The Alternative Paradigm

 “A massive change in thinking is under way and must pass in order for mankind to survive. “But what is it that must change? Basically it is a question of the geometrical system so familiar to us. This is the geometry of Euclid and essentially involves the elements of the straight line, circle and point, all of which are perfect forms and therefore unchanging. Such perfection requires no further input from external factors, nor can it productively  interact with them and therefore these elements are sterile ‘closed’ systems.  In terms of their physical appearance, these are cylinders, spheres, wheels, straight shafts, pipes, flat surfaces etc. in common use today. As transcendental constructs, ie. belonging not to the physical world, but to the realm of mental ideation, these geometrical elements are physically ‘unreal’ and in their application to the physical world are therefore ‘unnatural’. Consequently their use in the construction and operation of today’s machines and the energies they produce are in discordance with Nature’s laws.

YouTube link: Euclidian Geometry – What’s the point? 

…Steeped in the grandeur of Euclidean edifices over the last two millennia and the apparent appropriateness and suitability of Euclidean geometry for all purposes, we must now reappraise our unqualified acceptance of it, for it lies at the very root of our troubles.

…Concurrent with unfortunate development, and aided and abetted by the direct application of such geometry, the supremacy of rational straight-line thinking increased at the expense of the intuitive, the teaching from within (self knowledge), increasingly crippling our perception of Nature’s subtle workings. Because of this the rational mind began to cut out important factors that were deemed extraneous (reductionism), so as to achieve the most economically effective outcomes. Thus, for instance, the bends in rivers were truncated and the gradient made steeper in order to ‘improve’ Nature’s patterns of flow, without any account being taken of their contribution to the health and stability of the river. The result – violent discharges and inundations.

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…Such simplicities of line not only disturb river, they also have a disturbing effect psychologically, because the eye, that most complex of organs requires an equal visual complexity to maintain it’s health, balance and stability, transferring such states to the brain and psyche of it’s host. While contemplation of the rich diversity in color and form of natural undisturbed forest – an apparent chaos, but actually the highest state of order – brings us a sense of peace and inner tranquility, when we are confronted by the plantation  forest, planted out in rows of same age, same species, same height, same shape trees, we experience a certain inner discomfort. A higher state of order and complexity has been reduced to a lower one. While such a relatively small reduction produces such a reaction, what effect do more major reductions have on us psychologically?” (Like cities full of box like buildings for example or offices full of cubicles, complete wastelands of unnatural angular jaggedness.) (Callum Coats – The Energy Evolution, pgs. ix-x

YouTube link: The “squares” of reductionism, “straightened out and squared away”

“An Euclidian indefinite straight line reaching out to infinity is not possible in this Universe of varying pressures. The varying pressures of Space are curved. They represent expressions of the energy of motion. All energy expresses itself in waves. All waves are opposed spirals and limited in dimensions. All opposed spiral waves accumulate mass and simultaneously redistribute that accumulation. All accumulating mass is aiming toward gyroscopic perfection of motion and toward perfection of cubic crystallization. All diffusing mass is aiming away from gyroscopic stability and away from the simple cubic crystallization toward amorphous complexity of crsytallization. All direction is the direction of opposing pressures. The direction of all pressures is spiral. All direction is therefore curved. All curves are spiral. All orbits are spiral. They are all conic sections. …An object freely moving in space must move in a curved spiral line, whether that object be a planet, a corpuscle, a ‘ray’ of light or any other expression of energy. (The Universal One, Pgs. 118-119

I would add to Russell’s observation above, that orbits are illusions and no such thing as an orbit actually exists in reality. There can only be trajectories, because an orbit implies that a heavenly body completes an ellipse and returns to it’s starting point, like the clock work face orbits we see in academic models of our Solar System. The truth is, the body about which an object is supposedly orbiting is moving in a serpentine spiraling path and it is impossible for the so-called orbiting body to complete a circle or ellipse, because of the forward spiraling motion of the dominant heavenly body. Therefore the term orbit is archaic and no longer of any scientific value. All so called orbits are in fact correctly termed “trajectories”. Orbits do not exist, they are just another example of a huge academic mistake which the so-called scientists and their subservient masses parrot back and forth to each other without ever considering the reality underlying this poorly conceived idea.


YouTube link: the mythematical: points, lines and planes of academic egghead physics

The way the Earth really looks from the Moon according to Kaguya in 2008? 

Are these more recycled nasa images? Contrast it with the phony Apollo 11 shot of Earth from the Moon. Being that the Earth is about four times larger than the Moon, shouldn’t it appear to be much larger than it is in the image above? About 4 times larger,not the same size as the Moon seen from Earth?

YouTube link: Absolute proof that nasa’s appollo 11 team faked it!

 They faked their Earth shot from a high Earth orbit, and the armstrong Moon Walk,  “one small step for one huge fraud”, was used to win the “nukular arms race” against russia with psy-ops

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Therefore euclid and newton were both wrong about this most basic assumption and all ideas built upon this flawed assumption relating to straight and parallel lines must be reassessed and amended with this powerful insight. They worked well in the limited conceptions of paperwork theory, which is the reason they have been used in academia for so long, but when these fallacious ideas are transferred to reality of a dynamic physical Universe, they immediately fail and expose the absurdity and of their authority’s ideas, which are based on simplistic, child like, scientific reductionism.

Intellectually, this is a retarded form of thinking and all who use these fraudulent idea as a foundation for their perception of the physical Universe are in fact, mentally retarded by definition. Therefore the idea of the “mental retards of academic fame” used in various places on this web page, is fully justified as a legitimate definition of the leaders of so-called academic science. This is not a spurious attack on academicians, I am just calling attention to a fact which most people have never bothered to ponder.

The so-called geniuses who have given us their faulty theories are in fact not geniuses at all. They are people who have poorly thought out the theories they have conjured from their dark and very weak imaginations. These poorly conceived ideas have become the foundations of  the academic belief system which has brought the Earth great ruin and destruction.

 By applying these false ideas to the procurement of mankind’s needs, humanity has created a filthy, toxic world of economic inequality, caste systems and never ending strife, poverty, crime and suffering. These dysfunctional limitations which have imprisoned mankind’s thinking are the very substance of fame and fortune for their so-called academic authorities. This is the academicians reward for the part they play, in a system which solely benefits them and those who they serve: war mongers, energy barons, central bankers, politicians, and the corporations who rule our world.

 Sir Isaac Newton : Laws Dec. 25, 1642 (= 4th Jan. 1643) – 1.727


1. A body continues at rest or in uniform motion in a straight line unless acted upon by some net force.

2. The acceleration of a body is inversely proportional to its mass, directly proportional to the net force, and in the same direction as the net force.

F = ma

3. To every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction

Newton’s first law supposes or assumes that “a body remains at rest”. Today no celestial body is at rest. Therefore, this assumption is not substantiated….” or if in motion it remains in uniform motion with constant speed in a straight line unless it is acted on by an unbalanced external force”. A straight line on a globe is only theoretical and practically it becomes a curve. Again a rotating Earth or any other celestial body going its orbit is bound to encounter with external forces at every instant and can never be expected to maintain a straight line. If acceleration is to be considered, there is no possibility of starting with zero at any time or at any place. Therefore, the first law becomes obsolete. The second law – when all bodies are in motion an “acceleration produced by an unbalanced force acting on a body is proportional to the magnitude of the net force and invariably proportional to the mass of the body”

F=ma P=mg (weight=mass x gravity)

This also becomes obsolete because on a moving object where we are located and form part of the system, how to determine its mass or net force? The situation is much clear in Heisenberg’s (1.927) uncertainty principle “It is impossible to measure accurately both the positional and momentum of a particle simultaneously”. The third law of Newton states that “when ever one body exerts a force upon a second body, the second body exerts a force upon the first body. These forces are equal in magnitude and oppositely directed.” This statement assumes that both bodies are initially at rest. Also assumes that one body moves faster than the other. The statement assumes that the bodies move in straight lines. Each body moves in n – dimension and the movement is continuous. This being the case such assumptions become historic but obsolete. (Dr. Keshava Bhat, “The Helical Helix: Solar System a Dynamic Process“, Page 6, 2008)

The consequences of the failed foundations of academic theory in physics have resulted in a fallacious understanding of Astronomy on many grounds, and most of the other so-called physical sciences, as well. For instance:

“Trigonometrically, the distance measured (to distant stars etc.) is expressed in parsecs. However, the diameter of the planetary orbit is assumed to be the base of triangle. On helical orbit this measurement is not possible. New calculations are necessary. To represent these stars, planets and satellites (Moons) in addition to the distances, their sizes, shapes, velocities and other aspects, no satisfactory scale is possible”. (Dr. Keshava Bhat, “The Helical Helix“,  Page 19, 2008)

Therefore, the sizes and distances of all heavenly bodies are wrong and need to be corrected with this new information regarding a dynamic spiraling Universe. The simplified, scientifically reduced theories where the Universe is stopped and made to “rest” to fit the silly equations conjured up by newton, einstein, hawkings and their kind are of no value to science. They have given mankind a false sense of knowing, which in fact is absolutely wrong. The idea that one can find a place of rest or lack of motion anywhere in the Universe is of course ridiculous.

This form of reductionism always bothered me, even as a young school boy, when I pondered our rotating planet and the illusion of rest it evokes. The objects sitting on your desk appear to be at rest, but they are all moving at extreme speeds in relationship to the rest of the Universe. I could never imagine a state of rest anywhere as a kid, because it was immediately obvious that it is physically impossible in the real Universe. The reason being that, this is a Universe of  “Nothing But Motion“.

“The most conspicuously obvious thing about all cause and effect in this universe is Balance. The second law of thermodynamic reeks with unbalance. It has no place whatsoever in Nature. Every effect in Nature is based upon the wave and the wave is absolute in its balance. There is nothing in Nature outside of the wave; therefore, there can be no unbalanced thing in Nature.

The entire universe of motion is expressed by positive and negative electric opposites, which thrust away from each other in just the reverse manner from that which the Coulomb Law sets forth. Positive electricity charges through gravitation. The falling rain charges and heats the earth. Negative electricity discharges through radiation. The rising vapors discharge and cool the earth. Both expressions are equal and opposite. Expansion cannot exceed contraction. Each is actually the cause of the other. They spring from each other and their continuity constitutes a cycle, which could be recorded thus: heat radiates, radiation expands, expansion cools, cold generates, generation contracts, and contraction heats”. Walter Russell