Sacred Geometry


The Eye of Horus: Spheres, Vesica Piscis, and the implosion of spiraling Phi 

Sacred Geometry Philosophy and Practice

YouTube link: The Eye of Horus looks out from the “Still Magnetic Light”

At 4:00 note the similarity of what is being revealed here

“Nor, have we even heard of or suspected the most important of all principles of physics, The Voidance Principle and the mirrors and lenses of space which are the cause of illusion in all moving things…Nor have we the slightest inkling of the cause of curvature of space, nor the voidance of that curvature in planes of zero curvature at wave field boundaries. No one knows how it is crystals get their various shapes. It will amaze the world to know that those shapes of crystals are determined in space by the shapes of the wave fields which bound the various elemental structures” (page xi-xii, The Secret of Light)


YouTube link: The Egyptians were the Masters of Sacred Geometry

The many Revelations put forward in this video prove beyond any doubt that darwinian evolution is a fraud and that we humans have actually de-evolved from higher, far more advanced civilizations which predated ancient Egypt


Pre-Egyptian From Abydos, Temple of Osiris, pre-flood High Tech Civilization

13,000-15,000 years before present, Flower Of Life Sacred Geometry Patterns etched in Granite


The Spheres and Vesica Piscii in the Flower of Life

 YouTube link: The Flower of Life Pattern found in Ancient Egypt

At 1:50 The Blocks of the Osirion show the Sacred Flower of Life Symbol

YouTube link: The Fundamentals of Sacred Geometry, by Charles Gilchrist

Imagine his excitement if he could see Walter Russell’s version of Sacred Geometry in 3 dimensions

Alternative physics , mental imaging,  visualization, the ir-resoluble irrationality and in-commensurability of Phi and fractal representations are far more powerful tools for understanding the true nature and dynamics of our Universe (spiral waves of electrically simulated light) than the failed techniques of empiricism, and reductionism.  They offer ways for us to see the Universe in a holistic, cyclical and interconnected manner, which is the way it actually operates. Not in the disconnected academic fashion of creating a bunch of compartmentalized boxes of reduction which they call, fields of specialization. Each field being filled with enough knowledge viruses to destroy the thinking of it’s initiates (slaves) permanently. These inferior models of thought are based on a corporate sponsored, one sided, uni-directional, big bang dominated world view, of what has been proven in great detail on this web page, to be an eternally cyclical Universe, which never gets “big banged”.


Fibonacci  Spiral Vortex


Vortex Geometry

The Implosion Physics of Phi

Neither Tesla, nor Schauberger, relied on mathematics  to design their over-unity, free energy technologies.  Or, I should say, “mythematics”.  Math was considered by them as a servant of the investigative process, not the King.  Math is only a model. It is a simulation of reality.  “Academic mathematics is not the language of Nature”. “Mathematics is an invention of humanity. Just as one can use the common spoken and written languages to deceive and tell lies, so one can use the language of mathematics with the same effect”.

26 27 28

Guiding  Artists and Free Thinkers is Nature’s Perfect Design

Everything is spiraling in Nature according to the Twin Opposing E.M. Vortices which are it’s foundation.


YouTube link:  The Pineal Gland otherwise known as the Pine Cone Gland

The Pineal Gland is step down transformer which converts the extremely rapid electro-magnetic motions of our light bodies into frequencies which our physical brain can interpret in the form of mental images. The Pineal gland is a self reflective optical organ. It is looking at itself from all directions inwardly and seeing through prismatic calcium carbonate crystals coating the receptors, the inner light of mental images, produced by our “Light Bodies”.

“Geometry is a surrealistic discipline that purports to describe the static world of Physics with the dynamic language of
Mathematics. The mathematicians have confused points with locations, distance with displacement, dimensions and coordinates with number lines, and solids with volumes. After 3000 years of history and experience, the mathematicians can’t even tell you what a number is.  

Mathematics is a science of behavior. Physics is the science of existence. Mathematics only studies
adverbs (relations, how something moves, etc.). Physics deals with the remaining grammatical
categories. Mathematical Physics deals with what an observer measures and perceives. Physics is
observer-free. Physics deals with ‘what is’ irrespective of testimony or artificial standards. Mathematics
is not only NOT the language of Physics, it has absolutely nothing to do with Physics”  
Bill Gaede)

29 30


Sea Shell Secrets: Phi, Vortices, Vesica Piscis and Spheroids

YouTube link: Mythematics – What’s the point? 

The Universe has one foundational form of  mathematics and it is of the square and inverse ratios of “unwinding” and in-winding electrical vortices as they push through the convex and concave lenses of expansion and compression (cold and heat respectively) which control the spiral movements of the electric light, which composes it. The logarithmic spiral created by the never ending, irrational number Phi (1.6180339887….), shows us “symbolically” these inner workings of electric light in our Universe. It is a tangible analog to the unseen world of vortex vibrations which are beyond the reach of our limited sensory systems and instruments of detection. It displays  in it’s never ending journey, the in-winding (pulling)  and unwinding (pushing) nature of the electro-magnetic vortices of gravity controlled lights which give our Universe form and energy.


Vortices create Symmetry Order

Negative Numbers and Other Frauds

“Phi is the specific formative principle expressed mathematically in the ratio: 1=1:1.618, the so called “Fibonacci cycle”, better known as: “The Golden Mean”. (each number added to the next gives the following number, as in 3-5-8-13-21-34 etc. or multiplied by 1.618 = 0618-1.000-1.618-2.618-etc.). Daniel Winter (U.S.) calls this harmonic: The only permissive path from matter to energy and back. The Mathematical image of the condition of pure self reference”. (Implosion technology and Viktor Schauberger)


Cymatics: Sound and Sacred Geometry

YouTube link: Alexander Lauterwasser

Twin opposing vortices visible at 3:35

YouTube link: Cymatics and Sacred Geometry

YouTube link: Lauterwasser, Water Sound Images

Sound Wave created Levitation at 3:17 to 4:08

YouTube link: The foundations of Sacred Geometry

   YouTube link: Phi, The Golden Ratio Explained

“The precise ‘golden mean’ is numerically achieved by this series (Fibonacci Series) only somewhere near where its sequence spirals into infinity. Thus the hidden order which surrounds us cannot be perceived by ‘logic’ alone and must pass over to the ships of symbolism to ride through the waters of the soul. Sacred Geometry and numerology are now being used as tools, not only for self-knowledge, but to uncover the science and philosophy of our distant ancestors; for these patterns are reflected in the pyramids, the temples of the Hindus, the observations of the Incas and the Aztecs, the mosques and tiles of the Muslims and even in the proportions of certain Gothic cathedrals. (Rhythms of Vision, Pg. 106)


Walter Russell teaching the Sacred Geometry of Concentric Spheres

YouTube link: The Sacred Philosophy and Cosmology of Walter Russell

34    35

Magnified Tungsten needle tip photo versus the Fractal Iteration  zn+1 = zn2 modulus n

Note the Hexagonal Crystal Structure and Standing Wave Patterns (water and fire)

36                       37

                 Atomic Vortices               Atomic Magnetic Vortices

YouTube link: Sacred Geometry and Concentric Circles 

YouTube link:  Sacred Geometry and Bucky Balls used to build Geometric Solids

38 39

Twin Opposing Vortices Standing Waves = Fractal Matrix


 The Vesica Piscii are Electrical Wave Lenses, created by the  interaction of

Concentric Spheres as their motions are internally reflected within  Cubic Wave-fields


The Electric, Gravity Controlled,  Standing Waves of Creation

YouTube link: Standing Wave forms animated and explained at 3:45

YouTube link: The Hexagonal Flower of Life Standing Wave Pattern

YouTube link: Wave intersections and the Hexagonal Flower of Life Pattern

YouTube link: The Hexagonal Flower of Life Standing Wave Pattern 3D Version


 The Vesica Piscis – The 2 d representation of  Sacred Geometry at the Heart of Creation


Walter Russell’s Concentric Spheres. 

The 3-dimensional Vesica Piscis is an Electro-magnetic Light Lens


The Light Lenses of Nature: Vesica Piscii seen in so-called “interference patterns” generated by ripples on the surface of water. This is the provable geometry mapped out by Walter Russell in his cubic wave field model

YouTube link: Cubic Wave-fields and Concentric Spheres animated

YouTube link: Walter Russell’s 3 dimensional Sacred Geometry and Concentric Spheres


Nature’s Trinity Principle seen in Wave Optics: Pressure Zones in Wave-fields.

The 3d Vesica Piscii are Electric Light Lenses which give form to all Space Geometry


The “Nineness” of Cubes – These nine cube assemblies due to similar functions of polarity will assemble into a large cube of 18 and 27 cubical sections. 

YouTube link: The Light Lenses of Mirroring, Numerical Triads, Parity and Self Similarity


The elementary Cubic Wave-field Model and the “Perfect and Complete” Number 9 – Page 157 

DB Larson confirms the Octave Wave-field mechanics with dissenting academic language

YouTube link: Number 9 is “The Spiraling Axis of Infinity” at 9:25

YouTube link: The number 9 and the octave wave mechanics of cubic wave-fields


Walter Russell – The Imploding Sphere in a Cubic Wave-field

YouTube link: Conical Motions in a Cubic Wave-field

YouTube link: Vortices, Vortex Rings and so-called Particles


The Cubic Wave-field: Spiraling Electrical Vortex Cones and Pyramids


The Basic Principle of Space Geometry: Cubes and Spheres


The Pressure Zones within Wave-fields


Gyroscopic Planes of Rotation, Prolate and Oblate in Cubic Wave-fields 


Gyroscopic Tonal Positions of the various Elements at 42, 72, 86 and 90 degrees and Inert Gases at zero degrees showing how the pressure zones within Wave fields produce these geometries 

YouTube link: Conical Motions between Wave-fields

Sympathetic Vortex streams between Cobalt Atoms


Sympathetic Streams and  Spiraling Geometries in Cubic Wave-fields


The Compression and Expansion Spheres in Cubic Wave-fields 

YouTube link: Sympathetic Streams and Conical Motions


The rings of the inert gases are compressed into 3d spheres by the radar corner reflectors

Phi was described by Johannes Kepler as one of the “two great treasures of geometry.” (The other is the Theorem of Pythagoras.) Phi demonstrates the reality of eternity with it’s self repeating spirals into the infinitely small and infinitely large places of our Universe. It  undermines the static systems and idealized concrete forms of the Euclidean geometric view of the Cosmos, with it’s dynamic, never ceasing movements and is therefore a most valuable tool in mentally imaging the “Implosion-Unplosion Mechanics of the twin opposing vortices of Electric Light” which produce all of the conditions our real Universe. (Explosion is a chaotic term, therefore the need for a new word like, “Unplosion”, which represents the highly ordered spiraling environment of exchange within electrical vortices as they unwind  from their centers of still magnetic light, before they are reflected from the wave-filed boundaries and in-wound to their centers again, in perpetual gyroscopic motion.)

59 60 61

Atomic Sphere Packing and the Geometry of Matter

YouTube link: The “still magnetic light” in the center of octave wave mechanics, at 4:52

“The theoretical scientist is compelled in an increasing degree to be guided by purely mathematical, formal considerations in his search for a theory, because the physical experience of the experimenter cannot lift him into the regions of highest abstraction (albert einstein).

… In this statement einstein is advancing the curious contention that it is possible to derive from purely abstract theoretical processes specific information about the physical world that cannot be obtained, directly or indirectly, from observations of the physical world itself… Now we meet the strange contention that, the information which we derive directly from experience is ‘fictitious’ and that the theoretical processes can give us authentic information about the physical world, which cannot be obtained by observation or by logical processes based on such observation. Modern physical science has lived in a dream world of ” free inventions” and mathematical theories ‘floating in the air’ for so long that, like any individual who withdraws from reality and builds his own world of fantasy, the scientist has now arrived at the stage where the phantoms of his imagination seem real and the physical realities appear fictitious. 

… Hence, if the theoretical processes furnish ‘something of their own’—some information which cannot be ‘abstracted or deduced from experimentally given data’—this is not information about the physical world. If it has any meaning at all, it is simply information about the theory, or the model, which has been set up to represent the physical reality. It belongs to the dream world, not the real world”. (Beyond Newton, Part V)


Electric Vortices and Sacred Geometry

Mental Images are the language of the Mind and since Nature is a product of Universal Mind, then Mental Images are the language of Nature. So, in order to “Understand Nature” one must use Mental Images which reveal the true workings of her processes, as opposed to sensory based empirical observations using mathematics which translate the “qualities” of Nature into numbers and symbols where their meanings and true significance are “reduced and averaged” (reductionism-tendencies and probabilities) and quickly lost in the drudgery of mechanical calculations and theories about numbers.

YouTube link: Alan Watts – academic reductionism vs. Nature’s infinite divisibility

Math is best suited for the study of frequencies, wave forms and geometries, being that these are “constants” and require no “synthetic mathematical constants” , which are in such common use today,  to explain away the huge numerical inconsistencies in many calculations. 


DNA – Sacred Geometry and Self Similarity

Fractal Geometry is an example of thinking that includes “cycles in eternity” in it’s descriptions, in place of the imaginary “closed unidirectional systems” of fraudulent academic construction and creates natural patterns that look like the normal objects seen in our real Universe. 

YouTube link: Alan Watts- Man in Nature

The logarithmic spiral of Phi is witnessed mathematically throughout nature. It reveals symbolically through its spiraling numeric forms, the great diversity of creation and provides a window of  observation into the unseen worlds of the extremely small and monstrously large via it’s endless spiraling extensions into these realms (vortices). These are the kind of devices and changes needed in the “mathematical thinking” which will bring mankind as a whole out of the “pit of darkness” commonly referred to by government/corporate/media/m.i.c. officials as “an academic education”.


The DNA Nebula: Fractals and Birkeland Currents

 Ptolemy of Alexandria, invented the ideas of: epicycles, deferent and equant in the second century a.d., to describe the Earth centered Universe which was later cherished by the “authorities” of the Roman church. These non existent entities served the mathematics of this backward cosmology well, for 15 centuries. Ptolemaic epicycles reveals immediately the problem when we trust purely mathematical explanations to account for our observations.  His senses were deceived by the motions of the planets and the limited understanding he had about the way the cosmos really worked. In the case of modern astronomy, the violations of reason concocted by academic theorist are piled as high as the heavens themselves.

YouTube link: Phi, Vesica Piscis and Infinity

YouTube link: The Coral Castle Mystery exposed

YouTube link: In Search of – The Coral Castle Secrets

YouTube link: Phi, Sacred Geometry and the Pyramids at Giza

YouTube link: The Vortexya’n, Physics used at The Coral Castle

YouTube link: Ed’s Sweet Sixteen, the sacred number 16 at 6:13

YouTube link: Sacred Geometry, Implosion, Phi and EM at Coral Castle

“Aristotle had done ancient and medieval astronomy a considerable service by drawing a line between physics and the mathematical sciences, including astronomy, in a way that astronomers  need not search for Aristotelian ’causes’ for celestial motions. By Ptolemy’s day, it had become routine to invent devices such as epicycles and equant  that yielded reliable ‘predictions’, without any need to explain what might cause the planets to move in the manner prescribed by those devices (sounds a lot like electrons and their so-called orbital shells to me). 

In fact, to declare that Ptolemy either did or did not think the planets literally move in the way these mechanisms had them moving would be to misunderstand him. In the absence of any remote chance of conclusive direct evidence one way or the other, there was much to be said for not belaboring the question—maybe for not even realizing the possibility of such a question. A man who worried about whether his mathematical system represented literal reality was an exception. This was not an intellectual situation confined to the ancients. A similar mind-set exists today at the (so-claimed)  leading edge of theoretical (corporate-academia sponsored) physics”. (Tycho and Kepler, by Kitty Ferguson, page 64.

Some of these modern corporate-academia sponsored inventions for example are: quarks, muons, flavours, colours, hadrons, baryons, mesons, leptons, virtual particles, anti-particles, the freaky copenhagen interpretation, and too may other non-existent entities “observed” in “bubble chambers” (for millionths of a second) to even bother mentioning, over 200 at the present, black holesbig bangs,neutron starsgravitational collapsegravitational lensingevent horizonsdark matterdark energysingularities, 4d space/time, wimps and machos, mond, einstein’s relativitiesnuclear atoms,  elemental particlesquantums & planck’s constant,  the so-called second “law” of thermodynamics, electron orbital shellsparticle/wave dualitysolar nuclear furnacesa limit to the speed of lightphotonsfield equations, increase of mass with velocity, nuclear fusionlength contractiontime dilationstring theoryquantum quackery and ridiculous worm holes which we can use to travel to distant parts of the Universe instantly in fairytale, academic, arm chair/science fiction myths.



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