The Escalation of the Energy Fraud

YouTube link: The Energy Crisis Fraud created by the Energy Barons 

A Baptist Minister gives direct testimony of the degenerate sub-human filth controlling our planet with the energy fraud, having worked at their side. This is direct proof of every charge I have brought against the energy barons and those who serve them. They are destroying America for the plans of their globalist, illuminazi handlers of the United Nations, World Bank and International Monetary Fund

YouTube link: American Holocaust – 7.5 Millions Americans murdered by Energy Barons

The story of how the oil lands were cleared and the land stolen by the robber barons for oil profits

YouTube link: Energy barons destroy Hopi and Navajo lands and ruin countless lives

The reason for the current rapid rise in energy costs, false oil wars and media obsession with oil as our only current viable choice, is because the energy barons know that the means of their control and power has come to an end thanks to the internet. The death of their system of exploitation lies and control is at hand as humanity gradually awakes from its socially engineered slumber. The information on this website has no editing by the agents of the system of control these shysters operate and proves beyond any doubt that we have been lied to in the extreme at all levels of this heavily rigged corporate-academic labyrinth of life and mind control.

No one owns my opinions and therefore I do not have to compromise my assertions, make apologies too, or worry about the consequences from “my boss” or the brainwashed people in positions of power, who I offend with my dissenting efforts. Many websites like mine are exposing the truth to the world and there is nothing our controllers can do to stop us, short of killing us one by one. However, it’s already too late, this web-page topped 30 million hits last year (2008). You are viewing a web page which is currently getting 750,00 hits a month (7-15-2009). So, many copies of this information are now archived world wide and on as well.

The truth can now be published for next to nothing for all of the free thinkers of the world to see “for free” on the internet, which turns this information into a form of free energy. That is, one person writes a web page like mine and millions view it for next to nothing and all of the mental energy stimulated by this process is free to perpetuate itself indefinitely and grow into an entirely new system of sciences which will be codified, quantified and qualified into a real system of understanding by the next generation of illuminated scientist.

The Enron debacle and all other forms of lying, parasitic, energy frauds (two illegal, Oil sucking wars) are due to the urgency of these swine knowing that their lies are known by well researched “outsiders”, who feel a responsibility to warn their fellow humans that the world they have come to accept as the real world (the Matrix) is a socially engineered fraud to the core, which benefits the energy barons (remember the human batteries?) to the extreme as they destroy our world in a furious pursuit to satiate their unquenchable greed for money, power, sex and control. 

This of course will never happen because,  their desires are a bottomless pit that leads straight to hell on Earth, which we witness in the form of misery, poverty, disease, violence and pervasive environmental destruction and pollution. Their evil desires for control are so far out of balance with Nature that the only cure for these sick subhuman life forms, is death and the physical release from a world which absolutely abhors their destructive  and degenerate presence.