The Eternal Cyclical Universe


The Cyclical Nature of the Cosmos seen in all Galaxies

 (According to academic theoreticians), the main physical process of the universe consists in the energy of exceedingly high availability which is bottled up in atomic and nuclear structures being transformed into heat-energy at the lowest level of availability (entropy towards “heat death annihilation”).

… As we have seen in the preceding pages, this is not the ‘main physical process of the universe’. It is merely one of the subsidiary processes, an eddy in the main stream. The primary process of the material sector of the universe does not begin with energy of high intensity “bottled up in atomic structures”; it ends in that form, as the result of a long period of aggregation under the influence of gravitation (the gyroscopic octave journey of matter).  This high intensity state is one of the limits of the primary physical process. The highly dispersed state from which the aggregation started is the other. These limits could be compared to the high and low points in the travel of a pendulum.  (Chapter 14, The Universe of Motion).

In other words, the Universe is cyclical and operates according to the process of  “eternal abundance” via twin opposing vortices of light and dark (yin and yang) and there is no longer a “second manmade law” of thermodynamics, which will not allow mankind to have “over unity” technologies,  otherwise known as  “free energy” machines. It was all just a huge egghead mistake, a nightmare world of slavery to energy barons, war mongers, pharmaceuticals and central bankers, which really never existed  for legitimate reasons. The excuses used by our social engineers (central bankers,  military industrial complex, media, pharmaceutical and energy barons), are now plainly deduced as frauds, leveraged for the maximum exploitation of labor, so that there may be a caste system for these oil sucking, coal and uranium grubbing, war mongering parasites to breed, thrive and operate within.

When mankind understands the Great Creator Spirit’s, “Law of Eternal Abundance” as outlined in this web page, we will produce legions of Teslas and Schaubergers, because people will finally see the Universe according to models that are not intentionally rigged, based on the ever present lie of “scarcity” and it’s concomitant problems, which benefit the purveyors of this erroneous assertion and the money men who fund it,  with astronomical profits.