Red Shifted Light = The Doppler Effect of Sound debunked


Luminosity and Temperature evaluations ignore the Electric Star Hypothesis


YouTube link: academic theories about red shifts and Quasars proven false

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“One of the most striking features of the quasars is that their red-shifts are fantastically high in comparison with those of other astronomical objects. While the largest red-shift thus far (1983) measured for a normal galaxy is 0.67 (Reference 238), some of the quasar red-shifts are near 4.00. If we assume, as most astronomers now do, that these are ordinary recession red-shifts, then the quasars must be by far the most distant objects ever detected in the universe….

Our theoretical development indicates that from the standpoint of distance in space this conclusion is erroneous. In the context of the theory of the universe of motion, the normal recession red-shift cannot exceed 1.00, as this value corresponds to the speed of light, the full speed of the progression of the natural reference system, the level that is reached when the effect of gravitation becomes negligible. Even without any detailed consideration, it is therefore evident that the observed quasar red-shift includes another component in addition to the recession shift. From the account that has been given of the origin of the quasar it can readily be seen that this excess over and above the red-shift due to the normal recession is a result of the motion in additional dimensions that has been imparted to the quasar by the violent galactic explosion…


Electric Vortex in the Orion Molecular Cloud

The question as to the origin of the large amount of energy radiated from the quasars has been a serious problem ever since the discovery of these objects. The new information derived from the theory of the universe of motion has now resolved this problem. First, it has drastically scaled down the indicated magnitude of this energy. The finding that the greater part of the quasar motion indicated by its red-shift has no effect on the position of this object in space, and that, as a consequence, the quasar is much less distant than the cosmological interpretation of the red-shift would indicate, makes a very substantial reduction in the calculated energy emission…

For example, if we find that we are receiving the same amount of radiation from a quasar as from a certain nearby star, and the quasar is a billion (109) times as tar away as the star, then if the quasar radiation is distributed over three dimensions, as currently assumed, the quasar must be emitting a billion billion (1018) times as much energy as the star. But on the basis of the two-dimensional distribution that takes place in equivalent space, according to the theory of the universe of motion, the quasar is only radiating a billion (109) times as much energy as the star. Even in astronomy, where extremely large numbers are commonplace, a reduction of the energy requirements by a factor of a billion is very substantial. An object that radiates the energy of a billion billion (1018) stars is emitting a million times the energy of a giant spheroidal galaxy, the largest aggregate of matter in the known universe (about 1012 stars), and attempting to account for the production of such a colossal amount of energy is a hopeless task, as matters now stand. On the other hand, an object that radiates the energy of a billion (109) stars is equivalent, from the energy standpoint, to no more than a rather small galaxy…

It should also be noted that the quasar is not called upon to provide its own initial energy supply. The giant galaxy from which the quasar is ejected provides the kinetic energy that accelerates a quasar as a whole and its constituent stars to the upper range speeds (in excess of light speed). All that the quasar itself has to do is to meet the subsequent energy requirements”.   (Which it does, because it is a billion times less than academicians claim in their debunked theory, as  is clearly seen above!) (Chapter 21, The Universe of Motion)


Precession Of Quasar-Like Jets From Galactic Star 

Twin Opposing Electro-Magnetic Vortices witnessed once again

YouTube link: Quasars are ejected from their Mother Galaxies

 So, I can only conclude after reading Larson’s brilliant analysis relating to the birth and evolution of Quasars in, “The Universe of Motion“, that the “red-shift is caused mainly by an object’s being young, and only secondarily because of its expanding velocity. Quasars are not the brightest, most distant and rapidly moving things in the observed universe –  but they are among the youngest”.  Therefore they are, much closer, they produce only a fraction of the energy presently attributed to them and they are moving much slower than they have been claimed to be moving. Therefore, they are not the most distant objects in the Universe, according to the establishment’s best “educated” guess, otherwise called their “theory about Quasars”.  

“Like the quasars, the pulsars simply do not fit into the existing structure of astronomical theory, and the workers in the field find it hard even to speculate about these objects without invoking fantastic concepts such as “neutron stars” or “gravitational collapse ”, purely ad hoc constructions that are essentially equivalent, in all but the language in which they are expressed, to the spirits and demons of the pre-scientific age”. (Quasar and Pulsars, Ch. 1)

“There is no independent evidence of the existence of such things as neutron stars or black holes. They are purely hypothetical, and they have been introduced only because accepted ideas as to the nature and properties of the White Dwarfs impose limits on the roles that these objects can play in physical phenomena; limits that are wholly theoretical and have no factual support. From an observational standpoint, all of the high-density stars are alike. There is no physical evidence to indicate any division by sizes of the nature required by present-day theory. The truth is that the inability of the conventional White Dwarf theory to account for the full range of these observationally similar objects is a serious defect in the theory; one which, in most fields of science, would be enough to prevent its acceptance. But in this case, the weakness in the White Dwarf theory is used as an argument in favor of the black hole theory, or at least, as conceded by some of the proponents of the theory, it is a ‘key link’ in that argument”.201  (Chapter 17, The Universe of Motion)


The Collapsed  “Neutron Star” of Fantastic Academic Conjuring. By what means does a Star collapse professor egghead? Why, by none of course!

The Scalar Mechanics of Ultra high speed Stellar explosions (Supernova II) and the resulting Pulsars (High velocity White Dwarfs)  and their accompanying Nebulas 

“The same explanations that account for the peculiar characteristics of the white dwarf stars also account for the similar characteristics of the quasars, the Seyfert galaxies, and other objects of this type. The same energy sources that produce the great galactic explosions also account for the energy emission from the radio galaxies, for the Type II supernovae, and for the large energy output from the quasars. The same factor that accounts for the nature of the motion imparted to the quasar by the primary galactic explosion also accounts for the relation of the quasar magnitude to distance, for the absence of blue-shifts, and for the polarization, not only of the quasar radiation but also that of the Pulsars”. (Quasars and Pulsars, Ch. 12)

So, there is absolutely no reason to dream up black-holes with the masses of billions of suns or any other perverted ideas to explain the generation of the “unbelievably enormous amounts of energy” imagined in this case or, in  many of the other flawed scenarios offered by the present “system” of astronomical theories, because these excessively imagined energy levels do not even exist in these events as claimed by the eggheads, anymore than the enormous temperatures attributed to stars, said to be in the ten’s of millions of degrees according to current and past academic quackery. They are illusions based upon the appearance of light and a lack of understanding of it’s true nature. These tragically failed misconceptions are the product of deficient “thinking” if we can call it that and academic groping in a snare of  false theories which has misled it’s dedicated devotees (paid academic members) to the point that their foolishness should be apparent to anyone who still has a lick of sense left in their well fluoridated brains.

“Most of these crippling restrictions on thinking result from a widespread practice of generalizing conclusions reached from single purpose theories. This practice is one of the most serious weaknesses of present-day physical science. Many of our current theories, both in physics and in astronomy, are in this single-purpose category, each of them having been devised solely for the purpose of explaining a single set of observed facts. This very limited objective imposes only a minimum of requirements that must be met by the theory, and hence it is not very difficult to formulate something that will serve the purpose, particularly when the prevailing attitude toward the free use of ad hoc assumptions is as liberal as it is in present-day practice. This means, of course, that the probability that the theory is correct is correspondingly low. Such a theory is not, in the usual case, a true representation of the physical facts. It is merely a model that represents some of the facts of the physical situation to which it applies. When conclusions derived from such a theory are applied to phenomena in related fields, the inevitable result is a distortion of the true relations”.  (Chapter 20,  The Universe of Motion)

Quasars have been demonstrated to be freshly born galaxies ejected out of a Mother Galaxy. Galactic Clusters reveal the trail of this process as the baby galaxies follow the same path of curvature as their Mother Galaxy and proceed through the Universe as a group producing the largest spiraling structures observable to mankind at this time.

“The currently popular view is that the galactic recession results from a gigantic explosion (big bang) in which the entire contents of the universe were thrown out (expanding universe) into space at the speeds now observed. The radial outward motion in all directions is explained as the result of velocity differentials. On this basis, the galaxies in one direction are receding because they are moving faster than the galaxy from which we are observing them. In the opposite direction, the galaxies are presumed to be slower than ours, and we are therefore moving away from them. There is no way by which this kind of a distribution of motions, if it exists, can be distinguished from motion of the type illustrated by the spots in the expanding plastic ball (or, Thomson’s plum pudding atom extrapolated to Universal proportions). Regardless of its origin, motion of this kind has no inherent direction. Each identifiable point, or object, is simply moving directly away from all others. Any further characteristics that may be attributed to those motions to fit a theory or explanation of their origin are not relevant to the existing physical situation”. (The Reciprocal System of Theory) 


The Author, Frank Chester and Daniel Alva at Scoma’s in Sausalito, Spring of 2009

Academic physicists ask us to believe that the Universe is expanding like a plum puddin’ cake and we are somehow, mysteriously at or near the center of this scalar puddin’ watching the fruits of the big wank expand away from us. Please disregard my earlier comments about academicians being eggheads. Puddin’ heads is actually a more appropriate metaphor in this case. The so-called expansion of the Universe is a scalar phenomenon, requiring no reference system, like the one so-called academic “scholars” have attached to it. 


Our Vortex Heart


YouTube link: Our “7 sided” Vortex Heart and Sacred Geometry

This is an excellent illustration of the great works and understanding which humans can produce when they understand the foundational vortices which give form to all matter and the physical forms constructed from matter. The process Frank Chester used to reveal the inner working of our Vortex Hearts can be applied to all scientific investigation, so as to codify and quantify the new sciences based on Russell’s Cosmology of  “twin opposing electric vortices”.


From Frank Chester’s Website

All points in the Universe are expanding away from each other as they implode inward toward each other in their given wave-fields. This establishes the rhythmic balanced interchange between wave-fields producing the perpetual motions by which the Universe operates. The variations of size and intensity of physical phenomena are due to their relationship and position within these processes. They are imploding towards and exploding away from each other, not just exploding away from “jehovah’s” big blue marble, which defies statistical probability and sits securely at the center of a one way Universe, according to the ptolemaic system and the modern day big bangers

All points in the Universe are moving inwards towards each other as they unwind outwards due to the expansion. This inward movement is the “antagonist” to expansion and it produces the corporeal systems of matter which we call the physical Universe.


Babbitt’s Vortex Heart Atom

The catholic church loved this ptolemaic Earth centered system because of the enormous power it afforded them by extension as their god’s representatives, seated  on thrones as “his” authorities at  the “center of the Universe”. They almost murdered Galileo shortly after they burned Bruno at the stake, for questioning it’s absurdity. Our so-called scientific system is about as impartial as the old roman church and employs similar tactics in squashing dissent. Since burning people at the stake is no longer consider “good fun” or legal, they must destroy them academically and financially, so they won’t disturb the socially engineered “sleepers”. 

The 27.4 billion light year wide bubble the theorists have described as our universe, is only a drop in an infinite and eternal ocean of non physical proto-matter, containing countless physical galaxies, plasma and corporeal worlds.  This is thinking with the Mind!

The Universe is eternal and infinite. It always has been and always will be. 

The universe has always existed; that is, it has existed throughout all time, because time exists only as a constituent of the physical universe…. The only thing that exists in the physical universe is motion. Our theory, as it now stands, defines what motion is, and what it does, but not how it originated, or whether it had an origin. Since time, in a universe of motion, exists only as an aspect of that motion, the universe and time are coeval. On this basis, the universe has existed always-during all time-regardless of whether or not it originated from an act of creation”. (Chapter 31,  The Universe of Motion)

Our Universe wasn’t created 13.7 to 20  billion years ago from something smaller than an atom, by yhwh. There is no way in hell that the universe can collapse back in on itself, especially since it never exploded in the first place. Additionally, where would the center of infinity be and by what means would this evacuated center attract the  infinite universe to it, being that it would have no mass? Since mass is essential to their unidirectional gravity theories and there would be none, the idea of the big bang collapsing back in on itself is fanciful even according to their incontrovertibly flawed “cosmogony”.  You see this academic/religious lie is preposterous of course. TheConscious Light of Intelligence reveals this truth through the mental images anyone can visualize during contemplation on this subject.This is thinking with the Mind!