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I have linked to many christian researchers who are exposing the evil nature of our world and it’s leaders. I am thankful for their hard work and deep concern for the sad condition of our country and world under the current fascist regime! I do not share their religious beliefs as can be seen by my attitude towards religion on this page. 

I respect their hard work in uncovering the conspiracy “facts” and evidence relating to the power structures controlling life on Planet Earth, but differ radically on the direction of change which is needed to remedy our present situation. I do not respect their religious beliefs, because they have not earned my respect on this subject. I do not see the same zeal directed by these researchers, towards an inquiry into the validity of the bible or the judeo-christian history , (mythology) it purports to be. 

I do not agree with their conclusions relating to world events and framing these in the context of  their beliefs about what they think their gods, jehovah/jesus/mary/holy spirit etc., are telling them to do, via their bible or what they call “charismatic revelation”. 

I do not find a philosophical or spiritual need to pursue virtue within the social and religious bounds of an archaic, plagiarized myth. I know for a fact that virtue existed long before the jesus “Christ”myth was literalized. The great works of architecture, writing and art from all the pre-existing people and cultures of this planet, are a direct testimony to it. 

The “Great Creator  Spirit”, animating this universe, which we are condition to calling “God” has been replaced by the mythological gods of man’s imagination and domination. The result is that the word “God” has become a baneful word associated with the cruelty, lies, and murder caused by the people who worship religious gods, who they falsely claim is the “Great Animating Spirit” or true “Creator Spirit”. 

Most people would admit that the source of this animating spirit is a great mystery to all of us. When someone claims to know that infinite “non-gender”, eternal spirit, then gives it a name like,  jehovah, ashtoreth, allah, the great goddess, rama, isis, zeus, quetzalcoatl, etc… it is the beginning of a hierarchically administrated, mind control, religion.  We have endless supplies of these so-called gods throughout recorded history and beyond, with their consequent “faiths”. Their literal, non-existence and non-immortality is witnessed in the crumbling ruins of the civilizations that worshipped them in the past, while seeking their “divine” protection. 

A good resource for those ready to leave the mind control program of the christian church is ex-chrsitian.net. There are countless first hand testimonies of people who had the strength to reject the absurdity of their programmed religious beliefs and leave the church of lies.

I was raised a christian and studied the bible to it’s core as a young adult, both christian apologetics and comparative mythology, only to finally realize that the jesus story, was written as a myth, and it was plagarized, from older myths. Here’s more proof! The supernal power of the Sun God myth and the Christos is it’s ability to enlighten and transform the people who understand it. It has been changed into a literal history with hellish consequences for all of those who do not believe it.

YouTube link: The Sun God Myths

YouTube link: christianity is astro-theology plagiarized from ancient Egypt

The Christ myth was literalized into a historical figure called jesus by the blood thirsty, mass murderer,  and Roman Emperor, Constantine, with his infamous “canonization of the bible” (editing, embellishing and literal proclamations), during the Council of Nicea, in the year 325 A.D. of their lord. The priest-craft exchanged the divine symbolism and allegories relating to personal transcendence, liberation and reincarnation,  found in the Sun god myths (jesus, horus, buddha, mithras, zoraster etc…), for the “literal” enslavement of it’s followers to “blind faith”, “original sin”, “inherited poverty”  and “self denial” etc., ad nauseum. 

These ancient allegories are not “myths,” as in meaning, not real and therefore inconsequential. They are the very essence of our own Selfhood as described through Astronomical, Symbolic Representations, seen in the night skies of the  Planisphere/Uranograph, .  They reveal to us, our ever returning, eternal, multidimensional nature as gods, temporarily manifested in the flesh. The multitude of  “self similar”,  repeating cycles found by mankind in our observations of nature reflect on our “physical being” from life to life and bear witness to, the eternal state of our endless incarnations and the periods between which are like the invisible expanded states of cubic wave-fields that surround the bright electrical Suns which populate infinity.  

History records at least thirty of the chief figures known as Sun-gods amongst the nations about the Eastern Mediterranean, before the advent of Jesus. There were in Egypt, Osiris, Horus, Serapis, Hermes or Taht (Thoth), Khunsu, Atum (Aten, Adon, the Adonis or Phrygia), Iusa, Iu-sa, Iu-em-hetep; in Syria, Atis, Sabazius, Zagreus, Kybele (feminine); in Assyria Tammuz; in Babylonia, Marduk and Sargon; inPersia, Mithra, Ahura-Mazda and the Zoroasters; in Greece, Orpheus, Bacchus (Dionysus), Achilles, Hercules, Theseus, Perseus, Jason, Prometheus; in India, Vyasa, Krishna, Buddha; in Tibet the Boddhisattvas; besides many others elsewhere.

YouTube link: Ancient Egypt, Light of the World, by Massey

The church did not grow large through faith, virtue and truth, rather through mass exterminationstorture, deception, legalism and by “force of the sword,” as the religion of the state of Rome. People were forced to accept this unbelievable “historically literal” doctrine or,  be put to death by the church’s armies and henchmen. 

Since that time over 60 million people have been murdered in the name of jesus, by the catholic church alone.  All the strong willed people who rejected and opposed this religious fraud have been slaughtered over the past two millennia and now the weak sheeple who are left, blindly accept their so-called faith, with well bred docility. The church “culled the herd” with great success. Giordano Bruno was even burned to death by them for saying essentially what I am writing here, that the universe as we know it,  is  the opposite of what the authorities are telling us it is. Therefore the hell the priests and corporations have created for us can be reversed and we only need to reverse our thinking and proceed 180 degrees in the opposite direction, into the arms of nature and her eternal abundance.

The day we Earthlings can admit that no one knows a special hidden god, and that this secret god does not talk especially to them with special revelations of their “self proclaimed divinity” for humanity, is the day we can all pursue the great mystery of life, acting with our own virtue, for the sake of finding, our own truth and our own way to paradise. And, without the threats of hell-fire and brimstone, from the priest craft who represent the angry, vindictive, archaic and boring, tribal gods, prophets and demons which dominate the minds of the masses, inhabiting this planet, presently.



The posting of stories, commentaries, reports, documents and links (embedded or otherwise) on this site does not in any way, shape or form, implied or otherwise, necessarily express or suggest my endorsement or support of all of such posted material or certain parts therein. I am merely offering a different point of view than the corporate controlled media, because their present view is one that leads ultimately to a New World Order, where the banking elite and their minions will rule over a micro-chipped world population, with a world: army, electronic currency, government, religion, legal system, police, etc… In other words, an Orwellian Hell. This is the exact opposite of the world our founding fathers fought and died for. They would truly despise us for our weakness and addiction to quiescence. “Live free or die” was their motto. “Pay the fee, then die”, is ours!

Alternative Physics and New Paradigm Research involves the process of gathering multiple facts, perspectives, viewpoints, opinions, analyses, and information about the events of our times and presenting them to readers for their own consideration in a dialectical manner. I believe in the intelligence, judgment and wisdom of my readers to discern for themselves among the data which appears on this site that which is valid and worthy, or otherwise.