it. How did they have enough time to wire the building for the implosion demolition we witnessed later in the day? It takes weeks to do a job like that. Oh yean, marvin bush, the pResidents brother took over security of the entire WTC complex, just 3 weeks earlier, which was just enough time to wire the three buildings we watched fall due to implosion demolitions on the day of deception, called 9/11 by our controllers.


YouTube link: The Inside story of how the WTC was demolished and who profited

 This lowlife shrub family member is the person responsible for finding a so-called terrorist’s passport, which magically survived the intense fireball of the explosion when the plane hit the tower and then magically floated down to the street where marvin just happened to find it in perfect condition laying on the sidewalk, as he ran from the collapse of a WTC tower. How valiant and patriotic this gleaming hero of democracy is. How blessed are the shrubs to have a lucky son, who found the “magical evidence and unquestionable proof”, to indict islam globally. Can you believe how comatose anyone would have to be to buy this silly, listless and worthless, fairytale lie?

 Why do they keep telling us an “arab hijacked” airliner was flown into the pentagon, when all of the evidence found, contradicts this flimsy, pathetic lie. The engines found at the scene of the WTC crime and the false flag pentagon attack  have been  studied in great detail by outsiders and the findings directly contradict the totally unbelievable bush/cheney/rice islamic, fundamentalist terrorist conspiracy. This government created conspiracy propaganda that is hawked to us daily, by the zionist owned and controlled media, is a fraud and excuse to rape, pillage and plunder our planet and battle the enemies of the illegitimate state of israel, end of story! This is an obvious fact to all thinking beings.

YouTube link: John Lear speaks about the Jet engine found at the WTC at 55:00

Vice president, dick cheney, was at the helm of the National Reconnaissance Office, with complete control of NORAD on the morning of 911. They were running hijacking simulations for “operational cover” that infamous day. These exercises were created by a direct Presidential order bush made, during May of 2001.


YouTube link: cheney live, from his home in Hell

YouTube link: dick cheney commanded norad on 9/11

YouTube link: cheney gave “Stand Down Orders” on 9/11

YouTube link: Dennis Kucinich: Urges Congress to Impeach v.p. dick cheney


So much for the NSA’s head liarcondoleeza rice and her  false claims and blatant lies about US intelligencenot being warned and not being prepared for this kind of attack. They were practicing these very same hijacking simulations for an entire month before and on the morning of 911. They were given “stand down orders” by “big dick” cheney, who deliberately let a plane/missile? crash into the Pentagonas part of the 911 psy-ops event according to the eyewitness account given by, Secretary of Transportation, Norman Mineta in sworn testimony, before the shrub administration’s “Cherry picked” 911 commission. They later whitewashed the story for the sheeple of the world who believe this form of manufactured malarkey. Here’s proof

Rockerfeler 2

YouTube link: Proof from MIT

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YouTube link: The 9/11 lie and Nova’s false documentary supporting the lie

YouTube link: dr. condo-lizard rice: traitor, war criminal and pathological liar

condo rice 2

After lying about the 911 inside job in every possible manner, “condor-lizard” rice then began lying about Niger and the sale of Uranium “yellow cake” to Iraq. (I say condor-lizard  to bring attention to the ancient Huichol prophecy about the flying lizard and the destruction it brings when it appears. This is befitting of condoleeza. She has destroyed our country with her lies and globalist agenda.) This was a well known fraud manufactured by rice, cheney and the “whig” propaganda group working for the bush crime family. She lied about this repeatedly and ultimately it was the reason used by dubya to illegally invade Iraq, murder hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians (Dennis Kucinich quoted the figure of 1 million dead in the impeachment hearings) and ruin our economy and hopes for a decent future in the process. 


YouTube link: Kucinich impeaches the shrub admin.

YouTube link: US War Criminals – The bush Lies Montage

YouTube link: condoleeza rice: Liar, illegitimate Secretary of State, War Criminal, Traitor

Support the True Patriot Dennis Kucinich and Impeach the shrub administration

condo rice

This venomous female then participated in the concerted destruction of Joseph Wilson and his wife Valerie Plame for dubya bush, byleaking the cia identity of Plame   via Scooter Libby to the media and the world, because they proved to everyone that the bush crew:michael chertoff head of the illegal homeland security dept. , rice, cheney, rumsfeld, meyers, ashcroft, powell etc… cooked the books with blatantly false info as an excuse to invade Iraq, so that they could steal all of it’s oil and enslave American taxpayers to an endless, illegal war.  The spinster rice, is a pathological liar and leaker. She has been caught repeatedly in the act of lying about issues which have put the USA on a highway to hell! Our country is now almost as ugly as she is with no sight of a makeover! The fact that the Senate reconfirmed this traitorous liar who works and leaks for the globalists and the blood sucking oilers, is proof of the treasonous nature of our leaders as a whole.