Quantum Flakiness for the New Age Movement


Quantum quackery and the mentally retarded heroes of academic fame 


A Critical Review of Stephen W. Hawking’s: A Brief History of Time

The film, “What the Bleep do We Know?” (absolutely nothing) sits at the pinnacle of this type of new age, scientific garbage. Now the “self proclaimed chaneller”,  judy zebra  knight who brought us this schizophrenic  film and ramtha the 35,000 year old Lemurian warrior spirit, (the source of her “divine revelations”)  has produced a new movie, called “The Secret“.  She uses quantum mechanics once again and the same academic geeks touting this lie, along with her, so-called “warrior spirit guide” as her authorities. The basic premise that “we create our own realities”  is certainly true. This is largely due to our perception, beliefs system and how we respond to events around us. However, the new age, academic explanation using quantum mechanics is provably a fraud to the very core and is just another silly mind over matter claim made by new age shystery. Even the zionist academic/media idol, einstein , didn’t buy this lame brain idea, called quantum mechanics and protested against it till his demise! And, even though he was wrong with his relativities and other ideas,  he still had enough “sense” to see the lunacy of this academic fraud.

JZ Knight

YouTube link: What the fuck do we know” debunked for it’s idiocy and jz knight’s channeling lies

YouTube link: The Secret revealed for it’s many absurd claims and academic frauds

“Action at a distance” and “mind over matter” are the promise of the superpowers one will unlock once they understand the “secret” according to ramtha. knight’s groupies can the use the “secret” (one’s fantasy world of material desires) to manifest, wealth, happiness, good health and abundance, just by imagining it.  For the lucky new age goober who shells out enough dough to attend one of knight’s very costly seminars, they will learn the secret alchemical process of spiritual transmutation and transformation to manifest their fantasy world of material desires here on planet Earth, utilizing  ramtha’s proven techniques for success. 

(Mentally imagine here:  a large “Tony Robbins” sort of character with a bronze shield,  huge sword and a degree in quantum mechanics from the University of Lemuria, as he mercilessly slaughters the inhabitants of Atlantis and most of the rest of the planet. Fast forward 35,000 years and ramtha returns to earth to share quantum theory with judy zebra knight, a sort of modern Prometheus coming back to make amends for the millions he slaughtered and share the crazy stolen light of quantum queerness with earthlings, so they may stare dumbfounded at his genius intellect which is purportedly issuing from the mouth of a very wealthy female immigrant of german nationality,  who claims to be channeling his “divine” knowledge for the benefit of paying seminar attendees.)

The long sought over “secret” to alchemy, which the ancients coveted so desperately, is now being revealed to well funded seminar attendees using an ancient warrior, physicist spirit from a mythical land, said to be under the sea. I mean who could possibly argue with ramtha, being that he is at least 35,000 years older than anyone on Earth presently? He must know the truth, since he is so old and wise, right? Of course, that is if he isn’t a 100% hoax, like all of the other new age spirit shysters who make their chanellers economic fortunes with their human host’s, “well researched”  babble. 

“ramtha is described as having brought his knowledge to many ancient civilizations in the world such as the Ancient Egyptians. The website (jz knight’s) also suggests that traces of the lineage of the original teachings and philosophies he taught 35,000 years ago have appeared throughout history in the schools of philosophers like Socrates and Duke Loganreligions like Hinduism, and the works of great minds such as Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo“. So, Ramtha is like some cosmic tripper showing up and revealing “the secret” from time to time and then the earthlings who visit with him become famous by taking credit for his teachings and acting as if it were their own. 

ramtha is said to have led an army of over 2.5 million souls across the continents, conquering two thirds of the known world, which was going through cataclysmic geological changes. According to knight, ramtha led the army for ten years until he was betrayed and almost killed.

knight further claims that “ramtha spent the next seven years in isolation recovering and observing nature, among other things. He later mastered many skills, including foresight and out-of-body experiences, until he led his army to the Indus River while in his late seventies. ramtha taught them everything he knew for 120 days, until he ascended before them. He made a promise to his army that he would come back to teach them again, and so he appeared to jz knight in 1977 to re-educate the “forgotten gods”, those who had forgotten themselves and their divinity”. (Barf bags not included) (Wikipedia)

edgar mitchell

YouTube link: IONS is a CIA shill org.un by astro-not edgar mitchell for new age garbage seekers and charlatans

edgar mitchell, founder, ex-astronaut, cia disinformation drone, threatens free energy inventor with death. His institute of noetic sciences in Petaluma, hyped these bizarre films as being the cutting edge of consciousness. This is how they send droves of wealthy dead end trippers into dead end allies, so they can be sheared and fleeced

So now the “cutting edge” of  academic quantum physics and new age flakiness is dominated by new age charlatans raking in  big money on the strange and mysteriously unexplainable quantum world of academic mathematical witchcraft, certified by a mythical physicist warrior, from a mythical land which some folks claim sunk beneath the sea in the hoary depths of pre-history and a be speckled quantum mechanics, phd. geek who has sold his intellectual soul in exchange for 15 minutes of academic stardom. 

According to judy zebra knight, ramtha seminar attendees are actually ancient warriors who fought along side of him in his bloody conquest to subdue this planet 35,000 years ago.  They have all reincarnated this time around as attendees of ramtha seminars, so that they may fulfill the “promise (ramtha) made to his army that he would come back to teach them again” after he ascended into heaven in bodily form, a thousand generations ago. (Fairy dust required) 

If any of knight’s faithful followers had a brain they would know that germans of knight’s ilk are obsessed with atlantis and there have been seemingly countless stories and books about the mythical atlantis written in german. knight obviously read mountains of this hype and then turned it into a business to reap millions from the new age suckers that attend her costly seminars. These illiterate new agers are dumbfounded by her revelations, because they don’t realize that there are exponentially more myths in german about atlantis than there are in english. So, they can not imagine how she got all of these ideas and it is very simple. She read about them in german books which these goobers don’t even know exist. Then, she pretends to a semi-comatose following that ramtha was talking through her.

The intellectual abomination called quantum mechanics, is just as real as ramtha. They both rely upon their invisible and non-provable nature for their existence, which means they and their representatives must be accepted on “faith” by their sycophants. As we all know, “faith” is the oldest form of control on the books, thanks to our churches. This excuses them from being remotely credible and assigns them to the gutter of human experience where humans control other humans using lies, so as to attain power, control, money, sex and authority, from their dim witted victims.

 These flawed ideas are a continuation of the efforts found in “the tao of physics“, written in 1974 by fritz capra, where a similar mistake was made, trying to legitimize the failed academic theories of modern quantum physics by comparing “apparent similarities” with the self illuminated inner wisdom of the Eastern traditions, otherwise known as “self knowledge” in the West.  The misguided conclusions of the western empirical scientific reductionism, which quantum theory is based upon, do not interface with this ancient knowledge in a legitimate and provable manner.  

YouTube link: Alan Watts – Tao Tai Chi Chuan

The two methods of obtaining this “apparent similarity” are diametrically opposed. One is based on inner wisdom (self knowledge), the other on reductionism, symbolic mathematics and experiments. The results of the experiments vary each time so the variations are plotted on a graph. Then a curve is drawn as an average between all of the points on the graph and a formula is devised to represent this “averaged curve” (reductionism). This reduced representation of the so-called scientific findings of their experiments is then accepted by scientist as a stable fact upon which they may build their new theories. What these academicians are failing to realize is that the variations of different values obtained from their experiments are far more important than the averaged curves of reductionism which they claim as their knowledge. The key is to explain the unseen reasons for the variations in their experiments not their averages!

The dysfunctional quackery of quantum physics has nothing to do with “subtle wisdom” of  Taoism. This ancient illuminated discipline was dedicated to obtaining  wisdom from the “Conscious Light of Intelligence” which all humans can experience through deep inner reflection (contemplation). This is in stark contrast to the methods of materialistic reductionism and mythematical theories which give academics their imagined  “authority”. capra treats the current academic theory of quantum mechanics as if it has been proven to be a true representation or a legitimate approximation of the real Universe, which is the opposite of it’s reality as seen from the abundance of examples on this web page. 

YouTube link: Escaping the corporate created Compartmentalization of Consciousness

The foundational ideas of modern physics have been utterly obliterated in fact. The nuclear theory of the atom has been absolutely demolished by DB Larson’s pristine analysis!  quantum mechanics is based on it, so it falls also, once its slippery foundation is removed. Unfortunately, this is the fate of all academics who mistake “the map” for “the territory” or, who can’t “see the forest, for the trees”. It was a “marvelous” academic attempt at weaving together these opposed systems of thought, but does not “hold water” in the  the real Universe. Any apparent similarity is merely due to the mutual nebulosity of the ideas involved. Quantum theory does not “prove” the interconnectedness of all things by any means what so ever.  This can only be “known” through self knowledge and inner sight, using the “Conscious Light of Intelligence” (the consciousness of our Great Creator Spirit) to “view” the symmetry and harmony of these infinite connections.

The biggest problem with these odd ball, pseudo academic attempts has been to try and qualify the physical Universe as not real and only as a set of probabilities, when in fact it is very real. If you don’t believe me step onto the track of a fast moving train! The illusion so often referred to in the East, does not mean the physical Universe is not real. The illusion is that physical Universe is all that there is. The illusion is that life appears to our senses, to be transitory and unidirectional and only physical, while in fact, it is eternal, cyclical and has it’s essence in “Spirit” (non-matter inside the very “heart” of the physical Universe, the “still magnetic light”). 

YouTube link: the alien world of fatalistic science’s taught in corporate academia

The problem with eastern thought is that it often wants to escape the misery and suffering of this physical Universe and has constructed an elaborate framework of practices to distance it’s devotees from attachments to the world which cause the suffering. Joy and suffering however are polar opposites and we can not have one with out the other in our bipolar Universe of material creation. This dynamic exchange between polar experiences is actually one of the reasons we manifest ourselves in a physical creation in various incarnations, so as to experience material existence it in all of it’s “joy and suffering”. Besides, there are those mavericks in the world who need to push the envelope of experience to its extreme in all directions as a means of comprehending their world. Therefore the middle of the road path taken by buddhists for example, so that they may control their desires and consequent suffering, is unacceptable. For these explorers of the soul, who find a deep need to test the philosophical parameters imposed upon them by those in control, the “middle path” is in fact very banal and will not serve their needs as incarnated beings in material worlds. 

If people want to follow the buddha’s example then they would have to live his full life and experience the change to inner illumination, which he did in his midlife. The path is only partly followed however. Devotees are only concerned with the state achieved after illumination and they never bother to experience the hedonism and debauchery of materialism which the buddha experienced before his conversion to his spiritual life. The example is only half followed. True there are converts who have lived so-called “sinful lives” and found that hedonism offers very little lasting happiness. But, most buddhist are raised in the culture of buddhism and begin their devotion to the later part of the buddha’s life, thereby missing their chance to experience the “wickedness of life” which makes the conversion so much more fulfilling. 

The end result of 2500 years of buddhism is a caste system just like all other priesthoods in hierarchically administrated religions. Tibet lived under a feudal serfdom with rampant poverty for it’s people when the dalai lama was running the country. This is the way Tibetans lived under buddhist control for eons at the top of a system of slavery. Does buddhism work? Just look at what it has produced.

We learn directly through physical experiences about the nature of our own individual minds and how they are connected with the eternal mind of our sexless Creator Spirit. The lesson is to find balance with the illusory world of eternal change and the immaterial source of eternal oneness.  Building a world where one is constantly trying to circumvent one’s “destiny” and escape suffering and karma, does not allow one to grow. 

Of what benefit is it to deny life and hide in a cave, monastery, shack in the woods or a heavily fortified and armed compound, for that matter? It’s all seems like escapism to me. We are social animals and we must never loose sight of this if we are ever to find balance and peace as a planetary population and create a better world for “all” of us. This requires the mutual participation and cooperation of everyone. Sneaking away somewhere to avoid it, is not hardly fair to the rest of humanity. Living off the donations of others so one may chant and meditate in colored robes seems even less fair.

Everything is separate in the ever changing physical Universe of temporality, but everything is connected by the “Eternal One” in the heart of creation, called the “still magnetic light”,  by Walter Russell in the advanced non-academic physics of the Western tradition. This is known as the “Tao”, “Brahman” or, “Dharmakaya, in the Eastern philosophies. This is the non-material spiritual world, the source from which the physical reality manifests itself via the spiraling Chi as it in-winds and un-winds into the Yin and Yang of polar opposites (twin opposing vortices) so that they each may become the other, perpetually via the fulcrum of infinite power, the “still magnetic light”. 

YouTube link: The Space and Form of Tao

Scientists are unaware of the spiritual center of all things and the fact that our Creator Spirit resides there eternally and is the source of all manifestations. Most humans only “see” the outward linear expression of things as they unfold in synthetic man made time and can not even begin to explain their cyclical, spiraling source in eternity, or their personal and eternal connection to the “Eternal One”. The great and mysterious Great Spirit which animates our Universe and gives it form. The very spirit who is you and me and who we have always been. This life is like a fleeting, one-way illusion to them, which ends in permanent death for humans and the theorized annihilation heat death for the Universe at some time in the distant future, according to academic quacks and their theory of entropy. Or, in a fairytale trip after death into the clouds to meet, jesus, mohammed, or ramtha etc. and live happily ever after in their version of heaven, while singing endless hymns to their saviors and gods, clad in white robes of divine purity. (oh boy, sounds like a whole lot of fun to me!)

The “illusion” is in not seeing the connection between the temporal and the eternal and the spiral electrical mechanics (the snake biting it’s own tail, Ouroborous)  by which they interface. The sages called this world an illusion, because of it’s temporality and because of the deceptions of our senses due to their very limited range of perception of the movements of the electric lights which compose it, not because it is  does not exist, is strange, bizarre, unknowable and not real, only a set of probabilities based on mathematical formalisms, according to current quantum trickery and the purported Tao of physics, so cherished by the egghead academics of the world. 

YouTube link: Maya, the great illusion: Alan Watts & The Kalpas of eternity

The real Universe is actually very  systematic, balanced, displays great harmony, self consistency, self similarity and seamless ness from one event to another. It is highly ordered, visibly cyclical and spiral, measurable and a very real physical entity. It is not a mathematical probability or tendency, it is a reality. But it is temporal and it comes forth and goes away from moment to moment due to the immensely rapid, pulsing, electric lights of gyroscopic opposition, which are it’s foundation. That is, the motions of the two opposed electric lights which produce the material substance of the Universe are creating and voiding, moment to moment, the conditions of a physical Universe with extreme rapidity, whereas it’s source (the still magnetic light) is eternal, unchanging, motionless and immaterial. This demonstrates clearly that out universe is a Fractal Construct and Holographic as well since 2 d images are projected form stillness to create the illusions of 3 dimensions and motion.

So, the “Still Magnetic Light” from which all matter is born lives and dies, is the supreme reality, because nothing can change or destroy it. It is the static motionless cause of the physical Universe of endless dynamic motions and changes. The desire to manifest is the creative energy which the Great Sexless Creator Spirit uses to electrically weave together the infinite patterns of spiral light waves in the Universe whose combinations  and interactions produce the bi-sexual, tri-polar material physical Universe as seen in the multitudinous forms of our observations. Temporality is an impossibility in the Still Magnetic Light, but it is the very foundation of our physical Universe of never ending change. To those who view it’s appearances (scientists) it seems to be illusory, but for those who know it’s cause (the illuminated), it is transparent, infinitely interconnected and eternal. 

The immaterial points which interface with the physical Universe and which is its source, are called “still magnetic light” by Walter Russell, it is the “idea of light” which is projected from the stillness of eternity into the form of twin opposing electrical vortices which simulate the eternal idea of light and give matter its multitude of simulated forms. These electrical motions simulate the ideas of our Creator, found in the still magnetic light of eternity, into the temporal, shimmering, pulsed electric light waves of the material Universe which gives us a so-called “physical” existence. The rapid electric motions which simulate the eternal idea of light (SML) are so fast that our senses can no see that what we call physical matter is nothing more than extremely fast moving pressure conditions of electric lights, which  produce the illusion of substance and form.

The nature of light is to give to all other lights, so that giving may give again (perpetual motion). All lights in the Universe are connected to each other. Light is not traveling from distant stars and galaxies, it is already here and has always been here, because our star has been connected to all other stars in the Universe, ever since it’s birth. What we call the travel of light is actually the time that it takes for “electrically simulated light”  to reproduce itself wave-field to wave-field, once light is emitted from a source.  

The light of our Sun gives to all other Suns in the Universe and this giving is instantaneous, along the electrical torsion spirals which connect all lights in our Universe. We are not looking at stars or galaxies as they appeared millions or billions of years ago as taught by quacks in academic theory. These connected, spiraling electrical streams of torsion between all stars are pulsing their positions along the torsion waves instantly.

YouTube link: The absurdity of the Copenhagen interpretation of QM

According to Niels Bohr,  It is wrong to think that the task of physics is to find out how nature is (here lies the problem). Physics concerns what we can say about nature” (Herbert 1985, p. 45). Therefore, Bohr maintained we can never “understand” the quantum world or assign physical meaning to the complex wave function. Furthermore, we cannot use quantum mechanics to build up the physics of the macroscopic world, since quantum theory takes the existence of classical phenomena for granted from the outset”.  (That means the nuclear theory of the atom, nuclear furnaces, gravitational laws, laws of thermodynamics etc.)

Bohr’s is so fatally wrong it should be obvious even to those who worship him and academia. The fact that it is not immediately obvious speaks volumes about the mindlessness of the typical academic. The major point of physics is to “find out how nature is”, so that we may harness and control it’s forces to conduct our affairs. It is not in the interest of humanity to pay these stupid clowns to goof around with the puzzles they dream up, or to entertain the bizarre models they have concocted, which they claim  represent the Universe and which bring humanity no profit whatsoever.

Heisenberg states: “What we observe is not Nature itself, but nature exposed to our (dysfunctional and provably wrong) method of questioning”. Once again, if you are not “observing nature itself” in your “method of questioning”, then your questioning does not apply to the real Universe, only to a freaky model concocted by egghead mythematicians which does not even resemble the real Universe. These so-called physicists are being paid to study and analyze nature for the benefit of humanity, not it’s enslavement. They have failed miserably the tasks they have been employed to do, otherwise free energy would have been known and fully understood by all academic physicists and available for everyone on this planet, at least a century ago, with the introduction of the many over-unity (free energy) technologies invented and produced by Nikola Tesla,  then later; Vicktor Schauberger, Henry Moray, Hans Koehler, etc .

“It was believed until the turn of the century that the spectrum of electromagnetic waves (heat, light, micro- and radio-waves) was ‘continuous’. Since all these waves convey energy, it was believed that energy is also continuous and infinitely divisible. — Nevertheless, in studying ‘black-body’ radiation it was discovered that this is not true. The predictions of classical physics about the energy distribution among the various frequencies were ambiguous. The experimental curve could not be reproduced from any classical laws or equations. Wien’s curve was a good approximation for the higher frequencies but it was off for the lower ones, Raleigh’s curve was close to the lower ones but predicted an unreal ultraviolet catastrophe’.

The Mythematical Curves of Quantum Quackery

Faced with this conceptual dead-end, Max Planck experimented with the mathematical interpolation of the two wrong equations hoping to derive a new one that reproduced the experimental curve. However, this mathematical sculpturing showed that the experimental curve could not be exactly matched by any formula, without giving up the basic idea that energy is continuous. Planck finally concluded that energy comes in infinitesimally small, minimal ‘quantities’. — Calculating backward from the experimental curve, Planck arrived to a constant’ of a given, very minute number that, when inserted into the equation indeed reproduced the initial experimental curve. — Planck gave the symbol ‘h’ to this number and called it the fundamental Quantum of energy’.

Planck’s Quantum hypothesis was dormant for over a decade until a new mystery emerged in the form of the photo-electric effect. If high frequency light falls on certain metals electrons are ejected from it which are moving much faster than predicted by the classical wave theory of light. Again, Classical Physics was faced with unexplainable experimental facts.  Nevertheless, amidst this seemingly hopeless situation Einstein suggested that Planck’s mysterious Quanta, when applied to light energy, would explain the high velocities of the photo electrons’.

Since the nuke theory of the atom is a fraud there are no electrons, so their claim that electrons were ejected due to a so-called  “phot0 electric effect”, is provably more academic fraud to support their dysfunctional theories regarding light.

In this new corpuscular theory of lightthe light-particle, later called Photon, instantaneously transmits its concentrated energy to the electron via collision. A few years later, the Compton Effect’ demonstrated that in the photon-electron collision the classical law of the conservation of momentum is preserved. With this an even deeper mystery, the so-called ‘dual nature of light’ was established: In certain cases light behaves like waves (analogous to sound)in other cases it behaves like particles or bulletsThis ‘schizophrenic duality of light‘ still troubles modern science”. (Steve Rado)