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Alternative World based on the Sacred  Treatment of Water

Viktor Schauberger was the pioneering environmentalist who discovered natural solutions to all of the most pressing problems relating to our energy and pure water needs, poor health and continuing destruction of this planet through the ignorant and negligent treatment of  our Earth,  Air and Water.  It is no exaggeration to acknowledge him as the prophet of the Aquarian Age, the age of the Water bearer. His work has revealed the direction humanity will have to take to harmonize itself with Nature and the Cosmos. Bio-mimicry is his solution for our ubiquitous problems, because our entire array of technologies is fighting Nature and losing miserably.

Schaubeger’s work should be required reading in all schools, because it is a virtuous foundation for life, health and sanity in an insane world. As long as corporate america controls our schools with “sound science,” the truth will never be taught.

 I never heard a word about, Alternative PhysicsPlasma PhysicsFree Energy,  Over-Unity,  Zero Point Energy Tesla,  SchaubergerMoray,  Townsend,  Gray Giordano BrunoDB Larson, or especially, Walter Russell, in any Physics class during High School, two Junior Colleges or at the University of California, where I graduated from. One must ask immediately, why? It’s called social engineering and most folks don’t have a clue that their thoughts are not even their own. They are just programs loaded into the minds of the non-thinking and servile lemmings who will lash out at anything that threatens their comfort zone within the Matrix and who cling to the very lies which enslave them perpetually.

YouTube link: Tesla’s Free Energy Secrets

YouTube link: Tesla sabotaged by JP Morgan acted out by Orson Wells

All of these brilliant thinkers listed above believed in a  different form of  Physics which has produced technologies that can free us from the centralization of energy production and aristocratic financial control. These technologies have been suppressed, because they would upset the balance of power which the wealthy aristocratic class has possessed, since the hoary times of  ancient Babylon, and Egypt, with their pyramidal systems of control.

The centralization of energy production is an extremely bad idea in relationship to terrorism, whether homemade, “false flag operations”, or real imported terrorism. It is very easy to disrupt the flow of energy to millions of customers in a system like the world has presently, where energy is produced in large plants. Terrorists could, target any one of the many nuclear reactors in our country causing exponential damage and death. 

An academic  scientist, Dr. Robert W. Bussard, has claimed to harness  free energy from Electrical Fusion, using Boron 11 in a smallInertial Electrostatic Confinement fusion reactor. The academic explanation based on the nuclear theory of the atom, is provably wrong, so this calls into question whether the device will work at all according to Brussard’s many claims. 

For example: “Dr. Bussard’s excellent 93 minute taped presentation to Google explains the Electric Fusion process in basic physics context and concepts in a way that most with a minimal background of basics physics can relate”. (Which means an explanation according to the provably failed nuclear theory of the atom).

The reason I am including this example of an academic source which is claiming to produce over-unity, free energy with his invention, is to point out the unfortunate corporate controlled mind set of the typical academicians. If you watch the video from the previous link it speaks clearly of the deeply entrenched bondage of academics to the corporations who they shamelessly serve, for academic funding, without any consideration for humanity as a whole. 

Instead of Dr. Brussard talking about free energy being available to the masses, he breaks down the profit margin scenario for his audience with the centralized production of energy coming from his IEC reactors. He plans to sell his reactors to the energy barons, so that they may continue to make massive profits from energy which should be supplied to our planet for next to nothing. This would represent the actual cost of over-unity energy after capital outlays are recovered, so that all humans may use this extremely cheap energy to reach their fullest potential. 

The absolute dedication academic scientist have to their masters in charge of the “economic machine which they serve” is witnessed clearly in this video. The problem here is their unending faithfulness to the pyramids of control and indoctrination which they have accepted as a normal way of living, when in fact it is only slavery for themselves to corporate funding and control and even worse slavery for everyone who must live in the limited conditions of scarcity imposed upon mankind by the energy barons, thanks to the planetary disaster known as academic physics. 

YouTube link: The Corporate manufactured fraud called Scarcity

Many of you will find it very disturbing when the nerd like, wise crack remarks are carelessly dropped about: the nuclear tragedies of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and the slaughter of their innocent civilians, the absolute 48 billion dollar waste and failure of the Tokamak fusion reactor  based on the failed theory of a nuclear furnace sun. These are easily laughed off by Brussard’s audience of scientific slaves and geeks, but I find them reprehensible. The egghead mistakes of past academic quackery, which these attending scientist or scientific groupies are laughing about, are no laughing matter. In fact the reason we have so many problems in our world is because of this craven academic mindset. Maybe they can laugh at their own academic stupidity, but we humans must live in a failed world thanks to their very backward, academically mind controlled, theories that has prevented us from having the free energy technologies, which have been invented by geniuses like Tesla and then  intentionally suppressed over the past 100 years, by the very system which these academicians so faithfully serve, with their eyes wide shut. 

YouTube link: Free Energy is the only hope for humanity

The centralization of energy production is the reason these IEC reactors will not liberate mankind to a new era of abundance. Dr. Brussard wants to keep the energy grid in place which has enslaved humanity for energy barons and retrofit all current energy plants with his 12’x15′,  IEC boron fusion reactors. How convenient for the energy barons. Someone has come along with a new non-polluting source of energy and all they have to do is swap out the old technology and the massive revenues  promised by Dr. Brussard, will come flooding in. This time however, they will only pay a fraction of the cost for a new fuel source, Boron 11, which will mean even larger profits and more control of our political leaders and humanity as a whole, by these “shifty shysters” known as the energy barons.

Freedom for all humans will only come with the decentralization of energy production and freedom from the energy barons who have destroyed our world in their quest to realize their unquenchable greed. “Point of use” energy production is the solution, because it puts the power in the hands of every one directly. The construction of a few thousand IEC reactors insures that the wealthy energy barons can skim off massive profits and enslave their customers. 

Implosion turbines and permanent magnetic motors are the kind of technologies which place unlimited energy production in the hands of the people of this planet so we may know the eternal abundance by which our Universe actually operates. They will generate enormous amounts of wealth for the masses and usher in a new era of untold abundance. The construction of these Earth saving generators, would bring great fortune to our country and employ legions of workers with new jobs building the billion or more machines needed by the planetary population to end the current system of energy slavery and untold deaths due to it’s poisons.  Any centralized form of over-unity technology therefore must be rejected immediately and the “point of use” free energy technologies which are currently being hidden from the masses, must be released immediately to reverse our present descent into a living environmental and societal hell. 

YouTube link: Free Energy Magnetic Generator. No more Power grid

YouTube link: The Surge Technology Magnetic Free Energy Motor in 1990

YouTube link: Over-unity Magnetic Motor Breaking The so-called Laws of Physics

The pyramids of control which the energy barons enjoy as a great stolen privilege, must be torn down and they must be held responsible and pay for their many crimes against humanity and the environment, using their parasitic system of stolen resources and exploited human labor. The energy barons must remove all of their oil wells, restore all land where they have mined Coal and Uranium and clean up all of the toxic filth they have left around the planet.  They have enjoyed untold wealth over the past century, at the expense of every living being on this planet. Once the electrical grid has been exploited in reverse by the masses, so that we may profit from the new distribution of wealth, which will mean selling power back to corporations, it must be torn down. The grid is not only a major eye sore with its concentration camp like appearance and ugly marring of our skies, but it is an environmental disaster of unnatural electro-magnetic pollution.

The cancer causing toxins the energy barons have generated, have created endless misery for all of the families who have been affected by this false system of theft and environmental destruction. They laugh all the way to the bank, while the masses cry out in grief for the senseless loss of life imposed upon us by a diseased and degenerate system of control. Corporations are trying to make laws right now which will free them to walk away from all of the destruction they have left around the globe in the process of extracting their fuels, so that taxpayers will have to pay to clean up the mess which was created by them. This is absolutely unacceptable for real humans. They have untold astronomical profits which should be used immediately to clean up all of their filth and to prosecute them through the legal system, so that justice may be served. 

They are doing the same with the banking system now and want all Americans to pay for the riches the fat cat parasites  put away for themselves, before they crashed our economy, enron style, with bush/cheney and schwarzenegger’s craven approval. These greedy fucks have lived a life of absolute degenerate filth and greed for the past eight years of bush/cheney bondage, media lie, 9/11 justified, false flag, fraud.  Now they want us to pay for their extravagant lifestyles and all the interests they have accumulated during this orgy of selfish gluttony by the rich and their wannabee brown nosing shills. They pretend like the money has just disappeared from the economy, but it all went into their personal accounts long before the phony crash they orchestrated. They took out the entire middle class, so there would be no means of resistance to their traitorous plans, which are dictated to them by their masters, the globalists, who own this planetary casino. Or, maybe “the monopoly game” would be more appropriate metaphor, for this phony and heavily rigged monetary system. 

YouTube link: Zetigeist, The truth about money, taxes, war mongers and mind control

Which brings up a good point. Since the monetary system is just a huge lie and the money has nothing backing it except  “confidence”, we should all (every living soul on this planet) get a guaranteed annual income deposited directly into our bank accounts at the beginning of each month, just like passing “Go” in the monopoly game we played as kids. The only thing it would do is make the money less valuable for the rich.  The poorest people should have enough for: food, clothes, housing, recreation and enjoyment of freedom to travel and experience this world, like we were meant too.  

What they receive we should all receive and this will provide an economic base to assure everyone on this planet, that they will be able to live a fulfilling life. Anyone who wants to work on top of this would get their pay plus the same amount of guaranteed annual income,  the poorest are getting. This kind of economic system builds wealth and security in a nation. The fact that the rip-off system of fraud and lies which we are currently slaved into is crashing, proves that it is just as worthless as the low life parasites who have sponged off all of us, for the past several millennia from their apices of power.