The Nature of Space


Birkeland Currents and so-called inter-Galactic Magnetic Fields

Space is not a crucible “containing” matter as taught by universities. For example, einstein points out that a gravitational force following the inverse square law in an Euclidean universe is incompatible with a uniform or approximately uniform density of matter. On such a basis, he says, “The stellar universe ought to be a finite island in the infinite ocean (crucible) of space.”92


nasa “experts” believe so-called “X-ray” Aurora Vortices 

are created by sulphur and oxygen ions in Jupiter’s atmosphere

What a stretch! Their giving me stitches

YouTube link: The Giant Planets X-ray Secrets Revealed

Oh wait, now academics have gone over the top with a new and improved guess (theory), where Saturn and Jupiter reflect x-rays from the Sun, with their atmospheres???

Does anybody one out there buy this malarkey? 

How can these academic “fellows” say this crap with a straight face? Oh yeah, $$$


Jupiter’s Northern Polar Vortex as seen in this Aurora image

 Space is created by the negative electrical vortex wave motions of negatively unwound, electrically simulated, Light. Space does not contain matter, Space is the inversion of Matter and Matter is enfolded Space, the two give to each other endlessly via rhythmic balanced interchange of in-winding and unwinding twin opposing electrical vortices, which emanate from motionless centers of “still magnetic light” and return from motionless boundary planes of “still magnetic light”. The Space is millions of times more expanded than the highly compressed center of the matter (Atom, Sun or Galaxy) which is its source. This massive imbalance between these twin opposing vortices of matter and space, creates the dynamic stage for all of the appearances of matter and energy we witness in our physical Universe.

Jupiter’s Twin Opposing Electric Polar Vortices Seen in Auroras


Saturn’s Polar Vortices Seen In Auroras

Saturn’s auroras “defy” scientists’ expectations

“Space and time are indistinguishable, except for the fact that one is the reciprocal of the other. For this reason, the properties of one are likewise properties of the other. Time, as well as space, is three-dimensional (not a fourth dimension). More space in any physical phenomenon is equivalent to less time, and vice versa. For every physical phenomenon, there is another phenomenon which is an exact duplicate, except that space and time are interchanged”. (Step by Step, section B, 4-8)


Galactic Vortex-Aerial View 

Space is not the unlimited source of energy as claimed by “the electric universe model” (EUM), or the “zero point energy” (ZPE) people and similar theories, it is caused by electrical vortex motions in “time” and is full of matter,  plasma and energy to be sure, but it is not the cause of matter, energy or the plasma. They are viewing just half of the process and are not correctly perceiving the cycling spiral nature of the rhythmic balanced interchange of positive and negative electrical vortices which is taking place beyond the range of the “sensory based” experimental data, which they are analyzing. 


The DNA Nebula: Fractals and Birkeland Currents

Magnetic Vortex in the Orion Molecular Cloud

These dissenting theorists are doing a great service for mankind by demanding explanations which make sense and pointing out the flaws in the presently doomed academic models, however it is obvious they are still “conditioned” to see only part of the processes which are taking place in their Astronomical observations.  The focus on the electrical nature of our Universe is a massive step in the right direction. What is lacking, is the knowledge of the processes (twin opposing vortices of electric, simulated light) which “cause” the electric observations that they showcase on their websites. 


Saturn’s Electric Aurora and Hexagonal Vortex

YouTube link: Electric Vortices and Saturn’s Polar Hexagon

YouTube link: The Tetrahedron within a sphere and it’s resulting Hexagonal Vortex

The “Still Magnetic Light” or “neutral center” as John Keely called it,  is the heart (Tao) of all manifestations in our Universe. It is the source and cause of all energy and it’s resulting masses (elements). It is the fulcrum of “potential and kinetic energies” which manifests themselves as two opposite conditions of rhythmically balanced interchange, matter and space, via the twin opposing electrical vortices of white light (galaxies, suns and atoms)  and the dark light Space, which is the wave-field  surrounding the incandescent sphere (“the six empty spaces” of the taoists, bounding galaxies, suns and atoms).


Academic Scientists remain baffled (???) by  Saturn’s Hexagonal Vortex at its North Pole


Hexagonal Patterns in Water Vortices Packing together creating Wave-field Boundaries

The heroic cosmologist, Walter Russell, used the analogy of an Ant and an Elephant on a see-saw to describe this rhythmically balanced interchange between these two extreme opposite conditions composing the twin opposing vortices. Of course the fulcrum would be very close to the elephant and extremely distant for the ant. The massive potential energy of the elephant (space-dark light) is converted by the fulcrum of the see-saw (still magnetic light) into the kinetic energy of the ant (galaxies, stars, atoms-white light) via implosion. The tiny ant (Galactic Center, Star or Atom,)  radiates this converted energy into the vast wave-field surrounding it (the elephant)  dispersing it once again as kinetic energy to be used as potential energy again upon it’s “repeating” return via electrical implosion. 



 Solar and Planetary Vortices explained by Walter Russell in 1927,  Page 175


The major difference in this analogy is that instead of rocking up and down like a see-saw, the Ant and Elephant pass through each other spirally, at the fulcrum “point” (neutral center of still magnetic light), each becoming the other as they do so. Each opposite births it’s mate so to speak, to be born again as it’s opposite perpetually (yin and yang). This continues until the vortices gyroscopically oblate their spheres as they age and later begin boring through both poles as they decline into old age and death in the form of explosive equatorial rings, to be reborn again as something else.  Nothing is ever lost in this Universe, it only changes form (The Conservation of Energy).


Twin Opposing Vortices 

Incandescent Light: Atoms, Stars and Galaxies  Dark Light creating “Space” around Atoms, Stars and Galaxies, The Neutral Center S.V.P. (Keely) and the Cubic Wave-field Boundaries with their nucleal center, otherwise called the “Still Magnetic Light” (Russell), Vortex Motion, Wave Expansion-Compression, Polar Opposites and a Tri-Polar Imploverse. 

Astronomers do not account for the changes that light undergoes as it waves spirally through countless electric pressure gradients in the stellar and galactic wave-fields, which lie between us and the scholastically purported, edge of the “big bang” universe, guess-timated to be 13.7 billion light years away, which our most powerful “computer enhanced” telescopes are eagerly groping at. Basing any stellar or galactic theories on the final appearance of light after it has reproduced itself by spirally waving through a myriad of wave-fields of uncertain and unknown conditions is farcical, to put it kindly. 


Polar Vortices on Neptune 

Space is full of light lens, which curve light and mirror it into countless electric wave-fields which reproduce, refract and reflect light into each other perpetually, so that our “scientist’s” observations of the Universe from Earth, can be compared to being inside a “Room Full of Mirrors“. The codes written for the “enhancing” of the astronomical images observed in the computer’s brain which control the new “virtual reality” telescopes, are likewise based on all sorts of false foundational academic assumptions, mathematical gimmicks and dysfunctional theories so, the resulting images are “framed” by a physics, chemistry and astronomy which are provably flawed and heavily “rigged”. Guess who profits economically from this racket? Begins with an e and ends with an s. That’s right folks, the energy barons!


Galactic Vortex Electric Profile 

“Light only seems to travel. It is one more of the countless illusions caused by wave motion. Waves of the Ocean seem to traverse the Seas, but they only appear to do so, for waves are pistons in the Universal engines and pistons operate up and down. Wave pistons of light, or of the Ocean, operate radially and spirally inward and outward, toward (heavenly bodies) and away from gravity (levity, it’s other direction). Waves of light do not travel. They reproduce each other from wave-field to wave-field of space. The planes of zero curvature which bound all wave-fields act as mirrors to reflect light from one wave-field into another. This sets up an ‘appearance’ of light as traveling, which is pure illusion”. (Page 169) 


Neptune, Anything Look Familiar Here?

Photons never leave the source of their generation according to DB Larson in his beautiful “Reciprocal System of Theory”. (The Structure of the Physical Universe, Chapter 2) and (Nothing But Motion, Chapter 4 ) 


Uranus Too?



“With respect to the natural system of reference  it does not move at all, and the movement that is observed is in the context of a stationary reference system relative to the stationary system, not a movement of the photon itself ” . (Step by Step, section C, #7)