The Arm Chair Physics of Kinematics

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The academia/hollywood/media genius in his arm chair

This brings us to the point where I can now deconstruct the absurdity of the so-called Twin Paradox of relativity theory, the most famous “paradox” (kinematic, armchair misconception) in physics. Einstein claimed, “that clocks in motion run slower, time slows down. These clocks can be of varying types: mechanical clocks, atomic clocks, or even a human heart beat. If one of two twins went on a fast round trip into outer space, he would be younger than  his brother when he came back, because all his “clocks”- his heart beat, blood flow, brainwaves, etc. – would slow down during the journey, from the ‘point of view’ of the man on the ground. The traveler himself, of course, would not notice anything unusual, but on his return he would suddenly realize that his twin brother was now much older”. (The Tao of Physics, pg. 170, 3rd addition)

To begin with we are discussing the “point of view” of an earthly observer which consists of illusions due to the appearances of the light involved. The reality is that no matter how fast the twin in the space ship travels, his biological system will remain the same in relationship to his brothers, both heart beat and blood flow, so he will continue to age at exactly the same rate as his brother on Earth does. This ridiculous thought experiment clearly states that a condition of this model is that “the traveler himself, of course, would not notice anything unusual”. So,  here the theory admits without even realizing it, that there is no slowing down of his heart in the real Universe, it’s beat remains the same. What slows down is the (imaginary) appearance of his beating heart according to the light waves registering it to his twin brother who remains on Earth. The illusion created  by these light waves is not the real Universe and does not represent the event as it occurs, anymore than a mirage represents a lake floating above the desert. His heart is beating the same in relationship to his brother’s heart and this is the reason he ages the same as his brother. He is in fact, not younger, as claimed by einstein in his tragically failed “gedankenexperiment”.

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The Twin Paradox Absurdity

YouTube link: The absolute mind and career control of academicians revealed

The atomic and mechanical clocks he carries with him will continue to run at their normal speed. The only thing that is different is the “point of view” of the observer, which is irrelevant, because it is an illusion due to the (imaginary) appearance of the light he is observing with his imaginary senses and does not represent any ubiquitous laws or conditions of the physical Universe. This illusion is a theoretical anomaly, not a common everyday experience. The fact remains, that no matter what speed the craft travels his biology has to continue to function at or near it’s normal rate or he will eventually pass out and eventually die due to this imaginary slowing down of physical and mechanical clocks, according to al’s poorly conceived “thought experiment”.

 In fact according to this dysfunctional theory, at some highly accelerated speed, his heart must eventually stop. No need to worry though, because at this speed (the speed of light) his heart will have attained infinite mass, (al’s postulated increase in mass according to velocity, fallacy) which would mean the end of our Universe, and any discussion we may have about it, since this newly accelerated creation consisting of “infinite mass” would have to replace the entire mass of our present  Universe. 

More proof debunking the academic frauds called “einstein’s relativities”

Ya’ see how twisted these armchair theories can get? These kind of theories are badly thought out and heavily dependent on sensory based information relating to the movements of light, which are full of illusions, mirages and false appearances and can change radically according to one’s relative position in observing it’s motions. 

The twins will age exactly the same, because the traveling twin’s biological systems would not noticeably change rates with an increase in velocity in outer space, any more than a mass becomes infinite if it is accelerated to the velocity of light. The twins may appear to  be functioning at different biological rates, but these observations are due to the (imaginary) movements and appearances of the light involved, which is registering the movements of the biological systems of the twin in the craft, as seen from the reference point of the twin who remained on the Earth. 

These are “imaginary optical illusions”, not physical realities. The fact remains that when the brother returns from outer space he has aged exactly the same as his brother, because there was not the imagined slowing down of his biological systems, it was merely an illusion, an observational error due to the limited (imaginary) “point of view” of the earthly observer, in relationship to the “perceived” movements of light in these events. 

This raises the fact that must be considered with regard to the earthly observer. His brother’s craft would be out of range almost immediately and absolutely impossible to physically observe within a matter of seconds after leaving Earth, even with the best telescope ever devised by mankind. This is why I have pre-qualified all of these “observations” as (imaginary).  We have to imagine these motions of light in their relative movements one to the other, since they are absolutely unobservable to us physically. 

So the whole mental effort is rather silly you see and it can never be confirmed since there is no possible method to confirm it with. This is it’s strength, the fact that the analogy is impossible to begin with. But, scientist being the types to overlook such trivial matters, need not bother themselves over little things like this. Hell, this is nothing compared to the quackery of  quantum theory, string theory, the nuclear atom, tokamak fusion reactors, thermo-nuclear fusion theory, a nuclear furnace sun, big bangs, black holes, neutron stars, dark energy, event horizons, singularities, gravitational collapse, dark matter or a myriad of other highly contradictory claims, theories and stultifying pronouncements, which make up the source of disinformation taught in academic circles, otherwise called, an academic science education.


Length Contraction, Mass Increase and Time dilation for dummies

Al’s absurd relativistic lies: time dilation, mass increase and length contraction 

Anyway, when the brother returns exactly the same amount of “Universal Time” has elapsed for both of them on Earth. During the time the twin was flying in the craft, time continued on at the Universal rate for both of them. So, there is no paradox here at all, just another misconceived arm chair fantasy, which has become one more of the widely touted academic and urban myths (theories). The Universal Time is determined by the electrical  flow of energy as it enters the contracting North Polar Vortex,  then exits via the expanding Southern Polar Vortex after passing through it’s center and reversing it’s charge. The electricity then moves in a doughnut like motion and re-enter once again through the Northern Polar Vortex. Magnetism is doing exactly the opposite as an elastic reaction to the motions of electricity.This repeating process of spiraling North and South electro-magnetic vortices, creates the rings and spheres of all atomic systems. The spiral electrical motions of atomic wave-fields are what is creating Universal Time.  We know that the elements are the same throughout the Universe these are the foundational, opposed spiraling motions of spheres and gyroscopic rings which we observe populating our infinite Universe.

Another one of these academic fairytales relates to the mind trip academicians ask us to entertain when they talk about the theoretical effects of the Sun’s gravitation on the Earth when the Sun is removed from the solar system. We need go no further than confronting these idiots with the fact that the entire wave-field of the Sun, extending outwards at least a couple of light years is the Sun. So, it is impossible to remove the Sun from the solar system, because the entire solar system is the Sun, planets included. You see the foundations of their stupid thought experiments are based on an absolute lack of understanding about how our Universe really operates.  Then, they propose a preposterous absurdity, like removing the Sun from the Solar System and somehow all of the Planets magically remain behind. Afterwards, they want you to ruminate on what might happen under these impossible conditions as if it has any bearing on the real Universe at all. Academics loves to waste time on stupid impossible scenarios and then call it “genius” when someone devises some bullshit to explain this insane and ridiculous arm chair fantasy with mathematical myths and numerical gimmicks.

We are supposed to be startled, amazed, perplexed and mystified with strange propositions such as this.  These types of arm chair scenarios, which are at once, so objectionable to sanity, logic and reason  are absolutely non-verifiable and this is there strength in academic circles.  They are very substance of “academic knowledge” by which their superior, genius like minds (theorists) create the world stifling nightmare called the academic sciences. They may dumbfound the ignorant, but they are transparent frauds for anyone undamaged by academic mind control, who can think with reason, sanity and logic, otherwise known as “critical thinking”.

“Observations of far distant galaxies skirting more massive closer galaxies fail to show any of Einstein’s predicted gravitational effects. In pushing, promoting and advertising the cosmological belief-set as truth, reputable cosmologists hijacked many common astronomical objects, deeming them as gravitational lens effects. Others went to the next step, stating that these objects satisfy the predictions made in Oppenheimer’s flavour-of-the-month theory. In foregoing all other explanation, in claiming proof, these reputable cosmologists validate their explanation with the argument that these predictions agree with Einstein’s theory of relativity. Problem, which theory of relativity?

Under Einstein’s Special theory of Relativity, not even gravity affects light, when this theory gives light mass. The Special theory denies gravitational lenses, black holes and the predictions made by General Relativity due to light’s fixed and finite speed. Built on Newton’s gravitational potential energy error, Einstein’s General theory of Relativity stands in direct contradiction to his Special theory, though considered by some as an extension of Special Relativity.

YouTube link: Gravitational lensing fraud exposed very simply & einstein debunked

Rather than seeking a reason, Einstein complicates the description of independent reference frames by using poor experimental results to make matter change length and mass as a consequence of the time dilation effect. He did not realise the errors in the Michelson Morley experiment, or the dangers in accepting notions derived from thought experiments. He set-out to resolve far too many problems through the introduction of generalised approximations, the space-time continuum, time dilation effect, and his unswerving faith in Newton’s belief-set. Unfortunately, he based the General theory on Newton’s revised gravitational theory (1713), the Coriolis corrections made to Newton’s energy theory, and on Newton’s acceptance of René Descartes’ corpuscular model of light, which Descartes introduced without proof in 1637 AD. Einstein’s acceptance of Newton’s errors as unquestionable and true, without a full appreciation of matter, of energy, of propagation, led him to several rather deluded and contradictory conclusions about energy, gravity, matter and light. Consequently, with his acceptance of notions, and indoctrinated teachings, at three major branch points, Einstein’s thought experiments initiated several virulent knowledge virus infections”. (Where did Science go Wrong?)


“First up, some necessary background material for the curious investigator, as after all, Relativity is fundamentally a theory for the explanation of important physical facts and observations, it being intended to replace how the mind naturally understands the universe, the world, and by necessary consequence, man’s part in it. (Interestingly, such intent of Einstein is not dissimilar in aim to those of Darwin, Marx, Freud, Ruth Benedict, Hawking, etc., who also evidence it in their theories.)

It has been declared by a Nobel Physics Prize judge (Nordenson) to be a normal experience that when somebody attempts to criticize or even analyze the fundamental principles and/or definitions of the Theory of Relativity (which arose from a theoretical idea, not the need to explain experimental results), he is inevitably told that it is of a purely mathematical nature and that anyone who is not a specialist in mathematics is excluded from the possibility of grasping its contents, that he is unduly prejudiced and fettered by old traditions and ideas and that he is innately alien to these revolutionary lines of thought and therefore more or less incompetent to deal with them.

[However it stands that such is not the case: The Theory of Relativity although veiled by mystery, nevertheless expresses practical ‘problems’ and has been evoked to explain the results of certain physical observations. It is therefore primarily a physical theory, as has been clearly emphasized by Einstein himself.]

And concurrent with the determined dismissals by Relativity experts of all such Relativity criticisms – with each dismissal conveying a presumption of authority based not on any evidence of the senses but only on scientific consensus (the theory still remaining just that, a theory, and formidably contested), it is also declared that science is concerned only with finding the material truth. But again, it is also variously admitted that science is frequently wrong in its pronouncements – even to the extent of scientists having deliberately harbored and not corrected long known scientific frauds, as some recent exposures have shown (the “Piltdown man” and “horse series” of evolutionary science being common examples)”.