The Nuclear Fusion Fraud


The Tokamak Fusion Reactor is a Huge Money Sucking  Fraud

We have spent untold billions of taxpayer dollars on trying to build  extremely violent and dangerous, hot fusion reactors, operating in the range of millions of degrees. These tokamak reactors are designed on the flawed theory of a nuclear Sun. Normal hydrogen (H1) is more stable than helium under high temperature conditions, which rules out the conversion of hydrogen to helium as an available process for the generation of stellar energy, according to the modern academic theory of Stars operating in the realm of millions of degrees (the nuclear furnaces of egghead thinking).

“It was impossible for any fusion to take place in those thermo-fusion bottle experiments. Their maximum attainable temperature did not even come anywhere close to that created in the colliders (particle accelerators). Pandemonium in the ranks. So they stalled for about two more years wasting more money before they had to finally admit failure. But not publicly you understand. The fuel had to be changed (bait and switch again). But to what? 


Solar Electric Vortices, 

Adios Solar Nuclear Furnace


There are two isotopes of hydrogen or the single proton plus a neutron creates an atom called deuterium that is stable. Add another neutron and there is created tritium with a half-life of 31 years. No room for 3 neutrons. That was to be the new fuel, individually or mixed together. After all did not that H-bomb use these isotopes to create the thermo-fusion bomb and it worked? A normal nuclear bomb core surrounded with deuterium and tritium was ignited by the exploding core and set off the claimed reaction. 

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Solar Electric Plasma Loops seen as arking Prominences

More Proof the Sun is not a Nuclear Furnace

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Stellar Electric Light Bodies (Walter and Lao Russell: The Home Study Course

That theory is what it was based on (thanks to ed teller insisting it was) and so it must have worked. But there was one small problem. When Deuterium from now on or Tritium from now on fused to helium, some free dropped, but the uninitiated (or propaganda liars) kept writing about the clean part and who where they to correct them?  


The luminous Crown of the common astronomical egghead

the “1 million to 30 million degree” nuke fusion created solar Corona

So to make this brief, all of those experiments (now generically called tokamaks) likewise failed and the equipment became radioactive and it cost many millions of dollars to dismantle them and dispose of the radioactive scrap left over (they buried it somewhere). Every experiment worldwide on bulk thermo-fusion has failed”. (Thermo-Fusion is a Fraud)