The Case Against the Nuclear Atom

Nuclear atom

The “Nukular” theory of the Atom

 “The concept of the nuclear atom has been taken as a fixed, unalterable truth, and anything that conflicts with this concept has been given up, no matter how great the sacrifice. But no amount of manipulation, no exercise of ingenuity, no sacrifice of principle, can make a success of a theory that is based on a false premise”. (Chapter 6, “The Case Against the Nuclear Atom”, DB Larson)

There is not a different set of “laws” for the Atomic and the Galactic, because Star Systems are made of Atoms. Stars amplify the nature of Atoms into the realm of human observation through the combination of their masses, which is a natural unbroken and seamless association from the smaller condition into a larger condition of their combined presence. Fractal like,  extensions of electrical vortices of simulated light transfer these designs from Atomic wave-fields to Solar wave-fields and finally Galactic Wave-fields, because electrical vortices of simulated light span all dimensions with an unbroken chain of spiral unity. There is observational and logical continuity as one progresses from the smallest to the largest according to the workings of the real Universe, which is in dramatic contrast to the current theoretical position as sold to us by our corporate controlled scholastic system, where our universe is boxed up into different systems of physics for atoms, planets and stars, which are unrelated to each other and produces an odd, contradictory, unknowable, bizarre and a very strange and deficient cosmology, much to their master’s economic benefit.

According to modern academic theory there is a massive,  jagged jump in physics from the atomic to the stellar. A whole different type of physics is needed by academic loonies to explain each condition. By what means does nature produce this massive, jagged jump in her workings to manifest a system where the largest things which are composed of things that are foundationally different in their workings and where, somehow along the way there is a change from one condition to the other? Where is the line of demarcation between these two theoretical systems and by what means do they interface?  Well actually, by none of course.


YouTube link: Stars and Atoms are M.H.D. Plasma at 8:30, insider leaked info!

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Two more videos falsely censored by youtube

You see, the non-existent strong and weak nuclear forces which are said to compose the interiors of atoms are hypothetical and were invented (dreamed up) only to explain away the problems due to the fatally flawed foundations of the nuclear theory of the atom. No need to dream up non-existent  nuclear forces to explain away the contradictions of the severely flawed “nuclear” atomic model. Just dump the academic model which makes no sense and accept the model which resonates with universal observation and understanding, from the smallest to the largest and explains in a continuous, unbroken chain, everything in between. Twin opposing vortices provide the solution to this backward dumbed down view of physics which corporations have profited from to the extreme.

The so-called nucleus is the “Atom”, which means the death of the, “nuclear theory of the atom” and the consequent loss of employment for the academicians hawking these lies. These professors should be forced to get jobs flipping veggie burgers or it’s equivalent, because they do not have the minds capable of the more difficult tasks, like thinking through the material they are parroting, before repeating it by rote to the very impressionable and subservient students who are paying “big money” to be lied too, by them in the corporate/scholastic mind control system called academia.