Quasars and Pulsars-Faster than Light Motions

Quasars and Pulsars-Faster than Light Motions



YouTube link: The mythematicians of academic cosmology debunked for their madness

Quasars (newly birthed Galaxies) and Pulsars (high velocity White Dwarfs) are direct evidence of faster than light speeds being attained by new galaxies and stars respectively, due to explosions on an astronomical scale. Their appearances are due to the fact that they are traveling in time, rather than in space. Because of this limiting belief in “nothing traveling faster than light” the heavily funded academic adherents have to dream up all sorts of strange ideas to explain something they obviously do not understand in the least, which works quite well for the corporations, bankers and energy barons  funding them. Many astronomical conditions will be understood once the scalar mechanics of faster than light speeds is comprehended by the clever, illuminated scientists of the future and applied to these observations of high energy transfers of matter through time. 


The Crab Nebula, Type II Supernova remnant, From 1054 A.D., Vortex Jets (chaotic filaments), Fractals and Atomic Vortices

The Death of the Synchrotron Process Misconception

 “It is generally believed that the conclusion as to the impossibility of exceeding the speed of light has been proved by experiment. The truth is, however, that the experiments have all involved acceleration of particles by electromagnetic forces, and what the results of these experiments actually show is not that speeds in excess of that of light are impossible, but that they cannot be produced by means of forces of this kind(Step by Step, Sec, G, Pt. #5)


The Electric, Vortex Dynamics of a Super Nova called,  The Dumbell Nebula

The Electrical Vortices bore through both “aged and oblated”  poles, producing expansion Rings

May I remind my audience that our scientific “authorities” used to believe that: we would not be able to break the so-called “sound barrier” just 60 years ago with our noisy internal combustion based flying machines. I would also add at this point that, objects that are traveling faster than the so-called “speed of light” are traveling in time not in space. Their signatures would be available in the kind of observations  of anomalies as witnessed in the “strange and scientifically unexplainable”,  White Dwarfs (Pulsars) and Quasars. 


The Prolating and Oblating conditions of Stellar Electro-magnetic Vortices, Page 213

Exploding the Myth of the Imploding Supernova


Absolute Stellar Oblation witnessed as electrical vortices bore through both Poles to unwind a Star to it’s death via it’s equator, so that it may be “born again” as other Stars

The brilliant, dissenting astronomer and Electric Universe Theorist, Halton Arp, qualifies this situation quite well as an insider, by saying,“I gloomily came to the ironic conclusion that if you take a highly intelligent person and give them the best possible, elite education, then you will most likely wind up with an academic who is completely impervious to reality.” (Seeing Red: Redshifts, Cosmology and Academic Science, page 131, Halton Arp, 1998)


Extreme Oblation and Degeneration of Twin 

Opposing Stellar Vortices produces Polarized Vortex Jets

YouTube link: academic physicists are impervious to reality! 

The intellectual and scientific mind of today is based on left-brain thinking, utilizing analysis, rationalization, logic, objectivity. It has no perception of and no understanding of how elements can be not just associated but unified into a new whole. Our serial and linear conscious mind can only grasp mental concepts by breaking down wholes. In effect we can only do one creative thing at a time.

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Stellar Jets are evidence of a Star’s  Twin Opposing Electrical Vortices

The Consequence of Age limits reached by Stars as they oblate in their wave-fields

The unconscious, however, can operate via parallel processing. It can grasp many elements simultaneously as one whole. This is the basis of self knowledge. This is also  the reason an artist like Walter Russell could see the true nature of physics and produce a Cosmology which matches the observations of a real Universe, unlike the imaginary Universe of mathematical formalisms sold to us in our schools. Illuminated Artists look at the whole while academic eggheads look at numerical equations representing it’s parts.  Accessing multidimensional information through mental images, produces a true knowledge of the subject being studied. Groping over equations produces solutions to equations, not to life.


The Collapsed  “Neutron Star” of Fantastic Academic Conjuring. By what means does a Star collapse professor egghead? Why, by none of course!

The Scalar Mechanics of Ultra high speed Stellar explosions (Supernova II) and the resulting Pulsars (High velocity White Dwarfs)  and their accompanying Nebulas

 This holistic perspective of viewing the Universe is the technique of the Shaman when experiencing shamanic ecstasy. The whole is experienced and understood consciously and instantly. Consciousness of this kind is not just a vector within the scalar field of awareness, which mankind uses in routine daily tasks, it is a diffuse and omnipresent form of consciousness, representing all possible vectors of awareness, experienced simultaneously. 


Scientific proof of Quasar-Black Hole theory: is Cartoon Proof!

This is the reason I have displayed the story of the vortex in photos with links, running through the center of this text. The images are telling a parallel story to the reader’s subconscious mind, of unlimited abundance which will be realized when mankind harnesses the universal power of the Vortex, by mimicking the twin opposing vortices found in nature. Walter Russell demonstrated that everything is imploding and unwinding in our Universe from the smallest to the largest and that this is the true nature of our Universe.  This is in contrast to the tragic tale of our social engineer’s endless deceit and control which is confining us to this mental and physical pen of scarcity and poverty, known as a  “the corporate view” on Planet Earth as described by their dead end physics. This abomination has been supercharged by the bush crime family, using hitler’s name for it, “the new world order”  as dubya destroys everything we non-corporate people cherish in this world.  This has created a  corporation dominated way of sub-life, called “The Wasteland” by the late mythographer, Joseph Campbell.

Only by returning to a solid foundation in non-academic Physics, critical thinking, mental imaging  and self knowledge, will we bring sanity back into the education of  physicists of the future. Focusing our attention on the powerful vortices found in nature, will lead mankind into a new era of abundance and prosperity, where modern war is finally seen in it’s true form, for the greedy corporate driven profits, which are it’s real cause.