The Electric Car Sabotaged


GM Killed the Electric Car now they want a Bailout

The EV-One electric car, would have filled the role as a perfect transition vehicle form the old destructive internal combustion technology to the new forms of non-polluting energy, had GM, the Oilers and their paid for politicians sabotaged the program created by the California Clean Air Mandate and destroyed the technology which would have freed humanity from the internal combustion engine as a means of transportation. For an excellent expose on this crime against humanity and the environment.  See: “Who Killed the Electric Car?“. 

YouTube link: Who killed the Electric Car?

george w bush sabotaged this effort as soon as he illegally entered the white house. He and cheney sucked up to the energy barons and the parasitic enron corporation immediately along with the terminator-schawrzenegger, who drives a hydrogen Hummer (the new fuel of choice for the energy barons). The electric cars were all recalled and the evidence destroyed by GM, so that their technology could not be copied. bush then gave the filthy rich up to $100,000.00 tax break to buy oil sucking Hummers as a way of promoting oil consumption and profiting the wealthy who live off of this form of blatant exploitation. Consequently the oil barons have raked historical profits and the wealth of the middle class has disappeared and literally gone up in smoke, thanks to george w bush, cheney, rice and other treasonous unseen entities! 

YouTube link: The History of the EV Gray Motor

YouTube link: EV Gray Motor and Cold Energy lost Video 

The Electric car is three to four times more energy efficient than the Hydrogen cars the energy barons want to sell us, so there is absolutely no reason to pursue Hydrogen based “internal combustion” technologies, it is the new bait and switch” fuel of choice for the “oilers” and still burns up our depleted reserves of atmospheric oxygen.  The oilers plan on creating and controlling this new inferior means of transportation and market it using their pawns like shawrzenegger to be their macho  action hero poster boys, as they act “real cool” driving around these million dollar vehicles, promising us a brighter future. The only thing that will make our future brighter is getting free from this life of slavery and  fraud imposed upon us by the energy racketeers and war mongers the “terminator”, bush, cheney, rice, rumsfeld, ashcroft etc. work for.

YouTube link: Electric car faster than a Ferrari

YouTube link: Volvo’s electric car costs 3 cents a mile to operate

YouTube link: Free, resurrected batteries and Electric Cars, no toxic land fill

The lesser known “EV Gray Electric Motor” would have extended the range of an electric car by at least 400%  with it’s Tesla inspired, “radiant event” tube technology, that is, if it is proven not to be an over-unity motor, by Peter Lindemann and his crew.  The new Nickel Hydride battery patents which GM bought and shelved could have extended the batteries range by 400%, from the common lead acid battery. GM did everything it could to sabotage the mandate and kill the electric  car. So, if the GM EV-1 car had a range of 60-100  miles, the new batteries would allow it to go 240-400 miles without a charge making it much more attractive to car buyers. If the car had an “EV Gray Electric Motor” instead of the EV-1 used by GM to satisfy the C.C. A. Mandate, it could travel around a thousand miles without needing a new charge with these new metal hydride batteries. Now there are Lithium batteries which are even more powerful. So, there is no excuse to not have electric cars as the dominant form of locomotion, being that they will meet the transportation requirements of the vast majority of car drivers.

Phoenix Motors of Ontario, Ca. has released it’s new improved version of a lithium battery powered electric SUV, and Truck. The runaway heat characteristics which have caused problems with the Lithium batteries of the past, has been solved with a new nanotechnology modification to the batteries. This breakthrough, removes the Graphite which was the cause of over heating. This new battery also has a far longer lifetime thanks to this new innovation.

YouTube link: Battery Powered SUV Recharges in Ten Minutes

YouTube link: Phoenix Electric Vehicle Debut 95 mph 130 miles on one charge

YouTube link: Japanese Electric Motorcycles goes 93 mph and over 100 miles a charge

For details see: The History of the EV Gray Motor, KeelyNet Conference 2001, VHS tape for June 16th and 17th in Dallas, Texas. This would have meant the end of all new, oil sucking, internal combustion based cars! Now viewable in the link above.

Bio-diesel is not a fix or even a good substitute as we wait, for the corporate/government suppressed technologies to be released, being that this poorly thought out idea is actually far more destructive than burning gasoline and qualifies as, the most Carbon-intensive fuel on Earth. I have seen clouds of white foul smelling smoke pouring from trucks rigged to burn this crap and even an advertisement on one as it was creating this toxic filth, attacking everyone who uses gas and calling them slaves. Like being a slave to bio-diesel is any better, what a joke. You save a few bucks at everyone’s expense as they breathe your oily smoke, using the same doomed, explosion based technology, which is currently destroying our beautiful blue planet. Just more bait and switch for the hippy dippy types, so they may gloat over their self imagined  superiority!