The Dire Consequences Of Academic Theory


The exxon Valdez, Alaska oil disaster:

drunk captain destroys the coast of Alaska killing untold legions of living beings

 The Conscious Light of Intelligence also reveals the absurdity of the big bang’s related theories and the arrogance of the academicians who talk about numbers like 10 to the -45th power in their lectures on the big bang timeline, as if they with their academically acknowledged, “superior intellects”, could even begin to comprehend the enormous magnitude of these digits, describing something so infinitesimally short in time. 

The concept of  “entropy” is a massive lie to back the lie of “scarcity“. It is based upon unnatural, “closed physical systems” of  thought experiments,  conjured up by the egghead mathematicians of academic physics. This unnatural, closed system, initial impulse, mathematical view of a “unidirectional universe” has been proven to be lame and a fraud since the time of Tesla, by Tesla and many others with their “over unity“, free energy inventions. Plus it is stupid, unnatural and would not make sense even to a child.

If you were paying any attention in your physics, chemistry and astronomy classes, you should have found these ideas baseless and abhorrent as they were being parroted to you, fully rejecting them and the so-called disciplines which idolize  them. In other words you should have jumped ship at the time, realizing that both the captain and crew were “clinically” insane. This academic nonsense is still taught as divine truth in our schools and universities and echoed to us daily in the corporate controlled media and entertainment vectors. Few students have the common sense, guts or chayotes to abandon the course set for them by their brainwashed parents or their even more brainwashed academic counselors. So, a new class of “followers” graduates each year who will eagerly go out and do the bidding for the very people who are enslaving them into a world of artificially engineered scarcity, poverty, pollution, war and mediocrity. 

That’s ok though, because these servants of the lie will be rewarded with a credit rating which will allow them to play the american dream game and mortgage their way into a car, home and family, thereby creating a form of “sub-life” for themselves at the expense of this planet and the few real humans who live here. It is obvious to see who benefits  and profits from these lies, the energy barons, war mongers, central bankers, corporate swindlers and their illegally placed occupants currently running and ruining the political, environmental and economic systems of the USA and the rest of the world in the process.

“By this time it should be clear that the traditional physical theories based on the concept of a universe of matter have reached the end of the road; that a continuation of the heroic efforts that are being made to patch the holes and to bolster the elements of the theoretical structure that are failing under the load is no longer justified. After all, there are limits to what can be built on a false foundation, even with the benefit of all of the ad hoc assumptions, principles of impotence, and other ingenious devices (mathematical constants) that the modern scientist utilizes to evade contradictions and inconsistencies and to reinforce the weak spots in his arguments. As the continuing improvement in observational facilities enables penetrating deeper into the far-out regions of the universe, the never-ending task of revising and reconstructing existing theories to conform to the new knowledge becomes progressively more difficult”. (Quasars and Pulsars, Ch. 12)                     

There is no hope of ever finding a natural solution to our energy needs using this unnatural  form of  academic physics with it’s well defined list of laws, restrictions and absurdities, which prevent mankind from knowing eternal abundance and enslave humanity to endless toil, while coincidentally producing trillions of dollars of profits in the bank accounts of the people running this glorified cattle yard. This money is created by an engineered system of slave labor which has been wasted on stealing (Oil, Coal, Uranium) from nature to fight her,  times her “resistance” squared back at us.  

The corruption of our world and our politicians reaping the reward for their part in maintaining the control of the masses by the wealthy elite is a natural result of the technological base imposed upon us, by those who would profit from this form of slavery. The degeneracy of everything we see in our lives  is the natural result of this false technological system based on theft from nature to fight nature. It is a no win situation, with any apparent progress being an illusion based on a complete disregard for the resulting consequences to the environment, which we must then dwell within, in its compromised, depleted and filthy, polluted and cancer causing condition.

The reason we do not have abundance is because it does not profit those in control of the present system of exploitation and would give the masses more power than their politicians and controllers, want us to have. The decay of our cities and infrastructure, misery, crime, drug addiction, greed, violence, predatory sexuality and pervasive toxicity are all the result and consequence of the scarcity imposed upon us by a false technological system based on theft from nature, which benefits the wealthy exponentially more than the common people who make up the vast majority of planetary inhabitants. 

 The fact is, the vast majority of work done by humans presently is an absolute waste of time, is environmentally destructive on a global scale, benefits humanity absolutely nothing,  and is only continued so that the present caste system of aristocratic financial/military/media/banking control may continue.  That’s exactly the way the social engineers who created this nightmare world we live in, want it to be. They win, you lose! 

bush/cheney/rice etc… and their group of  “energy shyster overlords” who serve our societal engineers (central bankers and corporate war mongers), have destroyed our world and cheapened our existence with their disgusting lies. They have  raked historical profits with their energy and war frauds, from the “living dead”,  since the days they illegally occupied the White House with their first rigged election. This is their reward they receive for dedicating their lives too, serving their unseen financial masters in the worship of their god Mammon (the heavily rigged: religious, banking, legal and political systems), commonly referred to as “the great beast” by those who know the score.

If free energy technologies were released immediately, it would mean the end of many worthless jobs slaving away for our current backward system of planetary control, which could be replaced with vastly more valuable labor dedicated to saving this planet from: an environmental landslide, rising oceans, vast displacement of populations, drought, famine and extreme weather changes. This would mean tearing down the entire system of control, energy grids and beginning the “terra forming” of Earth, by planting thousands of billions of new trees in all of the clear cut and ruined corporate forests (tree farms) and reclaiming deserts with new forests and crops, watered with desalinated water, extracted and pumped from the Oceans using Vortex Implosion technologies, created by Viktor Schauberger specifically for this purpose.

The nefarious forces who control the rat race we live in, have socially engineered our world through it’s schools, media, entertainment and churches into a mass of sheeple who are easily deceived and exploited. If  humans under went a major paradigm shift in their perception of this world, from a doomed,  scarcity-entropy model of war and survival,  to an abundance/neg-entropic lifestyle of  peace, prosperity, abundant recreation and freedom, we would see an end to our ongoing exploitation and the endless slaughter of the innocent poor, whose resources we will need to continue stealing and exploiting,  to meet our ever growing, consumptive needs.

Only by building machines which work according to the natural design of our universe (bio-mimicry) can we reverse our descent into a living hell, here on earth, fighting over diminishing so-called “scarce” fuels and resources and create eternally renewable abundance. 

This is the true path of “spiritual compassion”: the all inclusive desire for “everyone’s” physical well being on this planet being realized with the release of free energy technologies by our governments and their immediate implementation into a new system of physical abundance, environmental renewal and it’s reward of abundant prosperity, happiness health and recreation for humanity. 

This is the opposite of the exclusivity of various religious  and humanitarian groups, who provide “aid” only for their own and those they are trying to convert with their associated propaganda and horrific dogma. Whose members live in caste systems, with their leaders in comfort and their poor converts living in misery.

I guess free energy would eventually mean the end of churches, synagogues, mosques, temples, idols, socialism, communism, zionism,  capitalism, democracy, existentialism, behaviorism, nihilism, feminism,  corporatism, gurus and saviors as well, some of which are many millennia overdue!

“As long as people believe in absurdities, they will continue to commit atrocities.” –Voltaire


A Neg-entropic Dipole

YouTube link: JP Morgan enslaved all of humanity

YouTube link: JP Morgan caused the Banking Crash of 1907

YouTube link: Tesla’s Wireless Transmission of Electrical Energy

YouTube link: Tesla’s Free Energy Wireless Broadcasting from Wardenclyffe Tower

I have provided many links to information on Nikola Tesla, Viktor Schauberger and a host of other free energy inventors as well, on this page. Peswiki has a good list of some of the free energy technologies which have been suppressed by our planetary controllers.

Only by returning to the sanity and common sense of Free Energy Physics as understood by these great men, can we free ourselves from the control of the inbreeding aristocrats who run this planet like a bovine slaughter yard for their decadence, power, pleasure and arrogance.   

 I encourage everyone to read about these brilliant men and see for yourself the world of abundance they saw and the limitless possibilities for prosperity it would offer to each and everyone of us…

This type of thinking will eventually free one from the labyrinth of lies relating to Science, DrugsVaccinesforced inoculations, Health, Religion, Energy, Psychology, Archeology Anthropology  and Evolution,  etc…if one stays on the trail of investigation into the frauds we have all been indoctrinated with since our youth in the bovine like conditions of social engineering, called academicism, dogmatic religious indoctrination and pervasive media mind control.


“Thus the blowing of soap-bubbles gives the best clue to the movement of waves of light, and through them to the dimensions of molecules and atoms; and the collision of billiard-balls, knocked about at random, to the movements of those minute bodies, and the kinetic theory of gases. In the case of the vortex theory the idea is given by the rings of smoke which certain ‘adroit smokers’ amuse themselves by puffing into the air”. (Sympathetic Vibratory Physics, Universal Cosmology)

YouTube link: Frank Chester Blows the lid off academia with Soap Bubbles!

All geometric forms are trying to become spheres, just as Walter Russell revealed. Frank’s study of geometric forms and Sacred Geometry have opened the door to the study of real science in place of the mountain of theories sold by academia in corporate/banker controlled science.

YouTube link: Smoke Rings and anti-gravity technology

YouTube link: Blowing Bubbles and Planetary birthing of Moons

Umbilical Craters are evidence of Moons being birthed by their Mother Planets at 3:30

YouTube link: Dolphins blowing Vortex Rings which travel opposite the rising bubbles


A closing song for the traitors to our Constitution who are working for the “globalists”: bush, cheney, rumsfeld, rice, powell, meyers, ashcroft, gonzales, the duplicitous jewish neo-cons,  and all of the other craven swine who support their lying murderous abominations, state sponsored false flags operations and war profiteering schemes, none of whom would raise a hand to fight in times of perceived danger, yet they will eagerly order the “disposable caste” of poor grunts in the military to die for their twisted plans of  world domination and absolute control, otherwise known as: “the new world order”.

War Pigs

YouTube link: War Pigs Black Sabbath

YouTube link: The neo-con War Pigs, of the shrub admin., Invade Iraq

Generals gathered in their masses, just like witches at black masses. Evil minds that plot destruction, sorcerers of death’s construction. In the fields the bodies burning, as the war machine keeps turning. Death and hatred to mankind, poisoning their brainwashed minds. Oh lord, yeah! Politicians hide themselves away. They only started the war. Why should they go out to fight? They leave that role to the poor, yeah. Time will tell on their power minds, making war just for fun. Treating people just like pawns in chess, wait till their judgment day comes, yeah. Now in darkness world stops turning, ashes where the bodies burning. No more War Pigs have the power, Hand of God has struck the hour. Day of Judgement, God is calling, on their knees the war pigs crawling. Begging mercies for their sins, Satan, laughing, spreads his wings. Oh lord, yeah! –Black Sabbath, War Pigs