The Motions of Light


From the smallest to the largest we see the same patterns repeated as well as the eternal, birth-death-birth cycle of all things. Electrical vortices span all dimensions, communicating design by their electrical motions from every wave-field reflected to all other wave-fields in the Universe with “fractal like extensions” via the six exterior planes of zero curvature, zero motion, and zero temperature, which surround them, thereby creating “mirrored” self similarity at all levels of creation, from wave-field within wave-field,  to all other wave-fields in the Universe, uniting them as One. Twin opposing vortices are the mechanism by which different states of motion are transferred from one condition to another.


From Walter Russell’s, Home Study Course 

All Matter is the Creation of Light

The entire Universe is composed of nothing but Light

Rotationally distributed Scalar Motions are distributed over all Spatial Directions

“Crystals accrete as a lattice of atoms and molecules which coordinate themselves according to their specific axes, producing the physical shapes of the crystals , so that the sub-atomic harmonic ratios are reflected in the larger, visible dimension of the crystal itself… Over 100 years ago the Berlin crystallographer C. H. Weiss showed that the angles in crystals and the proportions between their sides and planes could be represented as musical relationships… the exact measurements of which showed that the principles of musical harmony are fundamental to crystalline growth.” (Rhythms of Vision, page 120)

 The motions of sound are sub-harmonics of light and reveal how the “One Light” of the great Creator Spirit is the source of all creation, all motions, forces and energies. The harmonies found in music provide us with tangible sensory access (representations) to the higher vibratory dimensions and harmonies of the light which are creating our Universe in a range which is far beyond the capacity of our physical senses to detect, due to it’s immense rapidity. 

YouTube link: The extremely limited range of mankind’s sensing of Light


Walter Russell, “In the Wave Lies the Secret of Creation”

“Motion cannot express itself in the direction of a straight line. newton’s  first law of physics which states that a moving body left to itself, moves on forever in a straight line with uniform velocity, is not in conformity with the laws of motion.  In this Universe of varying pressures, all masses floating ‘in space’ constantly move in the direction of their changing potentials. This direction is always spiral. All motion being spiral, all direction being curved and all pressure planes being conic sections. Electric action cannot proceed directly North from South in a straight line, but must progress toward North  in a spiral direction. (The Universal One, Pg. 154

154 - Copy

Animated Vortex Implosion

This is an extension of euclid’s ideas about a straight line extending into infinity and parallel lines remaining parallel forever, both of which are not remotely possible in our curved and divided Universe of electrically simulated motions. So the very foundations of math and science are plagued with this glaring misconception which has persisted for thousands of years thanks to euclid’s unnatural, imaginary geometry of “static perfected forms”, and newton’s unwitting acceptance of this naive theoretical foundation. This reduces the immense complexity of the dynamics of Nature into models which do not accurately describe the ubiquitous spiraling nature of reality in our physically dynamic Universe.


Vortex  Harp String Vibration

YouTube link: A line is not a distance

“As the light units which constitute the rays circle spirally around the Sun in their search for lower pressures, exactly as this mass of light units which is our planet circles around the Sun, they continue to expand and become increasingly negative, the farther they recede from the Sun. It must be interpolated right here that ‘light rays’ do not proceed directly from the Sun to a planet in straight line. They follow the orbital lines of lowering pressures exactly as does this planet. All direction is curved and every curve is part of an orbit (trajectory). (The Universal One, Pg. 84)

YouTube link: Proof of the expansion of Light, ignore the lame academic explanation!

“I can say here that space ships coasting along in what is called a state of ‘free fall’ must always follow an elliptical (closed) orbit or, if they go faster, perhaps a hyperbolic (open) orbit for a brief time. In either case, it is literally true that there are no straight lines in space and it is not possible to steer a space ship in any ordinary sense. It is only possible, by applying rocket thrust to change it from one orbit to another. As astronomer J.G. Porter of the Royal Greenwich Observatory puts it, ‘even with unlimited supplies of fuel, in a ship which is constantly driven, it would still be impossible to travel in a straight line’ – that being a course which does not exist.” (Music of the Spheres, Pgs.  32-33

I would amend this observation by stating very clearly that the idea of orbits is no longer tenable, due to the revelation of the spiraling nature of all heavenly bodies. The so-called orbiting body never completes a circular or elliptical orbit, because the primary body about which it travels in open spirals, is constantly moving forward. Therefore, “trajectory” is  the correct scientific term to be applied to the motions of so-called orbiting bodies. More specifically, these trajectories  may be stated as describing spiral and vortical helices.

“It is presumed by Man that light travels (in straight lines, rays), because the evidence if his senses so convinces him. Light does not travel and the appearance of its doing so is another of the many illusions of dimension which deceive Man. All light units of matter are given the appearance of form by the magnetic reaction of the attempt of electricity to seek higher pressures. This attempt is registered by magnetism and the resistance is registered in electricity as heat. The rebound into lower pressures and the sudden cooling of the electric whirling particle by the expansion of the lower pressure causes it to solidify. It is turned into ice. It freezes. It becomes what is known as crystallic. All matter is crystallic. Crystallization is a dimension. It is the first appearance of form. Matter registers its energy through the temperature dimension of heat and cold in solids of light which Man calls ‘crystals’. Crystals are but ‘solids of light’ sustained in that illusion of appearance by motion”. (The Universal One, Pg. 60)  

This brings up the fact that academicians talk about distances to distant heavenly bodies in terms of the time it takes light to “travel” that far, which they call “light years”. Well, light does not travel, so instantly they have made fools of themselves in their foundational premise and lack of understanding regarding the true nature of light. Heavenly bodies have been radiating their wonderful light for all eternity and there never was an academic big wank to begin the Universe as has been proven in great depth in this book. 

All heavenly bodies are connected by the helical EM threads communicating all motions, throughout all time. These helical EM threads communicate the changes in the motions of all bodies instantaneously throughout the infinite Universe. Therefore, we are not seeing distant heavenly bodies in the conditions they existed millions or billions of years ago as claimed in academic literature. We are seeing them as they are now. 

The only way they can get people to believe this backwards theory is to act like light travels from distant stars and galaxies in the same way as if we point a laser into space or in a tunnel and measure the time it takes from the instant the light was turned on, till it reaches it’s target to be measured. Problem is, light never has “traveled” in this manner in the real Universe. This synthetic experiment is created using synthetic/coherent laser light and in fact does not remotely represent the way light works in Nature. 

This is just another poorly thought out theory created by the goobers of academia. All light motions in our Universe have no beginning and no ending. They are as infinite as is the Universe which they create with their eternal motions. Since we know beyond any doubt that light is not made of particles, any speed associated with this so-called travel of light particles would also be utterly ridiculous. Light is the Alpha and the Omega. Some religions claim this attribute defines the eternal qualities of their saviors and it is meant to be taken symbolically, not literally. They are one with the “Light”.

This understanding instantly invalidates the other lame academic idea they ask us to entertain in another one of their bizarre arm chair experiment. The Earth being “instantly” removed from the Solar System to prove their theories about gravity. Problem is, it is impossible, so there is no need to proceed any further with this stupid academic arm chair myth. They claim it would take eight minutes for the Sun to “know” that it was gone, due to their fallacious idea that it takes eight minutes for light to travel from the Sun to Earth. Light does not travel! Any Motion of Earth being removed would be instantly felt throughout the infinite Universe, that is if it could be done, which it can’t.