Quantum Quackery of Quackademia


A scathing demolition of the mathematical idiocy of mythematicians and their loving enslavement to the academic frauds of quantum and string theories (guesses).



The faces of Quantum Quackery

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YouTube link: Hawking Radiation from black holios

Is thermal radiation with a black body spectrum predicted to be emitted by black holes due to quantum effects.

The Hawking radiation process reduces the mass of the black hole and is therefore also known as black hole evaporation. Black Hole evaporation/quantum effects! LOL!!!

YouTube link: DB Larson Breaks down the mythematical frauds of einstein and his ilk

The psychotic inventive science of academic eggheads vs. the inductive science of historical genius. Quantum quackery, quarks and other nonsensical academic garbage exposed for the putrid lies they are.

Quantum Quackery in a nut shell

planck fudges two provably wrong equations, creates a constant called “h”, which academicians refer to as  planck’s constant, inserts it into a formula and Voila, we have the intellectual abomination called quantum mechanics. The mechanics of something which does not exist, the “fundamental quantum of energy”. The only proof is the putrid mythematics he used in his deception. This form of devious sophistry is the way science it taught in academia. That’s why academicians are impervious to reality. They love their backwards, falsified and heavily fudged mythematical models (mental puzzles)  more than Nature itself.

The alternative Physics Tesla used to mentally image his inventions was discredited in all universities and schools to protect the status quo. Some of the bizarre ideas of einstein’splagiarizing efforts and quantum mechanics filled in, where reason left off and were funded and heavily promoted by the very forces who stood to gain financially through the suppression of real Physics.  The “Realism” of Classical Physics was forsaken for the illogical non-realism of the “berkeley-copenhagen interpretation” and a pathological physics remains in our schools as a result of these “well funded misconceptions“, from the illuminati coffers of money: printed out of thin air, pilfered taxes and filched usury interest.

The pillars of  mythematical egghead physics: the three blind stooges


Due to the very twisted workings of so-called quantum mechanics and the modern media/academic corporate sponsored obsession with the parroting of this strange lie, I reprint here a simple analysis of it’s absolute absurdity and un-reality.

“All humans are continuously surrounded, every day of their life, by real facts of nature. We believe in the existence of galaxies, stars, the sun and the moon and the earth. Nobody denies the real existence of cities, streets, houses and all the objects that we see. We believe that the floor supporting our weight and the air that we breathe really do exist. When there is a car accident, in which a person is injured, who believes that the car did not exist before the collision! We believe that our mind becomes informed of these facts and it tries to understand all those realities. However, the Copenhagen interpretation used in modern physics teaches that none of this is real.

… At the end of the 20th century, almost all physicists are concentrating their efforts on calculating predictions using mathematical formalism or in finding practical applications. Few really try to understand the fundamental nature of physical phenomena. Physicists believe that the most fundamental nature of physics is nothing but equations. Most physicists prefer to ignore all the contradictions and the absurdities existing in the interpretation of modern physics.

Math is not the language of Nature

… Physics is the fundamental science that aims to understand all fundamental things of Nature. The role of physics is to improve our understanding of things surrounding us, at the macroscopic as well as at the microscopic scale. The best description of Nature is the one that is closest to reality. It is the consequence of that understanding of Nature that should allow scientists to predict new results. Modern physics has brought a new description of Nature. It is based on what is called: The (Berkeley) Copenhagen Interpretation. We will see that this interpretation is just the opposite of the accurate rational description that one expects from science.

… According to the Copenhagen interpretation, there is no cause to a phenomenon. Consequently, since quantum mechanics is not causal, it is useless to look for causes. One might well ask why so many physicists look for causes when they use and support a model that is not causal.

The Subjectivity of Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Relationship

… Since Heisenberg is one of the most important contributors to the Copenhagen interpretation, let us take his own assessment. Heisenberg [1.5] states clearly: “The law of causality is no longer applied in quantum theory.” In order to be coherent, physicists today should no longer try to find the cause of a physical phenomenon. According to Heisenberg’s statement, there is no cause, it is simple magic.


The Quantum Quick Sand of the absurd Copenhagen Interpretation

Most physicists are completely unaware of the absurdities of the Copenhagen interpretation. The claim is that it has been definitively proved that we already know everything that can be known in quantum mechanics. In that regard, Popper mentions:

“The Copenhagen interpretation – or, more precisely, the view of the status of quantum mechanics which Bohr and Heisenberg defended – was, quite simply, that quantum mechanics was the last, the final, the never-to-be-surpassed revolution in physics. […] These were claimed to show that physics has reached the end of the road.”[1.10] 

One of the most important and disastrous consequences of the Copenhagen interpretation is observed in the case of the dualist wave-particle interpretation of light. The difficulty of explaining the behavior of light has a very long history in physics. It has led to an interpretation in which one uses the property of a particle when needed, and the property of a wave when needed. Different versions of that approach have led to the dual interpretation of light. Light (or photons) behaves simultaneously as a wave and as a particle. All sorts of confusing words are used to say that. That consequence leads to a naive belief that a photon might be a particle and a wave at the same time. (Newton Physics


Particle wave duality theory, proves how horribly lame quantum quacks are

“Heisenberg won his Nobel Prize for the theory of indeterminancy, which Oppenheimer describes as follows: If we ask … whether the position of an electron remains the same we must say ‘No'; if we ask whether the electron’s position changes with time, we must say ‘No'; if we ask whether it is in motion, we must say ‘No’.” (Rhythms of Vision, page 27

How clever these crafty fellers are, they just deny everything, offer an absurd explanation and a Nobel Prize is the reward. Wow, maybe if I deny the position of a proton, it’s motion or it’s permanency they will give me a Nobel Prize for my profound and earth shaking idea! I mean this would change physics to it’s core right? Everyone will be dumbfounded by the absolute mind shattering assertion that these qualities may not be known with any kind of precision! The fact that my theory explains nothing would definitely qualify me for this much coveted prize of academic superstardom and a fun filled waltz down the isle to receive my scientific Oscar, with the fanfare of legions of scientific sycophants accompanying my steps to glory and scholastic immortality. 

I am now going to present a condensed synopsis of the dysfunctional evolution of the so-called quantum theory, so that my readers may see exactly how flimsy this absurdity is, in it’s false construction, which is based on ad hoc assumptions and errant guessing about mathematical formulas.

“The roots of quantum theory go back to the year 1900. One of the fundamental problems in physics at that time was the emission of radiation from a heated object. A metal, when heated, gives off more radiation at certain frequencies than others. For an ‘idealized object’ called a ‘black body‘ a plot of radiation intensity versus frequency has a characteristic curve. At a given temperature, it rose as you went to higher frequencies, peaked, then fell off. At a different temperature it peaked at a different frequency. You can easily see this by heating an iron ball: As its temperature rises it turns red, then orange and finally blue-white. (pay close attention to this because, star temperature theory is based upon this and I will deconstruct this academic myth as well, further on down the page).

It was an intriguing phenomenon, but no one could explain what was going on. Physicists searched for an explanation-for a ‘mathematical formula’ that would fit the curve-but the best they could do was fit part of it. The problem was the turnover-the peak. None of the formulas ‘predicted’ it. 

Then came Max Planck, a young German professor at the University of Berlin. Realizing that traditional approaches wouldn’t work, Planck tried something completely different. According to the accepted dogma,  radiation was emitted continuously. Planck made the (ad hoc) assumption that it was given off in chunks-what he referred to as quanta. To make his curve fit the experimental one, however he had to assume (ad hoc once again) the existence of a new constant that he called and it made him ‘suspicious’ of the approach. (That is to put it kindly, paranoid would have been a better choice of words due to its ad hoc invention)

But it worked; Planck’s formula fitted the experimental ‘curve’ perfectly. (this curve is a reduced approximation of the data and does not represent the actual data, “perfectly”) Although he didn’t realize it at the time, his new approach was a dramatic breakthrough in physics, a breakthrough that would lead to a ‘revolution’ in science. ( Revolution in this sense means degeneration into mathematical lunacy which claims that averaged curves of approximation= the actual motions of the real universe, which they provably do not. They are reductions and averages, not realities.)

Scientist soon saw (assumed) that Planck’s constant was related to the structure of atoms. Rutherford had shown that the atom was like a miniature solar system with the sun replaced by the nucleus and the planets by electrons (this was never “shown” it was theorized) . The Danish physicist Niels Bohr became intrigued with the new quantum ideas and decided to apply them to Rutherford’s model (which is provably wrong). To his delight he found that he could explain the spectral lines of the hydrogen atom if he assumed (ad hoc)  the electrons were restricted to specific orbits specified by Planck’s constant (these theoretical orbiting electrons do not even exist, the nuclear theory of the atom has been proven to be a fraud). When they jumped between orbits they emitted or absorbed photons and it was these photons which gave rise to the spectral lines. (By what mechanism do they absorb or emit energy? how do they jump? this is pure academic bullshit, with not a shred of evidence to back it.) Bohr’s formula worked well with hydrogen. It ‘predicted’ the position of all the lines. Strangely, when he applied it to Helium it fell apart; the ‘predicted values’ did not agree with the observed lines. (Of course they didn’t, it is an ad hoc theory which makes no sense and applies only to one element, this is not strange, academicians are strange, with their bizarre ideas.)

 Bohr had obviously taken a step in the right direction (utter nonsense), but it soon became obvious (once again this is absurd)  that a deeper understanding was needed to explain why his method worked (it did not work!)… It was well known at the time that light acted like a wave. De Broglie hypothesized (guessed) that particles of matter also had waves ‘associated’ with them. In particular, the electron in Bohr’s atom had a standing wave associated with it… A wave equation was needed, but how would he represent the wave? Schrodinger decided to use a ‘wave function’ which he designated by the Greek letter psi. He derived an equation from it, an equation that is now one of the most famous equations in science. 

(Is this the best they have? Unfortunately the answer is yes and it is absolutely wrong. “Acting like a wave” and being “associated with a wave” are not even closely related in this poorly thought out comparison and reveals immediately how shallow the endeavor to understand the real universe is for academicians, when they delve into their symbolic world of mathematical theories with “ad hoc constants” and then try and “associate” the resulting mathematical fantasies with reality.)

But what was the exact nature of the wave function? No one, including Shrodinger, was sure. Schrodinger was convinced it somehow represented the electron as a ‘wave packet,’ but he discovered that this packet wouldn’t remain confined; (therefore it was wrong and there was no  need to proceed any further) it spread rapidly over space (mathematically speaking). In 1926 Max Born of Gottingen proposed (ad hoc once again) that the wave function didn’t represent the electron itself, but was a ‘probability’ wave. It gave the probability of finding an electron at a certain position. This is the interpretation we now accept” (how convenient for their lame theory). (Chaos in the Cosmos, pgs. 266-269

“Since Rutherford’s atomic model kept falling-over with trivial problems that should present Natural answers, Quantum mechanics began from many ignorant and arrogant Nineteen Century notions, speculations and assertions, bridging and maintaining Davy’s electrochemistry, Rutherford’s analysis, and the status quo. Without a workable atomic model generating a suitable gravitational theory describing exactly how gravity affects matter, without a mechanism allowing chemical bonding, with the sciences placing light on an enormous pedestal as something so unique, quantum theorists began relating sophisticated chemical beliefs to Nature’s precision, order, and harmony, through chaos, uncertainty, faith, hypotheticals, analogies and by whatever means possible, including blatant deception. Few checks and rules governed this infant non-science, and as self-important academics tailored the Emperor’s new clothes with complex and convoluted scenarios forcing the acceptance of make believe, Quantum Theory became fashionable through indoctrination and peer pressure.

To alleviate the disastrous situation produced by accepting an unnatural atomic model, claiming proof of the quantum atom as true, by hijacking genuine observations, quantum theorists defined the photon as a massless-dimensionless particle with both wave and particle properties, that exists in several parallel universes at the same time. With Quantum theory presenting contradictions as proofs, one can argue that because this belief-set plays with people’s minds, it should be outlawed. Still, in this body of work, important serendipitous breakthroughs appear, which although attributed to invalid processes, demand complete explanations. Consequently, great care must be taken when examining this belief-set, extracting fact from fiction”. (Where did Science go Wrong, Robert Lanigan O’Keeffe?)

This is what all the fuss nowadays is about, this myth called quantum theory. A twisted  theory that has a history of absolute degenerate construction, one false idea stacked upon another by widely differing theorists. One ad hoc assumption added to another equals scientific understanding. This is the fraudulent science we have inherited and it was provably absurd almost a century ago. The fact that it is still taught, teaches us immediately who profits from the continuation of this “groping in the dark”, which so-called scientist call an academic career.

 Quantum theory is a joke, the only reason it continues is because the false ideas which  make up its content are too complex for the masses to comprehend and deconstruct. Therefore they must trust that the geniuses of academia who pretend to actually understand the mind bending propositions associated with this academic/intellectual masturbation piece. 

QM is interpreted and framed for mass consumption in the form of urban and academic/media based myths which populate the schools and informational science programs, which the masses view on their idiot box in the form of science documentaries. Little do they now how horribly lost these theorists are and how far they have diverged into their mythical world of falsified mathematics. Or, who funds these shows and who profits from their lies, for that matter. The energy baron, war mongers and the central bankers (federal reserve).

YouTube link: The double slit fraud debunked for it’s sophistry

The infamous double slit experiment, “The grand daddy of quantum weirdness” according to the geeks who believe in it, debunked! It is the very cause of much quantum insanity and new age, air head speculations and stomach churning media based myths, ad nauseum! Remember this is their proof of the “particle/wave duality theory”, which is of course a bogus fraud.

The type of sophistry used in the heavily falsified theories of quantum eggheads are easily debunked by anyone who understands the devious path of their arguments. For example: the infamous and fallacious double slit experiment, is a concocted lie which insures those in academic control maintain that control. It is asserted by this devious theory that they are firing electrons  “balls or marbles” through the two slits. producing interference patterns which look like light wave patterns created as light travels through the same two slits. 

The lie and the devious manner of their proposition is revealed by the fact that the electrons  they are firing through the slit are not balls or marbles in reality. They are electro-magnetic wave forms  created as emission products in their electron gun. The academicians play a shell game with their audience. They swap balls and marbles for electro-magnetic waves by implying that the electrons they are shooting from their guns are the same mythematical electrons in their “theoretical” table of elements called the “Mendeleev Table”. 

YouTube link: “Electrons” are Electro-Magnetic Vortices, new Proof

 Proof that electrons are not marbles as claimed in the quantum weirdness cartoon referenced immediately above

These two creatures are not remotely related in the real Universe. The electron from the Table of elements is a theoretical and non-existent entity in the physical Universe. The electron’s created  in the electron gun are man made EM emission products, which are waves not particles. So this proves that the wave particle/duality theory of academia based on  the double slit experiment is pure sophistry and nothing more. Modern academicians, so-called scientists, are in fact sophists  and not scientists. This is where their strength and power lie, hidden in the deception of their many false claims and poorly thought out theories.

YouTube link: einstein’s discovery of e=mc2 is a mythematical fraud

YouTube link: einstein-hawking 4 dimensional space-time lie debunked at 3:25

Relativity dethroned and demystified

As for einstein, it appears that his plagiarized work on relativity may have been falsified even more during the 1920’s and grossly misrepresented by the physics community since the 1960’s. It has been revealed that “einstein the plagiarist“, for whatever it’s worth, did believe in some form of dynamic ether underlying the physical universe, just not the “stationary ether”, typically postulated by the 17th to 19th century theorists, regarding it. For example, “… we may say that according to the general theory of relativity space is endowed with physical qualities; in this sense, therefore, there exists an ether…”88 

The truth is, even though einstein’s was wrong with his ideas relating to: relativity, a limit to the speed of light, the absolute definite size of atoms, bodies warping space and time, time being a fourth dimension, mass becoming infinite when accelerated to the speed of light,  “space/field” possessing the properties of what was formerly known as the “ether”, he was at least searching for causality in physics, which is the way physics was approached by the great physicists of the past, before the introduction of the bizarre ideas of quantum probabilities (god playing with dice as einstein used to say). At least einstein refused to accept the validity of this intellectual abomination and knew intuitively, that this strange set of ideas called the copenhagen interpretation of quantum mechanics, was not even remotely close to how the real Universe operated and was in deed a sad and pathetic, academic, mathematical attempt to explain it. He also expressed severe doubts about his own theories of relativity and was not shy about saying so.

The word “field” of einstein’s mythematical physics is unscientific and requires an “aether”

“In September 1926, after reviewing (Max) Born’s statistical work on quantum mechanics, Einstein stated his view clearly in a letter to Born: “Quantum mechanics is certainly imposing. But an inner voice (intuition) tells me that it is not yet the real thing. The theory says a lot, but does not really bring us any closer to the secret of the ‘old one.”