Social Engineering

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Mind Control Basics Video

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the mind control mechanisms of corporations and academic psychology

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The corporate/hollywood created “rebels” are slaves to: cigarettes, alcohol, toxic drugs, loud motorcycles, machismo, war, violence, cheap sex and lowlife degeneracy in general. These are the “free individuals” of ad agency engineering

YouTube link: The degenerate Art of Corporate Mind Control
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     More examples of the gutter level of existence being sold to humans as the pinnacle of happiness!

Religious hypocrites, like bushrice and ashcroft have hijacked our country. They are the true “terrorist hijackers”. They claim they own the values and morality of our country. These mass murders, are a disgrace to the memory of Paine, who professed a belief in Deism. He knew well the frauds and myths which are the foundations of  judeo-christianity and he laid the judeo-christian Myths bare in “The Age of Reason”

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Paine and our founding fathers also knew well the illusion of freedom that a  democracy (mob rule) pretends to be. So, he and his friends created a Republic , which protected the rights of each and every individual. A democracy protects only the rights of the members of the dominant mob.  This is not a democracy no matter how many times the impish little  “w” repeats it in his sickening teleprompter speeches all high on cia designer drugs, that make him feel like he is some kind of god in the flesh, absolutely impervious to criticism and reality. The shrub is so freaking high he actually believes the self aggrandizing, megalomaniac, ego stroking fairytale scenario his masters let him act out as their current puppet on the world stage.

YouTube link: The Most Disgusting Religion Known To Man

YouTube link: The repulsive and disgusting nature of yhwh’s bible

YouTube link: The horrific, vengeful and murderous god, yhwh of the bible

The dominant mob right now is a lot of weirdo, religious dopes, who believe in fairytale mythologies as if they were real historical truths. They support the president, because he claims he has been “born again”.  These self made goons, have never bothered studyingcomparative mythology, if they did, they would know that their judeo-christian religions are plagiarized, from myths which have much deeper and more profound personal and astronomical meanings than their literal counterparts. 

YouTube link: Jewish Propaganda To Change American Public Opinion

Paine destroyed the foundations of this lunacy over two hundred years ago with his brilliant reason, yet we still have these putrid, archaic, literalistic, religions dominating our culture. That’s because most of the people in this country have never read “The Age of Reason”. Being that our freedom is based upon the ideas deduced within it’s beautiful analysis, it is obvious why it is not required reading in our schools systems and is largely unknown by our sheeple here in the USA.

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The pResident and his inner circle are of a different ilk. They parade themselves purposefully as mindless christians, but they are illuminati impostors, of the Skull and Bones (masonic secret society) kind. They masquerade as intellectually deficient religious people, only to gain the votes of the mindless, emotional judeo-christians that buy their  gooey tripe.

YouTube link: John F. Kennedy Blows the Whistle on evil Secret Societies

The fact that people are not remotely bothered that secret societies control the Presidency and everything else of value in our world, shows exactly how low the populous has sunk in it’s complacency to the great evil controlling the course of the USA. kerry and bush both belonged to skull and bones secret society and are the very ilk JFK is warning about as he prosecutes the forces of evil which operate through these secret societies.

YouTube link: David Icke on the inner workings of the Secret Societies indicted by JFK

 Though baby bush is an absolute blithering moron and an extreme “evil doer”, his father is a far more evil and plotting man with an adequate intellect, dedicated to international crime, war racketeering and his  khazarian handler’s vision of a new world stench, administrated out of israel. He and his group of international stooges are running his son’s failed presidencies, through  the cruel, hideous torturer and ugly mass murderer, “creepy cheney”, as anyone can plainly see. 

YouTube link: illuminati basics revealed

YouTube link: David Icke on social engineering

YouTube link: William Cooper exposes the ruthless and secret skull and bones gang 

Poppy bush sr. nows all about the cia’s  use of,  advanced, free energy  technologies,  because he did a great deal to hide them permanently for the energy barons like himself, while he ran the crooked inner circle of the “company”, as it’s director. Just watch the link immediately  below, where Bill Cooper blows the whistle on the bush crime family.

YouTube link: The mafia, c.i.a. & george bush sr.

YouTube link: george bush and the suppression of everything good on Earth at 2:00

This barbaric bush family knows that religions are myths and that there is no baby jesus coming back to judge them, so they figure they can be as evil as they like, without fear of retribution.  What they did not count on was the boiled, 30′ Hemp rope traditionally used for traitors when their treasonous deeds become known by the general population and justice by “The Rule of Law” is served to those, who are so very fond of saying it.


YouTube link: Neil Young, “Lets Impeach the pResident”

YouTube link: bush; liar, criminal, traitor, ugly control freak and horrible fraud

The internet really messed up their plans. The bush crime family and their globalist allies, assumed that Americans would act like ruminating bovines and not question their authority as they “patriotically” have in the past. They counted on people trusting their idiot box to tell them the truth.  However, too many clever people immediately saw through the 911 lies and acted like true patriots, informing the world that it was a false flag, inside job, despite the risk of being murdered by this illegal regime for calling the alarm. The shrub administration thought they had it made with their corporate media, lap dog whores, barking and catapulting propaganda, but the human spirit is too strong for this kind of fascist control and there are always those who can see beyond the lies  and sound the alarm, likePaul Revere. Besides, the plans of the fascists always fail in the end. Just remember that Busholini, your time is at hand, you are an ugly  failure in every respect.

Religious myths are wielded by a controlling priesthood, as literal history, for the mental and spiritual enslavement of their “flock”. The enlightening power of these stories comes from their mythological nature and their resounding effects on our spirits and our personal lives, not in the subjugation and subservience by us, to the literal/historical causes and consequences of their imagined reality which is based on countless editing, new forms of propaganda and revisions.

YouTube link:  subliminal sex in cartoons, how it is done

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Modern christians live their lives believing in and awaiting the destruction of our world (armageddon)  and most of it’s inhabitants by the jewish-christian tribal god, yhwh/jehovah, with the greedy hope of their own salvation, when their jewish savior  jesus, will come back to judge the world and find them innocent, so that they may ascend into the clouds and live with their savior  for all eternity.

Do we people who are educated and live beyond the limited range of these mediocre “literal beliefs”, really want our country run by these types of hollow husks? What ever happened to the separation of church and state? Why do all politicians end their sickening speeches by yelling god bless America?

Why would any god bless the USA for it’s murdering imperialism? Do people forget that we live in a stolen nation? Our history is filled with violence towards weaker nations and the enslavement of their populations by our corporations. World War III has been waged against many Third World nations since the CIA takeover of Iran in 1953 and has continued since then against a host of defenseless peoples for corporate control, theft of natural resources, economic colonialism/slavery and untold hidden corporate profits.

YouTube link: The Secret government

YouTube link: The cia takeover of Iran, then and now 

YouTube link: A non-khazarian view of the Arabs

This agenda has been greatly accelerated since the unconstitutional founding of the federal reserve by european bankers and their agents in 1913 and the consequent parasitic removal of our nations “Gold” wealth through “usury” interest payments, thereby creating the “Great Depression” and a form of sub-life here in the USA ever since we were sold down the river by our politicians.  The monetary system that was created by these treasonous acts is a fraud and nothing more than a heavily rigged casino. The entire mess has turned man against his brothers. The system is in reality mammon worship and it comes to us from ancient babylon. Those who serve it and profit from it are the enemies of all mankind. The enslavement of all humanity is the direct result of this evil system of idolatry. It is sold to us using fashion idols, sex, glamour, life styles of the rich and famous, power tripping ego maniacs and all forms of fear, so that we may cling to it for protection. The monetary system is a crime against all life  on this planet and has led us down this path of global destruction for the falsely earned profits of the gluttonous corporate academic beast.

YouTube link: The impish shrub is using the 9/11 govt. lie to destroy our Constitution

YouTube link: “The Constitution is Just a Piece of Paper” w. bush & congress-criminals

All of the boom and bust cycles since are engineered events which allow these parasites to rake in trillions of dollars for doing absolutely nothing, except destroying the wealth, hopes, dreams and futures of all of humanity. These treasonous acts are completely the result of asecretly engineered economy, manufacture by these wealthy european bankers and their complicit minions here at home. The current economic crisis is no accident. The taxpayers will have to pay for all of the illegal looting of the economy, by bankers, money men, speculators, war mongers and energy barons during the closing days of the illegitimate shrub administration. They have destroyed our economy with great intention. They are working for the globalists and the free trade agenda and are traitors to our Constitution which they swore to uphold and defend.