The Cosmological Implications of 2012


The Hunab K’u of The Maya and Earth’s crossing of our Galaxy’s Ecliptic on  12/21/2012

YouTube links: Excellent 8 Programs of Deep Exposure about the Hunab K’u (In Spanish) 

Pope Greg. changes Calendar to align with Mayan Chronology for 2012

Many  vastly different gods are worshipped by extremely different groups of immigrants, indigenous peoples and the descendants of the european invaders who populate the USA. So, which god are these politicians asking to bless us? And, what about the “democratic”, equal representation of the other gods? North America, otherwise known to the Natives as Turtle Island, is the land of the native god Wakan Tanka. I never hear this name mentioned by politicians. Why? 

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YouTube link: Maya, Inca, Aztec, and Egyptian Predictions for 12/21/2012

Google Video: The recent history of global Catastrophes, since around 39,000 B.C.

Because: “As the Great Spirit and Sacred Mystery which is called the everything (or the One), took breath, it inhaled with ‘implosive force’ it’s Chuluaqui and thus discovered it’s female being. This creative receptive force became the ‘Egg’ of all creation known as the WahKahn, the Universe, our sacred Grandmother.  Then, Wakan Tanka exhaled and in doing so discovered it’s male side, the active conceptive force, the seed of all creation know as the SsKwan, the Galaxy, our sacred Grandfather”. (see page 17)


The Great Solar  Serpent

Our Solar System’s, Spiraling,  Serpent like, Vortex . Drawn in 1880, from “The OAHSPE”

YouTube link: The Secrets of the Serpent

YouTube link: The Ouroborous, the Precession and the Galactic Alignment of 2012

         Ignore the part about the Earth’s axis wobbling. There are some other important observations here!

The Osiris Legend and the Tree of Life 

YouTube link: Ancient megalithic astro-theology of pre-dynastic Egypt

There was a primordial ocean called Nun. It wasn’t flat; rather it was in the shape of a cosmic egg … and from this cosmic egg was born the primeval hill called Nu. Both the egg and the primeval hill are recorded on pictures of Isis in the tombs of the Ancient Egyptian Pharaohs; indicating that Isis (Mary) was the personification of the Feminine Creation Principle. She was the Holy Mother who was represented with her child Horus (Jesus) by the Constellation of Virgo. Isis was considered Virgin as she was seeded after the death and resurrection of Osiris (Joseph) … minus the phallus.

YouTube link: The Cosmic Egg for the Golden Jubilee of Britain’s Reptilian Queen


The Vortex Solar System of the late and great,  Dr. Keshava Bhat, M. Sc., Ph.D., of  Manipal, India

The following images relating to the Vortex Sun are all from His brilliant Book, Helical Helix: Solar System a Dynamic Process

A New Memorial Page for his work


Helical Helix : Solar System a Dynamic Process

Download this precious Book, a gift from Dr. Keshava Bhat

Authored by

Dr. Pallathadka Keshava Bhat of India (Copyright 2008)

His Books explains in great detail the images viewed in his youtube video regarding the true nature of our Spiraling Solar System and the inter relationships of the heavenly bodies which compose it to the reference grid we call the Zodiacal Constellations. 

“If all the planets move round the sun in heliocentric orbits, some of them should not be seen during six months a year while the earth is on the other side of the sun. But they were visible every night. How can this be explained?… This analysis leads us to an obvious question. If the planets were to follow heliocentric orbits on the solar equatorial plane, at least during six months of a terrestrial year the outer planets should not be visible at all while our planet is found on the  other side of the Sun along its orbit. But this does not happen. We can see them almost throughout the year“.   “Book 1998″, Chapter 20, Dr. Keshava Bhat

Google video link: The academic heliocentric theory has never been proved 

At 2:00 – “Although the heliocentric model has been widely propagated, there is no planetary observation by which we on Earth can prove that the Earth is moving in an orbit around the Sun” (that’s because we do not orbit the Sun like the academicians of astronomy wish us to believe.) 

This is very important criticism from the Vedic view. The idea that the Vedic Model is literally “geocentric” however, appears to be a misunderstanding of some. The complexity of the astronomical accounting system which is reduced into two dimensions in the Vedic Cosmology, does not necessarily mean that the ancient Indians believed everything orbited around the Earth. Their geocentric model is just an accurate way to describe these celestial motions as viewed from Earth. It is clear from other Vedic Literature that the world was considered a globe and not a flat plane by the ancient Indians.

YouTube link: The Creator vs. the false gods of all religions

YouTube link:  The symbolism in “revelations” revealed for what it really is

This is just a minor example of comparative mythology, which demonstrates that the jesus myth was plagiarized from the horus myth which predated it by at least five thousand years. Many of the major religions throughout recorded history are based on the horus myth, because Egypt was the most advanced and sophisticated culture of recorded history.  It  commanded the envy and respect of everyone, from all parts of the globe, who beheld it’s opulent splendor. Therefore they copied Egyptian architecture and Egyptian symbolism. However, the deeper symbolic significance (the mysteries) were lost in the translation into different cultures, by the uninitiated adherents and reduced to fairytale type mythologies  or “literal histories”, completely devoid of their original astronomical meanings, pertaining to the natural cycles of the cosmos and their reflected counterparts in the earthly realm and the lives of mankind.

YouTube link: The Egyptian Origins of the Olmec Empire 

YouTube link: The Land Of Osiris

More dissenting, non-academic research on the true nature and age of the Pyramids

YouTube link: The immense antiquity of ancient Egypt Revealed

The demolition of the stuffy victorian academic conception of the “inferior” Egyptians. This information shows just how lost academicians have been in their dumbing down attempts at hiding the profound erudition exhibited by these more far advanced people, since the most recent and remote antiquity of the human species


The Path of our Solar System is identical to that of a Spiraling River. A horizontal line through the “Energy Canon” represents the Galactic Ecliptic. The spiraling motions of our Sun and Planets are seen in the spiraling flow of water. (From Callum Coat’s “Living Energies” pg. 167) The Ecliptic is where an enormous amount of “pure, life enhancing orgone energy” will be released by our grandmother Sun, on 12-21-2012!

YouTube link: The Early Egyptians were Master Hydrologists

They did not use slaves pulling blocks with ropes up ramps as they were being whipped under the hot Sun!

The Pharaoh’s Pump Foundation mirrors the video above for the Construction of Cheops

The beauty of levitating blocks by floating them on barges using canals and locks towers over the ugly academic theory about jewish slaves straining under the Pharoah’s guards to build these works of wonder for Egypt

YouTube link: Excellent 10 Programs about Ancient Egyptians (in Spanish)

Spanish speaking people are being educated about: the mysteries of Ancient Egyptian Free Energy Technology, Sacred Geometry, Pyramid and astronomical monument constructions and their alignments to important stars. And, the profound level of Spirituality, Wisdom, Love and Understanding achieved by the Egyptians of Imhotep’s time. Why do you think we gringos are not getting this deeper level of insight revealed to us? I am bilingual, so I understand these profound programs. I am utterly amazed at how much deeper these subjects are covered by researchers in Spanish speaking countries.

YouTube link: EM Vortex Energy Harnessed by Imhotep at Saqqara (in Spanish) 

Imhotep, the awesome Hermes Trismegistus as he was known by the Greeks. His stepped Pyramid at Saqqara is one of the most profound architectural machines ever created by humans. It incorporates the Physics currently called: “Sympathetic Vibratory Physics” by John Keely, the “Implosion Physics” of Viktor Schauberger and the “Scalar Physics” of Nikola Tesla in it’s passive Free Energy design. The foundational, “twin opposing electro-magnetic Vortices” as described thoroughly by Walter Russell’s Cosmology, are seen exploited by Imhotep in the stepped Pyramid of Saqqara, close to 5,000 years ago!

YouTube link: Implosion based, Free Energy Systems, used to run Ancient Egypt


The Path of the Solar Serpent’s Vortex- drawn in 1880, from The OAHSPE
1, Sun. 2, Mercury. 3, Earth. 4, Mars. 5, Artaea. 6, Vesta. 7, Ceres. 8, Jupiter. 9, Saturn. 10. Uranus.

Google video link: The Solar Serpents of Indonesia and the Pleiades Connection


The Narmer Palette is a Sky Chart from  4486 BCE

It is not a theoretical “unification of Egypt” tablet from 3200 BCE. It records the  the dawn of the age of Taurus, in the so-called “Precession of the Equinoxes” which is due to the spiral wobbling of our Solar System’s course above and below the the Ecliptic plane of our Galaxy. Of course the Egyptians knew of our Solar System’s spiraling course being the cause of the so-called Precession of the Equinoxes and not a wobbling of the Earth’s axis, because the force which moved our Sun was always represented by them as twin opposing Serpents (twin opposing vortices). The Serpentine path of our Solar System through the heavens was well understood by them. 

YouTube link: Compare this academic groping regarding the Narmer Palette

This is a perfect case study above about how intellectually lame one can become by accepting most academic theories as if they had something to do with reality. Listen to the absurd, desperate and illogical claims offered by this academic as he dumbs down his students, wasting their time with absurdities in his grossly excited state of mind. He pretends like he is feeding us some rare and valuable insights, yet they are just bunk academic garbage. Listen to how excited he is about peddling these bogus ideas and how profound he pretends to be in his analysis. It is all so superficial and there is not one insight revealed,  just his stupid theory about how there had to be two artist’s carving the Palette, one for each side. Wow, how stupefying, as if it is of any importance whatsoever. A ridiculous theory about something that doesn’t matter in the least. Scholastic authorities call these spurious and silly ideas “academic theories”, once your tenured into their gang.

85 86

The “Tow Sang” (Solar Phalanx)  Our Solar System cork screws in Spirals around our Galaxy

YouTube link: You can’t debunk the truth

YouTube link: Astro-Theology explains Comparative Mythology

YouTube link:  jesus christ a religious Myth of god’s Sun Age in Pisces

YouTube link: There is absolutely no evidence for a literal historical jesus

It is quite apparent that highly advanced civilizations like the Egyptians and  Minoans  knew a lot about the true properties of water as evidenced in the construction of water systems which exploited the vortex movement of water to deliver it in a pristine and highly energized condition. Water moved according to these principles grew crops of greater abundance and potency. There was no “salting” of the soil, which is a problem that destroys staggering amounts of fertile top soil every year around the globe, due to the improper academic movement and death of the Earth’s blood and body. 


Helical Helix :Solar System a Dynamic Process

Written by: Dr. Keshava Bhat

Figure 19b  page 35

This diagram demonstrates that the so-called tilting of the Earth’s Axis is an illusion due to our position in the Master Vortex of the Sun above and below it’s Ecliptic at peaks called solstices and twice a year as we intersect  the ecliptic at the Equinoxes. The illusion to our senses is created by a belief in academic clock work orbits on a flat plane, which would mean that the Earth would have to tilt to account for this process. According to Dr. Bhat the Earth is not tilting at all. It is following the Sun in a Vortex trajectory and the seasons are seen to change due to our position in relationship to the ecliptic plane of the Solar Vortex.

“If only one can pause for a while and think retrospectively, the formidable scientific empire erected through centuries is crumbling down”. Dr. Bhat’s, “Book 1998″(Chapter 4: Genetic Engineering: Gate to Heaven or Hell?)

The his-story-uns would have us believe that there was no trans-Atlantic trading before their bold and valiant (masonic) hero Columbus, arrived in the Americas to begin the mass murder of all of the beautiful indigenous people found living here, called sub-human savages by these “civilized academicians” (socially engineered lemmings).  Yet the abundance of cocaine and nicotine found in some Egyptian mummies is a direct testimony that these drugs, which were only found in the Americas, were imported from these distant shores via ocean going, trade routes in times of the ancient past.

YouTube link: The absurdity of academic theories about no ancient trans-Atlantic Trade


The Antikythera Astral Computer from 2nd Century B.C.


The fact that these cultures share similar mythologies is just another coincidence, right? So naturally, the pyramids, ubiquitous “common” mythologies, a clear understanding of the precession of the equinoxes, the 26,000 year cycle of our Sun system, its relationship to galactic alignment on the ecliptic plane with the great and glorious Hunab K’u and a deep understanding of the movements of all the major heavenly bodies, using a very sophisticated glyph writing (mental images in writing) to describe their immense knowledge. All of this can be assumed to be just more coincidences according to these brilliant scholars who are on the payrolls of our corporate rigged universities and colleges. 


The Equant and Epicycle, Myths of Ptolemy’s Time 

Something of great importance is revealed in these relationships however. The underlying dynamics of the Serpentine path of our Solar System was plotted using geometrical reductionism and wrongly interpreted by Ptolemy at the time. These “plotted” motions describe the movements of our Sun and Planets together as we move in vortex spirals below the “seemingly stationary” reference grid in the belt of Stars we refer to as the Zodiacal Constellations.

YouTube link: Trans-Atlantic Sea Trade for the past 15,000 years at 5:25, defies academia

Some of these shills are even lucky enough to get paid to consult for special “educational” programs you can view on your corporate funded and controlled idiot box, as the so-called “authorities” for their “enlightening” public broadcasting service (pbs) program. Just another coincidence right? These shows are funded by the very corporations which are destroying our freedoms and our prosperity through their toxic technologies, falsely earned profits and endless lying propaganda, false flag agendas and illegal wars which violate every convention of decency and international law. Once again, this must be a coincidence, right? Do you really think the garbage they peddle via their heavily controlled media will change things for the better, which would mean the end of their products, profits, power and authority? 


Helical Helix : Solar System a Dynamic Process

Planet earth with visible (night) non existent tail and invisible

(atmosphere) existent tail

Figure 25  page 45

The so-called “savages” (Native Americans) understood the rhythmic balanced interchange of imploding and exploding currents underlying creation and the “Sacred Hoops” they create in eternity, far before the white man came with his silly one sided, big bang creation and  monotheistic male god fantasies, pontificated by alcohol damaged and religiously numbed minds, bred in cultures of scarcity, war and hatred. Both of these lies are absurd and ridiculous of course, in the eternally abundant and infinite Universe of the Great Sexless Animating Spirit, otherwise known by Native Americans as the “Great Spirit”!

YouTube link: 2012 Earth Changes

YouTube link: Maya, Inca, Aztec, and Egyptian Predictions for 12/21/2012

YouTube link: Possible Pole shift as we cross the magnetic ecliptic on the Hunab K’u

“In the cosmogonic Mayan myths, of  the Yucatán, the plumed serpent also appears as vital energy giving birth to the world and is called Canhel, “Serpent or Dragon“, related to rain and primordial water (chaos or mother-space), the original material (prima materia) from which the world emerges. (This  Video explains the Ouroborous very well at 28:00)

90 91

The Sensational Spiral, Screwing, Solar System Spermatozoa like Spectacle of our Sun

YouTube link: Our Spiraling Vortex Solar System, screwing it’s way around our Galaxy

YouTube link: Schauberger’s “cycloid space curve”, imploding spiral trajectories at 00:19


 Alcyone, our Sun’s  Central Sun

“As part of the Pleiadean System our Sun, a fairly average star, revolves around Alcyone, taking about 180 million years to complete one orbit”. (Page 77, “Living Energies” by Callum Coats) 

By applying Dr. Keshava Bhat’s understanding of the helical trajectories of all heavenly  bodies, we see that we do no “orbit” Alcyone as claimed, rather we trail behind her as pictured above, completing each full helical spiral once every 180 million years!

YouTube link: The Inca discovered astronomically, that our Sun is spiraling with 6 other Stars in the Master Vortex of the “Central Sun”, Alcyone of the Pleiades at 1:41

YouTube link: The 7 Mayan Prophecies see: Alcyone and 2012 at 1:39

YouTube link: “Omeyotl” of the Maya is the Twin Opposing EM Vortex Cosmology

YouTube link: The Rainbow Bridge, Jose Arguelles & 2012: Twin Opposing Vortex Cosmos

YouTube link: Rainbow Bridge, Jimi Hendrix: Pali Gap

In this way, the incarnated serpent, in the Mayan religion, is the generated sacred energy that gives perpetual life to the cosmos. For this pueblo the existence of the universe follows a cyclic law of death and rebirth, of creations and destructions, which are based upon a conflict of opposites. These are represented by antagonistic divine forces, which are the celestial beings and the gods of the underworld. The former represented life, and the latter death”.
The universe was conceived by the Mayans as a scene and manifestation of the divine forces, like a great collection of hierofanías manifestations of what is sacred and, kratofanías, manifestations of power. The great cosmic levels (heaven, earth and the underworld), which were not for them static spaces, but were in constant movement and change, were populated by multiple visible and sensitive expressions of what is divine; meaning that the sacred was revealed before men in many of the beings who inhabited the three levels. 
Thus, the stars are gods; the elements are gods, such as water, earth, wind and fire (represented above all by lightning); the great mountains are divine, some trees (like the bombax or silk-cotton tree), some vegetables (like corn) and some animals (like the quetzal, the jaguar and the serpent).
(my note: although there is much truth in what is being written in this analysis, something to keep in mind is that it is dissenting academic language and therefore carries with it false ideas and definitions. The Maya had no name for gods. There was only the Ahau. So, every time you see someone writing and using the term gods, it’s because their knowledge is still limited to academic classifications and theories. They may be theories which are opposed to stupid academic ideas, but they have knowledge viruses which contaminate the true meanings.)
The Great Conjunction discovered by the ancient Egyptians
marking the Dawn of The Age of Aquarius
at 6:48 A.M. (Giza Time), on the 21st of December, 2012
It should be called the “Precession of the Ages of the Zodiac”. It is the effect of our entire Solar system in it’s serpent like, spiraling vortex trajectory below the apparently stationary Zodiac.

The so-called “precession of the equinoxes”

The academic explanation is that the Earth wobbles one revolution on it’s axis approximately every 26,000 years. The Vortex Sun Model explains that the entire Solar  System moves in a vortical trajectory like a snake moving in 3 dimensions instead of a flat plane. As the Solar Snake moves either above or below the Galactic Ecliptic during the same time period stated above, it produces the illusion that the polar axis of our planet is wobbling if viewed only from an Earth bound perspective. When seen from outside the Solar System the Solar Snake is creating the so-called wobble due to it’s vortical trajectory above and below the Galactic Ecliptic. A powerful mind can mentally image these processes and a space craft is not needed in order to gain this perspective. The Maya, Inca, Egyptians, Indians, Indonesians, Native Americans etc.. all knew this and represented the Solar Force as Serpents or twin opposing serpents (twin opposing vortices). 

 Our Solar System is following the center point of the circle described above. The change of the 7 pole stars over a period of 25,625 years is due to the wobbling of our entire Solar System as we follow them in a huge helical spiral  and not due to a wobble of the Earth’s Axis as is claimed in quackademic circles, with their analogy of a wobbling top spinning on a table. The Earth is not spinning on the top of a table top or, a fake einsteinian graph paper style warped gravity grid. All Heavenly bodies are floating weightlessly in space, end of story!

And time, which was put in order and systematized (thanks to the development of mathematics) in groupings of lapses (durations of time) that are repeated cyclically, also was deified. Within great cycles or ages of the universe are produced an infinity of minor cycles, whose origin is to the Mayans that of bodies or vehicles that, with a leather strap, transport deities with human form. These, which are the numbers, arrive “carrying time,” travel through a certain space, on one of the four cardinal directions of the land, and leave when “exhaustion” hits them, passing the burden of time to the next deity.
These minor cycles range from days or kines to the lapses of 64 million years. Therefore, time, that blows up space, is not simply the transit of one carrier alone with his load, but of many carriers simultaneously, each one with its corresponding lapse: the days, months, years, periods of 20 years or katunes, etc. And as these carriers are gods, they always bring to the world either a beneficent or malevolent influence, according to the different combinations. In this way each god-time has diverse meanings, according to its movement and relationship to the others. This relationship is one of the more original conceptions of time that has been created and it reveals a consciousness of temporality without parallel in ancient cultures.
…Itzam Na is mainly associated with water and sky, for which it seems to have symbolized rain or fecund energy derived from it. The two heads can represent the wet and dry seasons, but also the duality of cosmic opposites (twin opposing vortices), whose conflict makes life possible – a concept that was common to the Mesoamerican pueblos. (The Chilam Balam)
97 98 99

Kogi Shaman’s Temple in Colombia, S. A.

Vortices of Light from Walter Russell’s Cosmology and the Kogi Shaman’s Temple

Echoes of the Ancient Skies, pg. 239 and The Secret of Light, pgs. 248-251

 I want to include this profound example of the inner conscious light revealed by the Kogi of Colombia. Here we see a Shamanic Cosmology that is so similar to the detailed Cosmology of Light which the visionary Walter Russell revealed in his writings, it makes one wonder with great awe. They are both accessing the sacred knowledge within, otherwise known as “self knowledge. They are also intimately familiar with the number nine and it’s axial importance in the construction of the physical Universe as explained in Russell’s  extremely detailed  description of the “octave mechanics”, of twin opposing vortices of electro-magnetic Light, which produce all of the elements in the physical Universe. The Kogi Temple is a representation of how the physical Universe operates and Russell explains how matter is born on the vertices of intersecting spiral wave forms of opposition, which is what the Kogi temple symbolizes.

“The Maya counterpart to Tezcatlipoca (an Aztec god) is Hurakan, the twisted ‘one leg’ god of the Quiche and other Mayan groups. He is famous in the Popol Vuh for bringing down destruction on a previous age, the age of the wooden people. He wipes the slate clean by sending a flood down to Earth. Interestingly, the English word hurricane is derived from Hurakan. The fact that Hurakan is thought of as being caught in a whirlwind (vortex), – that is spinning around- and literally means ‘one-leg,’  associates him with the polar axis. This association is not limited to Mesoamerica, and its universality attests to its validity. For example, Prince Dhruvi in India was the world age ruler who stood on one foot, and symbolized the North Celestial Pole.” (Maya Cosmogenesis, Pg. 63)


The Solar, Tow Sang Vortex drawn in 1880, from The OAHSPE

Something to consider when viewing this drawing is that it represents only half of the Solar System. There is also a Vortex proceeding in front of the Path of our Sun and there may be planets invisible to us which lay behind the Sun, being that we never orbit the Sun to see it’s other side. The planets inside of the Solar Vortex would also have twin opposing cones and are inaccurate in this drawing from1880.


Solar Vortex

This diagram represents just one pole of the Solar Vortex also

YouTube link: Ed’s work tracing the Motions of Sun and Earth on his Sundial at 3:08

YouTube link: The Helical Coaxial Dynamic Model of our Spiraling Solar System

Note the spiraling Motions at 4:27 and compare the motions tracked by Ed Leedskalnin with his Rock Telescope and Rock Sundial. They are the same. Then compare the motions of the Solar Serpent “Kukulkan” by the Maya as it descends their rock pyramid Sun Dial Pyramid called “El Castillo” at Chichen-Itza, Mexico during the Equinox


The Mayan Pyramid of Kukulcan, called “El Castillo” by the Spanish, was built to align perfectly for showing our Sun’s exact conjunction with Pleiades, the central star Alcyone in the era 1970-2012

YouTube link: The Pleiades Connection

YouTube link: The Pleiades are the Mythical Origin of many cultures around the world

YouTube link: The Rock Sun Dial of the Maya and the end of an astronomical Era in 2012 

YouTube link: The “Solar Serpent” descending at Equinox on the rock Sun Dial, El Castillo


 Native Americans were in fact very sophisticated and possessed an understanding of astronomy and math so refined that they could calculate the so-called “precession of the equinoxes”, which takes almost 26,000 years to complete a single cycle. However, they Maya did not believe the Earth wobbled on its axis like academic authorities do presently. They understood the relationship thousands of years ago, between the precession of our Solar  System and our alignment with our Galactic Center on the plane of its ecliptic, as we cross it, moving into the Northern hemisphere, of our Milky Way Galaxy.  The Maya  discovered that the path of our Solar system around the Galaxy is like that of a huge serpent and this was the reason for the precession, not an imagined wobbling of our planetary axis. They understood that the Galactic Center, the Great Hunab K’u sends five electromagnetic, “heart beat” pulses throughout the Galaxy every 26,000 years. One heart beat every 5,125 years. Each heart beat energizing and synchronizing the star fields birthed by the Hunab K’u from the galactic center. These five ages, they called the Five Suns. The sixth Sun sometimes talked about in research circles, is actually the First Sun, since it is the beginning of the same 26,000 year cycle once again,

The Maya are witness to a Cosmology that is virtually the same as that which Walter Russell has revealed in his many writings on the subject. The term they use to describe this Cosmology is “Omeyotl”. The Hunab K’u is the grand cosmic galaxy  being who is located at the center of our galaxy, a dimensionless point of “Still Magnetic Light”. There is not an academic egghead dreamed up, theoretical  black hole, based on dysfunctional mythematics and lame brain gravity equations. This point is the center of consciousness for the great being called the Hunab K’u, otherwise known as grandfather galaxy or Sskwan by the Lakota. This being synchronizes and reenergizes the hundreds of billions of star beings (suns) it birthed from the galactic center.  The star beings (father, sun gods)  then energizes the planetary systems (the lesser gods)  following them in their vortical trajectories.

The Maya have a Cosmology which is very similar to that of the Tibetans with never ending cycles of reincarnation. They  possessed an extremely advanced understanding of the human chakra system and the Yin and Yang of Chi, which they called the Hia and Hiu of the Omeyotl. They understood the relationship between our chakras and our Sun and the way we are energized by our Sun and practiced meditation and chanting which brought them into Galactic attunement.  Our Sun is energized by our central Sun Alcyone of the Pleadies by the glorious Hunab K’u. We then receive this divine energy from the pulsing heart of the Hunab K’u by our Sun. We will be re-energized on

These so-called indian savages were in fact so advanced that the diabolical catholic priests made sure they destroyed all but a few scraps of highly guarded paper representing a knowledge which was the New World equivalent of the library at Alexandria in Egypt. The catholics burned it as well, for the same reasons: control of knowledge, power and information. This way they could lie about anything and everything and there would be no superior cosmology and evidence to contradict them. 

solar system

The Clock face orbits seen in the “Factual” Academic Models of our Solar System

YouTube link: The Helical Sun-Earth Motions recorded on Ed’s Rock Sun Dial  at 4:30

YouTube link: Ed Leedskalnin proves that academic orbital models above are false at 2:45

Edward Leedskalnin’s Book, “Magnetic Current” download

The Maya determined that day in the Long Count Calendar, to be equivalent to our day known as, December 21st, 2012. The Mayan god Hurakan is a Vortex by definition. Our word hurricane is derived from it. He controls the Polar axis from the North Pole as do many of the gods from the mythologies found all around the globe, Typhon being the most obvious. Polar Vortices were known by these shamanic astronomers thousands of years ago and yet the nasa nerds are baffled, perplexed and outright stupidly confused by the many images they capture with their satellites and telescopes of opposing Polar Vortices in the gas bearing planet’s of our Solar system. 

Academics do not call them vortices though. They prefer the term auroras, which avoids the vortex term and serves to keep people from asking why there are twin opposing vortices, whose electro-magnetic signatures are clearly seen in the visible lights (auroras), spiraling around the two poles, in opposite directions, on the gas bearing planets of our solar system.  This way the masses will never be directed to a detailed cosmology (The Secret of Light)  based on twin opposing vortices which actually explains the way our Universe operates. This insures the financial elite of the current caste system, that the imbecilic academic models of current physics, chemistry and astronomy will retain their supremacy in the oppressive system of corporate dominated, social engineering and absolute mind control over the ignorant and illiterate masses, which bring them so much profit, power and authority.

Walter Russell reveals the true nature of magnetism and electricity:

“All mass consists of energy accumulated by the attraction of gravitation into the appearance of form. All form is held together more or less closely by the relative force of gravitation which accompanies mass of various dimensions and relations. The law for big mass is the same as that for little masses. The gravitation which maps out the orbit of the light unit within the atom is exactly the same as that which maps out the orbit of a solar system. 

… Science considers the attraction of gravitation of the Solar system as an entirely different effect from the effect of motion within an atomic system. Atomic motion is presumed to be non-subject to the laws of gravitation. Science names one ‘gravitation’ and the other the ‘electrical effect’. Both effects are the same. 

…If the movements of planets and satellites are effects of gravitation and the same effects in smaller masses are ‘electrical effects’, why do smaller masses exactly follow the laws of larger masses? 

…All effects of gravitation are electric effects and all effects of radiation are magnetic effects. All effects are electro-magnetic. ( The Universal One, Pgs. 146-7


Helical Helix : Solar System a Dynamic Process

The True Motions of Sun and Earth as photographed every ten days for a Yearly Cycle

Once again, compare the motions of Sun and Earth recorded by Ed Leedskalnin 

with his Rock Telescope and Rock Sundial at Coral Castle, Fla., they are identical to the photo above

Figure 36  page 57


The Analemma as seen from the surface of Mars.

Cleary this demonstrates that Mars trails behind the Sun, as do all Planets

Google Video link: Mysteries of the Sacred Universe

At 21:00 note the same kinds of motions are recorded by ancient Indian astronomers from Earth for all Planets, within our Solar  System as those seen in the photo above. These motions show that our Sun and Planets are traveling in a spiraling Vortex. Dr. Bhat’s first hand observations, for over 40 years from equatorial regions, show the Earth does not orbit the Sun and is not tilted on it’s axis. And, it must be noted that the Earth does not “wobble on it’s axis” as demonstrated in this video.


The Analemma

The Analemma shows the latitude and the day of the year when the Sun is directly overhead and demonstrates that our Sun is spiraling in a helical relationship with the planets which follow within it’s Master Vortex

 The intersection with the plane of the galactic ecliptic is the most powerful area of contact our Solar system has with the magnetic, radio-active emanations issuing from the Galactic Core. The equator of every mass is the maximum zone of magnetic radiation and centrifugal motion. The electrically simulated lights of the twin opposing EM vortices, which give form to our Galaxy, are unwinding to their extreme at the inertial plane of our Galaxy’s Equator. So, we may be in for a bit of a bumpy ride as we pass through this plane of extreme magnetic motion.  

Another thing to consider is a possible “Null Zone” at the Ecliptic. Consider the fact that there is a clear line of demarcation on a bar magnet separating  North and South  magnetic hemispheres.  No telling what may happen in this area. Maybe a cancellation of all electro-magnetic energy, like a hard drive wipe for our entire Solar System? 

YouTube link: My Pole Shift Playlist

YouTube link: 2012 inversione dei poli magnetici

A pole shift may be in order for each of the planets and their Moons, being that the charge of the Northern path of our trajectory around the Galaxy will be opposite to that which our Solar System has been experiencing under the Ecliptic in the Southern Galactic hemisphere of the Milky Way, since long before the beginning of written history, some 26,000 years ago. We can expect extreme energetic changes within our Solar system as we move into this band of maximum Galactic Core, Magnetic Radiation.


Evidence of Electric Discharge Craters on Jupiter’s Moon, Ganymede

 Well, this was claimed by the Electric Universe folks, but I have disproved it because, these craters demonstrate mining activities and not electrical scarring between planetary bodies. See my video playlist: They demonstrate the mining activity, mining equipment and civilizations found throughout our entire Solar System

YouTube link: nasa airbrushes away the real Moon

YouTube link: Immanuel Velikovsky and Plasma Cosmology

YouTube link: Thunderbolts of the Gods, Velikovsky revisited

YouTube link: Planetary Scars, Plasma Cosmology, Astronomy

When North Becomes South: New Clues to Earth’s Magnetic Flip-Flops

“Our planet’s magnetic field reverses about once every 200,000 years on average. However, the time between reversals is highly variable. The last time Earth’s magnetic field flipped was 780,000 years ago, according to the geologic record of Earth’s polarity. It is not a matter of whether it will happen, but when.

Next time Earth’s magnetic field flips, compass needles will point South instead of North. But scientists can’t say when it will occur, and until now they’ve disagreed on how long the transitions take.

A new study pins down how long it took for the last four reversals to play out. It also finds that the dramatic turnarounds occur more quickly nearer the equator than at higher latitudes closer to the poles.

That means folks living during the next reversal — which some scientists speculate might be underway — will see compasses change and behave differently in different locations.

It is generally accepted that during a reversal, the geomagnetic field decreases to about 10 percent of its full polarity value,” Clement said. “After the field has weakened, the directions undergo a nearly 180 degree change, and then the field strengthens in the opposite polarity direction. The magnetic field lines extend out beyond Earth’s atmosphere and provide the first line of defense against strong solar storms”.   (WTIAFTA)


Helical Helix : Solar System a Dynamic Process

Planet Earth with it’s Atmospheric Tail

Figure 42  page 63

Changes taking place in our Solar System and a idiotic academic theory called “global warming”

There are in fact, changes taking place on all of the heavenly bodies, throughout our Solar system due to the increased magnetic emanations from the Galactic Core, as we approach the magnetic inertial plane of our Galaxy’s ecliptic. This is one of the main reasons for so-called global warming. Not to say that mankind is not contributing greatly to the destruction of our atmosphere and planet. However, this massive change happening to our entire solar system is never addressed by anyone pushing their global warming political control agendas, like al gore. 

Of course, our controllers don’t want humans thinking on as grand a scale as our relationship to our Solar System and the Galaxy as a whole. This might lead to deeper levels of thinking, where we can call into question the so-called need of their authority and control over us. This is not the direction gores, bushes, clintons, reagans, obamas, nor any of the rest of the political manikins have in mind for, what they refer to as,  “the herd”.

Energetic Changes taking place in our entire Solar System

“Global warming” has other mechanisms involved, which are never mentioned by al whore, why? Let me make it very clear, since this is such an emotional topic. Mankind is contributing and the system of technology we are using is “Satanic” in it’s design, producing hell like conditions here on Earth of pollution noise, heat and fire as people utilize these horrific explosion based technologies to perform their labors. Humans are not the cause of “gw”, but we are completely 180 degrees in opposition to the very Nature which gives us life and are contributing greatly to our own demise. We are being destroyed by sub-human greed based upon a system of theft from Nature whose consequences are the very destruction of our world and our lives.


 Al Gore’s many lies for corporate profits and control exposed!

YouTube link: An Inconvenient Truth Of Al Gore’s Fraud and Awards

YouTube link: Free Energy Technology is the real “Inconvenient Truth”

YouTube link: The reasons al gore won’t talk about these more important factors

\ Saturn: 1000% increase in plasma toroidal field. Appearance of Aurora’s, with increasing brightness. Loss of 6 minutes of time in just 9 months. Bewildering X-rays of solar intensity appear at tetrahedral vertex equatorial zone.  Disappearance of ring spokes. Transformation of Saturn’s moons, including Titan

Mercury: surprisingly strong intrinsic magnetic field is anonymously present, and ‘surprise’ polar ice discovered on what had been hitherto supposed to be a “dead” planetary sphere.

 Generation on the Moon of a first stage atmosphere, a growing natrium atmosphere detected reaching 9,000 km in height.

 Venus: Oxygen formation, 2,500% increase in aurora brightness, and enormous physical, chemical and optical atmospheric transformations. First time observation of the inversion of dark and light spots detected, sulfur-containing gases are on a sharp decrease in its atmosphere.

Neptune: Magnetic polar shift. A 40% increase in atmospheric brightness and light spot dynamics, in just several years, drastic changes on its Moon Triton.

Jupiter: Magnetic field intensity doubling. Appearance of dark spot. Appearance large scale Aurora activation. Plasma clouds exhibit more than 200% increase in their brightness. Major transformation of Jovian Moons. Ever increasing plasma genesis, ejected like Solar coronal holes. Appearance of radiation belt brightening in decimeter band. Transformation of the Jupiter – Io system of currents, with a stream of ionized hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, through a one million amperes flux tube.

Sun: 16% shrinkage in size in the last half century. Increase in sunspot activity and intensity. More activity since 1940 than in previous 1,150 years, combined

Pluto: Appearence of dark spots. 300% increase in atmospheric pressure, even as Pluto recedes farther from the Sun

Earth: Change in time, 30 leap seconds in just 34 years. Enormous global geophysical and whether transformations. Shift in magnetic field. Activation of aurora’s. Appearance of new Nitrogen in upper atmosphere. Two unexpected populations of cosmic particles found in the Van Allen radiation belts; an injection of a greater than 50 MeV dense electron sheaf into the inner magnetosphere during times of abrupt magnetic storms; the emergence of a new belt consisting of ionic elements traditionally found in the composition of stars. Observation of Earth’s novel gamma ray burst sprites into space, with faster-than-light expanding rings.

Mars: Doubling of atmospheric density. New appearance of planet wide storms, polar melting of the ice caps, and unprecedented Martian Global Warming, Methane and ammonia detected, with possible formaldehyde, as signs of life activity, now and in the last 400 years. Increasing bio-spheric quality by a series of Martian atmospheric transformations. Unusual ozone growth concentration and appearance at the equatorial zone of cloudy growth. 

Uranus: Massive growth of magnetosphere intensity. Vast increase of clouds, enormous changes in Uranian brightness, increased global cloud activity. Magnetic polar shift.

“Current Planeto-Physical alterations of the Earth are becoming irreversible. Strong evidence exists that these transformations are being caused by highly charged material and non-uniformity’s in anistropic interstellar space, which have broken into the interplanetary area of our Solar System. This “donation” of energy is producing hybrid processes and excited energy states in all planets, as well as the Sun. 

(The intense “centrifugal, magnetic radiation” of our Galaxy’s ecliptic plane is causing this increased energy within our entire Solar System, according to the cosmological model of Walter Russell, as it has been outlined in great detail on this web page.)

Effects here on Earth are to be found in the acceleration of the magnetic pole shift, in the vertical and horizontal ozone content distribution, and in the increased frequency and magnitude of significant catastrophic climatic events. There is growing probability that we are moving into a rapid temperature instability period similar to the one that took place 10,000 years ago. The adaptive responses of the biosphere, and humanity, to these new conditions may lead to a total global revision of the range of species and life on Earth. It is only through a deep understanding of the fundamental changes taking place in the natural environment surrounding us that politicians, and citizens a like, will be able to achieve balance with the renewing flow of Planeto-Physical states and processes.”

DR. ALEXEY N. DMITRIEV (Professor of Geology & Mineralogy, &  Chief Scientific Member, United Institute of Geology, Geophysics, & Mineralogy, Siberian Department of Russian Academy of Sciences), PLANETO-PHYSICAL STATE OF THE EARTH AND LIFE. January 8, 1998. Published in Russian, IICA Transactions, Volume 4, 1997, Russian to English Translation and Editing: by A. N. Dmitriev, Andrew Tetenov, and Earl L. Crockett


Our Solar System’s Spiraling procession around the Vortex of the Central Sun, Alcyone

YouTube link: The Super Wave Theory, 2012 Earth Changes

YouTube link: Passing through our Galaxy’s Ecliptic will have consequences

YouTube link: Changes throughout the Solar System as we approach the Ecliptic Plane


“Fractal harmonics is removed from the realm of abstract theory and is recognized as an inherent ordering principle of the cosmos. In essence, many of the sacred Mayan numbers and ratios, as well as Mayan philosophy, point to the Golden Proportion as one source of the Sacred Calendar’s incredible properties.


The Golden Proportion is a unique ratio, explored by the ancient Greeks, and is the mathematical source for the spirals which manifest in seashells, pine cones, and other natural phenomena. It was known as Phi ( = 1.618), and was thought to represent the essential principles of fractal growth and harmonic resonance. Incredibly, the ratios 8/5 and 20/13 both approximate the Golden Proportion; Phi plays a key role in the numerical and philosophical dynamics of the tzolkin!

…As an aside, Hunab K’u is a Yucatec Maya term. The Quiché term for this same god is Hura C’an, from which is derived the English word hurricane. In the above depiction, Hunab K’u is conceived as a swirling cauldron (vortex) of the cosmic dualities (twin opposing vortices) – and reminds us of the oriental yin-yang symbol. It symbolizes the many levels of the sacred/secular duality we have been discussing – male/female, lunar/solar, subjective/objective, mind/body, spirit/matter, and so on.


Helical Helix : Solar System a Dynamic Process

Motion of celestial bodies

Figure 61b  page 94

And we should remember that in keeping with what we know about Mayan time, this duality is one of mutual involvement and complimentarity, not irreconcilable opposition. Furthermore, a principle of unfolding or flowering is inherent in time; movement and measure beget expansion. The cosmic conflict of yin and yang thus engender the natural processes of change and growth which surround us, and of which we are a part.


And this is a critical quality of spiral time: growth. For all of its seeming abstractness, Mayan cosmology is extremely organic. In fact, Mayan philosophy may be likened to the spiral unfolding that we see in seashellspine cones and flowers – analogies drawn from nature. And Mayan earth worship – prayers to Tiox and Mundo – acknowledge this profound principle; that the earth is a living being, struggling through eons to bring forth the exquisite flower of spiritual awareness.


So without further tracing the journey by which I say what I say, let me try to state things simply: The Sacred Calendar is a cosmological model which unites inner and outer reality and explains the earth’s inherent goal of physical and spiritual unfolding.


Helical Helix : Solar System a Dynamic Process

30° arc exposure, 330° night sky

Figure 52  page 82

Yet this is not the end-all. Is there ever one? Going further, here is a hint of what lies hidden beyond the veil:

Imagine a comprehensive cosmology of numbers which unites the workings of both the material and spiritual realms. Imagine it to be based upon the ancient systems of the I Ching and the Golden Proportion. Furthermore, imagine this brilliant philosophy as a revival and completion of Kepler‘s obsession with a “harmony of the heavens” based on the five Platonic Solids. You have just imagined the Mesoamerican Sacred Calendar.

And what does Hunab K’u have to do with all this? Well, everything. How can I restate this progressive and ancient understanding of the cosmos which is embedded in the Sacred Calendar…

The time sense implied in the tzolkin is rooted in natural cycles. In essence, this truth involves a seeming paradox, for what “natural” cycle does the tzolkin correspond to? Answer: the human gestation period. In turn, the tzolkin is then used as a key factor in the amazing calendar of the Maya; the organic gestation cycle is used as a calendric constant to structure the celestial cycles of the planets, sun, and stars.



Helical Helix : Solar System a Dynamic Process

Sun, Earth, Moon

Figure 29a  page 50

In other words, the cycles of humanity are linked with the cycles of the planets – not in the cause-and-effect sense – but by virtue of a more mysterious principle of correspondence. The relationship is of a type of mirroring, an unconnected and distant affinity because both realms are unfolding with the same rhythm!

115              116

ElectricComet  Vortex Jets of  Hale Bopp and Hyakute

YouTube link: Comets prove astronomers are absolutely, servile parrots


How? Because mind and world, spirit and matter, the objective and subjective realms, are spun off from the same moment of creation. Call it Galactic Center, …god – whatever. In Mayan terms, this source is none other than Hunab K’u – Giver of Movement and Measure (the Great Galactic Being).


Electric Comets Point a Finger at the end of Academic Physics, Chemistry and Astronomy etc.., exposes the Electric Sun’s workings and melts the silly academic, dirty snowball theory

YouTube link: Cometary Tails of the Unexpected Plasma Cosmology

Mayan time conception is more sophisticated than the one presently in vogue among the “western” cultures. It involves an approach or attitude of mutual involvement, overlapping inclusion, and adaptable pro-active problem solving, rather than “taking a stand”, “sticking to our guns,” or “peace through strength.”


The Electrical Fragmentation of Comets Confirms the EUM

The Electric Universe Model


The Maya enjoy a world-view free from the entrapments of dualistic thinking. And while this may sound hyperbolic or grandiose, we have only to look carefully at the shrouded traditions and ceremonies of the present day Quiché Maya. Still tenuously holding onto ageless traditions amidst continuous onslaughts from the outside “civilized” world, they may very well hold the secrets of a more mature perspective – one which may transform the world. How can we learn to perceive time and experience life in this seemingly more evolved way? Can we?


Electric Aurora Vortices of Comet Halley?


I feel that we can, and learning to track the tzolkin/haab calendar is a start – a doorway to that realm beyond dualities – where humanity meets and participates with the Great Spirit, in the Great Mystery”. (Oxib Ajmac. On 4 Jaguar 18 Flaying)


Vortex Trail of a Leonid Meteor

“Space flight, computers and sophisticated data technology have all emerged in the last fifty years. It does seem that human civilization is being propelled into increasingly complex forms of organization. Time, in a sense, is accelerating. Innovative changes are occurring at a faster and faster rate as we approach the 2012 date. Human civilization is transforming at a rate without precedence. The ancient Maya believed that our (Solar System’s) impending alignment with the Galactic Center (at its ecliptic) is responsible for this transformation”. (Maya Cosmogenesis, Pg. 105)


Planetary “Trajectories” are Spiral, “Serpent like” Vortices, Page 57

“The Great Conjunction can only be viewed with precision from Latitude 30 degrees North … a fact which brings to light another lost secret of the Ancient Egyptians: the Guardians of Time. The Great Pyramid of Giza which stands on Latitude 30 degrees North is the perfect viewing point of the Great Conjunction. The Great Pyramid of Giza was built as a stellar observation deck for the Great Conjunction of December 21st 2012″. (Giza, the Stellar Observation Deck)