The Imploding Structure of Atoms

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Magnified Tungsten needle tip photo versus the Fractal Iteration  zn+1 = zn2 modulus n

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Twin Opposing Vortices Standing Waves = Fractal Matrix


Walter Russell teaching Sacred Geometry


    Twin opposing Vortices




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Animated Vortex Implosion

The space between Atoms are the Atomic Wave-fields, there are not theoretical mendeleev electrons (Moseley Units) orbiting there in “quantum shells” as we have been told by the establishment. These are compressible, scalar gravity fields of positive imploding (in-winding) and negative radiating (unwinding) electrical (spiral and spherical) vortex waves, whose invisible boundary planes, separate the Atoms with cleavage planes of stillness. These planes of stillness (still magnetic light) reflect all electrical motions within their Atomic Wave-fields, into all other wave-fields in the Universe at the so-called, “velocity of light” as well as receiving these wave motions from the every other wave-field in the Universe.

Vortex Rings

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                 Atomic Vortices               Atomic Magnetic Vortices

When you stop to think about the infinite complexity of every wave-field in the Universe being reflected into every other wave-field, it is possible to easily imagine the myriad of nodal interference patterns created which manifest themselves as matter and observable states of energy at the intersections of these colliding wave fronts.

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 Fractal  Vortices 

Since the “still magnetic light” centering and bounding each wave-field is the same, there is no “physical distance” between the central “heart” or the cubic  boundary planes of every wave-field (from the Atomic to the Galactic), they are all the same “still magnetic light”. Therefore the information of each wave-field communicates it’s design to the “Hearts” and wave-field boundaries of all other wave-fields in the Universe instantly, no matter how many trillions, time quadrillions of light years which may separate them in the physical Universe.

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Atomic Sphere Packing and Cubic Wavefields

Atomic Sphere Packing and the Geometry of Matter