The Absurdity of Nothingness

“The concept of zero (or, nothingness) as a fundamental aspect of conventional mathematics is so apparently self-evident that you are unlikely to find anyone who will question it. However, questioning it is exactly what I am going to do here. The reason is as fundamental as the concept itself; the question of whether or not “nothingness” can exist is crucial to the process of catiterating from consciousness towards Awareness and, furthermore, is reflected in the technological development of humanity itself.

…To launch into the understanding of the true nature of zero, remember what I have shared about measurements and limits. Any measure has meaning only in a relative sense; that is, by comparing it to another limit or measure (i.e. a reference). Comparing any measurement to the True Reference, Infinity, makes all measurements infinitesimal, which means they are all extremely close to zero when compared to the Reference. Recognizing this gives you the key to understanding the true meaning of zero.

…The idea of “zero”, or nothing, requires the existence of “something” in order for it to have meaning. The perception of nothingness requires someone to do the perceiving, which means that a perceived state of nothing is not absolute. The observer and that which is observed are not separate, so if “nothing” is observed and the conclusion is that “nothing” exists, the observer is attempting to exclude him/herself from the set referred to as “nothing”. The situation seems similar to the question of whether a tree falling in the forest makes a noise if no one is there to hear it. The answer is obvious because since consciousness (or Awareness) to any degree, is a given, there will be perception, and that means that in the context of this writing, “nothing” cannot exist because a perceiver (“something”) must be present in order for “nothing” to be perceived.

Zero is no different from all other measurements in that it derives meaning only by comparison with a reference. Therefore, zero exists in a relative way only, not in an absolute way. This makes it quite useful in mathematics. For example, with a given reference group, say, 11 apples, resting on a table as the designated reference area, you can arrive at a quantity of zero apples relative to the original reference group total by removing the 11 apples from the table. Note in this example that the idea of zero apples would be meaningless were there not an original group of apples to serve as a reference! But zero apples is not “nothingness”, nor does it mean that apples do not exist at all; it is merely a symbolic way of describing the absence of apples within the reference area at that point in time. By contrast, Infinity is Absolute; not, “the only” absolute, but Absolute, period. Once anything has been verified to exist, the existence of nothing has been proven to be impossible. 

…Given that Reality is defined as “all is One”, and One is equal to Infinity, a genuine state of nothingness cannot exist in Reality. Reality is “everything-ness”, and there is “nowhere” you can go to in Reality where “everything-ness” does not exist. But to make this even more interesting, we have no way of distinguishing “everything-ness” from “nothingness” because we have no reference “outside” of Infinity to compare both of them to! Since Infinity is not one pole in a spectrum of which the opposite pole is “nothing”, we are left without a reference for the reference, which is why Infinity is the Reference. What we do have is Awareness, which is Being-ness, which is the nature of Infinity. From Awareness we iterate consciousness through limitation into dimensionality, which then leads inexorably to the perception that there is “us” (the lesser) and “the rest” of Infinity (the greater) as separate from us. This should seem very much to you like the dichotomy between humanity and the Divine. However, the limitations and appearance of separation are illusory, as are the differences between “greater” and “lesser”. (Fractal Awakening) 

The only reason this (big bang) concept ever arose is because light from distant galaxies is Red-Shifted — i.e. it arrives with its colors shifted toward the low end of the visible spectrum where red light resides. It was assumed that this was the same as the Doppler Effect for sound, which describes the shift to lower frequencies in sound waves from objects that are speeding away. However, sound waves are completely different from light. Sound is not pure “sound energy” but compression waves within an atmosphere of air molecules, while light is considered to be a very strange form of pure energy, full of “quantum- mechanical” mysteries and paradoxes. Not only is there no clear scientific reason to link the Doppler Effect of sound with the Red Shift of light, but it is well known that light is easily red shifted by simply passing it through gases or plastics. The Compton Effect is a very well known cause for shifts in light frequency, and has nothing to do with motion of the light source. And as any astronomer knows, distant starlight passes through billions of light-years of various gases, plasmas, and fields before arriving at our telescopes. Is it any surprise that the further away a galaxy is, the more Red-Shifted its light? (The Final Theory)

 The modern day “scientific priesthood” likes this lie (scientific misconception), because they know there are a lot of religious goobers out there, that will believe anything, even their big bang lie.  Especially, since it sounds to them like their tribal god, yhwh, created the big bang  with a word, when according to the hebrew tribe’s myth (the “old” testament) he said, “let there be light”. This has resulted in much intellectual darkness ever since. The big wank theory was in fact created by a catholic priest named Monsignor Georges Henri Joseph Édouard Lemaître, end of story!

YouTube link: The big bang scam is academic religion-ism 


For the more eclectic and “sophisticated egghead”, the big bang could be used as a mystical reference to a new age version of the ancient Hindu myth where the universe explodes and collapses eternally, back and forth upon itself, in a series of big bangs and big implosions. This is the way they get the new age goobers, like ramtha’s followers of lemurian quantum quackery, believing this goofy idea is possible too. Of course you’d believe just about anything, if you are a big enough sucker to shell out your trust fund money, to listen to for a new age guru channeling nut basket for direction in your life.

YouTube link: the self proclaimed authorities of all religions, are all provably false

The “godless” atheistic and agnostic “scientists” (academic sell outs) need neither of these fairytales, to make “sense” of their world, they have their own fallacies to worship in the form of mathematical equations and their so-called solutions.

Giordano Bruno was put in prison for six years and then burned alive, at the stake, by the demonic priests of the roman catholic church in the year 1600 of their lord, for having the nerve to contradict the “holy”  church’s big bang styled myth, with these words written below.

YouTube link: Bruno and the Cosmology of Eternity

“Thus the excellency of God is magnified, and the grandeur of his Empire made manifest; he is not glorified in one, but in numberless Suns, not in one Earth nor in one world, but in ten hundred thousand, of infinite globes: so that this faculty of the intellect is not vain or arbitrary, that ever will or can add space to space, quantity to quantity, unity to unity, member to member. By this science we are loosened from the chains of a most narrow dungeon, and set at liberty to rove in a most August Empire; we are removed from conceited boundaries and poverty, to the innumerable riches of an Infinite Space, of so worthy a field, and of such Beautiful Worlds: this Science does not, in a word, make a horizontal circle feigned by the eye on Earth, and imagined by the fancy in the Spacious Sky”. (A Philosophy of the Infinite Universe, by Giordano Bruno)

YouTube link: Bruno’s Universe proven to be the true physical Universe

“I cleave the heavens, and soar to the infinite. What others see from afar, I leave far behind me.” – Giordano Bruno