Sound Waves vs. Light Waves


Cymatics exposes the physical movements of sound by vibrating particles on a disk which resonates with sound waves and reveals the structures and intricacies of wave motions in 2 dimensions. It reveals the countless designs mirrored in our physical Universe. Light’s movements are crystalline in nature, being that they are reflections of movements beginning and ending within six sided wave-fields (light crystals) which act as mirrors to reflect their light into all other wave-fields (crystals). Research into Cymatics has shown what wave motions resemble, when they are reduced in speed by billions of times to the speed of sound and reveals how the intersections of wave fronts create standing waves structures which have forms we can immediately recognize in a multitude of living creatures and the material bodies of our Universe.

YouTube link: Cymatics, bringing matter to life with Sound

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There is much talk these days about the Universe being composed of sound some are even calling it a Musical Universe because of the observations made in Cymatic research. Cymatic theorists influenced by religious traditions, refer back to the tired old story from genesis about the word being spoken by yhwh and therefore the myth is true and “he” must be “god”, therefore the jews were right and they must be his “holy chosen people”.

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YouTube link: Alan Watts on the “One Light of Eternity”


However, “yhwh” would have had to be “singing the word” not just speaking it, so the metaphor is not even correct and this does not authenticate the book of genesis for the gleeful religious types who have forfeited their natural lives for the cage like existence ordained by their priests. And, the jews are not his “holy chosen people” despite their incessant ravings throughout history, begging or forcing other humans to believe their self righteous, self centered tribal lie. All tribal gods are myths, especially the evil and violent ones like yhwh of israel, “he” could never have created our Universe, for nothing of beauty is born of this kind of absolute vengeful, murdering ugliness. 

YouTube link: Cymatics almost correctly explained by Icke

Sound is not the source of Creation it is just a sub-harmonic wave motion that is billions of times slower than it’s true source, which is the “One Light” of the Great Creator Spirit of eternity, the still magnetic light, as it is divided into the two electric lights of bright incandescent Atoms, Suns and Galaxies (pulling electricity) and the dark Space (pushing magnetism)  of corporeal temporality, which surrounds them. 

Audible sound has frequencies that cover a very big range,
from about 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz, meaning that the pressure at your ear
oscillates back and forth 20 to 20,000 times per second. Each
frequency gives a different audible pitch. Visible light has
frequencies from around 4 x 10^14 Hz to around 8 x 10^14 Hz. 

(That is 4-800,000,000,000,000 vibrations per second)  (Sound Waves vs. Light Waves)

The Universe is composed of nothing but spiral wave motions of electrically simulated Light in it’s three opposed conditions. Music and Sound are but children of the three opposed polar motions, yet they do reveal in their interplay, some of the invisible secrets of their very wise and  sophisticated Creator, the One Light of Creation.  This is the “still magnetic light”, falsely called a monotheistic male God or, polytheistic gods and goddesses by religious sycophants.


It’s a Musical Universe


 The Spiral of Fifths proves Russellian Science

“The natural scale of music is associated with the ratio of the diameter of a circle to its circumference.” (i.e. pi = 3.14159265358979323846 etc.)

Note the spiraling Nature of all Sounds, just like: light, water, air, blood, sap, electricity, because they are all based on the fundamental motions of electrical vortices.99

“This table shows the result of cumulative fourth and cumulative fifth intervals. Large (L) and small (s) intervals are shown from A at 110 Hertz. The cent values are in relation to A and the frequencies assume A=110 Hz.

This progression continues infinitely. Pi is both an irrational and a transcendental number. Each further step will produce two new and unique values and hence more intervals and positions. Notice that the patterns of note names and note positions repeat themselves every seven steps adding an extra # through the fifths and b through the fourths.

For each step the cents, intervals, and note positions from the fifths added to the corresponding cents, intervals and note names from the fourths result in an exact octave”. Excerpt From (Lucy Tuning).

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