The Age of Reason

T Paine

Thomas Paine our True Founding Father

Our greatest founding father was Thomas Paine, because it was his ideas about freedom for the common man that are the true basis of American values and freedom. Our values and freedom are not the property of any church or tv preacher.  They are the foundation of theConstitution and the Declaration of Independence. Paine was a Deist, not a christian, moslem or jew. He was not a “blue blood” either and was not spoiled by privilege and wealth, like Washington, Jefferson and most of the rest of our so-called “founding fathers” or the current ugly group of political manikins in power. These privileged elite have always wanted limited freedoms for the citizens of our country and the continuation of the wealthy class of  “aristoi”, descended from old Europe ruling the plebeians below them, as they always have. Most of the current filth running our country are directly related to these dynastic european control freaks, by inbred bloodlines.

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 Paine however,  insisted on the universality of freedom, something never known in the USA since it’s beginning. Just ask any Native American if you don’t believe me, or any of the slaves imported here in the past or present, or the slaves of the current system (practically everyone). We still have a long way to go to reach the mark set for us by Paine. We have not even begun to educate the populous about the absurdity of their “literal” religious faiths (mythologies) which are in reality astro-theological stories about stars, constellations, planets, moons, the Earth and her natural processes like rivers and their cycles, not about the “fictitious” people who represent them symbolically. So, we are still stuck in the quagmire of religious stupidity and literalism. 

YouTube link: Myth, Symbol and Astro-Theology

And, the blue bloods still control us by putting millionaire illuminati members in political positions so they can practice insider trading with their cronies exploiting the fraudulent and illegal monetary system in front of the whole world and nobody can stop them. They make the laws which protect them from the public they are defrauding. Politics has become legalized insider trading and absolute servitude to the greedy and evil bankers who control our world through endless lies and deceit, since they murdered John F Kennedy. 

YouTube link: Aldous Huxley on propaganda and the totalitarian enemies of Freedom

Thanks to their evil manipulations, we have had the corrupt and deceptive administrations of: johnson/nixon/carter/reagan/bush sr./clinton/w shrub jr./bush crime family racket and a morally bankrupt political system, which has dominated our history as a nation. This is the dynastic illuminati trail of the political puppets and manikins, the very enemies of our nation, who killed both of the Kennedy’s and a host of other rebels who would not sell their souls to be a part of their mind control agenda called, the new world “odor”.