The Corrupt and Degenerate Control Of Our World


The Manikins, Liars and Control Freaks who serve their Khazarian Maters

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 We Americans need to take away the massive financial advantage of the globalist: military/corporate/banking elite operating within our country. Their academic agendas and policies have brought our world to the brink of destruction. We live in a world of fear, poverty, war, scarcity and sickness because of them. It’s not because mankind has not been resourceful enough to solve our problems.  All of our major  problems have already been solved, we just need access to the solutions, that are being hidden from us by our corporate controlled government.  Toxic corporate chemistry can no longer be allowed to foul our planet in the name of corporate profits, or it’s resulting Cancers will kill off the majority of people exposed to these deadly academic concoctions.

We need to demand the immediate disclosure of all free energy technologies and of the various forms of silent, fueless transportationfrom the cia/nsa/dod spooks who hide or  suppress them for the sake of corporate amerika and their addiction to aristocratic control,warelitismpowermoneydrugscrimecrueltypedophilia and  mind controlled, sex slaves. In other words, the continuation of “Saharasia” and it’s ancient lineage of inbred and depraved aristocrats. This is the only way we can end our deadly oil dependence with the endless wars  and deception that will be needed to  fight for it and other, so-called, “scarce”, resources. 

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The wealthy elite, use the excuse of “national security” for not releasing free energy technologies. They know that this technology could be used to make weapons which would be very difficult to defend against. The point they are eluding is, that there would no longer be a “legitimate” reason to fight. Scarcity and greed have been the motivating causes behind the vast majority of wars and conflicts  since the drying up of Saharasia, approximately 6000 years ago. The system of slavery they have saddled us with is based on artificial scarcity which is created and controlled by the corporations for the purpose of extracting the highest value (greed)  out of their commodities from the comatose bumpkins they exploit.

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The History of the profit driven HIV equals Aids Fraud and it’s consequences

The futility of “all” religious systems will become apparent to everyone as the lies which have enslaved us all for millennia become known by the planetary population.  When real education can be introduced regarding the mythological nature of “all religions”, this other major cause of wars will be eliminated as well. If the technologies were released to meet all of our world’s needs and insure that everybody could contribute to the rescue of our planet, we would not have any enemies. 

YouTube link: Corporate Shills

The present form of “national security” is really about protecting the elite caste’s, status and wealth at any cost through the system ofmammon worship which currently dominates our world. This extravagance can not continue, because their greed has driven our world into massive environmental instability, pushing us towards global destruction. The entire industrial revolution was due to the sacrament of “the devil”, otherwise known as, alcohol. James Watt invented the steam engine while trying to find a cheaper way to distill whiskey. This deranged and backward  form of explosion based energy production has dominated our alcohol inebriated world ever since. 

YouTube link: James Watt and the Industrial Revolution

We are fighting nature and paying for it by having the resistance squared the faster we push against “her” with our lame brain, explosion based technologies. By doing everything backwards, we are killing ourselves financially and in every aspect of our lives. There is no joy to be had by the masses, only the tread mill existence of trying to stay afloat in this economic nightmare rat race that georgie w bush created for us, so that his  greedy federal reserve bankers, oil producing friends and the oil sucking military industrial complex can plunder and pillage Iraq, as they reap historical profits at the expense of every human on this planet. We are destroying our environment as we use up all of the limited forms of fuel for these abominable pushing, heating, exploding, wasteful, inefficient, toxin producing, environmentally destructive and extremely expensive forms of academic energy production.