The E=MC Squared Mythematical Theory


al einstein limits light’s so-called speed in his theory to 186,000 miles/sec, then he multiplies the speed of light times itself, (c squared) so it now “travels” 186,000 times faster than the theoretical limit he imposed upon it?  A  jewish scientific hollywood “genius” for the jewish controlled: banks, military industrial complex, corporations, media and academia! 

Saint Einstein debunked in great detail!

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“To the extent that the laws of mathematics refer to reality, they are not true; 

and to the extent that they are true, they do  not refer to reality.”

Albert Einstein

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         al’s false theories have led to the kind of academic insanity viewed in this 5 part series.  All of these egghead claims have been utterly demolished within the contents of this web-page. This is an excellent example of how lost academic physics is, in it’s weird, unexplainable, bizarre and incomprehensible explanation of reality!

“Einstein claims that a body at rest possesses a quantity of energy equivalent to its mass, and that kinetic energy of motion likewise corresponds to an equivalent amount of mass. A body in motion therefore acquires an additional mass, which “varies with changes in its energy” and “becomes infinite when q (the velocity) approaches 1, the velocity of light.”61 “According to the theory of relativity,” Einstein says, “there is no essential distinction between mass and energy. Energy has mass and mass represents energy.62

… The Reciprocal System of Theory (formulated by D.B. Larson) is in direct conflict with this interpretation of the equation. From the Fundamental Postulates of this system we find that energy is a one-dimensional displacement of space-time, whereas mass is a three-dimensional displacement (rotational). Under appropriate conditions the dimensions of the displacement can be altered, hence mass is convertible to energy and vice versa. The displacement can exist either as mass or as energy (that is, either in three dimensions or in one dimension) but obviously not as both simultaneously.

  Mass is not associated with energy; it is convertible to energy, and the mass-energy equation merely indicates the relation between the magnitudes involved when and if the conversion takes place. Energy is mass only if it is converted to mass, and when such a conversion takes place so that a quantity of mass makes its appearance, the equivalent quantity of kinetic energy ceases to exist.


… Many of Einstein’s conclusions have been accepted without adequate critical scrutiny, and this mass-energy relation (E=MC Squared) definitely falls in this category. If this relationship is examined from the standpoint of logic, it is apparent that Einstein’s contentions are internally inconsistent and must eventually fall of their own weight, irrespective of what any other theory may say. Mass cannot be something that is associated with energy (and therefore increases as the energy increases) and at the same time something that is convertible to energy (and therefore decreases as the energy increases).

… If “mass and energy, are only different expressions for the same thing,”61 as Einstein declares, then we cannot have a conversion of one to the other; we cannot convert anything into itself. But such a conversion clearly does take place. An atomic explosion, for example, is not a mere alteration in terminology or a conceptual reorientation; it is an actual physical event, and hence Einstein’s viewpoint cannot be correct. It does not meet the requirements of elementary logic.

 … It is generally believed that the hypothesis of an increase in mass accompanying increased velocity is firmly established by experiment, and scientific literature is full of positive statements to that effect.

… Yet, oddly enough, while a host of scientific authorities of the highest rank are thus proclaiming that the postulated increase of mass with velocity has been proved by experiments with high-velocity electrons or protons and verified by the successful use of the theory in the design and construction of the particle accelerators, almost every elementary physics textbook admits, explicitly or tacitly, that this hypothesis of an increase in mass is only an arbitrary selection from among several possible explanations of the observed facts.

… The truth is that the experiments with high velocity particles and the experience with the particle accelerators merely show that if a specific force is applied to a specific mass, the acceleration decreases at high velocities, following a pattern which indicates that it will reach zero at the velocity of light. If we are to maintain the relation a = F/m it then necessarily follows that either the mass increases or the force decreases, or both. Certainly the hypothesis of an increase in mass is consistent with the observed facts, but this is by no means the equivalent of the proof that is claimed. 

The door is wide open for any alternative explanation which calls for a decrease in the effective force: either a decrease in the magnitude of the entity responsible for the force (an electric charge, in the usual case) or a reduction in the effective component of the force…(the second choice is obviously the correct interpretation, because a mass becoming infinite, solely because it is accelerated to the speed of light, wreaks of stupidity, intuitively speaking it makes one sick to think of such a retarded and insane academic theory).

… As velocity increases the velocity difference decreases and hence the effective force also decreases. In the limiting condition, when the mass already has unit velocity, the force (the tendency to cause unit velocity) has no effect at all and the effective force component is zero. The acceleration is then also zero, as the experimental results indicate.” (Beyond Newton, Part Four)

“The basic error in this case is the assumption that a force applied to the acceleration of a mass remains constant irrespective of the velocity of the mass. If we look at this assumption only from the standpoint of the force concept it appears entirely logical. Force is a tendency to cause motion and it seems quite reasonable that this tendency could remain constant. When we look at the situation in its true light as a combination of motions, rather than through the medium of an artificial representation by means of the force concept, it is immediately apparent that there is no such thing as a constant force. The space-time progression, for instance, tends to cause objects to acquire unit velocity, and hence we say that it exerts unit force. But it is obvious that a tendency to impart unit velocity to an object which is already at a high velocity is not equivalent to a tendency to impart unit velocity to a body at rest. In the limiting condition, when the mass already has unit velocity, the force of the space-time progression (the tendency to cause unit velocity) has no effect at all, and its magnitude is zero.

It is evident that the full effect of any force is only attained when the force is exerted on a body at rest, and that the effective force component in application to an object in motion is a function of the difference in velocities. Ordinary terrestrial velocities are so low that the corresponding reduction in effective force is negligible and at these velocities forces can be considered constant. Experiments indicate, however, that acceleration decreases rapidly at very high velocities and approaches a limit of zero as the velocity of the mass approaches unity. Relativity theory explains the experimental results by the assumption that mass increases with velocity and becomes infinite at unit velocity (the velocity of light). In the theoretical universe being developed from the Fundamental Postulates this explanation is not acceptable as mass is constant, but the same results are produced by the fact that force is a function of the difference in velocities and drops to zero when the velocity of the mass reaches unity. In mathematical terms, the limiting zero value of a in the expression a = F/m (which is the fact determined by experiment) is not due to an infinite value of m but to a zero value of F.  (The Structure of the Physical Universe, Chapter Four)

Therefore we can easily see that einstein’s absurd idea that mass becomes infinite as it approaches the speed of light is just as stupid as the idea that the infinite Universe was once smaller than an Atom, before the imaginary big wank (bang) placed all of the galaxies, stars, planets and moons in their present orbits. The limit placed on mankind’s thinking by einstein’s dysfunctional theories , quantum mechanics and string theory, have helped keep mankind in it’s cage of mental confinement, while the energy barons run free and wild, with riches beyond the dreams of the common grunt who is being gutted by them financially, without even knowing of the beautiful alternative world we could have with a technological system which copies nature and produces abundance for all, instead of  greedy fat cats sitting at the apices of financial and social pyramids of control.  

When ugly  ideas like “mass becoming infinite as it approaches the speed of light” are spouted in schools, the natural reaction should be a stomach churning revulsion to such statements by the students exposed to these types of fraudulent conclusions and baseless theories. The fact that so many lemmings go on to parrot these immediately objectionable lies, is proof that there have always be an abundance of fools available in rank and file to parrot any system of provable lies that may be touted by the social engineers, who they serve, as “the truth” and definitive proof of their theories. 

A very important point that has been staring humanity directly in the face for over 100 years now, yet I have never ever heard anyone comment on it even once, is the fact that the equation E=MC Squared, is an absolute absurdity according to einstein’s definition of light. It is so simple and so obvious, the fact that no one has ever commented upon it reveals the power of social engineering to completely destroy the thinking capacity of humanity anywhere it touches people via its schools and its other insidious vectors of social indoctrination. The puniness one feels when faced with these megalithic propositions parroted by those who pontificate such absurd pronouncements is surely imposing and this is the strength of academia in its ability to crush opposition and to smirk at dissent within its ranks.

Einstein absolutely believed that nothing could travel faster than light, yet in his infamous equation we have einstein multiplying the speed of light by itself (C Squared). This equals a mathematical velocity which is an immediate physical absurdity according to einstein’s well defined theoretical limit. However, light does not travel, it reproduces itself from wave-field to wave-field at the so-called “velocity of light”. Yet here einstein claims it “travels” and has a limit to its so-called velocity. So, he was immediately wrong on both counts which are the foundation for his strange equation. We are supposed to forget this however and believe that in the abstracted world of academic mythematics the rules are all changed and we can work with numbers which do not even come close to representing the physicality of the real Universe, which they are supposedly, based upon. So, immediately we can see that the einstein’s proposition has diverged into the fantasy world of arm chair theories, where the impossible becomes the normal. Wow, what a leap of faith.

” Insofar as mathematics is true, it does not describe the real world. Insofar as it
describes the real world, it is not true.” 
(al einstein)

Right here einstein himself  is telling us point blank that the math is a myth! It’s just a model folks and a bad one at that!

We are supposed to accept all of the hair-brained mathematics based on this idiotic concept which is an absurdity even according to the wigged out scientific savior who created this false limit to the “velocity” of light and plagiarized this bizarre  equation, calling it his own. Now thanks to the jewish academic/media generated “hero worship” of their tribe’s  “staggering genius” einstein, so-called academic scientists can not believe that anything  can travel even one mile an hour faster than einstein’s stultifying theoretical limit. 

Physics is not the science of measurement, or of energy, or of math.

 Physics is the study of those Things that Exist.

Therefore quasars and pulsars, which are traveling faster than the so-called speed of light, need to have all sorts of deranged scientific theories dreamed up, to cover up the fact that they have both violated einstein’s dysfunctional limiting dictates, relating to the so-called velocity of light. In the mythical world of egghead mathematics, traveling  faster than einstein’s imposed limit, multiplied by the “square” of that limit, is no problem however. Its just like in the “road runner and coyote” cartoons we watched as kids, anything is possible, no worries.

It is the modern equivalent of jesus walking on water, raising the rotting dead, or feeding thousands of people with a few fish. The content of the story tells us instantly that we have diverged into the realm of the mythological, because as we all know these “acts” are physically impossible. The so-called modern jews  (khazarian/ashkenazi bloodlines combined with the admixture of many races, not just semites) really love this myth making stuff, it has served them well for several millennia as a means of social control and financial exploitation for those who they subjugate with their deception.

 Unfortunately, the scientific sycophants forget this fact when they mistake the fantasy world of their mathematical myths for reality itself. Which has the same effect of  glorifying their so-called scientists and raising them to the level of academic saviors and heroes, to be praised and endlessly worshipped by the masses for their vastly superior intellects. einstein is still worshipped in the media today, even though he has been laughed at by academicians since the 1940’s and mostly ignored by the so-called pioneers of modern academia (string theorists). That speaks a great deal about how this hero/genius propaganda is managed and who benefits from its lies. Idols and belief systems are built up by the academic system and then torn down when it becomes financially profitable to do so, by those who enjoy this control.

YouTube link: Pythagoras and the Math of “Unnatural” Geometric Forms

Pythagoras believed the Cosmos is a “mathematically ordered whole”, based upon his “Harmony of Spheres” theory. He believed that the  “Key to the Universe”, was the science of numbers. So, Pythagoras made the same mistake most mathematicians make in substituting their mechanistic, time stopped, straight line, two dimensional models, for the perpetual wigglyness of the forms found throughout the real Universe we live in. Triangles and the other geometric figures so cherished by those who have accepted this philosophy are unnatural forms and do not represent the real Universe we live in. Rather, they are forms of reductionism which remove motion and straighten the objects “true wiggly form”, so that they may be calculated using simple math like algebra and trigonomtery. This child like simplification gives mankind a false understanding of the fundamental nature of reality. Newton continued this tradition which has come down to us as an entrenched mind set in academia and glamorized in the media for mass consumption by einstein, hawking, sagan, michio koo koo and the rest of their corporate owned ilk.